7+ Best AI Chrome Extensions In 2024 For Better Browsing Experience

Updated on: April 14, 2024

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AI Chrome Extensions

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Have you ever been working online and wished you had access to tools to help you lessen your work?

Those who write emails or on Google Docs wish they could have some AI Chrome extension to help them with their workflow.

Don't worry! With AI technology and Chrome extensions, you can get help with almost any task you must complete before its due date.

I've gone on a search to find the Best AI Chrome extensions, and you might not need to look anywhere else other than this blog post here.

Before we get started, here are some of the key benefits that each individual Chrome extension can do:

  • Rewrite and paraphrase sentences
  • Automate note-taking
  • Scan for specific things on a page
  • Help with writing
  • Fraud detection
  • Fuel ChatGPT
  • Save time
  • Audio and video recording

Yes. That is more than enough to help you create content or finish projects you need to complete.

But the best part is that many of these AI tools are free to install, and you don't need the paid plans for long.

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Who Should Use Chrome Extensions That Are Powered By AI?

AI-powered Chrome extensions can benefit anyone constantly working online and needing quick access to specific tools.

If you are a content writer or SEO, there are many useful Google Chrome Extensions you can use that help automate repetitive tasks.

The same thing goes for anyone who is recording videos or audio and needs quick access to a browsing extension without the need to log in.

So, to sum it up, here are all the industries or people that should use Chrome extensions that are powered by artificial intelligence:

  • Content marketers
  • Digital Marketers and creators
  • YouTubers
  • Project Managers
  • CEOs
  • Copywriters
  • Researchers
  • Bloggers
  • Digital nomads

That lists everyone who works online, so you fall under one of those categories.

What Are The Best AI Chrome Extensions?

After searching all day and not through the Chrome web store, I have found my favorite extensions for almost every type of use case.

From writing to fraud detection, here are the top AI Chrome extensions you can use for your business.


Jasper AI Chrome Extension

Jasper is an AI-powered Chrome extension that assists you in the writing process.

The Chrome extension uses multiple AI writing templates that can help you rewrite or even change the tone of voice for sentences.

You can take Jasper anywhere, making writing blog posts faster on Google Docs or other documentation tools.

You can also use this for social media content, such as writing Twitter threads or LinkedIn posts. I recommend you create a brand voice in Jasper and use it with the Chrome extension since it mimics your writing style.

Here are a few more features and benefits that Jasper can do:

  • Improve readability
  • Rewrite content to get the right words in
  • Stop writer's block
  • Generate copy for better ad conversions
  • Use on Google Docs or other content editors
  • It also works with Edge

It's one of my favorite AI copywriting tools for anyone needing a powerful extension

Otter AI

Otter AI

Otter is an AI voice meeting software that can transcribe, take notes, and summarise your meetings or conference calls.

With the AI Chrome extension, you can remove any manual note-taking you have to do and let Otter AI do the rest for you.

Not only does this save time for you, but you can send the summary and action ideas to your client or partner.

Otter's extension works with Google Meets and Zoom, the most used video conference platforms.

Here are a few more features and benefits that Otter AI can do:

  • Write meeting notes in real-time
  • Share live transcripts with meeting participants
  • intelligently detects when a meeting is starting
  • Save valuable time instead of documenting



If you are tired of generating content that doesn't sound right or is grammatically incorrect, then Wordtune is your new AI writing assistant.

Wordtune's Chrome extension will provide suggestions anywhere, including emails and blog posts.

All you need to do is highlight your written content, and Wordtune will give you a few lists of options, such as:

  • Rewrite content
  • Change the tone and length of a sentence
  • Translate into a foreign language
  • Multi-platform extension



Grammarly is another Chrome extension that can help you with your writing skills and offers seamless integration with most document editors.

So if you want to start writing but are afraid of grammar and spelling mistakes, Grammarly's AI Chrome extension will help you with almost any text input you give it.

Grammarly can also help you with any word choice you have in mind and make it sound 10x better.

Here are a few other key features and benefits that Grammarly's extension provides:

  • Color-coding to show you which words need to be improved
  • Provides advanced spelling and grammar checker
  • Tone detector
  • Auto-citations


Fireflies ai chrome

Fireflies is an AI-powered meeting assistant that provides an easy-to-use Google Chrome extension.

So if you are ready to transcribe meetings and conference calls directly from a single browser tab, you are in luck with Fireflies.

Not only does it create documents that you can share with your client, but it records audio from your meetings.

You can then prompt Fireflies to create a summary action list for your client or student to follow after the call is complete.

Fireflies has integrated with one of the best AI chatbot platforms, such as ChatGPT.

Here are just a few other tedious tasks that the Fireflies Chrome extension can do for you:

  • Key topics and task detection
  • See who is speaking
  • Playback speed settings
  • Soundbites and snippet creation for social media content
  • Create categories
  • Download transcripts to CSV, pdf, or docx
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Speaker talk-time analytics
  • Conversation artificial intelligence AI
  • Team workspaces
  • Comments & reactions section
  • Edit Transcripts

Compose AI

Compose AI

Compose AI is another AI writing tool that can help you with your content marketing efforts, mainly geared toward email.

So, if you want to write emails that can convert, Compose AI is your best text generation.

You can also reply to emails with one-click automation, which means you can chat faster with potential prospects.

Here are a few other key features and benefits that Compose AI provides:

  • Autocomplete sentences
  • AI email assistant
  • Reply to emails in a single click
  • Rephrase sentences
  • Type // to generate outputs

Compose AI is definitely a powerful chrome browser extension for anyone who needs AI content generation.

Glasp YouTube Summary


Glasp is an AI Chrome extension that can summarize YouTube videos using ChatGPT.

If you get bored or tired of videos but need the most important talking points, you can use Glasp to help you summarize and collect the important sections of the YouTube video.

This is a free AI Chrome extension, so of course, it might have some bugs, but it's a great start for anyone needing YouTube video summaries powered by ChatGPT.



Scribe is an AI documentation tool that can help you create step-by-step guides to share with your freelancers or employees.

This is the best Chrome extension that can help you onboard anyone by creating training documents and more.

As you record with the Chrome extension, it can generate text, links, and annotated screenshots that are easy to follow.

It offers an in-depth analysis of each section, so whoever you outsource this to will never get lost.

Here are a few other key features and benefits that Scribe offers as an AI document app:

  • Create guides for any process of your business
  • Handover documents
  • Share instantly with your team members
  • Capture any process on your browser with Scribe's extension

Surfer SEO

SurferSEO Home

Surfer SEO's Chrome extension is the best for content writing and keyword research while browsing the web.

Keyword Surfer can find related keywords and valuable information while you are crawling the search engines for potential blog post ideas.

What I love about this AI SEO Chrome extension is that it filters Google search results for overlapping keywords and their search volume.

This makes it easy to publish blog posts that can rank on Google and make you money online using AI.

Keyword Surfer is free, offering easy access to a database of profitable keyword ideas that can get you more traffic and rank higher on Google.

Here are a few more features and benefits that Keyword Surfer can do:

  • Real-time scanning of Google SERPs
  • Keyword volume
  • Datasets from 70 different countries
  • Access 5+ data points that offer in-depth analysis of the SERPs
  • Part of one of the top AI SEO tools on the market

Originality AI

Originality AI Homepage

Originality is another powerful AI content detector with a useful Google Chrome extension. This tool can ensure that you or your writers provide high-quality content that passes thin or plagiarized material.

With the rise of AI text generation, using Originality to verify that your content isn't AI is important.

Not only is this one of my biggest blogging tips, but this Google extension will help you determine how you rank on a search engine as powerful as Google.

So feel safe writing captivating articles that pass AI detection and plagiarism with this essential tool.

Here are a few more features and benefits that Originality AI can do:

  • Content optimization score
  • View for plagiarism
  • Check for AI content
  • It can detect GPT-4 and Google Bard content
  • Run full website scans
  • Integrates with most document editors


superReply is an AI Email Response Generator that can help you get better open rates and replies.

If you ever struggle with sending the perfect pitch or response to a potential client, you can have superReply assist you on any browser.

Here are some of the main benefits and features of this AI email generator:

  • It will stop writer's block
  • Generate personalized responses
  • Avoid spelling and grammar mistakes



AIRPRM is one of the best ChatGPT Chrome extensions that can improve your writing process for SEO, social media, and even marketing copy.

This single-browser extension can generate text for almost any type of niche and integrates directly with ChatGPT.

Many SEOs are using AIPRM and ChatGPT to make money selling prompts or content writing.

You only need to use their templates powered by natural language processing and carefully prompted.

If you ever need to restart a template, then all you need to do is open a new ChatGPT panel and choose the correct template.

I've also discussed how you can use ChatGPT for SEO, and AIRPM makes it even easier.

So, if you need help writing blog posts faster or creating content that ranks higher on Google, AIRPM is one of the best AI writing assistants.

Criminal IP

Criminal IP

With this browsing extension, you can say goodbye to phishing sites and fight against scams.

Criminal IP uses an AI-based risk detection and phishing link checker to protect you from malicious content online. It can verify portal search links and provide comprehensive domain threat information for each site.

The Advanced Mode also offers in-depth analysis of websites and can make it easier to spot phishing sites.

Here are some other main features and benefits that this tool provides:

  • Security issue updates
  • Comprehensive threat information
  • Privacy protection
  • Monitor the safety of URLs

Guidde AI


Guidde AI is another one of the best Chrome extensions to help you create how-to guides for your video content.

This generative AI platform can also use natural-sounding voices if you do not want to use your own voice for video tutorials.

There are many AI voice generators, but Guidde is simple to use and works on Chrome.

Murf AI

Murf AI Home

Murf ai is another AI voice cloning tool that can help you create human-like voices. With over 20+ languages, you can create stunning content for anyone worldwide.

Murf AI can also be used for voiceovers and content creation and help automate marketing efforts.



Testimonial is one of the best AI Chrome extensions for collecting reviews and testimonials from your buyers.

This video testimonial software makes it easy to collect video testimonials by selecting or highlighting parts of the review you want to showcase.

Once you save it, then it will be added to your folder within the testimonial dashboard. This makes it a perfect marketing tool powered by AI so you can collect reviews quickly.

Tella AI

Tella AI

Tella is an AI-powered screen and camera recorder that works similarly to Loom. Not only can you record, but you can add multiple clips and edit the content afterward to make it engaging.

Since this is an AI extension for Google, you can record anywhere, and it works for online courses, video tutorials, and more.

Here are more key features that this tool provides:

  • Automatically save videos online
  • Add zoom effects
  • Use landscape or portrait mode
  • Add stunning backgrounds

Blackbox Code

Blackbox code

Blackbox is an AI coding assistant that allows you to view code snippets and make life easier as a developer.

It makes it easier to grab code from videos, and this can even work through Zoom or Google Meet.

What Are AI Chrome Extensions?

AI Chrome extensions are tools that can help you solve specific problems with your business or projects that work with any browser tab within Google Chrome.

They are created by developers who probably had the same problem as you and wanted to code an app to help the community with that issue.

You can add most products and items for free within the Chrome web store, and it is also very simple to upgrade if you need to pay for anything.

How To Use AI-Based Chrome Extensions

To use these Chrome extensions powered by artificial intelligence, you only need to click on the extensions toolbar and pick the right one for the job.

Of course, this is available once you install the item from the Chrome web store.

Final Thoughts

Now you know all the best AI-powered Chrome extensions you can use for your business or projects.

With that being said, you don't want to go overboard and start installing multiple tools, which might not even be necessary.

You also want to be very careful about the extensions you install, with so many scams out there. I researched and installed all of these to verify they are legit.


How do I install AI Chrome extensions?

To install Chrome extensions, you will want to go to the Google Chrome Store and search for the correct item you want. Then, click "Add to Chrome" and ensure it appears on your extensions toolbar at the top of your window.

Add to chrome

Are AI Chrome extensions Safe To Download?

Yes, they are, as long as they have been verified and you research the co

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