9 Best DeepFake Apps & Software In 2023: Deep Fakes Are Here

Updated: October 9, 2023

Written by Eddy Ballesteros Personal Finance & AI Expert: Learn More

Have you seen the growing trends of deepfake apps and websites through social media platforms?

Many creators are making money with AI by completely fooling people with deepfake pictures and funny videos online.

Whether people are generating AI voices or videos, you never know what you'll run into online.

But sometimes AI-generated face editing can be used for the wrong reasons.

Synthetic media is constantly evolving and here's a great example of a fake Donald Trump being arrested.

deepfake of donald trump

DeepFakes and face swapping AI is a prevalent machine learning model that has been making waves in artificial intelligence and facial recognition.

They can help you create deepfake videos switch faces, and audio with a few easy clicks or lines of code.

With the help of Generative AI, you can create these deepfakes.

This is with the help of machine learning and generative adversarial network (GAN) algorithms, which help to generate fake images and videos.

Best App For Deepfakes


DeepSwap Logo Box

Eddy's Rating: 9.8/10



Synthesia AI

Eddy's Rating: 9.5/10



Faceswap by Synthesys logo box

Eddy's Rating: 9.2/10

Whether you're looking for personal entertainment, professional use, or just curious about how far machine and deep learning tech can take us, plenty of deepfake apps & software are available.

This blog post will examine some of the best deepfake software in 2023, including their key features and pricing plans. 

So, if you’re ready to explore what’s possible with DeepFake technology, Let's keep reading.

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What Are The Best DeepFake Apps And Websites?

When it comes to the best DeepFake apps and software, there are many options out there.

From using simple face swap apps that create deepfakes on an existing video or make ordinary photos funny, you can do a lot with these tools.

We’ve researched and compared the features and pricing plans for some of the most popular apps in 2023.

So, here are our picks for the best deepfake apps & websites:

  • DeepSwap
  • Synthesia
  • FaceSwap
  • Reface
  • FaceApp
  • Wombo
  • FacePlay
  • Movio

1. DeepSwap

(Best Deepfake Software Overall)

Deepswap AI

DeepSwap is one of the best deepfake apps and websites out there.

Its all-in-one AI video generator, photo editor, and GIF maker make it an ideal choice for fast face-swapping tasks.

You can generate face-swap videos, photos, and GIFs with a few clicks. You can enjoy features like movie role refacing, face memes, gender swaps, and more.

Its Movie Role-Play Video Generator is great for content creators looking to add some extra spice to their videos.

While its One-Sec Face Swap Photo Editor ensures you can make lightning-fast changes in no time.

Not only that but its Funniest Meme and GIF Maker can help you create some of the funniest content for your social media channels.

It’s also completely data-safe, ad-free, and watermark-free. Making it a great choice for anyone who values privacy.

The app works online, and no installation is required, making it super user-friendly.

To create a face swap video, you must follow three easy steps. First, you upload the video or photo you want to swap faces on.

Then, you select the face you wish to generate. Finally, you download the refaced video or photo.

Overall, DeepSwap is a great choice for anyone who needs a fast and data-safe deepfake app.

Key Benefits:

  • Artificial Intelligence-based Face Swap Generator
  • Movie Role Refacing
  • Funniest Meme and GIF Maker
  • One-Sec Photo Editor
  • Data Safe, Ad, and Watermark Free
  • Reshapes up to 6 faces in a single clip
  • No installation is required
  • Create convincing deepfakes


The platform offers one premium plan, which costs $19.99 per month. This plan includes unlimited swaps and photo uploads.

However, the monthly credits are limited to 20. One credit is spent when you upload a video of up to 15 seconds.



  • AI Photo Generator
  • AI Video Editor
  • Unlimited Swaps

What I Like About DeepSwap

Not only can you create deepfake videos using this tool, but you can also generate GIFs with highly realistic transformations.

So if you want to use replace faces in videos, this is one of the best apps to use.

2. Synthesia IO

(Best Online Deepfake maker for Commercial use)


Synthesia IO is the perfect solution for people looking for affordable, easy-to-use deepfake software with many features and capabilities.

Their AI video creation platform allows users to create videos from plain text in minutes, offering a wide range of AI avatars.

Making it easy to create unique deepfake videos.

Synthesia IO also offers 50+ customizable video templates, allowing users to easily customize their deepfake videos with editing tools such as their built-in screen recorder & media library.

The pricing plans start at $30/month, which is very reasonable compared to other deepfake software on the market.

The intuitive interface makes it suitable for beginners and experienced professionals, so you don’t need prior knowledge or skills to start.

Most deepfake apps have a clear and visible watermark, but this is not the case with Synthesia.

Also, Synthesia IO is a web-based software, so you can access it from anywhere using your browser.

Overall, it’s an excellent choice for anyone who wants to create amazing deepfake videos quickly and easily.

Key Benefits:

  • AI video creation platform
  • Generates high-quality videos from text within minutes
  • Localize videos in more than 65 languages and accents
  • 70+ AI avatars to choose from
  • 50+ customizable video templates
  • Built-in screen recorder & media library
  • Edit and update videos at any time
  • Customizable AI avatar builder
  • Affordable video production platform


The personal plan is billed at $30 monthly and offers 10 video credits. With one credit, you can generate a video up to 1 minute long.

You can get a custom quote for the Corporate plan if you need more videos.

synthesia IO


  • AI Voice Generator
  • AI Video Editor
  • Different Languages

What I Like About Synthesia

I like that Synthesia can record videos using an AI avatar that is powered by deepfake technologies such as generative adversarial networks.

You can make new videos and create deepfake images based on a avatar or clone yourself.

3. FaceSwap By Synthesys

(Best face swap app on a budget)


FaceSwap by Synthesys offers a comprehensive and powerful deepfake app & software that can create amazing results with minimal effort.

This deepfake AI tool includes easily swapping faces between humans, animations, and toons in any video or image.

The user has access to a massive library of faces ready for use and the ability to use Creative Commons for creating deepfake images & videos.

FaceSwap is also great for scaling media production, reducing the need to spend time and money on professional actors.

It can quickly recreate image scenes with background removal & replacement and offers quick editing & dubbing capabilities.

One of the best features of FaceSwap is that it offers a one-time subscription for its full software version.

This comes with unlimited access to all faces, videos, and images in the library, as well as additional features such as background removal & replacement.

These features make FaceSwap a great choice for anyone looking to create deepfake videos and images with minimal effort.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy face-swapping capabilities
  • Massive library of faces ready to use
  • Works with videos, images & animations
  • Background removal/replacement capability
  • Quick dubbing and editing tools
  • Creates marketing materials within minutes
  • No monthly or annual recurring fees


The Personal plan is available for a one-time payment of $47. The Commercial plan with more advanced features will cost you $90 for a lifetime subscription.

4. Reface

(Best deepfake app for Mobile)


Reface is one of the top deepfake apps available in 2023.

It’s a powerful AI-based platform allows you to create realistic face swaps with videos, GIFs, and images of your choice. You can even animate your face and put it into any moving image or video.

Reface also offers a wide range of filters and effects to help you create unique and stunning deepfakes.

The app gained popularity in the app store charts shortly, with over 100 million installs in just one year.

Celebrities, including Snoop Dogg, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and Justin Bieber, have used the app to create amazing deepfake videos.

Sharing these videos on social media is equally convenient and can be done with the help of a single button.

This deepfake AI tool is available for both Android and iOS devices. If you are looking for a deepfakes app that can create quality deep-fake videos quickly and accurately, Reface is worth considering.

Key Benefits:

  • AI-based face swaps
  • User-friendly deepfakes app
  • Swaps and animates your face in any image or video
  • Wide range of filters and effects for creating fake celebrity videos
  • Share button for social media
  • Available for both Android and iOS devices


The app offers a free version, though with ads. You can purchase the Pro plan for $3.99 a month, removing ads and unlocking additional features.

5. FaceApp

(The best deepfake app for selfies)

FaceApp Face Editor

FaceApp is an AI-based selfie editor app that allows users to transform their photos completely.

The deepfake AI tool lets you apply multiple filters and effects to create a realistic deepfake version of yourself.

FaceApp also has retouching capabilities, so you can smooth out any spots or wrinkles, as well as beard effects to experiment with different facial hair styles.

 In addition, it’s available for both Android and iOS devices.

The standout feature of the deepfake tool is its innovative AI technology. It can detect facial features and generate realistic deepfakes quickly and easily.

For instance, you can generate an old version of yourself or become a celebrity.

FaceApp's advanced AI filters and effects can make you look your most captivating - so you can capture attention and stand out in a crowd.

 If you are searching for a deepfakes app for your selfie game, FaceApp is worth a try.

Key Benefits:

  • AI-based selfie editor
  • Multiple filters and effects to transform your photos
  • Retouching capabilities
  • Beard filter effects
  • Available for Android and iOS devices


The deepfake app offers a free plan with limited features. The Pro plan of the deepfake tool is available for $9.99 a month. This allows for more features and a higher-quality end product.

6. Wombo

 (The best deepfake app for lip-syncing)


Wombo is one of the most user-friendly and popular deepfake apps.

This free deepfake app allows anyone to make their selfies sing; with just a few clicks, it's easy to turn a static image into an animated video.

Choose a selfie, select the song you want your photo to lip-sync to, and that’s it – Wombo will do the rest. Your personalized video can then be shared via social media!

The deepfake software app is also available on both Android and iOS devices, making it a great choice for users of all tech proficiency levels.

If you are looking for free deepfake apps, then Wombo is a great place to start.

Key Benefits:

  • Turn static images into animated videos in a few seconds
  • Gives you the option to lip-sync your selfie to the song of your choice
  • Easy sharing of generated deepfake videos on social media
  • Deepfake technology powered by AI
  • Available on both iOS and Android


The deepfake photo app offers free and pro versions with no ads. The pro version will cost you $4.49 a month.

7. FacePlay

(The most convenient deepfake ai tool and face swap app)


FacePlay is an amazing deepfake app that lets you create realistic face swaps in only a few seconds!

The app has a library of more than 1,000 templates to choose from and even allows you to add ethnic costumes for added effect.

The user interface is also intuitive and easy to use, making this the perfect choice for beginners. FacePlay also works with both iOS and Android devices, making it quite accessible.

If you want to create deepfake video clips with minimal effort, then FacePlay is worth a try.

Key Benefits:

  • One-click face-swapping
  • More than 1000 templates to choose from
  • Ethnic costumes included
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Works with both iOS and Android devices.


The app offers a free version to create high-quality deepfakes. Users can purchase the Pro plan for $15 monthly, including additional features and support.

The deepfake app is easy to use and produces realistic results, making it a popular choice for creating deep art effects.

8. Movio

(One of the most popular deepfake AI tools)

Movio AI

Movio provides one of the best deepfake apps and websites available today, which also acts as an AI video generator.

Movio's powerful AI-based face swap technology can create deepfake videos with just a few clicks, allowing users to quickly make videos that look like professional filmmakers developed.

With features like automated lip-syncing and advanced facial recognition, you can create videos that barely look like it was done with artificial intelligence.

Key benefits:

  • Face swap real human faces or use their built-in AI-generated faces
  • Get deepfake video templates
  • user-friendly interface
  • Add human image synthesis quickly
  • Unlimited photo uploads
  • Perform face swaps


This deepfake video generator offers a free plan and two paid options starting at $30 per month. 

Final Thoughts

If you want to create high-quality deepfakes, Synthesia IO is the best commercial software currently available.

The AI model is capable of creating multiple styles of AI avatars, and you can even clone yourself for your talking headshot videos.

FaceSwap by Synthesys is a great option if you're on a budget.

For mobile users that use iPhone or Android, Reface is the best app available. And if you want to have some fun with deep learning technology, Wombo and FacePlay are both excellent choices.

You want to make sure you get permission to use other people's faces and never use them for illegal purposes. 

FAQ: Best Deepfake Apps And Websites

Is Deepfakes Illegal To Use?

The legality of deepfakes depends on their use. In general, deepfakes are not illegal to create or possess in and of themselves.

However, their usage can be subject to various laws depending on the jurisdiction. Checking with your local legal counsel when using deepfake technology is important, as it may violate intellectual property rights or other applicable laws.

In the United States, deepfakes can be illegal in certain cases when they are used to defame or spread misinformation. Similarly, using deepfakes to impersonate someone else to gain monetary or personal benefits may also constitute a crime.

On the other hand, all forms of artistic and humorous uses of deepfakes are permissible. If you use the online deepfake software apps, we have listed in this blog to create fun and entertaining art or media. Then you are definitely in the clear.

What are the uses of deepfake apps?

Deepfakes are incredibly versatile pieces of software that can be used for a variety of tasks.

For example, you could use one to create realistic-looking fake videos or images to spread false news, animations and avatars in video games and movies, create hilarious images, or even generate realistic talking head videos.

Deepfakes can enhance facial recognition technology, create realistic audio dubs, or even have fun with your friends.

Are there any risks associated with using deepfake apps?

The biggest concern around deepfakes is the potential for misuse. Because of its relative ease, anyone can create a deepfake video with just a few clicks or lines of code, but with malicious intent, this could be used to spread false information or cause harm.

To combat these risks, some measures have been taken, such as introducing regulations in certain countries and implementing verification procedures. That said, deepfakes can also be used for positive purposes, such as creating art and generating realistic simulations and educational tools.

With the right intention and safety measures in place, deepfake apps can benefit society in many ways.

How much data is needed for a deepfake?

The amount of data you’ll need to create a convincing deepfake video or image will vary depending on the complexity and quality of the project.

Generally, it takes relatively little data compared to other AI projects, such as facial recognition. However, it’s important to use high-quality images and videos with minimal noise (graininess) and low compression to ensure the best possible results.

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