Best AI Legal Assistants In 2023: Lawyers Can Leverage AI

Updated: August 22, 2023

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As legal professionals, you are always looking for ways to enhance your services and provide the best possible experience for your clients.

In recent years, one of the most exciting developments in the legal work field has been the rise of artificial intelligence.

With its ability to process vast amounts of data and analyze complex legal issues, AI is quickly becoming an indispensable tool for legal professionals everywhere.

Yes, you can now even make money with AI in the legal industry.

Imagine just starting your legal profession, and you get the chance to use AI tools to help you with all of your legal work. You can start saving time on daily tasks, leading to happier clients.

In this blog post, I will discuss the best AI legal assistants available in 2023 and how lawyers can leverage this groundbreaking technology to improve their legal services.

Best AI For Lawyers


AI Lawyer Pro

This tool is powered by GPT which can help you draft legal documents.

Top AI Tool Overall

Jasper AI Copywriting

Jasper allows you create disclaimers and pages using Jasperchat.

AI Robot Lawyer


DoNotPay Logo Box

DoNotPay is your personal AI Robot Lawyer that can handle most cases.

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  • Artificial intelligence is transforming the legal industry
  • AI legal assistants can help lawyers provide better services
  • Lawyers can leverage AI to analyze complex legal issues quickly and accurately
  • The best AI Tool for lawyers is the one that can draft and review your legal contracts.

The other day, I saw a viral tweet from a lawyer using a chatbot to help generate legal pages.

I was shocked at the results, so I created this blog post. I knew that others were looking for the best AI tool for lawyers. 

chatgpt passes bar exam

AI Robot Lawyer Software Disclaimer:

The information contained in this blog post is provided for educational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. I am not an attorney or legal professional, and the tools listed herein are not intended to substitute for professional legal advice.

Using any tools mentioned in this post does not create an attorney-client relationship between the user and the author or any third-party provider. Eddy makes no representations or warranties regarding the accuracy or completeness of any information in this post or tool referenced herein.

Users should consult with a qualified attorney before making decisions based on the information in this post or using any of the tools referenced herein.

How Can AI Be Used In Law Firms?

Legal professionals can now automate simple tasks and streamline workflow with AI-powered tools.

This technology is beneficial when drafting legal documents, which can be time-consuming and tedious.

Using AI to assist with document creation, lawyers can focus on more critical tasks like analyzing complex legal issues and providing valuable advice to their clients. 

Understanding high-income skills in the legal industry can be difficult, but you'll see how machine learning can help. 

This section will explore ways AI can be used in law firms to improve efficiency and productivity.

Let's dive in without all the legal jargon.

Legal Research

One of the most time-consuming tasks for lawyers is legal research. With AI-powered tools, legal professionals can conduct legal analysis more efficiently and accurately than ever.

These new advanced research tools let lawyers quickly find relevant case law and statutes, saving countless hours of manual research.

By leveraging AI in their document analysis, lawyers can ensure they meet deadlines and provide high-quality services to their clients.

This section will explore how legal technology has revolutionized how lawyers approach legal research.

Drafting Contracts

Drafting contracts is a crucial responsibility for corporate legal departments. Contract review and negotiation can be a lengthy process.

Still, AI lawyer tools are making it easier for lawyers and their legal teams to draft contracts efficiently.

With these tools, lawyers can quickly identify key terms and clauses, compare them to existing contracts, and ensure that the contract meets all requirements.

Document Reviews

Document review is a critical aspect of due diligence in legal proceedings. However, it can be a time-consuming and error-prone process.

With the help of AI-powered document management systems, lawyers can now streamline their document review process and reduce the risk of human error.

These tools enable lawyers to classify documents quickly, identify relevant information, and prioritize their review based on importance.

In this section, we will explore how AI is transforming document analysis and improving the efficiency and accuracy of legal proceedings.

Increase Productivity

If you've worked at a law firm, then you know routine tasks can feel tedious and time-consuming. An AI tool trained as a legal assistant will significantly impact the future of your workflows.

This allows lawyers to classify documents quickly, find relevant information and prioritize their review based on importance.

AI-powered legal software increases productivity while also reducing the risk of human error.

Non-Biased Answers

Since generative AI and machine learning models are unaffected by human bias, they provide more accurate and objective answers.

This is especially critical when dealing with sensitive topics such as civil rights or criminal law during the research process.

AI-powered lawyer programs can also apply legal precedents to a given case, allowing lawyers to quickly develop the best possible solution based on existing law.

What Are The Best AI Legal Assistant Tools?

AI legal assistants work uniquely, and I will show you the best tools available.

  • Jasper: Best AI Assistant For Law Firms
  • DoNotPay: Best Legal Robot That Uses AI Technology
  • AI-Lawyer: Offers Different Legal Assistant Tools
  • CARA: Best AI Legal Assistant For Located Legal Cases And Documents
AI-Lawyer PRO

The AI-Lawyer robot will help you with document creation and cost-effective legal assistance.

So for lawyers who feel like they have a pile of work to complete, you can at least take care of any administrative tasks using AI-Lawyer, which can also help with your legal practice.

This is one of the top AI tools for lawyers, and it has features designed to save you time and money.

With AI-Lawyer, you can store documents in a secure cloud, automate document creation, automate legal research, access case studies, and more.

Key Features

  • Assists with legal services
  • Legal document generator
  • Use natural language processing
  • Understands most practice areas for your document creation


With AI Lawyer, you can Get unlimited outputs for your legal assistance and premium AI features that allow you to check, compare, and create agreements quickly.

AI Lawyer costs:

  • Just Ask: $9.99 per month
  • Golden Choice: $19.99 per month
  • Big Case: $99 per year

2. Jasper.AI

Jasper AI homepage

Jasper is an AI copywriting tool that can help you generate legal documents as you prompt the chatbot with the data needed.

To use this tool as an AI legal assistant, you'll need to feed it all the correct data so the outputs won't need massive editing.

The feature that will work best as legal technology would be Jasperchat which uses chatgpt with today's search engine technology to provide legal information in a natural language.

I have been using this AI writing tool for a long time and have learned that legal experts can leverage it for their profession.

Key Features

  • Create copy for your legal marketing
  • Draft contracts and disclosures
  • Use NLP and data from today
  • Simple to use with 50+ templates
  • It will increase productivity


Jasper starts at $59 per month for 50,000 words which can easily lead to many templates and contracts for your firm.

3. DoNotPay

DoNotPay Robot Lawyer

Do Not Pay is an AI robot lawyer that can handle almost all types of legal cases, and it has been proven to get you out of unlawful parking tickets.

They disrupted the legal industry by offering artificial intelligence with a legal chatbot to assist you with over 1000 legal issues.

This all started with the founder Joshua Browder who couldn't afford legal services to fight his parking tickets.

He developed a system to help him save time, fight his tickets, and win without spending a dime on legal services.

Now the DoNotPay app can help you fight your cases and automatically send you updates whenever there are changes to the case. It's free and easy to access legal assistance at no cost.

Key Features

  • Can help protect you or your business from lawsuits
  • A mobile app that includes your case management
  • You can cancel your subscription on autopilot
  • Find money that is owed to you
  • AI legal technology that can draft documents for any case
  • Law firms can leverage this for their own legal practices
  • Get other legal documents that you didn't know even existed
  • Wage protection and other services


DoNotPay is a mobile app that offers a subscription fee of $36 every three months. This won't remove your responsibilities but can help you with legal cases.

4. Cara A.I. By CaseText

CARA AI Case Text

CARA is an artificial intelligence-powered platform designed to help attorneys find relevant case authorities.

It uses advanced algorithms to analyze litigation documents and identify precedents with similar legal issues, facts, and jurisdiction.

With its cutting-edge e-discovery features, CARA AI saves lawyers valuable time and resources when conducting legal research

Key Features

  • Confirm a case is a good law
  • Search by a sentence using real data
  • Enhances Expertise
  • Saves time spent on simple tasks
  • It makes life easier for legal assistants


Cara by CaseText offers multiple pricing tiers depending on your law firm's goal. They start at $200 per month and then lower their price if you purchase on a one or 2-year plan. They also offer a free trial to test out their product.

5. ChatGPT


Law firms worldwide are talking about tools like chatgpt, and for good reasons. ChatGPT passed the American bar association, and legal professionals were all shocked.

From creating legal documents and writing responses to clients in minutes, chatgpt is changing how lawyers work and interact with their clients.

I was testing out ChatGPT for an affiliate contract, and not only did it draft an agreement, but it also included legal disclosures for the company. It was fast and efficient, and I needed to remember spending hours at the library trying to find relevant precedents.

I can only imagine how corporate legal departments can leverage text-generation tools for their practice—less time wasted on research and more time to focus on the quality of work.

Key Features

  • You can prompt ChatGPT to write anything as long as you feed it the correct information
  • Use it for organizing documents and improving your contracts
  • Uses and understands natural language processing
  • Passed the Bar Exam


ChatGPT is free but offers a paid plan for faster outputs and unlimited document requests. The paid plan also includes release notes before any free member sees them.

Will AI Replace Paralegals?

Legal assistants should not worry about artificial intelligence; they should use it to leverage their workflows.

A law firm can easily handle more clients without needing to hire more staff, and AI writing software can provide insights that would take a while for an individual to uncover.

By automating mundane tasks, paralegals can focus on the essential parts of their job without worrying about being replaced by machines. In addition, AI can help with research, document drafting, and client communication.

You can even have college graduates learn prompt engineering and focus on legal activities that require a trained professional. Text generation will help streamline the legal process, making it easier and more efficient for everyone involved.

Can AI Give Legal Advice?

AI should only act as a legal assistant for a law firm or a lawyer.

It can provide legal advice only when supervised and approved by a human law professional. AI cannot make ethical decisions or consider the complexity of particular cases. That is still up to the lawyers themselves.

You can use unique cases like DoNotPay for minor issues like parking tickets and fraudulent chargebacks.

I asked OpenAI's language model if it can provide legal advice, and here is what it stated.

Legal Advice Limitations with GPT

Since there are many legal requirements and nuances to consider when giving advice, AI is best used for identifying trends and patterns in data.


Should You Trust AI Legal Software?

As AI Robot software becomes more prevalent in the legal industry, many lawyers wonder if they can trust these tools to handle their most sensitive tasks.

From document management and legal research to electronic discovery, AI transforms how lawyers approach their work. While there is no denying the benefits of using AI in the legal field, it's essential to consider the potential risks and limitations of relying solely on these tools.

In this section, we will explore whether or not you should trust AI legal software and how lawyers can balance the benefits of technology with the need for human expertise.

How are lawyers using AI?

Artificial intelligence transforms how lawyers approach their daily tasks, from liability examination to expense tracking.

Law firms are increasingly turning to AI Robot Software to help them automate routine tasks and improve the accuracy of their work. One area where artificial intelligence has been beneficial is in contract review.

With machine learning algorithms, lawyers can quickly analyze large volumes of contracts and identify potential risks or areas for improvement.

This saves time and ensures that all relevant information is considered before deciding. These powerful tools and new technology can make a significant impact on attorneys and law firms alike.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know how the top AI legal assistants work, you can understand how they are revolutionizing the legal industry.

Machine learning and NLP data are helping lawyers to become more efficient and make informed decisions quickly, allowing them to focus on higher-value tasks that require a human touch.

So, do you trust these AI robot lawyers, and if so, will you use them for your practice area?

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