18+ Ways To Use ChatGPT For SEO In 2024: ChatGPT SEO Prompts

Updated on: December 5, 2023

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Everyone wants to know how to use ChatGPT for SEO and if search engine optimization works with AI-generated content.

Some users even make money with ChatGPT by selling SEO services at scale, such as building the following:

  • A content strategy
  • link-building
  • Blog articles
  • Coding
  • SEO Copywriting

After AI copywriting software has been used for blogging and content writing, Knowing the correct prompts and how to leverage ChatGPT for SEO is more important than ever.

Don't worry, as I will teach you successful SEO strategies using ChatGPT tech and how the game of content optimization has changed.

The way of generating income with AI has completely changed due to SEO and ChatGPT.

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO Tool
  • Free Chrome Extension
  • Keyword Research
  • Topical Mapping

My name is Eddy, and I've been researching AI writing tools that use sentiment analysis, natural language processing, and semantic understanding for SEO.

Let's get started and learn some pro blogging tips.

TLDR: My Favorite Ways To Use ChatGPT For SEO

  • Understanding search intent
  • Title and meta descriptions
  • Building a content marketing strategy
  • Rewrite to generate optimized content
  • Finding new ChatGPT prompts for SEO
  • Creating a list of keywords for topical mapping
  • Creating blog post outlines 

What Is ChatGPT SEO Used For?

ChatGPT SEO uses the advanced language model ChatGPT in search engine optimization practices.

ChatGPT technology and prompt engineering can help analyze users' search intent and provide valuable insights into what content will be most relevant to them.

This can play a crucial role in shaping an effective content marketing strategy and help to improve a website's ranking on search engines.

By leveraging the power of ChatGPT, businesses can optimize their online content to attract more organic traffic and drive conversions. 

There are many benefits of SEO, and ChatGPT will make it easier for anyone who wants to rank websites.

How To Use ChatGPT For SEO And Blogging

Let's go ahead and learn how to use this AI platform as an SEO tool and how you can benefit from AI-generated content. 

Keyword Research

ChatGPT enables users to perform effective keyword research with AI SEO.

For example, with ChatGPT, you can identify seed keywords, find target keywords related to your product or service, and optimize structured data related to your content.

Keywords with ChatGPT SEO

Keyword research with OpenAI is intuitive and efficient, allowing you to quickly find the best-relevant keywords and target your content's most relevant audiences.

Once you've identified those related keywords and generated structured data related to them, you can easily optimize them for SEO purposes, ensuring that your content is found more easily by potential customers.

It won’t tell you the search volume of a keyword, but you can verify the monthly search traffic using a keyword research tool.

Keyword Clustering

ChatGPT is a revolutionary keyword clustering tool for content creation and SEO optimization.

Using this advanced machine learning, Affiliate SEOs can identify key topics and words to incorporate into content and increase its topical authority.

This has helped me gain more impressions on Google Search Console by building topical authority.

By leveraging ChatGPT's keyword clustering capabilities, content writers have the power to drive their content to the top of SERPs while delivering readers valuable, relevant content that increases your website's search engine ranking.

ChatGPT SEO Keyword Clustering

This prompt gives content creators, and online marketers access to a powerful SEO tool at their fingertips.

Write Blog Posts

Using ChatGPT for SEO and the prompts you can create allow you to write blog posts that rank on Google.

Depending on whether you want a complete blog article or an outline, you can prompt ChatGPT to write a blog post using a keyword you provide, or you can use a specific prompt.

This will work best if you provide up-to-date information and exact NLP keywords so that ChatGPT can generate text that relates to what you want the blog post to be about.

ContentAtScale Logo Box

Content At Scale

  • Write articles using AI & consistent effort
  • Bulk import keywords
  • Blog content is SEO ready

Once you get your output, keep feeding the AI with more keywords and have it rephrase the content created and improve it.

If you work as a freelancer or with a blog writing service, you could easily leverage ChatGPT for SEO.

Using ChatGPT, you can save time while creating high-quality content and ensure the blog post is SEO optimized.


ChatGPT can help make link-building for SEO easy with its outreach emails, guest blogging, and finding niche websites.

Outreach emails are an excellent option for online marketing as they allow you to contact potential partners efficiently and personally.

However, outreach emails made with the help of ChatGPT come with thoughtful recommendations on how to increase the effectiveness of each email outreach campaign.

Also, when used with its search tool, ChatGPT's prompts make it easy to find high-quality website opportunities while ensuring they fit into your specific outreach strategy.

Lastly, finding niche websites is made simpler by ChatGPT's ability to identify relevant websites across web pages that give users more options than ever before.

These features together make this artificial intelligence chatbot a more effective tool than ever for link-building.

HARO Responses

Surprisingly I have been using ChatGPT to form a response to HARO queries. Since ChatGPT is a generative language model optimized for SEO and content creation, it produces an answer quickly and accurately [As long as you feed it the correct data].

ChatGPT Haro responses

Copy and paste the question into the prompt bar and provide your answer. When it's finished, you can open the AI chat to generate a better and more professional response.

This will allow you to save time and energy while producing quality content for the HARO queries.

For this to work, I'd recommend providing current events and potential keywords so the AI can better frame a response. 

Content Outlines & Briefs

ChatGPT is an excellent tool for creating content outlines and briefs that can help speed up the article writing process.

This AI-powered system allows you to create content based on keywords relevant to your business or target audience.

Provide the chatbot with several keywords and other related words, and it will develop articles outlining content related to those words.

ChatGPT SEO outlines and briefs

Review the outline before turning it into content, as ChatGPT is sometimes wrong.

This powerful tool can create full briefs within minutes with correct usage, making building SEO-rich content much more accessible.

Social Media Marketing

Utilizing ChatGPT and social media marketing is an effective way to strengthen your marketing strategies.

This method allows you to customize content tailored specifically for your marketing objectives, generate shareable and clickable content, and keep track of engagement performance by analyzing data analytics.

By allowing ChatGPT to generate content, you will be able to curate engaging posts that capture the attention of your target audience.

ChatGPT enables you to create prompts that make a cold audience click on your content.

Technical SEO

ChatGPT is a great way to get technical SEO assistance.

With hreflang tags, WordPress code, and page-level targeting, ChatGPT's responses can help you optimize your website for better rankings.

As a content creator, you might not make sense of specific technical issues where ChatGPT can excel on this.

Just provide the necessary information on what kind of content needs to be optimized, and ChatGPT will give step-by-step instructions on how to do so.

It acts as an SEO knowledge base, and you can focus on other important tasks.

Schema Generator

ChatGPT can perform as a FAQ schema generator, allowing for creating any schema-capable code in seconds.

This AI search program provides quick and almost accurate results, making it an excellent choice for any business or beginner SEO looking to use schema on their website.

Through ChatGPT, users can easily create simple FAQs, testimonials, and other structured snippets without learning complex coding languages or WordPress plugins.

ChatGPT FAQ Schema

With more and more search engines emphasizing faq schema code, such as Google and Bing, this powerful software is a great way to ensure your website gets the best possible online visibility.

Article Rewriter

ChatGPT for SEO is the perfect platform for existing content and better performance in website optimization. 

Using this tool to article rewrite existing content, users can reduce their workload by a fantastic amount, saving them both time and energy.

With ChatGPT, you can pair the keyword data using Surfer SEO and have it rewrite a blog post paragraph using the NLP keywords needed to boost your content editor score or grade.

Title & Meta Description Generator

ChatGPT is the perfect tool for helping you get the most out of your SEO title and meta tags.

With the correct prompts, you can use it as a meta description generator, creating keyword-based meta descriptions that will help boost your content in search engine rankings.

ChatGPT blog titles

Writing meta descriptions is a crucial step in any article SOP as they give search engines a quick summary of your page.

Using ChatGPT's meta description generator will make it easier than ever to craft a compelling meta description and get more eyes on your content faster.

Check Grammar & Spelling

Are you worried that Google or Bing will detect AI-generated content on your site and see that you need to do final edits?

Using ChatGPT for SEO and grammar checking is essential for any content marketer. You must ask ChatGPT to fix and improve the content if you need correct information or bad grammar. This prompt is perfect for proofreading content quickly and accurately.

Once you review the grammar & spelling edits, I would still run it through an AI content detection tool like Content At Scale.

Generate FAQs based on your content.

I love using ChatGPT for creating FAQs that win snippets on Google. This works by telling Chatgpt to answer questions using less than 125 words which typically wins snippets in the SERPs.

The snippet needs to include keywords based on the search intent of what the user is searching for online.

Here's a great example of an FAQ snippet that I am ranking for on Google SERPs.

Content Optimization

Do you need to see your content in the search results and are tired of all the updates from Google algorithms? Try ChatGPT for content optimization.

This AI content optimization tool can help you optimize the content on your page according to user intent and keywords from a given query.

After providing the necessary information, ChatGPT will give you step-by-step instructions on optimizing your website for better rankings.

When you pair this with Surfer SEO, you are unstoppable. 

eCommerce SEO Strategy

Using ChatGPT for your eCommerce SEO strategy can be a great way to maximize the potential of your website.

ChatGPT will help you create product descriptions, categorize products, and set up automated rules for better product visibility.

All of this helps to make sure that your website is seen by more people when they are shopping online.

To optimize for eCommerce SEO even more, try pairing ChatGPT with a tool like Surfer SEO.

Domain Name Generator

Did you know you can use ChatGPT to develop your website name?

Start providing answers about the niche or topics you want to write about, and ChatGPT will give you some amazing domain name ideas.

You'll have a great domain name with human feedback and AI technology in no time.

Internal Linking Suggestions

If you have many articles and need to create inbound links for SEO, you can give ChatGPT a published topic cluster and have it generate internal linking ideas.

This is a great way to ensure your content flows well, creates traffic, and gets better rankings in search engine results.

Establishing The E-E-A-T Factor

This large learning model can also help you establish authority and trust with your audience.

With reinforcement learning and a deep AI system, ChatGPT can suggest the best content to optimize your website and put it in front of your target audience.

Tell the AI what you do and the experience you want to create. You can use this model to understand the amount of E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authority, Trustworthiness) needed for different types of content.

Write in Different Languages

You can use ChatGPT as a language translation and rank for blog posts written in different languages.

This works by providing ChatGPT with the initial content written in one language and asking it to translate the article into annotated.

Then you can get it to rewrite the translation to sound natural and professional. This is a great way to reach more people searching on Google using their native language. 

How To Leverage AI And SEO Using ChatGPT AIRPM

I have been using ChatGPT for SEO on my website because of one AI-powered Chrome extension called ChatGPT AIRPM. This Chrome plugin is a great way to leverage AI and SEO together.

ChatGPT AIPRM Screen

This tool includes over 100+ SEO prompts and makes content generation easy. You can optimize your content, generate content briefs, create new keyword ideas, and more.

Plus, it can be used to develop scripts for youtube, TikTok, and other social media channels.

This is the must-have SEO AI extension if you want ChatGPT for SEO.

FAQ: Using ChatGPT For SEO

Is ChatGPT good for SEO?

ChatGPT is suitable for ranking content online if you edit and personalize the output.

Many content writers need to catch up on this process step, and it's important to know that AI tools should only be used to assist you.

How will ChatGPT affect SEO?

AI-powered tools like ChatGPT can help you write content faster, create keyword clusters and phrases, and suggest ideas to boost a web page's rankings.

They can be used to understand user intent and deliver content that meets their needs.

You might fall behind in the competitive SEO landscape if you don't add tools like ChatGPT into your content plan.

Is AI content good for SEO?

It depends on the answers given by AI, but I always recommend adding your personalization and editing content created by AI tools.

How To Use Chatgpt For SEO Content

You can use ChatGPT for:

  • Answering questions
  • Create appealing content for Google
  • Video scripts
  • Coding
  • All aspects of SEO and Blogging
  • htaccess rewrite rules
  • Improve a previous answer
  • Come up with content ideas

This software can do anything if you understand the prompts needed to create the content and rank higher in a Google search.

How to use ChatGPT for digital marketing?

ChatGPT can help you generate hooks and video ideas for social media posts. 

This will help you with the tone of your titles and stop any limitations with ideation.

Also, you can use it to help with influencer outreach and build relationships with other people in the industry.

Focusing on many tasks can be hard as a digital creator, but ChatGPT will make your marketing easier.

What other SEO applications can I use with ChatGPT?

You can use several tools with ChatGPT, such as:

  • Surfer SEO
  • Ahrefs or SEMrush
  • Screaming Frog
  • Writerzen

And essentially any other SEO tool you want. 

Final Thoughts

As long as you use ChatGPT and SEO wisely, you can get your content to rank higher in search engine results.

By leveraging prompts and talking to the AI chatbot, you can create content tailored to your target market and optimize it for SEO.

Seriously, this will be a game changer for affiliate marketers and SEOs.

Eddy is an AI, SEO, and personal finance blogger who uses and tests products to help others improve their lives through AI and financial literacy. With years of experience in online business, he deeply understands the latest AI and SEO trends. Eddy is also well-knowledged in personal finance and committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise with his readers.

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