6+ Best AI Story Generator Tools For Better Storytelling In 2024

Updated on: December 5, 2023

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As technology advances, so does the capability to create stories using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI Story Generators are innovative tools that use advanced algorithms and machine learning models to generate unique and captivating stories for various uses.

Whether you're an aspiring story writer looking for inspiration or a content creator seeking to craft unified narratives from existing data sets, AI Story Generator tools can be invaluable assets in your creative arsenal while making money online.

In this blog post, we'll explore the six most popular AI story generator tools in 2024 and see how they stack up against one another. You'll also learn how to make money with these AI storywriters.

Best AI Story Generator

Jasper AI Copywriting


  • Write unique and heartwarming stories
  • Improve your written-stories
  • Generate content faster
  • Develop new ideas for story generation

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Why I Write About AI story generators:

My name is Eddy, and ever since OpenAI's GPT-3 release, I've been obsessed with the potential of AI to revolutionize storytelling and content creation. 

I've made money with AI by using different tools and services. 

As a passionate storyteller and content marketer, I'm constantly searching for new tools and techniques for creating compelling stories faster and easier than ever before. 

What Are The Best AI Story Generators?

While several AI story generator tools are on the market, the following six represent some of the best AI text tools available.

I made sure to test out these AI book writers so that they could develop an interesting and engaging story.

Let's get started. 

1. Jasper AI

Jasper AI homepage

Jasper AI uses advanced machine learning and natural language processing algorithms to generate creative stories from your inputs.

Users can choose from various tones and languages and even customize the length of their generated story.

Jasper AI also has a built-in content improver tool that helps refine previously written stories. You can input your ideas in any language, and the AI writing assistant will generate the story in more than 29 languages.

With this AI tool's Chrome extension, you can use their Google Docs-like editor to personalize your story.

Finally, with their Jasper Art Add-on, you can easily create images and illustrations using AI to create unique and engaging stories.

To start writing stories with this AI writer, enter up to 800 words of the plot and choose the desired tone from various tonal options. You can select your desired output language, and the AI tool will generate your story. 

I've also been testing their chat feature, but you'll need to understand how to feed JasperChat the right prompts. Here's an example:

Jasper Chat creative stories

By default, Jasper generates three outputs per story, but users can also customize the number of outputs depending on their needs.

You can access your previously generated stories in the history tab to refer to them quickly.

Overall, Jasper AI is the best AI Story Generator tool and is worth a shot for those looking to generate captivating stories using Artificial Intelligence.

With its intuitive interface, versatile language support, and many customization options, Jasper AI is the perfect one-stop shop for any budding storyteller.

Key Benefits

  • Best AI Story Generator tool with image and illustration creator
  • Highly customizable AI writer – change tone, length, and output languages
  • Content improver tool to refine previously written stories
  • Google Docs-like editor with Copyscape integration
  • Chrome extension to quickly access the editor
  • Jasper Art to create images and illustrations using AI
  • Generates three outputs per story (can be customized)
  • History tab to access previously generated stories.
  • Intuitive interface with plenty of customization options.
  • 29+ languages supported for AI-generated story
  • Get unlimited word usage


Pricing plans are based on the words generated per month. Offers 50k words for $59/month and 700k for $600/month. Custom pricing plans are available for larger businesses.

2. WriteSonic


WriteSonic is an AI story-writing tool that offers a variety of features to help users create unique and compelling stories.

Its intuitive user interface lets you generate stories in 25+ languages, write stories in different genres, and choose between four types of content quality. You can also input details such as story type, theme, topic, etc., and generate a captivating narrative with just one click.

WriteSonic also allows you to select the tone of voice you want the story to have, giving you a great deal of control over the tone and style of your narrative.

The AI writing tool also ensures that all stories are plagiarism-free, making it ideal for content creators looking to ensure unique, brand-compliant narratives.

You can review these story writers' output using an AI content detection tool.

To use Writesonic's Story Generator, log in to your account first and select the “Stories” tab from the dashboard. Once you have selected “Stories,” you will be prompted to enter the details of your story.

writing a short-story using writesonic

This includes entering a title, choosing an appropriate genre and tone, selecting the language you want the story to be written in, and entering any other relevant details.

After entering all the necessary details, click the “Generate” button. This will generate a few unique stories based on the details you provide.

You can browse through the stories and select the one you like best. If you need more variations, click “Generate” again, and the tool will generate more stories for you to choose from.

Once you have found a story that meets your needs, you can save it on your Writesonic account for future use.

Key Benefits

  • Generate unique stories with interesting ideas
  • Output in 25+ languages for each story generated
  • Write compelling stories in different genres
  • Choose between four types of content quality
  • Select the tone of voice you want the story to have
  • Plagiarism-free stories
  • Intuitive user interface for the story-writing process
  • Save stories for future use.
  • Create short stories instantly
  • Start overcoming writer's block


WriteSonic offers four pricing options, depending on the desired quality level. Flexible plans to meet your monthly content needs

The economy plan starts as low as $12.67/month with a 190k word limit.

3. Rytr


Rytr is a powerful free AI story generator supporting over 20 tones and 30 languages. 

It allows users to input data such as story ideas, tone, and desired language to generate unique stories with images created using AI technology.

Rytr also offers multiple outputs for each story, a built-in plagiarism detection system, and even an AI-powered Chrome extension to improve the user experience.

Premium Members also get access to a supportive community of like-minded individuals who can offer feedback on your stories to get your creative juices flowing and improve the screenplay writing process.

To begin, you must choose your desired language for the output story. Rytr supports over 30 languages, so you can write stories in any language you choose.

Next, you must choose your desired tone for the output story.

Rytr story time

Rytr supports over 20 tones so that you can write stories with different levels of complexity and intensity.

Once the language and tone have been selected, you can input your story data, like keywords, phrases, or titles, to generate content.

Finally, you can generate the output story using Rytr's advanced AI story generator.

Once the story has been generated, the fiction writer can review and edit it before sharing the work.

Key Benefits

  • Allows users to input data such as story idea, tone, and desired language
  • Supports more than 20 tones and 30 languages for any creative story template
  • Multiple outputs for each story plot
  • Generates Images using AI to create an exciting and engaging story
  • Built-in plagiarism detection system
  • Chrome extension to make the user experience even better
  • Access to a supportive community of like-minded storywriters


Rytr offers a great free plan to generate up to 10k monthly characters. For $9 per month, the Saver plan offers 100k characters per month. You can also get an unlimited plan for $29 a month.

4. Copy AI


Copy AI is a powerful AI-powered story generator that allows you to create captivating and unique stories easily. 

It uses AI-generated content and unique writing tones to make your stories look like a professional writer published them.

With Copy AI, you enter the context of your desired story and choose your preferred tone or mood, such as suspenseful, dramatic, romantic, etc.

From there, Copy AI will generate multiple possible outcomes based on its sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms, giving you various options.

Also, Copy AI supports more than 25 languages, making it an ideal choice for international content creators and writers.

If you want to add more users to your account, Copy AI offers up to five user seats, which is great if you collaborate with a team to generate ideas.

And finally, the free plan provides 2000 words per month so you can try out the service without any financial commitment. Overall, we highly recommend Copy AI as an easy-to-use and highly effective AI story generator.

Key Benefits

  • AI-powered story generator to overcome writer's block
  • Supports more than 25 languages for generating stories
  • Create compelling fiction stories based on context and tone/mood
  • Offers up to five user seats
  • Generates multiple outcomes with AI-generated stories
  • Easy-to-use interface to write fiction story
  • 2000 words per month on the free plan


The Pro plan with unlimited words will cost you $49 monthly. You can save a flat 25% on annual billing.

5. Dungeon AI

AI Dungeon

Dungeon AI is the perfect AI story tool for aspiring writers looking to test their creative writing skills.

The text-based adventure-story game allows users to enter details like character name, gender, race, class, etc., and then direct the AI to create worlds and scenarios for their characters.

The game also allows users to decide how their character responds to different situations, creating endless possibilities with each unique story.

So, AI Dungeon has integrated an image generator powered by AI, allowing users to view the characters and settings of their stories in vivid detail.

If you are looking for a fun and engaging AI story generator, Dungeon AI is the best AI story-writing program for you.

Key Benefits

  • AI-powered text-based adventure game
  • Ai writer with character creation: pick race, class, gender, etc.
  • Image generator to view characters and settings in vivid detail
  • Customizable character responses for writing fiction stories
  • Create endless possibilities with each creative story plot
  • Fun and engaging gaming experience to create story ideas
  • Save your favorite story ideas for later use in this AI story writer.


A free plan for this AI story writer is available with limited features Adventurer plan with 480 monthly credits for $9.99/month.

Hero plan offers 760 monthly credits for $14.99/month. The legend plan with unlimited image generation and 1650 monthly credits will cost you $29.99/month.

6. NovelAI

NovelAI The AI Storyteller

NovelAI is a powerful AI story generator that can learn from existing data sources to create unique stories.

It allows you to customize the output of your story plots by tweaking the AI’s settings, using specific themes, or even training it with your own data.

You can emulate your favorite writers with this AI writer, such as J.K. Rowling or Mark Twain, to get their writing style for your stories.

NovelAI also helps you drive your writing in a specific thematic direction and visualize your favorite characters with its advanced Image Generation feature.

Finally, you can bring your stories to life using AI text-to-speech voices.

In short, NovelAI is a great novel-writing tool for both experienced and aspiring fiction writers looking to write long-form stories with ease.

Key Benefits

  • AI Story generator can learn from existing data sources to write stories.
  • Tweak the settings or use specific themes to customize the output of your stories.
  • Train this AI story writer with your own data for novel writing.
  • AI writer emulates famous writers to get their writing style and avoid writer's block.
  • Advanced Image Generation feature to visualize favorite characters.
  • Text-to-speech voices for bringing interesting story plots to life.


The tablet plan offers 1024 tokens of memory for $10/month. The scoll plan will cost you $15/month with 2048 memory tokens. Opus plan offers the best AI model with 2048 tokens for $25/month.

7. ChatGPT


ChatGPT can be one of the best AI storytelling software for your project with the correct prompts.

It can generate stories by using GPT algorithms on the user's input. You get stories to experience unique realism and authenticity with ChatGPT-powered stories.

While the other AI story generators already have GTP built-in, this can be a more cost-affordable storytelling tool. 

I've discussed many other ChatGPT alternatives that can generate stories for your business or brand.

If you prompt ChatGPT correctly, you can generate story ideas with the free version alone.

What Is AI Story Generator Software Used For?

AI Story Generators work to generate stories based on data sets, such as scene descriptions, characters, settings, etc.

Both fiction writers and content creators can use AI story generator software to craft compelling narratives quickly and with minimal effort.

AI story writing tools are handy for those who want to write complex stories but need help with the details, as they can generate an entire story in a matter of minutes without facing writer's block.

Businesses that create marketing materials or other content can use AI story-writing tools to craft engaging stories that resonate with their intended audience quickly.

I've personally used these AI story generators to generate amazing lead magnets such as this:

Closing coffee ebook story

An AI story-writing tool can also help with the editing process, as it can be used to refine existing stories or create new ones.

This can save time and money since editors won't need to manually sift through every piece of content and rewrite them from scratch.

Some AI story writers, such as J.K Rowling or Ernest Hemingway, can emulate famous authors, allowing content creators to produce stories with a familiar writing style.

Can AI Write Me A Story?

Yes, AI story writer tools have many features that make them capable of writing stories for various genres, tones, and languages.

They can generate AI images, customize character responses for different situations, and emulate famous writers to get their writing style.

These features make generating ideas and creating countless unique stories with AI writing tools possible.

Whether it is a fantasy, sci-fi, romance, horror, or another genre of story you are looking for, AI Story Generator software can provide you with an entertaining story that meets your needs. Here's another example:

Write me a love story with AI

It is important to note that while AI Story Generators can create stories, they rely on the input of humans to get the story started.

 For instance, you must provide a basic plotline, introduce characters, and decide on the genre you want your story to be in.

Also, some of the best AI Story Generator tools have built-in plagiarism detection, so you can rest assured that your story is original.

If it’s an entertaining and unique story you are looking for, then AI Story Generators are the perfect answer.

With these AI story generator tools, you can create stories in various genres, languages, and tones, all with just a few clicks of your mouse!

So why not try AI Story Generators and let them do the work for you? You always need to find out what masterpieces you can come up with!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you make an AI generate a story?

The first step in using an AI to generate stories is to program the AI with knowledge of the story's genre.

This includes familiarizing the AI with plot structure, character development, and world-building elements. Once this foundational knowledge has been established, the AI can be programmed to create long-form content autonomously by following set rules and logic.

One of the most important elements when generating a story with AI is ensuring the resulting narrative is unique, creative, and engaging. To ensure this, developers often use natural language processing (NLP) algorithms in combination with artificial intelligence (AI).

These techniques enable the AI to generate content that mimics human speech patterns for a more natural storytelling experience. In addition to NLP and AI, developers may use other tools like image manipulation tools, character creation tools, and custom responses for each situation in the story.

With these resources, developers can create a story with endless possibilities tailored to the user's preferences.

Finally, some AI-based story generators also include plagiarism detection capabilities to ensure the resulting stories are original and not copied from existing content.

These features, combined with AI techniques, make it possible for developers to create long-form content and unique stories that captivate readers.

Final Thoughts

With so many AI story generators, deciding which is right for you can be challenging.

After reading this article and discovering the six best AI story generator tools, hopefully, you found the perfect fit for your needs.

Whether you want to write engaging stories to send friends or craft a larger-scale novel, Jasper AI stands out as the top overall AI story generator tool due to its user-friendly interface and wide range of features.

AI story-writing tools are revolutionizing storytelling by empowering users to bring their imaginations alive innovatively. 

If you want to write an engaging tale on your terms, one of these automated systems may be the way forward.

Eddy is an AI, SEO, and personal finance blogger who uses and tests products to help others improve their lives through AI and financial literacy. With years of experience in online business, he deeply understands the latest AI and SEO trends. Eddy is also well-knowledged in personal finance and committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise with his readers.

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