Carrd Review 2024: An Easy Way to Build One-Page Websites

Updated: November 11, 2023

Written and edited by Eddy Ballesteros CEO & AI Expert.

Carrd Review

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Do you need a landing page and website builder that can do it all without the need for coding sites?

Carrd is a quick and easy way to create responsive one-page websites.

It's perfect for small businesses, bloggers, and individuals who want a simple website without all the bells and whistles.

In this Carrd review, we'll look at how it works and show you how to create your own website in minutes.

My name is Eddy I've built a site using different website builders and AI landing page software to grow my blog and online courses.

Before, I used Weebly, Wix, Squarespace, and LeadPages.

I've also worked with web developers to create custom WordPress sites.

Carrd Overview

Carrd is a website builder that makes it easy to create professional-looking websites in just minutes.

Whether you're a small business owner or a freelance designer, Carrd gives you the tools and flexibility you need to create stunning websites that catch the eye of your audience. 

With its intuitive drag-and-drop editor and a wide array of professionally designed templates, Carrd allows you to easily curate a site that reflects your brand and unique style.

Plus, with Carrd's custom templates feature, you can add background images and colors to ensure that every element of your site matches your vision perfectly. 


  • Dozens of free templates to choose from
  • Very affordable plans
  • Link your Google analytics account
  • Build your own templates


  • Need to upgrade in order to use the form feature
  • You have to use Let's Encrypt in order to use a custom domain

Do I Recommend Carrd?

If you haven't built a site on WordPress or aren't looking into creating advanced sales funnels with multiple pages, then I recommend Carrd.

It's simple to use, has a low learning curve, and is perfect for one-page websites. 

What Is Carrd?

What Is Carrd?

Carrd is the ultimate tool for building and maintaining a one-page website.

 Whether you're an entrepreneur, small business owner, or just someone with a passion project or side hustle, this content creation tool gives you everything you need to create a professional and fully custom site in minutes. 

With Carrd's simple and intuitive website builder, you can access hundreds of unique template designs that let you showcase your brand uniquely.

And unlike other website builders, carrd provides all its core features for free, so you can build as many sites as you want without worrying about expensive upgrade fees. 

So why wait? Sign up for this pro website builder today and start building your own one-page web masterpiece!

Who Is Carrd Made For?

Carrd offers templates for a wide range of website types.

You can use the free plan to create a simple personal portfolio, an online resume, a professional business site, or even an online store.

Plus, Carrd's responsive design means that your site will look great on any device, so whether your visitors view your site on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, they'll always have a great experience. 

Regardless of your website type, Carrd is the perfect platform for anyone who wants an easy and affordable way to build a beautiful and responsive one-page site.

It's perfect for anyone, including:

Who Created Carrd?

Carrd website builder was created by AJ (@ajlkn via Twitter) as a simple side project.

After launching on Twitter and Product Hunt, it has become increasingly popular. Many people use free website builders to create landing pages because it is simple and easy. 

Carrd Twitter

Carrd has everything you need to create a beautiful and professional website without any coding required. So if you're looking for an easy way to create a website, carrd is the perfect solution.

You can also read more about its origin story here.

Let's keep moving through this Carrd review.

Carrd Features

As a Carrd user, you experience all the features and test landing pages, coming soon pages, and even e-commerce before committing to a paid plan.

Let's review the features you can use that involve the free and pro versions.

Responsive Templates 

With Carrd templates, you can automatically create page sites that convert without technical knowledge. Responsive Templates

Here are the five types of templates Carrd offers:

Profile: Build a single page with your social links and contact information.

Portfolio: Showcase your work with Carrd's clean and modern portfolio templates. Don't show a boring portfolio site anymore

Landing Page: Create a beautiful landing page to sell your product or service.

Form: Trying to build an email list? Create simple forms that are ready for mobile optimization.

Coming Soon: Still building a new website? Create a coming soon page until you have created your amazing single-page site.

Sectional: Create multi-page sites using the sectional template. Think of it as a more advanced one-page website. 

Custom Domains

Custom domains are the way to go if you want to create a professional and polished website.

Custom domains provide unique URLs for your site, allowing you to enter the web at a higher level than simply using generic "" links.

With custom domains, you can establish a distinct presence on the web, conveying authority and credibility to your visitors. 

And best of all, custom domains are incredibly easy to set up when using Carrd. Simply activate Let's Encrypt, and you're good to go.


When building your email list using carrd, one of the most effective ways to capture subscribers is to use forms.

These advanced settings make creating opt-in forms seamlessly integrated with popular email marketing software like MailChimp or ConvertKit easy.

Carrd Forms

They allow you to customize your form design, including adding text boxes and checkboxes and also offer advanced targeting options to show or hide fields based on user actions. 

Incorporating forms into your carrd website is a quick and easy way to boost your email list and grow your reach online.

Widgets + Embeds

If you're a paying subscriber on Carrd, you can add a custom code to your site.

This is a great way to add functionality or style elements unavailable through the user interface. To add custom code, go to the "Site Settings" page and click on the "Custom Code" tab.

You can add your code to the "Head" or "Body" section from there. Once you're done, click "Save," your changes will be live on your site. 

Keep in mind that custom code will only work if you're using an embedding method that supports it (i.e. iframe, HTML, or JavaScript).

So, if you're having trouble getting your code to work, make sure you're using one of these methods.

Google Analytics

When tracking data using Carrd, you must use Google Analytics to view your SERP metrics comprehensively.

Google Analytics provides in-depth insights into key metrics, including page views, traffic sources, and user behavior.

By incorporating these data points into your Carrd reports, you can gain valuable insights into the performance of your website and find ways to improve its overall quality and effectiveness. 

Whether running multiple online stores or a simple form, in-depth tracking will allow you to make more informed decisions about how best to serve your customers and stay ahead in today's rapidly changing digital landscape.

So if you want to understand your site's analytics in detail, add Google Analytics when tracking your data on Carrd.

Remove Branding

You've put in the hard work to build an amazing website. It's time to make it your own. Carrd branding can be quickly and easily removed with a few clicks.

Go to the settings page and uncheck the "Show carrd Branding" box. Once you've done that, your beautiful site will perfectly match your brand.

Carrd also offers a wide range of customization options to help you further refine your site. So go ahead and make carrd your own. The world is your oyster.


Adding high-quality large images to your Carrd editor is an excellent way to make your website stand out.

Whether you choose to include vibrant and eye-catching photos, dynamic and engaging gifs, or bold, striking backgrounds, the right images can add depth and sophistication to your site that will keep your visitors impressed and engaged.

So why wait? Start adding high-quality images to your published sites today and take your Carrd experience to the next level.

Carrd Editor

The editor works as a simple drag-and-drop interface.

Just click on an element and drag it into place. Carrd will automatically save your changes as you make them, so you can always come back and edit your site later if you need to.

Carrd Editor

There's also an "undo" button in the top right corner of the editor in case you make a mistake or want to change something.

The editor is a great way to quickly and easily build one-page websites. It's simple to use while editing text and offers a wide range of customization options to help you create a site that's perfect for your needs

Carrd Pricing

Carrd offers two types of paid plans and a free version. The Carrd free plan is great if you want to test the basics and see how everything works.

You can create an amazing site alone using the free version and add up to three websites. 

The Carrd Pro plan is $19 per year (billed yearly) or $49 per year (billed yearly), and it gives you access to a bunch of extra features, including:

  • Custom Domain URLs
  • No Branding
  • Pro Templates
  • Custom Meta Tags
  • Redirects
  • Password Protection
  • Advanced Settings

What makes this even better? You can get a 7-day free trial and test the Pro plan even committing to anything.

So whether you want to build simple websites or see how many sites you can create, use the trial period included.

Remember that Carrd integrates with popular email marketing platforms so you can grow your site and build your email list.

Let's go over this website builder's pricing plan in detail:

Pro Lite: $9/yr

  • 3 Sites
  • Premium URLs
  • No Branding
  • High-Quality Images
  • Large Images and Videos
  • No Element Limit
  • Pro Templates
  • Custom Templates
  • Video Uploads
  • Slideshows
  • Site Icons
  • Share Images
  • Site Transfers
  • Sharing

Pro Standard: $19/yr

  • 10 Sites
  • Custom Domain URLs
  • Forms
  • Widgets
  • Embeds
  • Google Analytics
  • Meta Tags

Pro Plus: $49/yr

  • 25 Sites
  • Redirects
  • Password Protection
  • Variables
  • Site Files
  • Update Frequency
  • Advanced Settings
  • Download Sites

Carrd Alternatives

If you are looking for Carrd alternatives, I recommend WPX, WIX, and any link-in-bio app.

Other website builders can offer more advanced features if you need better SEO.

Each website builder has its own Pros and Cons, so it depends on your needs as to which one you should choose. 

If you need something that provides a single-page website, then Carrd is the perfect website builder for you.


Can You Start A Blog On Carrd

No, Carrd does not offer any blogging functionality. This simple page website is designed as a one-page website builder.

However, it's still great to send updates whenever you publish a blog post when you've built your email list.

But, they will have a code for that, or a service such as DropinBlog can create an embed code. 

DropinBlog is a third-party service that allows you to create a sitemap for your Carrd website. This will let you start blogging and rank on search engines much easier.

Can You Create Online Courses Using Carrd?

No you cannot host online courses using Carrd, but you can sell services and products through their online cart widget.

Just integrate to an online course you've built using a digital product different platform like Thinkific, Samcart, or Teachable. 

Shopping Cart/Digital Products

SamCart is the leading eCommerce platform for selling online. It has everything you need to drive traffic, collect payments, and ship orders all in one place with an intuitive user interface that makes managing your business easier than ever before!

We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Is Carrd Legit?

Yes, they are completely legit, and after doing my in-depth research, the editor alone has surprised me with its capabilities. 

Carrd Reviews

Is Carrd Worth It?

Yes, of course, Carrd is definitely worth it if you need a one-page website.

The editor is simple to use, and it offers a wide range of customization options that make it perfect for creating any type of site you need.

Is Carrd Free?

Yup, it's free to use, and you can always upgrade to the premium plans later on if you need to.


So, what do you think of this page builder? I definitely see a lot of potential for this tool, and I'm excited to see how it grows in the future.

Try it out for yourself and see if it is the best website builder for content creators.

This Carrd review has helped you understand if Carrd is the right website builder for you. 

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