7 Best AI Tools for YouTube To Grow Your Channel In 2024

Updated on: March 13, 2024

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AI Tools for YouTube

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Do you want AI tools to make your YouTube channel big and successful?

From choosing the perfect topic for a video and summing up what a video is about to speed up your editing pace, these powerful tools stand out from the rest.

I checked for pricing, quality, and even the community of the companies.

The growth of artificial intelligence has brought about special tools designed for those who make videos on YouTube.

These AI tools for YouTube can do a lot for you. They can enhance the quality of your videos, streamline how you make them, or provide deeper insights into how your channel is doing.

In this guide, I will walk you through the best AI tool for YouTubers and explain how they can make managing your YouTube work easier, save you time, and contribute to expanding your channel.

Favorite AI Tool For YouTube

1of10 logo box


Find outlier videos that can skyrocket your channel growth.

Favorite AI Tool For YouTube Analytics



Use VidIQ for keyword research, competitor analysis and more.

Favorite AI Tool For Video Assets



Use Canva for graphic design, such as YouTube Thumbnails.

Who Should Use AI YouTube Tools?

If you’re a YouTuber constantly rushing to upload at the last minute or feeling exhausted by the YouTube algorithm, AI tools are just what you need.

These AI solutions can streamline your YouTube content, helping you master SEO optimization, video editing, and even content ideation.

This isn't aimed at anyone who just wants to make content that's entirely made by AI. Instead, consider these AI tools for YouTube as helpful sidekicks that can cut your costs over time.

From beginner YouTubers just starting their content publishing to experienced content creators looking to optimize their workflow, YouTube AI tools offer many benefits that can save valuable time and improve viewer engagement.

What Are The Best AI Tools For YouTubers? 

After testing and using these products, I realized that these are the AI tools I'll use as a YouTuber.

Overview of my favorite AI-Powered YouTube Tools

  1. 1of10: Best For Finding Outlier Video Ideas
  2. VidIQ: Best For Channel Growth Analytics
  3. Canva Magic Studio: Best for Graphic Design
  4. Taja AI: Best for Optimizing Your Uploads
  5. Capcut: Best for AI Video Editing
  6. Repurpose.io: Best for Multi-Platform Content Syndication
  7. Google Gemini: Best for AI Text Generation And Research
  8. Exploding Topics: Best for Trend Discovery
  9. Tella.tv - Best for Collaborative Video Projects
  10. OpusClip: Best for AI-Assisted Video Clipping

Now that you've seen the overview, let's jump into each of my favorites in detail.

1. 1 of 10


1 of 10 is an AI research tool created just for YouTube video topics.

From filtering outliers and getting thumbnail design ideas, 1 of 10 will make finding YouTube video topics easy.

You can either type in a specific keyword around your niche or use their categories, this will find video content on YouTube that is going viral or a good opportunity to record.

This AI tool uses much different metrics to find an outlier, but the easiest way to explain it is that it looks for channels in your niche with a low subscriber rate and a high volume of views.

Not only is this a good example of a video you could create, but it can potentially blow up like your competition's.

Their AI Chrome extension also amazes when doing competitor analysis, as you can view the top-performing videos on their channel.

So, if you are looking for a powerful AI tool to spot viral video topics, 1 of 10 is your best bet.


  • You can easily bookmark video topics and also use it for thumbnail inspiration
  • If you get stuck at any point, their video tutorials are very easy to follow
  • Easily search your competitors' top videos using the Chrome extension
  • You can easily track outliers and monitor the performance


  • The tool can become glitchy or sometimes not just the proper filters, so you need to submit more than once
  • It can feel overwhelming to use the tool. They offer 1-1 coaching, but it is paid
  • The UI isn't the best, but it works

Personal Experience With 1 of 10

I started using 1 of 10, and after finding a viral YouTube video idea, the video blew up! The topic was AI blogging, and I could create this video because I found it from 1 of 10.

So, I have had an amazing experience with this tool and recommend it to anyone who hasn't been able to grow their YouTube channel yet.

Top Pick

1of10 logo box


  • Find outliers
  • Find thumbnail inspiration
  • Never run out of ideas

2. VidIQ


VidIQ is a YouTube SEO tool that offers AI video optimization and keyword research tools for YouTube that actually work.

The video optimization can do the following:

  • Analyze audience behavior
  • It will tell you when the best time to post is
  • The AI browser extension will give you title and video description suggestions

VidIQ's AI content generator feature is a helpful tool for YouTube creators, making video ideas and descriptions less stressful.

Built upon YouTube's platform, their machine learning algorithms simplify finding and obtaining perfect ideas.

Not only that, but their free AI Chrome extension allows you to view a YouTube channel's top content when you are reviewing their account.

This can help you understand what type of high-quality videos you should create before wasting your time.


  • VidIQ's AI content generator is a powerful tool for YouTubers, making creating compelling titles and descriptive tags more efficient.
  • Engaging video descriptions are easily crafted, thanks to the generator's analysis of trending data and viewer search habits.
  • The tool suggests effective keywords, helping content reach its intended audience and ensuring maximum visibility.
  • Optimization is simplified, which is crucial for content visibility and channel growth, and the generator aids in crafting SEO-friendly descriptions that align with your content, boosting discoverability on the platform.


  • The platform has a lot of features that can be overwhelming for new users.
  • It can be difficult for beginners to understand and use all the tools and data the service provides.
  • The keyword suggestions might not always be accurate or relevant, which could lead to less effective SEO.
  • Sometimes, the suggested keywords don’t match well with the video content, which might not help the video get found easily.

Personal Experience with VidIQ

I've been using VidIQ for a while, and it's really helped my YouTube channel grow. Here's how,

  • Quickly finding the right keywords
  • Getting smart tips for strategy
  • Coming up with new video ideas
  • Increasing my channel's audience

This tool has been super helpful for me in making sure my videos are easy to find on YouTube.

The free Chrome extension has been with me from the start, and getting those encouraging emails about hitting new goals is a great bonus.

Second Pick



  • Keyword research tool
  • Get title ideas
  • Never run out of ideas

3. Canva Magic Studio

Magic Write Canva

Canva Magic Studio is another powerful AI suite of tools that can make your videos look great.

From offering an AI text generator to crafting images, you can create anything with Canva's AI features.

This AI image generator offers a lot whenever you have an idea block or do not want to use any stock images.

I've been using them to generate 3D models for my thumnbails and people always ask me where I found those images.

Elevate your channel’s visual appeal and boost viewer engagement with Canva’s user-friendly design tools.

Not only that, but with Canva, you can remove backgrounds, edit videos, create AI-generated content, and even use an AI avatar.

Their AI avatar generator will be able to turn your written content into a professional-looking video without having you record it yourself.

So if you want to generate human like avatars with a built in AI voice generator, use Canva for YouTube.


  • Easily remove background from videos or images to create unique content
  • You can easily create a faceless youtube channel using their AI avatars
  • They offer 100s of design templates
  • Image cropping and resizing


  • The AI image generator can mess up sometimes but that's completely normal for any software product
  • You can only do basic video editing so don't expect to generate content like you could with Final Cut Pro or Adobe
  • Although they have different templates, it can feel super overwhelming

Personal Experience with Canva

Since launching my YouTube channel, I've relied on Canva as a key resource. Its ease of use and flexibility are ideal for making,

  • Video thumbnails
  • Animated graphics
  • Banners for my channel
  • Intro clips for videos
  • Closing scenes

With a wide variety of readymade templates and design options, I can quickly craft visuals that match the style of my channel. 

This helps make it look more professional and attracts more viewers.

Third Pick



  • Create thumbnails
  • Generate AI images
  • Generate AI videos

4. Taja AI

Taja AI

Want to make your uploads better? Taja AI is the perfect choice.

It gives you video titles, descriptions, chapters, and other elements that work great with algorithms, and you can easily apply them to your video before hitting publish.

Taja AI helps make sure your videos are ready to get lots of views and interaction.

By using machine learning and keywords, it can detect what is on your video and create an optimized video description with automatic chapters.

So if you want to summarize videos automatically and get a viral score for your title ideas, then Taja AI is one of the top ai tools for youtube.


  • Get instant transcripts for videos, which you can use to repurpose on other platforms
  • Makes YouTube video SEO simple
  • Save hours by creating automatic chapters
  • You can select a target keyword and tone of voice so it doesn't sound like AI


  • The title suggestions aren't perfect, but the virality score is great
  • Even when you change the tone, it can still create repetitive, boring sentences

Personal Experience with Taja AI

From what I've seen, Taja AI really helps you save time. 

The fact that it makes chapters by itself has cut down so much work for me. It's quick to respond and easy to navigate, which makes it fun to use.

Plus, I've definitely noticed that my content has gotten better since I began using this platform.

For YouTube SEO

Taja AI

  • YouTube SEO
  • Create automatic chapters
  • Get viral title ideas

5. Capcut


If you're looking for video editing software that uses AI, Capcut is a great choice.

It makes editing videos easier by offering features such as auto generated subtitles, a tool to eliminate backgrounds, and sound improvement.

Capcut is user-friendly for both experienced video editors and those just starting out, helping them work faster and more effectively.

It surprises me every time, but you can truly create high-quality videos with this free AI tool for youtube editing.

Being a free AI tool alone makes it one of the top reasons to use this, but try it out for yourself and learn the video editing system.

You can also use it to create automatic subtitles without entering the text on your own.


  • Capcut makes cutting and changing videos easy with  AI video editing tools, perfect for YouTube creators at any skill level.
  • Its user-friendly design makes the editing process smooth, whether you're making a quick how-to video or a complex creative piece.
  • This platform is packed with all the editing options to turn your ideas into reality without a hassle.
  • Great for those who want accurate subtitles and trendy captions.


  • If you try to use Capcut on an old device with big files or high-quality videos, it might not work smoothly and could slow down your editing.
  • The things you can do with Capcut might seem simple if you compare it to professional video editors' tools.
  • Even though Capcut has a lot of editing options, they may not be enough for someone who wants to do very detailed video editing.
  • While Capcut is easy to use, it might not have everything a pro video editor wants.

Personal Experience with Capcut

Capcut is, quite honestly, the easiest AI video editing tool for YouTube I’ve ever used.

Its intuitive design and powerful features have made it an important part of my content creation process.

Whether I’m editing on my desktop or the go with my mobile device, Capcut offers the flexibility and functionality I need to create engaging, high-quality video content.

Not only that, but you can also resize your videos and push them out to other social media channels.

6. Repurpose.io


Repurpose.io is an AI tool designed to help content creators expand their social media presence, ultimately driving more traffic to their YouTube channel.

The platform allows for the automation of content distribution across various platforms, including YouTube, TikTok, and podcast platforms.

It offers both automated and manual workflow creation, giving you control over your content syndication strategy.

By using Repurpose.io, creators can effectively broaden their audience reach and enhance the visibility of their content.


  • Automate content distribution across diverse platforms, significantly increasing content visibility.
  • Set up connections and workflows with ease, optimizing content syndication efficiency.
  • Save considerable time, giving the impression of constant content activity without the constant work—thanks to the AI's automation capabilities.
  • Enjoy the simplicity of the tool's intuitive design, making it accessible for users of all technical skill levels.


  • The timeline feature for selecting specific frames for clips has been removed, which may limit the tool's versatility for some users.
  • There is no support for direct repurposing from YouTube to Vimeo, which could be a drawback for creators who use both platforms.
  • Users who relied on the timeline feature for precise editing control might find the tool less useful without it.
  • The lack of Vimeo support means creators will need to find alternative methods for cross-platform video sharing.

Personal Experience with Repurpose.io

Being someone who makes stuff for lots of different online spots, using Repurpose.io has totally shaken things up for me in a good way.

It makes sharing my bite-sized posts easier on every site, making more people see what I do.

Thanks to Repurpose.io, I’ve turned into not just a person who posts videos on YouTube but also a big deal on social media.

7. Google Gemini


Google Gemini is another important YouTube tool to have for anyone using AI.

This powerful ChatGPT alternative can analyze text through natural language processing, images, audio, and video content, and it's especially good at giving summaries of videos because it works well with YouTube.

YouTube creators can develop viral video ideas and optimize their engaging video content using a video creation platform to create videos for a successful YouTube channel while streamlining the video creation process.

Google Gemini lets you tap into AI to gain deeper insights into your content and your audience, and its ability to analyze YouTube videos opens up many use cases for content creators.


  • Google Gemini is great at studying different kinds of materials and gives tips for making content and improving SEO tactics.
  • It's perfect for researching new videos and improving what you've already made by giving facts to help you make smart choices.
  • Using Google's powerful search engine, it provides detailed examinations that guide your YouTube plans.
  • This AI tool for YouTube is very useful for content creation. It helps save lots of time that you would spend researching because it can analyze things on its own.


  • Google Gemini may sometimes have trouble analyzing YouTube videos, which can be annoying if you count on it for detailed content breakdowns.
  • While Google Gemini offers many features, some may find it has fewer customization choices than other tools.

Personal Experience with Google Gemini

Google Gemini has been really helpful to me as an AI marketing tool for making content.

It gives me great ideas for my YouTube videos and saves me so much time that I would have spent researching by myself.

This tool can look at different kinds of content and give me useful information. This has helped me make my content better and get to know what my audience likes more.

8. Exploding Topics

Exploding Topics

Staying up to date with the newest trends is super important in the quickly changing YouTube scene.

Luckily, an AI tool called Exploding Topics makes this easier. It's a smart trend-spotting platform that spots what will be popular by looking at what people search for, talk about, and share online.

By using Exploding Topics, you can be one step ahead and make videos that really click with the folks watching them.

Not only does this AI tool research keywords that are new, but it can also give you an estimated amount of sales they make monthly.

This means you can have an idea of how much commission you could potentially earn just by seeing how many units they sell per month.


  • Exploding Topics is great at spotting trends early, giving you an advantage when making content.
  • Gives detailed information on trends, helping you think of content ideas for your target audience
  • Helps creators get ahead by noticing trends before they're popular.
  • Provides thorough analysis so you can really get how trends work and use them to your benefit.

Cons of Exploding Topics

  • How well this info works depends on how fast the creator can jump on these hot trends to get the most out of them.
  • If creators take too long to use these trends, they might miss the chance to really make the most of what Exploding Topics can foresee.
  • So, acting quickly and planning well is super important to take advantage of what Exploding Topics predicts.

Personal Experience with Exploding Topics

Throughout my time making content, I've found Exploding Topics to be super helpful in finding new and up-and-coming products related to my area of focus.

Having this knowledge ahead of time has let me make content that's spot on and timely, which has really helped my channel stand out and attract more viewers.

Using Exploring Topics is like having a magic crystal ball that lets me take a sneak peek at what's going to be popular soon.

9. Tella.tv


Tella TV is one of the most unique screen recording tools for YouTube that can help you make professional looking videos.

These also include a powerful suite of tools that allow you to edit, trim, and change the background of all of your screen recordings.

My favorite AI feature is the zoom effect, which turns your content into engaging videos.


  • Tella.tv makes it super easy to start recording press the record button and then you can jump into editing.
  • The platform is really easy to use, making videos a breeze for creators.
  • It’s built to save you time and hassle while still helping you make videos that look like a pro did them.
  • Tella.tv is all about making video creation easy, opening up the process to more people who want to make content.


  • The easy to use Tella.tv is nice for fast video changes, but it might not have enough features for expert users who need more detailed editing options.
  • People who make advanced videos might think Tella.tv's tools are too simple for big and complicated projects.
  • Someone who needs a lot of different editing tools might find that Tella.tv doesn't offer enough.
  • They focus on being user-friendly, but that might not be enough for professional video editors who want to customize a lot.

Personal Experience with Tella.tv

As someone who makes videos, I really like using Tella.tv for my YouTube business.

This fantastic tool is easy to understand and use, which makes it my favorite for making videos.

Also, the videos I make with it turn out really great, and my viewers always have good things to say about them.

10. OpusClip

Opus Clip AI

Finally, OpusClip will help you with your content strategy.

This tool specializes in repurposing long-form content into short, viral video clips suitable for social media platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, or Instagram Reels.

Plus, OpusClip offers a cool feature called the Virality Score, which predicts how likely your videos will become widely popular.

It can also add music tracks depending the vibe of your video and it sounds great.


  • OpusClip is really good at making lots of short clips from your YouTube videos that you can use to get noticed on different social media sites.
  • The Virality Score from OpusClip lets you see ahead of time how popular your video clips might be, which helps you plan your content better.
  • Turn your content into something new means your original YouTube videos can reach more people and make a bigger splash.
  • You get detailed reports that help you choose which videos to share to get more people to watch and interact with them.


  • OpusClip's Virality Score can give you good tips, but it's not always right. You should still trust your own ideas when naming your videos.
  • Even though it's not always spot on, this ai video editor is really useful for reusing content and making a bigger splash on different websites.
  • The Virality Score from the tool gives creators an idea of how popular their video clips might become.
  • It continues to be a valuable tool for creators who want to spread their work far and wide by smartly reusing their content.

My Personal Experience With OpusClips

Although there are many content repurposing tools with the spawn of AI startups, you can actually trust this tool with the video clipping it can do. 

It offers solid suggestions and gives you a virality score that works better than most freelancers. 

It has made my life easier as it can easily repurpose my long-form content. 

Are AI tools good for YouTube?

Looking into different AI tools for YouTube shows us how useful they can be. They help save time, increase viewer interest, and support creative work.

However, it's key to remember that AI is just an aid, not a solution that fixes everything.

Even though these tools can make your work easier and give you helpful tips, they aren't a substitute for quality content and the unique flair you bring.

So, use these AI tools wisely to improve the way you create content and make your YouTube channel stand out.

Matching Tools to Your YouTube Strategy

Choosing the right AI tools for your YouTube path means picking what fits your needs.

Just as your videos are unique, the perfect AI YouTube tools depend a lot on your specific area and what you want to achieve. It's really important to get to know your content plan and pick tools that match what you're aiming for.

Whether you're searching for hot topics, making your SEO better, or making video editing easier, an AI tool can help with your YouTube strategy.

How can I use AI as a YouTuber?

If you make videos for YouTube, you can use artificial intelligence in many different ways. For example,

  • Coming up with new video ideas and making your videos easier to find
  • Making edits to your videos
  • Sharing your videos on different websites
  • Checking how well your channel is doing
  • Learning what your viewers like
  • Offering suggestions for videos based on hot topics

AI-powered tools make this process simpler for you. 

When you add AI to how you work, you can do less boring stuff and more important work, making videos that connect with the people watching them.

This will help you grow your YouTube channel much faster and spend less time worrying about things you can't do on your own.


To wrap things up, AI tools hold huge possibilities for YouTubers who want to make their content better, get more subscribers, and grab the attention of their viewers.

These tools help you spot what's hot, come up with ideas, edit your videos, and share them across different platforms making everything you do more efficient.

The most important thing is to pick AI tools that fit exactly what you need and how you plan to succeed.

So go ahead, start using AI for your YouTube content, and see the big changes they can make!


What AI software do YouTubers use?

YouTubers use AI software like Capcut to automatically edit raw video footage, saving time and effort while allowing them to focus on creating new content or growing their channel.

Can I use AI for YouTube videos?

Yes, AI can be used to create videos for YouTube, making the process easier and more accessible for everyone.

How can AI tools save time for YouTubers?

AI tools can save time for YouTubers by automating tasks like keyword research, video editing, and content repurposing, allowing them to focus on creating high-quality content.

What is a good AI tool for repurposing content across different platforms?

Repurpose.io is a great AI tool for efficiently repurposing content across various platforms to save time and increase reach.

Should I Use An AI-Powered Tool For YouTube?

Yes, if you want to save time and leverage AI, you can use it to assist you with your YouTube channel.

Eddy is an AI, SEO, and personal finance blogger who uses and tests products to help others improve their lives through AI and financial literacy. With years of experience in online business, he deeply understands the latest AI and SEO trends. Eddy is also well-knowledged in personal finance and committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise with his readers.

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