10 Best MLM Companies To Consider In 2024: Network Marketing Businesses

Updated: December 5, 2023

Written & Edited by Eddy Ballesteros Personal Finance & AI Expert.

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Best MLM Companies

Starting a network marketing business is hard; you must figure out which pyramid schemes are. 

Network marketing and the direct selling industry have been around for decades, and They're still going strong.

But, the industry has changed so much in recent years that many people are looking to get into this type of marketing but don't know where to start.

We've compiled a list of the ten best MLM companies to join that offer great products, compensation plans, and training programs for new members who want to join a team or create a second source of income.

To succeed with any network marketing company, you'll want a product that solves a problem while providing you with an equal opportunity to make money.

That's why I have decided to create this list of the top 10 MLM companies, according to our research and feedback from members of those organizations.

You also have to know that these businesses are not self-run, and you'll have to put a lot of work in.

This is for you if you want to start as an independent business owner or as part of a network marketing company.

What Are The Best MLM Companies To Join?

Before signing up for an MLM Company or networking marketing business opportunities, determine if their product line is in demand.

You can review trustworthy reviews and go to MLM groups through Facebook or Reddit.

Also, check to see whether there are any negative comments about the company. If people complain that they can't get anyone to buy their products, that's a bad sign.


When joining a network marketing company, you must take the time to investigate the company and its products.

In a Multi-Level Marketing Company there are some very important questions to ask:

  • Do they focus on their products & solution?
  • Is the company profitable & actually making a difference?
  • Do they provide you with all the successful training & tools?
  • Are the agents active & helping others when needed?
  • Can you make money with this opportunity & does it have an amazing compensation plan?

You must ask yourself, "Are you willing to share the products/services with others?" Do you feel comfortable with the company's business model?

If so, one of these companies may be perfect for you to start making money online.

Let's get started.

🏆 Top 3 MLM Companies 🏆

United Wealth Education


United Wealth Education is a complete business solution for you to start, grow, and scale a credit repair business. They offer over 12 financial service products to sell and great compensation plans for agents.



Primerica offers life insurance and other retirement plans to better your future. They are a well structured direct sales company that has been around for many years.



Amway is a beauty and home care business opportunity. They have been around for many years and provides great compensation plans.

Best Credit Repair & Financial Network Marketing Company (FES)

United Wealth Education

United Wealth Education (Formally Financial Education Services or FES) is a network marketing company that provides financial education and credit repair services. The credit repair tips they offer are worth it.

💰 Pricing

$299 set up fee with the protection plan services included. $89 per month with the opportunity to have it paid for once you reach 5 clients or agents.

👍 Pros

Great Training, Products, & Compensation Plans

👎 Cons

Can be expensive if you don't work on the business.

Overall Rating

Financial Education Services is now United Wealth Education, which has partnerships with Rocket Lawyer, SmartCredit, and other financial services that will benefit your agent career while helping others.

The networking marketing company has all the tools and training you need to get started, including extensive training and promotional materials. It is affiliated with big companies such as Rocket Lawyer.

As a UWE agent, you get a turn-key business that allows you to earn money online with two methods and six income sources. 

I'd consider this a credit repair business in a box and here's what it includes 💳

  • A personalized agent website
  • Weekly pay for qualified agents
  • Professional digital marketing materials
  • Commissions & Bonuses
  • Tax Advantages
  • Credit Repair Services
  • Rocket Lawyer membership
  • UCES Protection Plan services

As I explained earlier, you can earn money through two methods, which are linear and leveraged income.

You can earn direct commissions by signing up clients or passive income from UWE's products, including credit repair services and financial products like rent reporting services.

So, I placed this as the best MLM company because of the products it provides and the free memberships included.

Just alone, you would have to pay SmartCredit, Rocket Lawyer, and Credit Repair Services over $100 per month while it's included with your UWE agent package.

You also can feel comfortable selling the services to others without needing them to sign up or peer pressuring them into becoming an agent. ❤️

2. Primerica

Best Insurance & Investments MLM Opportunity


Primerica offers life insurance and other financial services products to clients worldwide. This company offers its clients the opportunity to enjoy a strong and stable financial future for themselves and their families while being named one of the top workplaces in the US.

💰 Pricing

$99 to start including background check & $25 per month for your agent tools.

👍 Pros

Great Products, Been around for many years & Good compensation Plans

👎 Cons

Many agents only focus on recruiting, as selling insurance ca be difficult without the right mentors

Overall Rating

Primerica is a leading financial services company with agents in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Guam. If you're good at selling insurance, this might be your business. Many people I know in the network marketing industry have heard of this MLM in USA

Sell Financial Services

Since Primerica is a leading life insurance provider, Primerica representatives can educate their clients about the importance of having enough insurance to protect you and your family.

Not only are their life insurance plans affordable, but they are also flexible to meet each client's individual needs.

Primerica representatives are also able to provide investment products to their clients, as well as vehicle insurance for their families.

Being one of the top MLM companies in the world, they help their representatives create a solid and stable financial future for themselves while helping their clients do the same.

Products They Offer

  • Term Life Insurance
  • Investment opportunities such as mutual funds & retirement plans
  • Auto & Home Insurance
  • Commissions & Bonuses
  • Legal Protection Program
  • Identity Theft Protection
  • Help with licensing

So if you have some kind of experience in finance, you could consider starting a business with Primerica.

3. Amway

Best Beauty & Home Care Business Opportunity


Amway is a global multi-level marketing company that sells and distributes various products, the most important of which are beauty and home care. They offer an opportunity to start a business from home by selling products to your friends and family or social media.

💰 Pricing

Less than $100 annually to cover all the cost of starting up your independent business

👍 Pros

Multiple products for selective niches, Low start-up costs & Good compensation plans

👎 Cons

Can be very overwhelming business due to saturation

Overall Rating

Amway is perfect for those who are creative online and can build an audience. Using their products and teaching how to use them will allow you to become successful in this company.

Sell Beauty & Home Care Products

They have been in the industry for over 50 years. Their distributor base is extremely large, so you will not have difficulty recruiting people onto your team or struggling to find a market for Amway's products.

Many of their part-time business owners show you how to use their products via TikTok or any social media platform daily. 

Many of their distributors also have a large social media following, making it even easier to reach a larger market without having to hassle your close network.

Working with Amway allows you to be your own boss and work from home, but keep in mind that there is a lot of competition out there for this company, so you may need to put in extra effort to market your products and stand out.

4. Herbalife

Top Global MLM Company for Selling Health Products


Herbalife is a very popular MLM company that became a leading direct sales opportunity, offering weight management, energy enhancement, meal replacement options, and other health supplements.

💰 Pricing

$97.10 Startup Fee

👍 Pros

Delicious products to market, good compensation plans.

👎 Cons

Can be very overwhelming business due to saturation

Overall Rating

Build a profitable health business by selling health supplements. Herbalife is a great business model to start in the health industry.

Sell Health Products

They offer a complete distributor package, training and promotional materials, and a community site to help you gain customers.

They are known to be among the best network marketing businesses because of their health products.

A few things you get when you start your Herbalife business:

  • 90-day business checklist
  • Marketing materials
  • A professional online website
  • A distributor guide
  • Herbalife messenger bag
  • & much more to grow your side hustle

Herbalife is a popular choice among MLM businesses on this list since it's been around for many years and is well-known in network marketing opportunities.

Their products are trustworthy, and their compensation plan makes it easy for everyone to get paid while being able to work from home and be their own boss.

I've tried their products before and spoke to a Herbalife agent who ran her own store in Orange County, California. She was doing very well and always had customers coming in to buy more products.

If you want to learn more about starting your Herbalife business, visit their website.

5. MyEcon

Financial Services & Credit MLM Company

MyEcon MLM

MyEcon is a personal finance direct sales company that allows its independent distributors to use their skills, knowledge and expertise in managing personal finances to help others achieve financial success.

💰 Pricing

Pricing is $39.95-$99.95 depending on the membership perks you want

👍 Pros

Offers good products to help establish financial future.

👎 Cons

Layout and website seems very boring.

Overall Rating

MyEcon focuses on helping others that are in debt or financial issues. If you enjoy helping others with credit, this good be for you.

Help Others With Removing Bad Debt

In just a few years MyEcon has become one of the most reputable direct-selling companies and has blown up TikTok for many users.

Network marketers are taking advantage of TikTok and other social media platforms.

They are a debt-free company that provides its agents with multiple products offered through independent distributors who can choose to market debt management or credit repair services.

Although some critics have stated that debt relief is a difficult industry, MyEcon offers an opportunity for its agents to be successful and achieve success in working with this type of product.

Here are the products they offer:

  • Identity theft insurance and identity monitoring
  • A credit education course with dispute letter templates included
  • Travel perks up to 70% off flights
  • Weightloss coffee products
  • Debt management services

MyEcon allows professionals or beginners to earn income and increase their income streams easily.

6. Mary Kay

Top Privately Owned MLM Company For Makeup

Mary Kay

One of the top 10 best MLM companies is Mary Kay. Selling beauty and makeup products, this privately owned MLM company was founded in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash.

Having your own business in the ever-growing cosmetic industry can be a huge success due to social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

💰 Pricing

Price is around $100 to start.

👍 Pros

Offers a variety of makeup products and compensation plans

👎 Cons

Many reps only focus on recruiting.

Overall Rating

Mary Kay offers different solutions when it comes to selling makeup products. Find the right platform and you could start a great business with this company.

Sell Makeup Solutions

With an endless amount of opportunities when it comes to recruiting people into the business, you will be able to earn a significant amount of money.

Your makeup and beauty product business can provide great flexibility within your lifestyle.

When you sign up for Mary Kay's business opportunity, they provide you with a personalized eCommerce site, and depending on the package you purchased, you will receive over $1,000 worth of products in the starter kit.

So, if you enjoy talking about makeup or creating tutorials and want to earn extra income, then Mary Kay might be your business!

7. EXP Realty

Best Online Real Estate Brokerage Opportunity

EXP Realty

Exp Realty is a leading brokerage in the multi-million dollar online real estate industry.

Exp Realty is a good example of how to run a network marketing company as they truly focus on selling real estate services rather than just recruiting agents. 

This company is still considered an "MLM" due to its 7 levels of revenue sharing and startup costs. Some agents fight this terminology, but at the end of the day, the business model is closely related to an MLM structure.

💰 Pricing

$149 start-up fee. $85/month cloud brokerage fee

👍 Pros

Amazing compensation plans, CRM system, and Marketing tools.

👎 Cons

Most reps focus on recruiting others

Overall Rating

Exp Realty is a perfect solution for those who want to have more freedom in their real estate career while building multiple streams of income.

Sell Real Estate With EXP

I know several people who have recently moved to Exp Realty and love it, but others only focus on recruiting other agents instead of selling houses.

If you're a real estate professional wanting to grow your network while assisting individuals interested in online real estate, finding new leads, encouraging them to reach their full potential, and earning money from home, this might be the right business model for you.

When you join EXP, you receive a ton of tools to market your real estate business, such as:

  • Lead generation software
  • Content marketing tools
  • A complete CRM system
  • No desk fees or franchise fees
  • An opportunity to become a shareholder of the company
  • A cloud-based software & a training library via virtual classes

If you're ready to grow and sell homes online, this is one of the best online real estate company opportunities.

8. DoTerra

Great Network Marketing Company For Essential Oils


DoTERRA sells essential oils and is a very popular multi-level marketing business. They are one of the most known and successful MLM companies in the direct sales industry.

To become a wellness advocate for DoTERRA, you must sign up and share your brand-new essential oils kit.

Once you become a member, you can level up in ranks and learn from their social media training. You can then start sharing DoTERRA with others and sell these essential oils.

💰 Pricing

$150 start-up fee. $35/year membership.

👍 Pros

Focuses on one niche, good products for the enviroment.

👎 Cons

Not much training and can't expand into other products

Overall Rating

Get discounts and perks when you join DoTerra while building an essential oil empire.

Sell Essential Oils

The company was founded in 2008 by David Stirling, who has been passionate about plant extracts and oils for many years.

He started DoTERRA to provide pure, therapeutic essential oils and oil-infused products.

This is perfect for someone knowledgeable in the essential oils industry and who can craft amazing content for this niche.

9. Forever Living

MLM Company That Sells Wellness Products

Forever Living

Forever Living is a privately held network marketing business that sells aloe vera-based products, personal care items, and other dietary supplements.

💰 Pricing

No Fee For Joining, But Will Split Commission

👍 Pros

A Ton of Products To Offer Your Clients

👎 Cons

A lot of People Focus On Recruiting

Overall Rating

Good Business as it requires no fees to join and you can create a popular eCommerce site.

Sell Wellness Products

When you join Forever Living, you'll receive these perks:

  • Be in business for yourself
  • Opportunity to travel the world via incentives
  • They provide you with online training and local events
  • Discounts on all their products

The company wants to make you feel at home and part of a family. You can be successful with this company if you contribute to its growth, which most successful MLMs offer.

Forever Living was founded in 1978 and is global in 160 countries so you know they are reputable.

10. Fundwise Capital

Best Business Loan MLM Company

Fundwise Capital

Fundwise Capital is a direct-to-consumer lender specializing in financing for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

They offer attractive, fast-track, zero-interest loans with no prepayment penalties. Their target market is the self-employed who do not have access to alternative forms of finance.

Fundwise Capital offers 0% interest for up to 15 months, making its product appealing if you know how to work sales.

There is a strong reason for Fundwise Capital to be on this list of Top MLM Companies To Join.

Even though it is not considered an MLM, its affiliate commission plan gives you a preferred member status and earns commissions from up to two levels deep.

💰 Pricing

Normally $197 to start: Often have specials for $97

👍 Pros

Members training, complete website, & high commission rates.

👎 Cons

Most of the applicants don't get approved due to credit score.

Overall Rating

Fundwise Partners is perfect for those who have leverage with B2B opportunities. If you enjoy helping business owners receive financing, this is a good opportunity for you.

Help Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners Receive Financing

The Best MLM Business To Join

After reviewing and checking out the most popular MLM companies, the one I recommend and chose would be United Wealth Education (Formally Financial Education Services).

Side note: As an affiliate marketer, I wanted to see what it would be like to join a network marketing company, and after my own research, I have chosen to share UWE because it resembles an affiliate marketing business model.

Many credit repair affiliate programs I send to customers are already included with United Wealth Education, such as SmartCredit and rent reporting services.

I looked at several aspects to determine what made a good opportunity. I ultimately wanted people to earn money with this business, mainly because there are so many scams.

United Wealth Education Benefits

The best part? Their UCES Protection Plan offers 12 different financial products, and you can make residual income without bringing in agents or new customers.

If you want to make more money, the goal is to bring in agents and create a team to sell for you.

So, have you always wanted to start a credit repair business but are not completely interested in United Wealth Education? 

Then, you can learn how to use credit repair software that helps you start, grow, and scale your very own credit repair company. What is the best credit repair software?

What Is MLM?

MLM stands for Multilevel Marketing. It's a type of business model that involves the sale of goods and services through distributors or agents.

A distributor can be an individual or a company that sells products to other people or companies (Creating a downline). 

A good example of this is Amway, but many different types of MLMs exist. Another example would be Primerica, where you buy the product and then sell it to others in your social circle.

Starting a side hustle like this is a great way to make some extra money in your free time, but it's important not to get scammed. So, let's take a closer look at what MLM is and how to avoid getting involved with an MLM scam.

Is MLM A Pyramid Scheme?

Let's first ask the question, are all MLM companies pyramid schemes?

The short answer is no.

Pyramid Schemes Vs Network Marketing

However, many MLMs operate similarly to a pyramid scheme, where recruiting new people into the business is the only way to make money. 

This is one of the key warning signs of a multilevel marketing scam.

On top of this, you will find that these types of companies never mention what their product is in their meeting or Zoom call and focus more on recruiting new agents.

You'll want to run in the opposite direction if you see this, especially if they don't provide anything on their website. The company must provide disclaimers, income disclaimers, and more on their sites.

The FTC has some guidelines on what makes a legal MLM company.

In general, if the money you make is from sales and not ONLY recruitment, that is a good sign that it's not an illegal pyramid scheme. It also needs to have a product or service they sell somewhere at the company.

That way, you can tell potential customers about it instead of focusing all your time and effort on getting them to sign up as a distributor for your downline.

How To Make Money With Network Marketing (MLM)

Starting a new business in network marketing seems amazing on paper, or your agent has convinced you it's practically an overnight success.

Multi-level marketing is similar to affiliate marketing but is pushier depending on the company's ethics and marketing strategies. 

You can succeed in MLM as long as you treat it as a business and don't force people to join your business opportunity.

You will have a good start if the products sold are valuable and the company is ethical and well-managed.

Another big mistake is not creating a marketing plan for your business to increase your sales and visibility.

Follow these 4 steps, and you should be well on the way to seeing an increase in your income.

Step 1: Create A Sales Funnel

Before you start picking up new agents or customers, ensure you have something amazing for them to do once they sign up.

You need some "training" or a free offer that helps them realize their potential and gets them excited about your product.

While doing so, you're building your email list simultaneously so you can connect with them on a deeper level completely on automation.

I tell everyone to create a sales funnel, and it does not matter what you're doing, whether it's affiliate marketing, eCommerce, or MLM's.

This is what I use to build landing pages and sales funnels.

Step 2: Pick A Traffic Source

Now that you've got an email list and a sales funnel, it's time to pick a traffic source.

Out of all the ways to get leads, organic traffic is the best.

But it takes a lot of time and effort to build a following organically, so if you're starting, I suggest splitting your traffic between 1-3 traffic sources to see what converts the best for you.

One way to do this is to have one targeted source at first until you've got it under control and then add in more.

I recommend using the following traffic sources:

  • YouTube
  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Cold Outreach

I've been able to grow my affiliate marketing business and other businesses passively by focusing on organic traffic.

Step 3: Create Amazing Content Around Your Business That Solves Problems

Even though it's best to drive traffic through YouTube or Instagram, creating fantastic content is the only way you will truly connect with your audience.

You can outsource your social media growth, such as an Instagram growth service or coach.

The more value you create for your customers, the more likely they will be interested in your business opportunities.

When you create a ton of content around your product, people will generally view you as an authority.

Ensure your sales funnel is complete and bring those visitors to your landing page.

Step 4: Build Your Community, And Repeat

Now, everything should be set up to make money with multi-level marketing.

You will see results when you start to drive traffic to your landing page and build a community.

Keep track of what's converting the best and double down on it.

The more effort you put into creating content that solves problems for your audience, the better your business will do.

What I Like About Network Marketing Companies

Although MLM or Network Marketing companies are often referred to as scams by the mainstream keyboard warriors or someone who got sucked into the wrong company, there are many things you could benefit from them.

What's an MLM company, and what makes a good one?

When you look at the top MLM companies, they typically involve selling products directly to customers and not just recruiting people to make money online. 

They also offer benefits such as:

  • Retirements
  • Rewards
  • Bonuses
  • Free Services

I recently tested a company called United Wealth Education (Formally Financial Education Services or FES) to conduct research and see if an affiliate marketer like myself can help people without being pushy.

I've been in the credit repair business for quite a while, and I've always been asked about FES, which didn't disappoint me.

The agent was very friendly and never pushed me to join, she also showed me how she could repair her own credit using the services of the UCES Protection Plan.

The agent even invited me to join her team, and although I already have a blog and multiple online businesses I'm managing, we still got along very well. I can now provide their service when we have too many clients in our credit repair company.

Since I joined UWE, It has been nothing but great, and I am more than happy with their service and products.

🏆 Top 3 MLM Companies 🏆

United Wealth Education


United Wealth Education is a complete business solution for you to start, grow, and scale a credit repair business. They offer over 12 financial service products to sell and great compensation plans for agents.



Primerica offers life insurance and other retirement plans to better your future. They are a well structured direct sales company that has been around for many years.



Amway is a beauty and home care business opportunity. They have been around for many years and provides great compensation plans.

What I don't Like About Network Marketing

There are a few things I don't like about Network Marketing. It depends on the company, the agents only trying to make a quick book, and the industry itself.

I want to clarify that I don't think joining an MLM business opportunity is bad or wrong, but it has some problems THAT CAN BE FIXED... if you are an MLM agent, these problems can be one of your biggest struggles. 

The first problem is being pushy or trying to sell your family and friends who have broken past relationships because of Network Marketing.

We live in the past, and you can build a fantastic network of people and sell your services through social media without having to haggle with your close ones.

The second problem is that Network Marketing has a bad name, but only because of the people who get involved and use all the wrong techniques.

The third problem is that Network Marketing needs to evolve with their education and marketing materials, such as sales funnels and selling the services and products online.

You can make money online with MLMs, but it takes the right company, training, and mindset to achieve this goal.


If you are looking for a legitimate side hustle that will allow you to set your own hours and work from wherever you please, then online Network Marketing is worth considering.

To do this correctly, you must be willing to go ALL IN and change your mindset from being a consumer to a producer.

As long as you show up daily, do the work, follow the system, and keep your head in the game, nothing stops you from getting what you want in life.

Remember to solve problems and create unique content around your niche.

So, what did you think about this list of legit MLM companies? Like them, dislike them, and it's up to you and your research!

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