Dashword Review 2024: Can You Create Content Briefs With This Tool?

Updated on: November 24, 2023

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Do you want to learn how to optimize content that ranks easily on search engines?

The content creation field is evolving at a breakneck pace. From writing and editing to optimizing and publishing, there isn't a lack of skills that humans constantly need to learn. But what if an innovative tool can take some load off your back, namely Dashword?

Dashword is an efficient tool for optimization, as it utilizes cutting-edge technologies to give you high-quality content.

Keep reading for a detailed Dashword review, including whether it can create high-quality content briefs.

Dashword box

Dashword Rating

Dashword not only provides an easy way to organize your content briefs, but you also have a fighting chance for the top-ranking search results. Dashword provides all the resources needed to rank a web page.

What Is Dashword?

Dashword is a content optimization tool that helps you generate easily rankable content and saves time on research.

It creates a content brief that includes topics relevant to your niche that customers want to read more about and the outlines of competitors used to tackle these topics.

Dashword also includes an AI writer to help you generate meta descriptions.


Upon reading the brief, you can pick the topic you want to write about, edit the outline to fit your needs, and share it with your fellow writers.

Aside from its optimization abilities, Dashword also has a free meta description generator that you can use to create short summaries about your articles.

You have to write the subject of your article and a few keywords, and Dashword will do the rest.

You can view all the information for content marketing efforts under a single dashboard, making this AI content platform easy to use.


Here's a summary of Dashword's pros.

  • Fast and efficient generation of content briefs
  • Real-time feedback about content's rankability
  • Free meta description generator
  • AI writer included in two out of three pricing plans
  • Three pricing plans to fit all needs

Here's a list of points where Dashword falls short against competitors.

  • Keyword research isn't extensive enough for experts
  • No template creation option
  • Not enough technical features for SEO experts

Dashword Features

Now that I've given you a general idea about what to expect from Dashword, I'll delve into each feature separately.

Content Briefs

Dashword's most prominent feature is its ability to create content briefs quickly. While they might need some editing on your side, like any content created by AI, they'll save you time and effort and ensure you rank high on search engines.

Eddyballe Dashword Briefs

All you have to do is write the topic you want to create content about, and it'll come up with relevant terms that you should include in the article. It'll also show you frequently asked questions that competitors included in their blog posts.

When the data shows up before you, you can create a content brief or start writing in the text editor immediately.

You can edit the content brief to suit your expectations of the article. For instance, you can choose which keywords you want as titles and dictate an outline for your writers.

After editing the brief, you can share it with your employees in less than a minute.

Keyword Research

Dashword's keyword research tool shows monthly searches, search trends, competition, difficulty, and Cost Per Click (CPC) for each keyword. It's a decent tool for SEO beginners and freelance writers. However, it may be too shallow for experts.

Eddyballe KW research with dashword

Right above is an example of using their keyword research tool.

In general, there are extensive tools on the market capable of generating more data regarding keyword research.

Content Scoring

When you search for a keyword, Dashword browses the web for multiple blog posts about the same topic and shows you their content scores.

Unlike other SEO optimization tools that show numerical scores, Dashword gives alphabetical scores that range from A+ to F.

While writing in the text editor, Dashword will update the content score in real-time to show you how your article will stack up against others.

The score automatically increases once you write a keyword from the suggested list.

The way dashword updates the score while you're writing is constructive because it helps you save time and edit the text immediately.

If it only shows you the score after writing, you'll have to reread the entire article and edit accordingly to boost it, which could be more time-efficient.

Content Monitoring

Another one of Dashword's superb features is its content monitoring.

Even after publishing, the content optimization tool will monitor your blog posts and let you know if they need to be updated to keep up with current trends.

This way, you'll know if you have blog posts that need to generate more organic traffic or are unexpectedly underperforming.

Dashword Content monitoring with eddy

Besides that, Dashword will give you weekly keyword reports and updated rankings to keep you updated with all the latest published articles on the same topic.

Best of all, Dashword has a web crawler that can browse through your website, look for updated content in your optimized article, and add it to its database.

So even if you edit your published content, Dashword will give you ranking data based on the latest update.

The only catch is that the content monitoring feature is only available in the Business plan, the highest pricing plan Dashword offers.

Dashword Pricing Plans

Dashword has three pricing plans to fit every need out there. Here's a brief roundup of the plan, what they include, and who they're best for.

Dashword pricing

Hobby Plan

Best for beginners users

The Hobby plan is the most affordable of all three at $39 per month. It gives you five keyword reports each month, three user seats so that other people can use the tool with you, and access to creating content briefs.

Considering this plan has the fewest features, it's best suited for beginners in the content optimization field, freelance writers who work independently, hobbyists, and bloggers.

Startup Plan

Best for medium-sized bloggers

The Startup plan costs more than the previous one at $99 monthly. It gives you 20 monthly reports, five user seats, access to content briefs, and access to an AI writer. The writer can generate up to 20,000 words only.

This plan is an ideal choice for small business and startup owners. It's too expensive for hobbyists and needs to offer more features for experts.

Business Plan

Perfect for content teams

The Business plan is the highest pricing Dashword offers, costing $249 monthly. It gives you 100 monthly keyword reports, ten user seats, access to content briefs, and access to an AI writer with up to 50,000 words.

The feature that sets this plan apart from the other two is the content monitoring feature that I mentioned earlier.

It's only available for Business plan subscribers, making the pricing plan perfect for professionals in the optimization field.

Who Uses Dashword?

Now, you know all the features Dashword offers, but who is the content optimization tool for? Here's a list of people who can benefit from subscribing to Dashword.

  • Content marketing beginners and professionals
  • Bloggers
  • SEO teams in marketing agencies
  • Freelance content creators
  • Marketing team leaders
  • Affiliate marketers
  • Large content teams

Dashword Alternatives

Here's a list of alternatives to Dashword and how they compare against it. As a side note, these tools allow you to create great content with more or all the features that Dashword offers.

Surfer SEO Tool

Surfer SEO

  • Create content audits like a pro
  • Build A Six-Figure Blog
  • Find topic clusters

Surfer SEO is a comprehensive content optimization tool with a content editor, keyword research tool, and audit tool. It provides more detailed reports than Dashword regarding performance and keyword search volume and gives numerical content scores.

The most notable difference between Surfer SEO and Dashword is that the former comes at a higher price.

Surfer SEO's pricing plans start at $49 monthly, giving you 120 articles annually. Considering it offers more features than Dashword, Surfer SEO is more suited for online businesses and professionals.


Clearscope is an AI-powered content optimization tool that generates rankable content and integrates with third-party apps to make content management more effortless.

Most notably, it integrates with WordPress and Google Docs.

It also supports many languages and generates premium-quality data with a minimum of irrelevant keywords.

However, these features come at a hefty price, as Clearscope's lowest plan costs $170 monthly. The high-quality results and high prices render this tool most suitable for the gurus of the content creation field.


MarketMuse is one of the oldest content optimization tools on the market. It's capable of generating content outlines, researching keywords, and analyzing millions of articles on the web to show you how your blog posts will stack up against them.

MarketMuse has a free pricing plan gives you ten monthly queries and one user seat. Considering that Dashword gives you a single report for free upon signing up, MarketMuse's offer is better.

However, the catch is that MarketMuse's pricing plans are expensive, with the lowest costing $600 monthly. Although it offers extensive features that make every penny worth it, it is costly.


Is Dashword Legit?

Dashword is a legitimate SEO content marketing tool for anyone who wants to increase their organic traffic.

This tool can help you shave off research time regarding content ideas and blog post outlines.

Does Dashword Integrate With Google Analytics?

You can track and monitor your organic traffic through their integration with Google Analytics. It's nice to see a consistent increase in traffic as you optimize your content using Dashword.

Final Thoughts

Dashword is an efficient content optimization tool that can create content briefs, research keywords, and generate rankable content.

It's a solid choice for bloggers and hobbyists, as it has an affordable plan with minimal features. Also, it has two other plans for professionals and business owners.

While Dashword doesn't have the most extensive features, it's one of the most affordable tools on the market.

Eddy is an AI, SEO, and personal finance blogger who uses and tests products to help others improve their lives through AI and financial literacy. With years of experience in online business, he deeply understands the latest AI and SEO trends. Eddy is also well-knowledged in personal finance and committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise with his readers.

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