Affilimate Review 2024: Best Affiliate Tracking Software? (HeatMaps)

by Eddy Ballesteros - Updated: November 19, 2023

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Are you making sales from affiliate marketing, but you don't know where the clicks are coming from?

If you're looking for an affiliate tracking software to help you see which of your marketing efforts are making you money, Affilimate might be the perfect all-in-one link tracking software.

Affilimate is a simple, effective tool that tracks your affiliate links and tells you where your sales are coming from.

This information is valuable because it allows you to repeat your success with affiliate link clicks.

This Affilimate review will look at the features that make this software valuable for affiliate marketers and bloggers. We'll also touch on the pricing and some of the drawbacks of this tool.

Affiliate Tracking Tool

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Use this tool to know exactly what drives sales for each affiliate program you work with. With no buggy or slowing down of your page speed, feel confident tracking your sales.

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

What is Affilimate?


Affilimate is an affiliate tracking software that can monitor link clicks with heat mapping features, track revenue generation, and act as an affiliate link management platform.

Most network and affiliate marketers give up on their online businesses because they can't tell which of their marketing efforts are effective and which ones aren't.

This link tracking and management software makes it easy to see which pages generate the most clicks, how much revenue each link generates, and other key data points that can help you fine-tune your affiliate marketing strategy.

You can track performance under one dashboard with all the affiliate networks you have partnered with.

Who Is Affilimate Made For?

This affiliate marketing tool is for bloggers, content marketers, and affiliate marketers with experience running online businesses.

If you have an existing blog or website, adding Affilimate tracking to your affiliate links is a no-brainer. The software will start collecting data immediately to see which of your marketing efforts are bearing fruit.

Here is who this link tracker software is made for:

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • A digital marketer
  • Niche site owner
  • Bloggers
  • Content marketing agencies

So if you are someone who wants to increase revenue by optimizing your blog posts and website pages for multiple affiliate offers, then this is for you.



  • Not made for eCommerce stores
  • You'll need to add a tracking code which can be a learning curve for some bloggers.

Affilimate Pricing

Surprisingly, Affilimate offers very affordable pricing plans considering the features it packs. The paid plans start at just $29 per month, and you can save even more by paying annually.

Affilimate Pricing

Here's a breakdown of how much Affilimate costs:

  • Track up to 100,000 monthly visits: $29/month
  • Track up to 250,000 monthly visits: $59/month
  • Track up to 500,000 monthly visits: $99/month
  • Track up to 100,000 monthly visits: $149/month
  • Track up to 1,000,000 monthly visits: $199/month
  • Track up to 2,000,000 monthly visits: $399/month

There is also a free 15-day trial to test all the features before committing to a paid plan.

So you can track site visitors with just a few clicks and at a very affordable cost with this click-tracking tool.

What's included in Affilimate's pricing plans?

  • Track and manage multiple sites
  • Get content insights
  • A Facebook community
  • Conversion heatmaps
  • Track multiple pages
  • Integrate all of your affiliate accounts in one place
  • Manage amazon links

Affilimate Features

Now let's view how this tool can increase your affiliate marketing efforts and review some of its powerful features.

Affilimate tracking features

Affiliate Dashboard

The affiliate dashboard offers great insights on every affiliate program you partner with under one platform.

You can view each affiliate program's total number of clicks, conversions, conversion rate, EPC (earnings per click), and revenue.

This data is valuable because it lets you see which programs are most successful and where to focus your efforts.

The best part is that it integrates with most affiliate networks or sub-networks so that you can see your affiliate revenue without signing into different platforms.

Affiliate Dashboard Summary

  •  Easily track earnings.
  • View which advertisers and products are bringing in the most items sold.
  • Create multiple accounts on the same network or platform.
  • See detailed transaction metadata, including product categories.
  • Export your affiliate commissions into a Google spreadsheet or Excel.
  • Create dynamic subIDs.
  • Let team members organize your commission reports for you.

Content Analytics

Content Analytics lets you see which content types, affiliate products, and specific on-page elements, such as product boxes, generate the most affiliate revenue.

You'll be able to see where your site visitors are clicking on multiple pages at once and find opportunities to improve your website layout.

This is a valuable feature because it allows you to see which pieces of content are most successful in replicating that type.

This alone can help many online marketers establish a solid content marketing strategy and track revenue generation from their audience.

You'll want to ensure you consistently track your traffic and even the last penny made from your blog.

The content insights come in the form of:

  • Pageviews
  • Clicks
  • Conversions
  • Revenue
  • EPC (earnings per click)

Overall, affilimate makes it easy to track link performance and view changes within the page-level analytics.

Content Analytics Summary

  • Make content edits and view site changes.
  • Optimize your link clicks from your audience.
  • Improve the position of links that aren't often seen but generate clicks and conversions.
  • Use the Growth report to discover pages that have experienced a large increase in clicks or revenue, so you start to find opportunities and optimize ASAP.
  • View broken links from affiliates or see out-of-stock alerts.

Revenue Attribution

You can view revenue attribution even on page level with affilimate.

This means you can see not only which pages bring you the most money but also the exact value of a certain affiliate program.

Revenue attribution is a powerful feature because it lets you fine-tune your website's design and layout to improve your affiliate earnings.

You'll also get visual data, which is major for any online marketer or business driving traffic without understanding why they don't bring conversions.

Revenue attribution is a great feature for:

  • Finding out what's working and what's not
  • Determining your most successful pages
  • Optimizing your website layout
  • Improving your affiliate marketing efforts and strategy
  • Tracking multiple affiliate offers in one place

Affiliate Link Management

Tools like this that can track affiliate data and manage your affiliates in one place save a lot of time.

The best part is that users like you can view and track all your affiliate partners and networks in one place.

Whether your site or theme has cloaked or uncloaked links doesn't matter. This software will manage it for you.

This is a valuable feature because it allows users to focus on other aspects of their business while affilimate manages the affiliate side.

How To Setup The Link Management Tool

You'll need to add a snippet of code that Affilimate provides you whether you use WordPress, Wix, or any other site builder.

You can do this minor addition in less than 60 seconds. If you need help, the team at Affilimate offers great support to get you up and running fast.

You can also search their knowledge base for a step-by-step example.

Once your site is verified through the snippet, the affiliate tracking software will crawl your entire site using their link detection algorithm tools.

From there, you can review the recommended affiliate links and start tracking the most salient metric data.


This is my favorite feature regarding affiliate marketing tracking software. The heatmap feature gives you a visual representation of where people click on your website.

You'll primarily focus on the affiliate marketing programs and which pages sell products and generate revenue.

The great thing about their heatmap feature is that it doesn't affect your page speed like other heatmap plugins.

Affilimate's software is completely lightweight. It also doesn't require any additional downloads like a desktop application.

With the heatmap feature, you can:

  • Track clicks on affiliate links
  • Monitor user engagement
  • Discover new opportunities for optimization
  • Find out which pages need to be optimized
  • View live or historical data using color mapping


Consider how your content edit altered clicks, commissions, and other crucial metrics. You can view past revisions and get a screenshot of your on-page changes.

This is a powerful feature to have when working with a team of writers or if you're constantly changing your affiliate marketing strategy.

Doing revisions has changed the way I do blogging and affiliate marketing.

The revisions feature will keep track of every single change that's made on your site.

This means you can go back in time and see which changes positively or negatively affect your website traffic and where your site visitors click.

Large publishers will find this feature valuable because they can track the changes by managing multiple sites.

Team Members

Most affiliate marketers are a one-man (or woman) show.

However, if you have a team working on your site, you can add them as members so they can access the features and data that affilimate provides.

This is a great way to manage a team of writers because you can see what's working and what's not for your content marketing efforts.

So if you have an affiliate website bringing in more than just a few clicks per month, it's worth considering affilimate as an affiliate tracking software tool.

It will save you time, energy, and money in the long run by automating many of the manual tasks that come with managing affiliate links.

Team Member Features:

  • Organizing workspaces for different members
  • Export your tracking data for different partners
  • Invite different team members


Affilimate integrates with 100+ affiliate marketing programs and platforms such as Partnerstack, CJaffiliate, and Impact.

This means you'll be able to manage all your affiliate links in one place without logging in and searching for each program.

The integration feature is valuable because it saves you time logging into different accounts and remembering where you placed which affiliate link.

This great tool will automatically update your links if any changes are made on the affiliate marketing program's end.

This is an excellent feature if you're working with many affiliate programs.

How To Use Affilimate

To start with Affilimate, you must sign up for an account and install their tracking code on your website.

Once the tracking code is installed, you can review the recommended affiliate links and start tracking the most salient metric data.

Once everything is verified and you're ready to track site visitors, you can use all of affilimate's key features, such as their heat mapping tool, revisions, and integrations.

Affilimate steps

How Does Affilimate Work?

Affilimate works by tracking the clicks on your affiliate links and sending that data to their software platform.

From there, you can see which links are being clicked the most, where those clicks are coming from, and which pages sell the most products.

This data is valuable because it allows you to optimize your website for conversions and make more money from your affiliate marketing efforts.

Affilimate Alternatives

Most affiliate marketers do not use click-tracking tools and end up going down a rabbit hole of different software programs.

We've compiled a list of some of the most popular alternatives to affilimate so you can decide which tool is right for you.

Most of these tools and affiliate marketing software have close to the same offer as Affilimate but do not have powerful heat mapping features where you can find opportunities for more affiliate-driven sales.

Here are the other alternatives to this platform:

  • ClickMagick
  • WeCanTrack
  • ConversionMeter
  • LinkTrackr

Here are the free alternatives to Affilimate:

  • Rebrandly
  • Bitly
  • Google Analytics

Before you use any tracking software for your site or online businesses, you should learn how to use Google Analytics.

Free tools like Google Analytics will teach you to look at data through page-level and site-level analysis.

You can also use tools like Rebrandly and Bitly to track your affiliate links for free while learning how to use GA and Google Search Console.

Is Affilimate Worth It?

Yes, Affilimate is completely worth it if you want to know which affiliate program provides the most revenue generation for your website.

This software will also automate many manual tasks that manage affiliate links and track earnings.

Is Affilimate Legit For Affiliate Sites?

This platform is legit and helpful for your affiliate sites if you work under multiple affiliate networks.

So if you are serious about making money online or have any experience running online businesses, then you should sign up for Affilimate.

Affilimate Review Conclusion

So if you need something with unique features and want to track your affiliate links, then we recommend Affilimate.

This software will save you time by automating many tasks involved in affiliate marketing while providing valuable data that can help you make more money from your website.

We believe this is one of the best tracking tools on the market and worth trying out for any affiliate marketers.

Start tracking your data, increase revenue, and start monitoring your banner ads placements or mobile devices.

Monitor Your Link-Clicks

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