Beacons AI Review: Best Link-in-Bio Tool For 2024?

Updated: November 21, 2023

Written by Eddy Ballesteros

With all the social media pages and custom domain websites people have nowadays, it can be challenging to show your fans and followers where they can find you, especially if you have different usernames on each page.

A standard solution is to link all your social media handles and website in all your bios. However, for many people, it's not a feasible solution because their bios will get filled up quickly, and they won't be able to highlight other things on it as easily.

Therefore, a more innovative solution is to use a link aggregator like Beacons. So how well does it work? And can you rely on it? That's our topic for today, so stick for more on Beacons AI review.

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Beacons AI is a free link-in-bio website that can create engaging-looking links.

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Eddy Recommends Beacons, especially if you are in need of a linktree alternative.

What Is Beacons AI?

Beacons AI

Beacons is a link aggregator at its core. Its primary purpose is to display all your social media and website links in a presentable way for your followers, subscribers, and customers to easily find you on each platform.

Recently, this ai-pwoered link tool has expanded into a more advanced mobile website builder that allows you to create your custom landing page where you can advertise your products or monetize your pages using Beacons blocks.

Who Is Beacons AI Made For? is a tool for content creators, social media amateur and pro influencers, online marketers, or those with any kind of internet following or influencer brand they want to retain across several platforms.

For instance, if you're an influencer running pages on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter, and you want people from each page to find you on the others, you add your links to your Beacons page and link it in each bio.

Beacons have also recently gained more use for online marketers and stores, thanks to their e-commerce tools that make it easier for your followers to see your products and purchase them through Beacons.

For example, you can add a TikTok shopping block where you display each product and attach a TikTok reel reviewing it and a "buy" button.

How Does Beacons AI Work?

At the fundamental level, Beacons works like any other link aggregator by allowing you to add unlimited links to your Beacons profile, compiling them into a good-looking page, and giving you a neat short link to attach to your social media bios.

Moreover, Beacons makes it easier to update your info. Instead of the traditional method of changing all your links on every account one by one, you can update your information on Beacons, and the short URL stays the same, so your followers will find them.

You can also choose basic customizable themes, add a Beacons bio, music, video, link thumbnails, and more.

And as time passes and people visit your links, Beacons provides valuable analytics such as link views, clicks, and click-through rates.

Beacons AI Features is a rich service, and all the features are made to help content creators, influencers, and other prominent social media accounts. So let's look at some of the key features in more detail.

Beacons AI Review Features


Since Beacons started as a link aggregator, you might think it's a simple site with basic layering and coloring tools. But you'd be in for a pleasant surprise.

Beacons lets you build an entire landing page in minutes with its drag-and-drop and layering features.

You can layer your info and links as you like, add tabs, and choose from more than 1,000 fonts. And there's no limit on how many links you can add.

As for backgrounds, they're nearly infinitely customizable! You can set color gradients from anywhere on the spectrum or add GIFs and videos.

Content Embedding

Beacons allows you to embed various forms of media to add some life to your landing page, including videos from YouTube or TikTok, tweets from Twitter, and music.

This helps you showcase your recent uploads in an intuitive and eye-catching fashion. For example, your followers can visit your profile and see the latest witty tweet or viral clip you posted. And you can even use sensitive content warnings when needed.

Digital Store and Monetization s has revolutionized what a "links in bio" service is by adding several innovative features. But the ability to create a miniature digital store is just the next level.

Whether selling digital products or merch, you can easily allow your followers to buy from you through Beacons' store block. You can list an item you're selling and then post a relevant TikTok video tagging the item and marketing it.

Just note that Beacons will take a 9% commission on sales made through their blocks if you're on the free plan. However, users on the entrepreneur plan don't pay any commission.

Other Blocks

Beacons lets you add even more blocks that enable more features you never knew you needed. For example, there's the donation block, which simply allows you to accept donations. This can be pretty useful for creators that rely on fan donations.

The donations block can also help fundraisers, charities, or other services that want an easy way to accept donations. And there aren't even transaction fees on donations.

There's also the request block, which allows users to make custom requests in exchange for a fee. There are no strings attached here, so get creative with this one!

Lastly, there's the appointments block, where you can let your followers book an appointment with you through Calendly, which has full integration support on Beacons.

Analytics provides incredible analytic feedback to help you understand your followers better. For instance, you can see traffic, signaling how many people (and what percent overall) visit your Beacons profile from each platform, showing which links your followers visit the most from your page.

You can also see an analysis of how much money you make through sales and services, with exact numbers, percentages, and patterns for each product or service.

And using Beacons' historical charts, you can track your progression over time.

There's even full support on the entrepreneur plan for integrations with Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and UTM parameters.

Beacons AI Pricing

Beacons is technically a subscription-based service, though it only offers two plans, one of which is entirely free.

Most of the features I mentioned above (bar the analytical integrations) are available on the free creator plan.

Beacons ai pricing

On the other hand, you have the entrepreneur plan, which comes at $10 per month and offers more premium features, including:

  • Creating a custom domain name
  • A free SSL certificate
  • Integrations with analytical tools
  • No sales commission
  • Up to five pages
  • Premium support

Beacons AI Alternatives

Although Beacons serves many functions of other services like customer support software and web building programs, it's still a link aggregator, so it's only fair to compare it to others in the industry.

So here are some other popular link aggregator services:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Beacons AI Legit?

Yes, Beacons AI is a legit service that can be immensely useful to most people and groups running with a large internet presence, thanks to how much-personalized content it lets you display.

A group of classmates founded beacons from Stanford who opted to help content creators instead of employment at a big tech company, which is why you can get so much out of Beacons on a free account.

Is Beacons AI Worth It?

Considering Beacons only costs a small $0 per month while providing tools that other services would classify as premium features, I say yes. If you're still hesitant, try it yourself and see how it suits you. It costs nothing and is effortless to set up, so you have nothing to lose.

Does Beacons Take a Commission on Sales?

If you're on Beacons' free plan, they'll take a 9% commission on sales made through your profile. However, on the premium plan, they don't take any commissions.

Eddy's Personal Experience With Beacons.AI 

After using this tool, I believe it is a great product compared to Linktree or Koji. Depending on your needs, most of these tools do the same thing, and it just depends on what you really want once you upgrade.

Now I will say that this is a really cool link-in-bio site for content marketers and small creators.

Final Words on Beacons AI

Beacons is a very bold service that's been challenging the definition of a link aggregator since its founding in 2019. It's very useful for organized content creators and influencers who want a small website for their internet brand.

Even businesses can benefit from Beacons by using the right content blocks to market their products and embed relevant videos or product recommendations.

Besides, Beacons has a free creator plan that offers most of these features, so why not try?

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