Content At Scale Review 2024: Best Long-Form AI Writer Software?

Updated on: December 12, 2023

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Content At Scale Review

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Do you need help with AI writing tools and can never create content that ranks?

I know the feeling of trying to improve your content production, yet you feel like the blogging tools you use don't work.

Even worse? You're tired of hiring freelance writers who need help understanding SEO.

That's where everything changes with this long-form AI writer. In this Content At Scale review, I'll show you how I've used this tool to generate long-form content.

What's more? I'll talk about how this content automation platform has saved me time and money and improved my rankings in search engines.

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ContentAtScale Overview

  • View word count and create content briefs
  • Create articles with NLP data
  • Become a AIO writer

Eddy's Personal Content At Scale Summary:

Content At Scale can be a great AI assistant for bloggers and content marketers. I have been using this AI software for a secret blog project that I have been working on, and it's doing great.

You can continue viewing our Content At Scale Reviews if you want to learn how to create long-form content using powerful AI copywriting software.

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What Is Content At Scale?

Content At Scale Home

Content at Scale is an AI writing tool that can help you craft complete blog posts using a keyword and content brief.

This is a revolutionary approach to AI-generated content and how you publish long-form content to your website or blog.

Not only does this tool create content product natural language text, but it will also produce SEO-optimized content that needs minimal editing.

Copy and paste the output to your favorite content optimization tool and edit your blog content further. This is what they call an AIO writer.

Since Content At Scale uses semantic analysis algorithms and other AI engines to produce your content, you can trust that AI detection tools won't flag it.

Either way, I always recommend content marketers and writers edit AI-written content.


  • Create blog posts that rank in just a few minutes
  • Clean and simple user interface
  • You can easily import your post into WordPress Website
  • Bulk-create articles using a CSV file with your target keywords
  • Different pricing plans to fit all needs

  • Most of the content needs more substantial editing
  • It can repeat sentences at times
  • Expensive for those on a blogging budget
  • No Surfer SEO integration (Yet)

You can also watch my Youtube video review of this AI Copywriting Tool:

Who Is Content At Scale Made For?

This tool is for any creator leveraging AI tools to create long-form SEO content using natural language processing.

This means that content at scale can include semantically relevant keywords, which many new SEOs might not have experienced.

Let's dive deeper into how this artificial intelligence tool works to make you or your freelance writer a better content marketer.

Affiliate SEOs

Affiliates who run content sites that want to publish content quickly and efficiently are likely to find Content at Scale useful.

It can generate hundreds of articles in the same amount of time it takes traditional copywriters to create just one or two.

Additionally, its keyword-rich content is helpful for affiliate SEOs trying to optimize their site for search engines.

Freelance Writers

If you are a freelancer who can't take on more clients because of slow SEO content production, then using this AI SEO tool for content creation is a great solution.

With Content at Scale, you can produce more content faster and stay ahead of client deadlines.

Also, the SEO optimization features will ensure your articles are search engine friendly and have a better ranking on SERPs.


Creating high-quality content at scale can be one of the most difficult tasks, but using content at scale with human writers can be the perfect combination for agencies.

Your clients won't be able to tell the difference because the content output is just that good. So, if you've wanted to grow your blogging revenue as an agency, now is the time.

Media Sites

Media sites looking to give their own writers a boost in content production should consider using Content at Scale.

With its ability to complete monthly posts using proprietary machine-learning models and human input, you can rest assured that the content will be high quality.

How Does ContentAtScale Work?

When you sign up with content at scale, you can start generating content quickly without a steep learning curve.

So, this AI copywriting software works by plugging in your primary and scanning the top-ranking pages for each keyword you input.

It then uses machine learning to develop new ideas and topics related to your primary keywords but also original ones.

ContentAtScaleAI results

Once that process is completed, you get an SEO-optimized blog post with the desired word count.

Nothing is easier than that, and you can even change up the content brief checklist to fit your preferred blog post outline.

Other AI writing software can produce natural language text with the prompts you feed it, but Content At Scale will do 90% of the work for you.

Content At Scale Features

Content at scale is slowly adding and updating its features, but here is a quick overview of what it provides.

  • Bulk keyword imports
  • Creates the meta description and URL slug for you
  • WordPress Plugin for quick publishing
  • Content brief checklist
  • Smart Projects Settings Page
  • Content Optimization Tools
  • Three AI Engines
  • Automatic external and internal links

Now let's see what this AI model can do for SEO content and long-form articles by going into detail about what Content At Scale offers.

Content at Scale model.png

Content Structure

Content at scale allows you to create long-form content with their easy-to-use publishing platform.

Let's discuss what you can do with their post content structure first.

When you're ready to write blog posts, you can easily get started by setting up a long-tail keyword for the article. You must complete your keyword research and then plug in the information in the content editor.

You'll then be able to include additional context and word count to get the highest quality AI output from content at scale.

Creating The Brief

Before creating the content, you can edit and rearrange the brief to add just a layer of personalization to the post.

You can add elements and actions to the brief such as sections, titles, and more, to help create a unique article for your readers.

Content At Scale AI briefs

You can include up to 10 unique headers once the post is ready to be optimized. You can include one more header, which will make the article a bit longer.

The Content Editor

This is where you will get back the AI-written content and where you need to provide a human edit.

This is the most important part of creating content when utilizing AI writing software. Here, you can edit, format, and add a layer of personalization to create content that stands out for your readers.

You'll notice that it will include and show you the following:

  • A Title tag
  • Meta description
  • Featured image
  • Related keywords to include in the post
  • Content brief and plagiarism checker
  • Document formatting

You can see how the document editor and content automation platform will guide you in creating amazing content that you or your writers will love.

My current workflow takes on one more step once you get the output back from content at scale.

I will then grab the text and paste it into Surfer SEO content editor to optimize for google rankings.

Surfer SEO Tool

Surfer SEO

  • Free Chrome Extension
  • Keyword Research
  • Topical Mapping

AI Content Detection Tool

Content at scale provides an AI content detector that can easily identify AI-generated text.

This helps you or your content marketer ensure your content is unique and not plagiarized. You'll get a score telling you how much is human-written and AI-generated.

Cotent At Scale AI Detector

Out of all the tools, this is one of the best because it's completely free to use and works just as well as any paid AI content detection software.

Suppose you already create SEO content with C@S.

In that case, you will likely pass AI detection because their multiple AI engines scan your content for keywords, natural language processing, and plagiarism.

Projects Page

Moving on to the project settings and page, you can format how you want your content at scale output to be. This means you can include your target audience and primary keywords for your niche.

Then, content at scale will use that information to draft a CTA for your intros and outros that include an internal link to your home page.

Here's a quick breakdown of what you can do for the project page:

  • Add Google schema FAQs
  • Generate key takeaways
  • Add a table of contents
  • Have a default word count
  • A Click to tweet feature
  • Call to action templates
  • Your website URL
Contentatscale project settings

So with that, your content marketing efforts will be made easy by correctly setting up the project settings.

WordPress Integration

If you're someone creating a lot of content for your blog, you'll be happy to know that content at scale includes a WordPress integration.

With this WP integration, you can set certain settings that automatically schedule or publish your blog post with a simple click. 

Content At Scale Pricing

Content At Scale offers a pricing model that might scare a few people but with good intent. The pricing plans are a higher ticket since this AI writing tool can generate complete blog posts with just one click.

Here's a quick pricing breakdown:

  • Starter: $500 per month for 20 posts
  • Scaling: $1,000 per month for 50 posts
  • Agency $1,500 per month for 100 posts

With every plan, you also receive NLP analysis and Copyscape integration. So, if you break it down, the starter plan will be as if you paid $20 per post, which is SEO-optimized.

How To Use Content At Scale

So, if you want to use content at scale, you can get early access as the AI tool is in beta. Once you sign up, you will be directed to create your first project, guiding you through the process.

You'll want to ensure that you include your website URL and the niche keywords you want the AI to focus on.

After that, you can generate blog posts with just one click, and the AI will do all the hard work for you.

Contentatscale how to use

So, if you want to create over 100 blog posts or, depending on your monthly credits with more than one keyword, you can create a CSV file of your keywords and directly import them into content at scale.

You'll then have the option to update the blog post outline before the AI goes to work.

Once you generate the blog posts and content at scale has completed its optimization, you can further edit, which, in my opinion, will be very minimal editing.

Content At Scale Alternatives

So, if you still want alternatives to content at scale for whatever reasons, here are other AI writing software that might interest you.


Autoblogging AI is similar to content at scale since you can include the target keyword and several other related keywords to create long-form articles. Autoblogging offers many features at a great price point.

Jasper AI

Jasper AI has been a market leader in AI writing, and many content marketers use this for their content creation.

Jasper has many AI templates that can help you write blog posts faster without losing quality. Ai writing tools like this one only come around sometimes, and it's something I recommend to my blog readers.


Scalenut is one of the top AI tools for bloggers, as it has a blog post template that can write up to 2,000 words.

I've tested their software, and as long as you provide it with the correct briefs, it can write flawless, high-quality blog posts.

It also features keyword analysis and optimization, which will help you easily target your desired phrase.

Surfer AI

Surfer AI is an AI writer built by the team at Surfer SEO. This tool can generate blog posts using a primary keyword, and to my surprise, the output reads great and passes my SEO grading score.

So, if you want to use a Content At Scale alternative, I'd recommend checking out my Surfer AI review to see how the tool performs.


Is Content At Scale Legit?

Yes, content at scale is definitely legit and spits out the highest-quality ai output I've seen. Not only that, the founder, Justin, is constantly working hard to update the tool and make sure that his customers are happy. If this AI software can even help go from a blank page to 1000 words, it's worth the price. The bonus is that you can save time and energy by using this tool to get your blog posts done quickly.

What Types Of Blog Posts Work Best Using Content At Scale?

I only recommend creating long-tail information blog posts using Content At Scale. I've noticed that information posts get a way better output and are much easier for content at scale to crawl.

How Does Content At Scale Compare To Other AI writing tools?

If you want an AI writer that can create 90% of your blog post in minutes, then Content At Scale is the tool for you. Its output is second to none, and I haven't seen anything like it before. Its accuracy is much higher, so you get a better output in less time. You won't regret trying it out.

Final Thoughts

After reading this content at scale review, I'm sure you can see why it's one of the best content writing tools on the market.

Not only does it generate output quickly and accurately, but it also has highly intuitive features that make creating a blog post easy and hassle-free.

They even offer an AI writing course, AIO Blogger, where you learn how to start your own service agency.

Try out Content At Scale today, and you'll see the power of becoming an AIO writer.

Eddy is an AI, SEO, and personal finance blogger who uses and tests products to help others improve their lives through AI and financial literacy. With years of experience in online business, he deeply understands the latest AI and SEO trends. Eddy is also well-knowledged in personal finance and committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise with his readers.

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