Best YouTube Video Ideas Generator Tools For VIRAL Topics [2024]

Updated on: March 3, 2024

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Best YouTube Video Ideas Generator Tools

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Finding great YouTube video ideas might be challenging.

Whether you've been using YouTube for a while or are just getting started, coming up with YouTube video ideas can be challenging if you don't know how to do it properly.

YouTube video ideas should be unique and exciting to you and your audience.

Based on your video title, category, focus keyword, or topic, these YouTube video ideas generator tools will assist you in quickly and effortlessly coming up with new video ideas for your YouTube video.

Let's review some of the YouTube Video Idea Software along with my top three choices:

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My name is Eddy, and I've been tweaking and testing my own YouTube videos. 

I'm hoping these tools can help you scale your YouTube and go from a side hustle to a full-time gig.

What Is A YouTube Video Ideas Generator?

A YouTube video ideas generator uses AI to generate any YouTube video, video ideas, and video title for your channel. 

This covers challenges, unboxing, funny video ideas, pranks, tutorials, book reviews, hacks, and other types of videos.

You can make engaging videos with these YouTube video idea generator tools, increasing your channel's traffic and interaction.

What Are The Best YouTube Video Ideas Generator Tools?

The best YouTube video ideas generator tools are Jasper, Writecream, Copy AI, Rytr, Tubeast, VidIQ, and Nichesss.

These tools are designed to help YouTube creators generate video ideas and create video titles and topic ideas.

Jasper AI

To create creative content that grabs viewers' attention, Jasper is a must-have video idea generator.

With the help of the AI assistant Jasper, you can create content ten times more quickly. You can create a video script within 15 minutes.

Their AI offers new insights, proposes topics, video ideas, a video title, and more.

I always come up with a great YouTube title that my audience loves. 

Jasper Video Topic Ideas Template

Jasper makes it simple to develop fresh video ideas and a video title that will appeal to viewers and perform well on YouTube.

For your videos, you can create outlines too. Using their AI writer, It best functions for "How to" and "Listicle" style videos. You may come up with an intriguing, clickable video title for your YouTube videos.


Jasper AI has a bunch of cool features to help come up with fresh video ideas.

This includes tools for making up characters, a tool that helps you write stories and a template to churn out paragraphs. 

With more than 50 writing templates like the Creative Story tool, Jasper is fantastic for brainstorming topics and cooking up content for articles or blogs.

It's super easy-to-use Jasper. Just open it in any web browser, and you're ready. It's known for spitting out content that's interesting, makes sense, and reads well.


Jasper AI's pricing is flexible and can match various needs. You'll pay $49 a month for the Creator's plan, which gives access to one brand voice.

On the other hand, Pro plan costs $69 monthly, offering up 50,000 words. If you need something special, there's an Enterprise Plan that'll tweak it for you. Want a sneak peek? 7-day free trial to try Jasper. Iuse for all my affiliate resources.

My take

Once you sign up, gives you access to the video script templates for bloggers, vloggers, marketers, and anyone else who wants to make YouTube videos.

To write high-quality content quickly, however, unlock Boss Mode if you want to get started more quickly.

My Top Pick
Jasper AI
Get A 7-Day Free Trial

I use Jasper AI to write all my blog articles and social media content. This AI writing tool lets you create a blog post in seconds with just the push of one button!

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Writecream is an impressive AI tool for YouTube video ideas that can help you whip up all sorts of viral content.

This YouTube video idea generator makes it a breeze to crank out long YouTube descriptions, viral YouTube titles, and clickworthy social media posts.

Imagine easily drafting up video concepts and nailing down the perfect video with this AI tool. And there's more.

You're clicks away from uncovering a goldmine of YouTube video topics such as business, fitness challenges, podcast topics, and much more on YouTube.

This tool also works great for blog writing.


  •  The AI Article Writer feature allows you to create lengthy content in minutes, such as articles and video scripts. For example, using the AI Article Writer feature, you can write a 1000+ word article in under 30 minutes.
  • Use Writecream's AI Social Media Engine to develop video concepts and create posts for social platforms.
  • You can craft personalized openings for reaching out to new contacts, like invitations on LinkedIn, getting links from other websites, and sending introductory emails.
  • Improve how you personalize your messages by using icebreakers designed to sound like a human and tailored for your potential clients.
  • Turn any written article into a spoken video or podcast using a natural human voice, choosing from over 40 voices that offer support in multiple languages.


Writecream has three primary plans for how much you can spend, the Free, Standard, and Unlimited pricing options.

The Free plan lets you write up to 40,000 characters of various text types using your 20 credits. Choosing the Standard plan for $49 per month gives you 200 credits, enabling you to craft content totaling 400,000 characters.

For $69 a month, the Unlimited plan offers you an endless chance to write with 750 Credits, which lets you create a massive 1,500,000 characters worth of content!

My take

Writecream is used by small business owners, digital marketers, content marketers, and bloggers who want to quickly and easily create high-quality articles.

In addition, this tool could be helpful if you own an online business or blog and depend on third parties to produce content for you rather than create your own.


Use Writecream to generate headlines that your audience can't resist clicking on.

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If you want to create unique YouTube video titles and descriptions, copy AI is here to help. It offers features that assist in writing video descriptions and hooks.

With Copy AI, you can produce human-like text quickly. Its goal is to enable entrepreneurs, marketers, and copywriters to produce compelling copy using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Are you looking to make your YouTube videos stand out with catchy titles and descriptions? Copy AI is your go-to tool.

Copy AI can act as a powerful idea bank for future YouTube ideas and can even take information by uploading documents on past videos you've created.

It provides helpful features for crafting video descriptions and enticing openings. Copy.AI lets you write human-like text that can pass AI content detectors.

Its purpose is to help YouTubers, advertisers, and copywriters create attractive content using advanced technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence.


  • After logging in, the Copy AI interface is simple to use.
  • It has a freestyle function that enables you to direct the artificial intelligence to produce any video topic you like. 
  • It helps streamline your business processes by creating an extension that lets you use Google Docs and Gmail features simultaneously. 
  • It offers several options for output length.
  • Thus, you can select a shorter or longer output.
  • The Copy AI plagiarism detection technology is reliable.


There are two pricing plans offered by Copy AI: Free and Pro. The Free plan offers a 7-day free trial of the Pro plan and access to over 90 copywriting tools, but it only permits 2000 words monthly.

Access to 40k words is available with the Pro plan, which costs $49 monthly. Besides the advantages of the free plan, it provides access to the most recent features, priority email help, and support in over 25 languages.

My take

Copy AI is a YouTube video idea generator, enabling marketers, freelancers, business owners, and copywriters to produce high-quality material. This includes blog introductions, product descriptions, and landing page texts. 

The ability to generate video ideas, the best YouTube video titles, and descriptions is also incredibly helpful for YouTube content providers. First, sign up for the free plan and try out a few features.

Powerful AI Copywriter
Copy AI

Copy AI will help you create all your content for social media or sales copy. It is also well known for crafting the perfect blog post.

  • High-converting outputs
  • Easy-to-learn AI writing tool
  • Perfect for email marketing and content writing
  • Always improving copywriting templates
  • A free account is more than enough
  • The output won't always be perfect
  • Customer support team could be faster
  • They don't integrate with AI SEO tools
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With Rytr, you can discover new video ideas for your YouTube channel. It provides access to an AI copywriter that generates interesting and compelling video ideas, titles, and topics for you.

You can also write video descriptions with this AI tool. This video description will enable you to hook your target audience and subscribers.

In just a few seconds, Rytr can generate YouTube topics that could easily go viral. You just need to put in the work and record the content.


  • Selectable creative levels are available. So, whether you want the AI to be inventive or keep to the data you offer, there are six creativity levels to choose for the desired results.
  • The location for writing might be anywhere. With the Rytr extension, you may write on any website, including Google, WordPress, social networking, etc.
  • Rytr provides you with access to 20+ writing tones that range from casual to knowledgeable, humble, urgent, and more automatically producing content for you.
  • More than 30 languages are available for content creation.


There are three different Ryter price choices. The free plan is best if you're unfamiliar with AI authoring tools.

You can produce between 7000 and 8000 words each month with the savings plan, which costs $9 monthly. Besides the capabilities of the free plan, you have the option to develop your unique use case.

The unlimited subscription is the best option if you want to write an endless number of words for $29 a month. 

My take

Rytr is a useful AI tool for creating titles, subjects, and ideas for YouTube videos. You can use this tool to write interview questions, blog pieces, music lyrics, and meta descriptions.

Every writer should use Rytr and anyone who wants to make videos for YouTube about anything. Emails and social media posts are also written using it. You can sign up for the free plan to use this tool.


Rytr is an awesome AI writing tool that can help you with content marketing

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Tubeast will help you if you want to become the YouTuber of your dreams.

Utilizing TuBeast's cutting-edge capabilities, you can quickly and significantly increase the number of subscribers to your YouTube channel and views on your videos.

It is a web extension and platform with cutting-edge tools and capabilities.


  • Since it is aware of what works and what the algorithm is seeking, you may rank your videos higher and win the algorithm.
  • Every YouTuber out there can use the tools.
  • No matter how big or little your YouTube channel is.
  • You can discover how to improve your content creation and content optimization.
  • The algorithms will keep track of all the videos on your channel and offer helpful information.


The pricing plans for tubeast are divided into starter, standard, premium, and beast. Compared to the starter plan, the standard costs $47 per month. The Premium plan costs $97 per month, while the beast plan costs $247. 

My take

Tubeast is a good choice for YouTubers who want to generate video ideas and titles. You may use it for market research and gain incredible insights into other channels. You can also use it to optimize your videos and YouTube channel.


Tubeast is an advanced growth and optimization tool for YouTube

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VidIQ offers AI features that can generate video ideas, scripts, and descriptions for your YouTube videos.

This YouTube SEO tool truly makes it easy to create content for your channel and helps you with any roadblocks you're facing.

The AI Chrome extension has also assisted YouTubers in picking the right keywords and themes for their content. 

Plus, it has a full suite of features to help you craft catchy titles, search-optimized tags, and useful descriptions.


  • With VidIQ, you can create viral videos using popular keywords it helps you find, and it even gives you hot topic suggestions.
  • VidIQ helps you improve your YouTube video rankings and get your content seen by more people thanks to its powerful search optimization tools.
  • By looking at what's popular among your YouTube competitors, VidIQ lets you understand what's currently in demand.


VidIQ offers four main pricing plans: Basic, Pro, Boost, and Max. 

You can use the Basic plan for free. The Pro plan costs $7.50 a month. If you want the Boost plan, it's $39 per month.

The most expensive, the Max plan, is $79 per month and includes group coaching sessions.

My take

For those looking to get ahead in YouTube marketing, VidIQ can be an incredibly helpful tool for people who own brands.

Also, if you make regular money from your YouTube videos, VidIQ can truly help you step up your game.

If you're starting out, the Pro Plan comes with plenty of features and is likely to be a good choice to meet your needs.

YouTube SEO

ViqIQ is a youtube SEO tool that gives you access to advanced analytics. This way, we can see how many views our videos have gotten and what kind of audience they attract. With these insights, it'll be more accessible than ever for us to create high-quality content!

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With Nichesss as a YouTube video ideas generator, you can easily spot topics you want to record.

Not only with their AI content generator, but they also have access to trending subreddits where you can find and grab YouTube ideas that might go viral.

Use this tool and pump out your video ideas in one day. Then, after you've created your video, you can easily repurpose all the content using their AI social media templates.


  • You can locate helpful brands within your target demographic by clicking a button.
  • The information produced is transparent from the reader's perspective.
  • It automates the creation of marketing plans, blog post introductions, blog post sketches, and other tasks.
  • With Nichesss, you may automatically begin a new article with facts and writing suggestions.


There are three pricing plans that Nichesss offers. The Rookie costs $19 per month. The Intermediate costs $39 per month while the Pro costs $99 per month, which provides unlimited short form generation.

My take

This is the right tool for your next YouTube video if you're an entrepreneur or a marketer. With Nichesss, you can easily generate video ideas, video titles, business ideas, video topics, and marketing copies


Nichesss is a copywriting software that can write your blog posts, sales copy, and more.

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How Do I Get Ideas For YouTube Videos?

When looking for ideas that you can record for your YouTube channel, try these out on top of your new generator.

  1. Learn what your audience wants, dig into the comments, and participate in online discussions. What are people asking about? Can you make a new video to answer these questions? Look for common subjects or hot topics that get people talking. These are significant areas to go into further!
  2. Connect with current trends and keep up with the latest hot topics and events. Can you share your own take in a reaction video? Maybe there's a new item your followers would love to see you review. Get creative. Start a challenge or do something fun inspired by what's popular now.
  3. Give old content a fresh look. Have blog posts or threads that did well? Use them again! Turn them into script ideas for videos. Adding visuals and a story can make that old content exciting again, keeping your viewers returning for more.
  4. Team up for success and work together with other YouTubers! Sharing ideas with peers can lead to brilliant new concepts.
  5. Surprise with creativity. Aim to impress by collaborating in fresh, inventive ways. If the partnership appeals to both your followers, you'll likely attract even more people!
  6. Be Innovative. Don't just stick to your usual topics. Consider your own interests. Could you make a video that expresses your enthusiasm while still relating to your main viewers?

Are YouTube Video Idea Generator Tools Worth It?

Using YouTube video idea generator tools allows you to generate titles, good video ideas, topics, and descriptions in a few minutes.

Some of these tools can even write content for you or suggest topics in any niche.

Final Thoughts

The second-largest search engine in the world after Google is YouTube. It is where people turn to create videos. 

For people to desire to watch a YouTube video, it must directly appeal to them.

This is why it is important to develop the best video ideas for your YouTube videos that will help increase your channel's views and followers.

YouTube Video Ideas Generator FAQs.

What Are Good Ideas For YouTube Videos?

Focus on tutorials, how-to guides, and personal stories. These formats are engaging and provide value to viewers.

I Feel stuck, what are some starting points for video ideas?

Look to trending topics & popular searches in your niche. Answer viewer questions in comments & forums. Repurpose successful blog posts or infographics into videos.

The generators give vague ideas. How do I make them specific?

Focus on a target audience pain point. Can you give a tutorial, review a product, or share a personal story related to the general idea?

Eddy is an AI, SEO, and personal finance blogger who uses and tests products to help others improve their lives through AI and financial literacy. With years of experience in online business, he deeply understands the latest AI and SEO trends. Eddy is also well-knowledged in personal finance and committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise with his readers.

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