The 13+ Best Link Tracker Software For Content Marketers: Monitor Your Clicks

Updated: December 1, 2023

Written and edited by Eddy Ballesteros CEO & AI Expert.

Best Link Tracker Software

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Knowing where your links are being clicked is important as a content marketer, especially if you run ads or work with multiple affiliate programs.

This helps you determine which content is most popular with your audience and what affiliate marketing strategies work best. 

We all want to know where our website or blog is generating revenue.

Fortunately, many link tracker software tools can help you track your link clicks from any affiliate network you work with.

This blog post will explore the best link tracker software options and teach you how to use them effectively!

My name is Eddy Balle, and I wish I had started using link tracking software sooner for my affiliate marketing business. It made affiliate marketing worth it by knowing what is working for my blog.

I would have saved much time, effort, and money by understanding which pages received the most revenue.

If you are new to link tracking or want to learn more about how it can benefit your content marketing strategy, Keep reading this. YES, including affiliate marketers and those on a budget.

What Are The Best Link Tracker Software Tools?

Let's review different tools to start tracking links and where your visitors are stopping their search journey.

You'll want to make sure each of these click-tracking software can do these specific tasks:

  • Heatmapping
  • Allow you to track custom domains
  • Or allow you to create custom domains through their own servers
  • Redirects
  • Easily track under one platform or CRM
  • Allow you to use a free trial before fully committed
  • Advanced conversion tracking

1. Affilimate

Best Link Tracking Software For Affiliate Marketers


If you're looking for a way to see where your link clicks are coming from on your blog posts, Affilimate is the tool for you.

Affilimate is a link tracking software that uses heatmaps to show where people click on your links. 

This information can be invaluable in helping you to optimize your blog posts for maximum conversion.

Also, Affilimate provides affiliate dashboards and analytics so you can track your performance and progress over time. 

If you're serious about making money from your blog, Affilimate is a blogging tool you'll definitely want for your affiliate marketing campaigns.

Key Benefits

  • View Conversion Heatmaps
  • See Content Insights
  • Create Tracking Links
  • Easily Track Your Best Performing Pages
  • Track Your Entire Website, Not Just Articles
  • Dynamic SubID Tracking


Affilimate Pricing

For running a website and managing your affiliate links, it's important to have accurate link-tracking tools to track conversions and see which links provide the most value. 

So how much does Affilimate cost?

  • 100k monthly page views: $29 per month
  • 250 monthly page views: $59 per month
  • 500k monthly page views: $99 per month

Anything beyond that will cost upwards of $199 per month, which is still very affordable for tracking your link clicks.

affilimate logo

Eddy's Take:

I believe link trackers or click tracking software like Affilimate is perfect for those who don't know where they are getting their affiliate revenue.


  • Know your best affiliate posts
  • Use light weight heat mapping
  • Know where your affiliate makes the most revenue
  • Have all of your links managed under one roof


  • Heat mapping tools can slow down your site 
  • Can be overwhelming
  • Mainly for affiliate marketers

Affilimate is perfect for affiliate marketing blogs that want to know exactly where their visitors are clicking on. This really helps since you can adjust all of your other blog posts to be similar when it comes to tracking links.

2. ClickMagick

Best click tracking software for content marketers


ClickMagick is a click-tracking software on any social media platform or website. It's simple to use and provides information about your link clicks.

It's also a great affiliate marketing tool since it can track your link clicks.

ClickMagick also has a built-in URL rotator, so you can test different versions of your links to see which one performs best. 

You can even track entire sales funnels and Google ads and collect tracking data from multiple sources.

If you want to know everything there is to know about your link clicks, ClickMagick is one of the best link-tracking tools out there.

Key Benefits

  • Easily Use Tracking Pixels
  • Cross-Device Tracking
  • "Last Click" Attribution Model
  • Facebook Conversions API Integration
  • Reduce Spam Link Clicks
  • Track Your Phone Sales
  • Get Click Tracking Analytics
  • Custom Tracking Domains
  • Track All Marketing Campaigns
  • Free Affiliate Tools Included
  • Use Tracking Links On Your Own Custom Domains
  • Integrate Google Analytics



ClickMagick offers a free trial and is easy to set up and start with. After the 14-day trial, here is what you'll be paying:

  • Starter Plan: $37/month
  • Standard Plan: $77/month
  • Pro Plan: $197/month
ClickMagick Logo

Eddy's Take:

ClickMagick is one click tracker tool essential for any content marketer or an online business owner. It's one of the best link trackers to use, and if you aren't, you're simply leaving money on the table.


  • Best Click Tracking Software
  • Track your entire sales funnel
  • Great for split-testing
  • View traffic sources


  • Some have said that it's hard to cancel
  • Can be overwhelming
  • No phone support


Clickmagick is great but you need to know that it can be very overwhelming.

3. Voluum

Best Affiliate Tracking Software for Online Marketing


Voluum is one of the best All-in-one link tracker tools for digital marketing campaigns and affiliate tracking.

It's an intuitive platform that provides real-time data and insights about your link clicks.

Voluum can also track links, whether native, display, pop, email, search, push, social, or banner ads.

You can set up conversion tracking for your affiliate links, skyrocketing your affiliate marketing business

Key Benefits

  • Easily Track Your Affiliate Marketing Campaign
  • Track Ad Networks Performance
  • Track Ad Impressions
  • HTTP Redirect Method
  • A/B Split Testing
  • The Ability To Stop All Bot Traffic
  • Get System Updates Via Notifications
  • Easily Pause Campaigns
  • Integrate With Popular Ad Platforms
  • Track Different Traffic Sources


Voluum Pricing

Voluum offers pricing for individuals and bigger businesses.

For Individuals

  • Discover Plan: $89/month
  • Professional Plan: $149/month
  • Enterprise Plan: $299/month

For Businesses

  • Start-Up: $499/month
  • Agency: $999/month
  • Enterprise: $1999/month
voluum logo

Eddy's Take:

Voluum is the best affiliate tracking software for Content Marketers. It's affordable, easy to use, and provides many features and benefits that other link-tracking software lacks. Try it out for yourself and see how it works.


  • Very easy to setup
  • Amazing customer support
  • Integrates with most platforms
  • Avoids bot clicks


  • Some have said DSP is inefficient and complicated
  • Some say it's a bit pricey
  • Automation features still need some improvements


Other link tracking software does not compare due to their custom domain feature that allows you to track all traffic sources in one place.

4. GetLasso

Best Link Management Platform With Link Tracking For Affiliates

Lasso is an affiliate marketing WordPress plugin that can shorten links, create link-cloaking URLs, and manage all your affiliate links in one place.

It also integrates with Google Analytics to track links on individual pages and posts.

GetLasso also includes a powerful link-cloaking feature that will help you hide your affiliate links and make them more presentable. 

Key Benefits

  • Track Click Data By Connecting To Google Analytics
  • See How Affiliate Links Perform On Each Blog Post
  • Create Custom Links That Match Your Brand
  • Flexible Link Cloaking Options
  • Keep Track Of All Your Affiliate Links
  • Discover Broken Links
  • One-Click Import From Other Tracking Link Software


GetLasso is an affordable link tracking and link cloaking plugin with a 7-day free trial. Lasso can be quite expensive for a WordPress plugin, but here are the pricing options.

  • Monthly: $29/month
  • Yearly: $289/year (Get two months free)
Lasso Logo

Eddy's Take:

I've used Lasso as a link click tracking tool, and it can be a great tool for bloggers who want something more advanced than Pretty links or Thirsty Affiliates.


  • Best Link-cloaking tool
  • View all your clicks through Google Analytics
  • Spot broken links
  • Find new monetization keywords


  • Somewhat pricey for bloggers
  • Boxes can sometimes not match your theme builder


Try this link tracking WP plugin if you want easily track your affiliate link clicks.

5. LinkTrackr


Linktrackr is one of the best link-tracking software for PPC ads and can see tracking data for your entire sales funnel.

You also have the option to create branded links for your affiliate links and import commission reports from different affiliate networks.

So, this link tracking service is best for digital marketers or affiliate marketing businesses.

Key Benefits

  • Cloak Your Affiliate Links
  • Create Campaigns To Track Ads
  • See Which Keywords Make Money
  • Setup Pixel Tracking When Doing A/B Split Testing
  • Advanced URL Rotator Software Tools


When signing up for LinkTrackr, purchasing a yearly plan will benefit you as you'll save way more money in the long run.

Here are the pricing options for Linktrackr:

  • Extreme: $77/month
  • Hyper: $47/month
  • Pro: $27/month
  • Basic: $17/month
LinkTrackr logo

Eddy's Take:

I would recommend LinkTrackr if you want an affordable and easy-to-use link tracker.


  • Easily track PPC campaigns
  • Add retargeting codes to custom domains
  • Even track upsells or downsell pages


  • Not many reviews online
  • Mainly for sales funnels 


LinkTrackr is one of the best click tracker tools if you are on a budget and still want to get all the features of a more expensive link tracking software.

6. AnyTrack

Anytrack is one of the best link tracker software for sales funnels, as it can track every touchpoint of your sales funnel.

It's also one of the few link-tracking software to track online and offline conversions for eCommerce businesses.

So whether you need to monitor the entire customer journey or see where your most valuable customers are coming from, Anytrack is the link tracker.

Key Benefits

  • Track Form Submissions and Events
  • Compatible With Any CMS Platform
  • Connect With Multiple Affiliate Networks
  • Automatic Funnel Tracking


Anytrack grows with your business, whether you scale slow or fast.

Here are the pricing options:

  • $50/month - Up to 50,000 sessions
  • $150/month - Up to 500,000 sessions
  • $300/month - Up to 3,000,000 sessions
anytrack logo

Eddy's Take:

If you are looking for a link tracking alternative to Voluum or ClickMagick, then Anytrack might be one of the best tools for tracking links on your landing pages or sales funnels.


  • Create for advanced conversation optimization
  • Intregrate with Shopify and other popular eCommerce tools


  • Still adding new features to make it more robust


Anytrack is great for anyone looking to create more advanced conversion funnels

7. LinkSplit


LinkSplit is a powerful link management tool that can create short links and help you create retargeting campaigns.

It offers advanced features that can help you with all your links.

This link tracker software is also one of the few that can help you split-test your affiliate links to see which ones perform better. 

Key Benefits

  • A/B Split Testing For Links
  • Link Shortening And Branding
  • Integration With Multiple Tracking Platforms
  • Easily Create Retargeting Campaigns
  • View Live Traffic Statistics
  • Create Unique Marketing Links
  • Use Your Links For Accessible Traffic Distribution


Start creating mobile links and driving traffic to your app with LinkSplit.

Pricing options are:

  • Basic: $29/month
  • Pro: $49/month
  • Business: $99/month

Eddy's Take:

LinkSplit is one of the best link trackers for its free Link Rotator and Splitter. This allows you to get started and see how a free link tracker tool can help before fully committing.


  • Create A/B split-testing campaigns
  • Create shortened URLs


  • Still adding new features to make it more robust


Linksplit is great for those who need an alternative to other link tracking apps.

8. WeCanTrack


Use WeCanTrack to track your affiliate conversion data within analytics platforms and ad networks.

This affiliate click-tracking software can integrate with Google Data Studio and Google Analytics to give you the exact data you need to improve your campaigns.

You can also use WeCanTrack's overlay tool to see how users interact with your website before they leave.

Key Benefits

  • Advanced Link Tracking And Conversion Attribution
  • Place Link Trackers Inside Of Your Landing Pages
  • View All Clicks And Reporting With An Advanced Dashboard
  • Integrate All Of Your Affiliate Networks
  • Provides An Affiliate WordPress Plugin
  • Monitor A/B Split Testing


This click-tracking software is an excellent alternative to Affilimate and offers a free demo.

Pricing options for WeCanTrack are:

  • Small Affiliate: $55/month
  • Medium Affiliate: $110/month
  • Advanced Affiliate: $220/month
wecantrack logo

Eddy's Take:

WeCanTrack is a great tool for tracking links, especially in the affiliate marketing industry. I think this is a great alternative to other affiliate tools.


  • Integrations with over 250 Affiliate Networks
  • Free 30 days trial
  • TikTok ads integration


  • Slight price change since they charge in EUR


Wecantrack is great for any affiliate marketing business.

9. ClickMeter


With Clickmeter, you can monitor and optimize your marketing links in one place.

Out of all the link-tracking software, this one is powerful due to its SMS alerts, real-time link monitoring, and detailed reporting features.

With their Link Protection feature, you can also use Clickmeter to create custom affiliate links, monitor your brand's click traffic, and prevent fraudulent clicks.

This Link tracker can also use powerful redirects to help you increase your conversion rates.

Key Benefits

  • View Click Tracking Easily
  • Target By Specific Language Or Country
  • Get KPIs
  • Affiliate Marketers Can Integrate With Affiliate Programs
  • Monitor Your Entire Sales Funnel Process


This affiliate link tracking software is great for beginners and has a solid refund guarantee.

Pricing options for Clickmeter are:

  • Medium: $29/month
  • Large: $99/month
  • X-Large: $349/month
Clickmeter Logo

Eddy's Take:

Clickmeter is a great tool for Marketers who need a simple link tracker. I know some people who love using this tool for content marketing.


  • Easily share results with clients or partners
  • Monitor fraud link-clicks
  • Create tracker links in seconds


  • Some say their customer service isn't the best


Clickmeter is great for tracking funnels or marketing campaigns

10. Affise


Affise will help you create profitable marketing campaigns by ensuring your clicks are being tracked.

This affiliate tracking software can also help you prevent fraud clicks, optimize campaigns, and increase conversion rates.

Affise also provides detailed reporting to see where your clicks are coming from and how much revenue you generate.

Key Benefits

  • Manage Promo Code Tracking
  • Cookieless Tracking
  • Easy-To-Use Click Tracking
  • SKAdNetwork attribution
  • Create Deeplinks
  • Offers A Link Shortener Tool


So Affise is definitely not cheap and is geared towards bigger marketing agencies.

Pricing options for Affise are:

  • Starter: $500/month
  • Scale: $800/month
  • Business: $1500/month

11. Improvely


Use Improvely to track your content marketing efforts and detect fraud clicks.

This click-tracking software also optimizes conversion rate so you can find your best customers and create retargeting strategies.

Key Benefits

  • Click Tracking And Fraud Detection
  • Custom-Built Funnel Reports
  • A/B Split Testing Tools
  • Easily Start tracking Links
  • Start Your Own Link Tracking Service With Their White Label Feature


Improvely provides a 14-day free trial which still ends up being affordable.

Pricing options for Improvely are:

  • Freelancer: $29/month
  • Startup: $79/month
  • Small Agency: $149/month
  • Large Agency: $299/month



Bitly is a free URL shortener that provides click tracking for your links.

This link tracker can help you measure your brand's engagement, track your links in real time, and compare your performance with competitors.

Bitly offers a paid version with additional features like custom branding and advanced analytics.

Key Benefits

  • Shorten And Track Your Links
  • Monitor Link Clicks In Real-Time
  • Create Custom Branded Links
  • They Offer An Amazing Free Plan
  • Build UTM Parameters
  • Create Tags To Organize Link-Clicks
  • Track Organic Shares Through Different Social Media Platforms
  • Custom Back-Halves


Bitly is a free link tracking software but offers a paid version with additional features.

13. Rebrandly


Rebrandly is closely related to Bitly, where it offers a URL shortener and click tracker.

This link-tracking software also allows you to measure your brand's engagement, track your links in real time and it is simple to use.

You can also manage everything inside their platform, giving you a cool-looking dashboard.

Key Benefits

  • Custom Domain Links
  • UTM Builder & Tagging
  • Create Workspaces
  • Link Retargeting
  • Dedicated Onboarding Team


Rebrandly is free to use but offers a free plan with additional features.

  • Starter: $29/month
  • Pro: $89/month
  • Premium: $499/month
  • Enterprise: Custom Pricing

14. Tiny URL


Tiny URL is one of the best tracker software that can be used for free with their link shortener.

This software offers a simple and clean interface with click-tracking features. You can also monitor your link's performance.

If you've been in online marketing, you've probably heard of this URL shortener.

Key Benefits

  • Free Branded Domain
  • View Analytics Across All Of Your Domains
  • Start Tracking Links Inside Of Your Dashboard


This Link Tracker Tool is basically free compared to other tools on this list, but here are the paid options.

  • Pro: $9/month
  • Bulk 100k: $99/month

What Is The Best Free Link Tracking Software?

Are you looking for free link trackers that can almost do everything the paid ones do? If so, then you should check out these three amazing free link tracking software.

Google Analytics

G Analytics

Google Analytics is the best link-tracking software for those who want to track their links for free.

Who doesn't like a clean interface with free tracking? This software also offers a wide range of features like:

  • Audience insights
  • Real-time reports
  • User ID tracking
  • Custom segments

Even if you use other paid tools, I still believe you need to use GA or Google Search Console for link tracking.

Pretty Links

Pretty Links

Pretty Links is a free affiliate link-tracking software that allows you to manage your affiliate programs under one roof.

You can also cloak your links, add retargeting pixels, and create custom post types for your affiliate links.

This is a great tool for those looking to manage their affiliate programs or track their pretty links.

Some Key Features:

  • Link Cloaking & Redirection
  • Affiliate Link Management
  • Add Your Custom Domain

So, Try out this WP plugin for yourself.

What Is Link Tracker Software?

Link Tracker Tools or Software is a program that allows you to track your link clicks and measure your conversation rates.

You need this to understand exactly what pages bring in your revenue and how you can do the same for every new campaign you launch.

Why Should You Use Link Tracking Software?

Knowing where your links are being clicked is important as a content marketer. This way, you can adjust your strategy accordingly and see what's working and what's not.

I personally would not want to waste marketing dollars without knowing what's giving me the best return on investment.

Who Should Use Link Tracker Software?

Anyone who works online should be tracking links.

This is especially important for content marketers, affiliate marketers, digital marketers, and even bloggers

How Does Click Tracking Work?

Click Tracking works because of UTM parameters and other coding factors.

It's a code you add to the end of your URL so that Google Analytics can track where the traffic is coming from.

You can place these UTM parameters onto a landing page, advertising campaigns, a WordPress site, and more.

Of course, this is just one way, but most click-tracking tools use code to track clicks.

How To Track Link Performance With Heat Maps

You can use heat maps on specific pages or blog posts to see where people click.

This is a great way to find out what's working and what's not on your website or blog.

Many heat mapping tools exist, but my favorite is Affilimate or Hotjar. It's simple to use and can track any page on your website.

A heat map is a visual representation of where your visitor clicks on a page.

The hotter the color, the more clicks that area got. 

Which Is My Favorite Link Tracking Tool?

Depending on how much you want to pay monthly, I recommend Affilimate and ClickMagick as my favorite link trackers.

You never have to worry about your traffic sources; you can visualize everything inside your dashboard.

It's nice to see how much revenue you bring in monthly and what's working so you can adjust your strategy. 

Frequently Asked Questions About The Best Link Tracker

Now, I'm sure you have questions about tracking your clicks, but let's review some of the most frequently asked questions about link tracking. 

How Do I Track Clicks On Affiliate Links?

The best way to track clicks on affiliate links is by using heatmaps or link tracking tools.

Most affiliate marketers mess this up and blindly promote products without knowing what's working.

You need to know where your clicks are coming from so try using one of the recommended tools in this blog post.

Is Link Tracking Software Worth It?

Yes, whether you are a beginner or a seasoned online marketer, it is completely worth it.

Most software will allow you to create a/b split testing and link cloaking, so it's worth the investment.

If you are blogging with AI and want to see what performs better, it's worth it.

Are Click Tracking Tools Safe?

Yes, they are very safe on your website; most even offer fraud protection. Meaning that you won't get spammy clicks from bots or malicious software.

I recommend using one of the recommended tools in this blog post to ensure safety and security.

Conclusion On Link Trackers

So whether you have an affiliate marketing business or marketing agency, start tracking your clicks!

I hope this blog post helped clarify some things and showed why link trackers are so important.

Have you tried any of the best link trackers on this list?

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