5+ Best YouTube Description Generator Tools In 2024

Updated on: December 5, 2023

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Best Youtube Description Generator

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Do you struggle writing SEO-friendly youtube descriptions that get picked up by the algorithm and attract more views?

Since Youtube is the second largest search engine, creating a perfect description for your youtube channel is important.

Don't worry. I'll teach you how to generate and optimize your youtube video description using AI tools

Best Overall

Jasper AI

Jasper AI Copywriting

This is the best for generating youtube descriptions and video titles.

Best Runnerup


Shakespeare AI

Shakespear can also generate video descriptions for your Youtube channel

Best Alternative



Your favorite Youtube SEO tool for video tags and descriptions.

These tools I'll share with you will analyze your video content and generate a description based on popular keywords, ensuring your videos appear higher in search results.

This also goes well with a YouTube title generator so that you can outsource your titles and descriptions.

You can also customize the generated description to add personal touches and make it unique.

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Why Is The YouTube Video Description Important?

The description of your videos is important for many factors. It allows viewers to understand what your video is about before watching it.

It also helps the algorithm determine where to rank your video in search results and recommend it to other viewers.

Side note:

This has to do with keywords and search intent inside your video. Google and YouTube's AI Bots crawl everything.

Lastly, a well-written description can entice viewers to click on and watch your videos.

You can add affiliate links and products to your description if you are also trying to make money beyond YouTube Adsense.

Your viewers will likely click and visit the page you have linked if they are interested in what your video has to offer.

What Are The Best YouTube Description Generators To Use?

Let's review some of the top video description generator tools you can use to optimize your YouTube videos:

1. Jasper AI

Jasper AI

Jasper.ai is one of my favorite marketing tools for content creation. They provide an amazing YouTube video description generator template that can create an SEO-friendly description in seconds.

Not only that, but it also includes video title templates and much more for YouTube search ranking optimization.

So, if you want to generate content that can rank on YouTube and hit all your target keywords, I'd recommend Jasper AI.

Here's a great example of how I use this AI text writer; you only need to enter the text needed.

Youtube video description template

2. Shakespeare

Shakespeare AI

Shakespeare is an AI YouTube description generator that can write a fully SEO-optimized description in seconds.

By the time your videos are uploaded to your YouTube channel, you'll have all your YouTube descriptions ready to be published. That is how fast Shakespeare works, and on top of that, it is also a very powerful AI blogging tool.

Shakespeare youtube video description

So forget about writing all of your video descriptions on your own, and let Shakespeare take care of it for you so that you can focus on other essential tasks.

Let this AI description generator optimize your youtube channel today and watch your views, subscribers, and revenue skyrocket. 

3. VidIQ


VidIQ is a popular YouTube SEO tool with many features for optimizing your channel.

Their YouTube video description generator can analyze the content of your video and suggest the best keywords to use in your description, ensuring that it gets picked up by the algorithm.

VidIQ also has a chrome extension that allows you to see the SEO score of any youtube video and track your own progress.

I love that it can also help you with video titles and give you keyword ideas for future video topics.

4. TubeBuddy


TubeBuddy is another all-in-one tool for YouTube optimization and growth.

Their description generator can suggest the best keywords to use based on the content of your video, helping it rank higher in search results.

Besides this, TubeBuddy also has features that aid with managing your YouTube channel, finding top-performing tags, and analyzing your competitor's videos.

I particularly like how it can provide analytics for individual videos, allowing you to track their performance and make changes as needed.

Give one of these amazing tools a try and see how it can improve the performance of your YouTube videos.

5. StoryLabs AI

Storylab AI

StoryLabs is an AI-powered YouTube Description Generator that will give you a list of ideas to include in your description box.

Enter the keywords needed and describe the content of your video, and StoryLabs will do the rest. I love how easy it is to use and that it also provides a variety of AI templates for your content ideas.

6. YouTube Studio

youtube video description studio

The Youtube Studio app isn't a YouTube video description generator, but it is important to mention as it's a built-in tool provided by YouTube itself.

The app can track your video performance and change your titles, descriptions, and tags.

I recommend using this app combined with one of the above YouTube video description generators to optimize your YouTube videos.

As you can see, numerous tools are available to help optimize your YouTube videos and generate SEO-friendly descriptions. Give it a try and see how it can improve the performance of your YouTube channel. 

What Is A Youtube Description?

A YouTube description is a short text that appears below your video. It should give viewers an idea of your channel and encourage them to subscribe or click on a link you want them to go to.

Side note: 

Using a video description generator for your YouTube videos will make it easier without copyright issues.

When writing your YouTube video description, include important keywords so people can easily find your channel and let search engines crawl descriptive text inside.

Keep it concise and to the point, as you want people to read it and not get bored halfway through! With a little effort, your YouTube description can be a powerful tool for growing your channel.

What Are The Top Free YouTube Video Description Generators?

If you need a free resource for creating your video descriptions, here are the top websites:

  1. TubeRanker
  2. Ytubetool
  3. YTseotoolstation
  4. SocialVideoPlaza
  5. Inkforall

With these free tools, you can create excellent long-from descriptions for your YouTube videos.


What Should I Write In A YouTube Description?

There are a few things you want to include in your video's description:

  • Links to other videos
  • Your Website
  • Tags and relevant keywords
  • Affiliate Links
  • Landing pages
  • Your social media channels

What are the benefits of using a Youtube Description Generator?

Using an AI video description generator for YouTube will lower the time you spend writing descriptions, optimize keywords for higher search rankings, and provide unique and personalized descriptions for each video.

Save time and money

It can also give you ideas for improving your video's overall SEO. Meaning you can easily copy and paste the output from the AI software.

How Can I Edit My YouTube Video Descriptions?

You can easily edit your video description using the Youtube studio app or on the website. Go to your video, click "edit," and select "description."

You can add or edit any text in the description box from there. You can add links and tags and choose a thumbnail for your video from this page.

Remember to save any changes before exiting the page.

Final Thoughts

I hope my article has given you tips and examples for optimizing videos using a YouTube description generator.

These AI tools can save you time and improve your search rankings, leading to more views and potential revenue for your channel.

If your video description box feels empty, give it some love with the recommended video description generators above. You'll be able to encourage viewers to engage with your content and potentially increase subscriber count.

Good luck, and create a better video description for your channel.

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