Deal Machine Review 2024: Driving For Dollars On Steroids?

by Eddy Ballesteros - Updated: March 17, 2024

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What if you could produce more off-market deals from motivated sellers using software like Deal Machine?

Imagine finding on-demand data about property owners that you can easily send direct mail to.

You can own a list of off-market deals and create a source of income without buying a list or getting a recycled list of sellers that every other real estate agent or wholesaler has tried to negotiate with.

In today's cutthroat real estate market, discovering off-market deals and connecting with motivated sellers is a game-changer.

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Deal Machine is an online tool that helps you make deals and find investment propertiesā€”the best Real Estate & Wholesaling Software.

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Real estate wholesale software like Deal Machine makes these tasks more accessible and efficient for real estate professionals and investors.

With a feature-rich platform, Deal Machine allows users to find valuable property data and seamlessly manage and grow their real estate business.

The Deal Machine app simplifies locating investment properties and targeting potential sellers by providing on-demand data and direct mail marketing tools.

This eliminates the need to purchase outdated or recycled lists that other agents or wholesalers have repeatedly used.

Using just your phone and this app, you can create a unique list of off-market deals and build a sustainable income stream in the real estate sector.

Enjoy the Deal Machine Review, but if you are in a rush, check out my overview below.

Key Insights About DealMachine

  • Deal Machine is a mobile app that aids in finding off-market deals and contacting owners with on-demand data.
  • The app eliminates the need for buying or using recycled seller lists, providing a unique edge for its users.
  • With Deal Machine, real estate professionals can efficiently manage, grow, and scale their businesses using their phones.

Deal Machine Overview


DealMachine Overview

Find leads quickly with Deal Machine.

Send Mail:




Ease of Use:


Batch Leads?


Do I Recommend Deal Machine?

Yes, I recommend the DealMachine App if you are ready to build your own list of off-market deals and drive for dollars.

The app won't make you millions unless you put in the work and start to get properties into your CRM system.

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What is Deal Machine?

DealMachine App

Deal Machine is an all-in-one real estate marketing tool that allows you to scale your real estate investing and wholesaling business all through "driving for dollars".

Any real estate investor can now easily skip trace multiple properties at once and content the property owner directly from the mobile app.

You can say that the DealMachine app is driving for dollars on steroids as it has so many features that allow you to get in contact with the direct seller all through your phone.

As you acquire real estate leads and property data, Dealmachine provides a CRM platform so that you can continue your lead generation after driving around a few neighborhoods.

Dealmachine all plans include

  • Free CRM software even if you don't use the app.
  • Pulls data record in an instant
  • Send out direct mail in one click.
  • Route tracking feature
  • Easy way to drive for dollars.
  • Cold Call Sellers in an instant.

How Does Deal Machine Work?

Dealmachine will easily find profitable deals for you while placing your leads into a CRM system and help you through this entire process, all from just an app.

  1. The Best thing to do is to drive around your local neighborhoods and discover a property that seems either distressed, old or boarded up.
  2. Type in the address and take a property picture using Deal Machine.
  3. Now, Deal Machine will do its work and find the property owner, checking their equity in the property, their mailing address, and contact information.
  4. the last step is to contact the owner by mail or phone, and it's easy to start building your own list.

How To Benefit The Most While Using The DealMachine App

While driving for dollars is great, and you can build your own list doing so, doing nothing at all with that new list won't help you get a deal under contract.

Many real estate professionals or investors will use the direct mail feature or find the phone numbers of motivated sellers and contact them.

To maximize the potential of Deal Machine, it's essential to use its various features. Here are some strategies for getting the most out of the app:

  1. Drive around your neighborhoods for distressed, old, or boarded-up properties.
  2. Enter property addresses and capture photos within the app.
  3. Allow Deal Machine to gather property owner information, including equity, mailing address, and contact details.
  4. Contact the property owner immediately by phone for the best chance of closing deals.
  5. Use the direct mail feature for property owners who don't answer phone calls.
  6. Consistently follow up with leads entered into the CRM platform.

By utilizing these strategies and Deal Machine's robust capabilities, real estate investors can streamline their property search process and increase the likelihood of closing profitable deals.


How Does Deal Machine Work?

Deal Machine is an app that streamlines finding, tracking, and contacting potential real estate investment properties.

As a user, I can drive around an area, and the app will automatically detect and display nearby properties.

When I identify a property that interests me, I can easily access its key information, such as owner details, property value, and other relevant data.

Besides providing crucial property data, Deal Machine offers tools to facilitate direct contact with property owners.

I can use the app to send customized direct mail, skip tracing, and make offers from my device. To enhance my experience and success, I can choose various pricing plans tailored to my goals and budget.

Through its intuitive interface, Deal Machine makes the driving for dollars strategy more efficient and effective.

 By combining cutting-edge technology with essential real estate investment tools, the app empowers users like me to uncover lucrative off-market deals quickly and with minimal effort.

Who is Deal Machine Made For?

This real estate wholesaling software can benefit a variety of real estate professionals or agents, as the features within Deal Machine can help you grow your real estate company.

With Deal Machine, you will be driving for dollars, which means going around different streets and looking for distressed properties.

So if you like cruising around and making money, Deal Machine is the right software.

Essentially, this cloud-based software will benefit anyone who wants to achieve financial freedom through more deals and cash transactions.

Deal Machine Is Best For:

Dealmachine app who is it for

Real Estate Investors

As a real estate investor focusing on flipping properties or building a buy-and-hold portfolio, Deal Machine is an excellent tool to discover potential investment properties.

With this AI marketing software, I can easily obtain mailing addresses and send automated direct mail campaigns to boost my sales.

Real Estate Wholesalers

If I were a real estate wholesaler, I would understand the advantages of using Deal Machine.

Instead of relying on purchased lists and endless cold-calling, I can create my personalized list of distressed properties with the Deal Machine app and directly reach out to those sellers.

Users like me can enhance their real estate businesses by driving around and scouting for distressed properties.

Deal Machine's cloud-based platform provides the opportunity to achieve financial freedom through increased deals and cash transactions.

Being suitable for various real estate professionals and agents, it can assist in expanding their companies.

How Much Does Deal Machine Cost?

With Deal Machine, you can start using their complete CRM system for free to manage your potential leads.

Now, Deal Machine offers a 7-day free trial that allows you to test out its full suite of tools.

DealMachine Pricing

Deal Machine Pricing:

Driving For Dollars Software:

The main product of Dealmachine (driving for dollars) Starts building your own lists of leads.

  • Basic: $59 per month
  • Professional: $119 per month
  • Elite: $249 per month

List Builder

Deal Machine's new product add-on. With List Engine, you can pull a list of thousands of leads in an instant whether you need it for cash buyers or sellers.

  • Basic: $59 per month
  • Professional: $89 per month
  • Elite: $166 per month

What Can Deal Machine Do?

The Deal Machine app is an incredibly versatile tool that enables me to find and connect with potential buyers and sellers of properties right from my phone.

With this real estate investing app, I can effortlessly access essential property information, including owner names and types within property boundary lines.

With Deal Machine, you can:

  • See owner names, and owner types within property boundary lines to pin properties quickly.
  • Send out direct mail campaigns with an image of the property.
  • Driving Route Tracking: This prevents you from driving the same street twice, covering an entire area, earning a mileage-based tax deduction, and keeping tabs on your team.
  • Deal Finder Recruiter: Hire a team to find deals for you
  • Maximizing the built-in CRM system to organize better and manage leads
  • Build Generational Wealth through real estate
  • Remembers your previous driving routes

As you can see this software can do so many things and deserves the hype that it gets.

Many big players in the game are started to realize this and promote it on their social media accounts such as Khang and Alex Saenz.

What I like about it

David Lecko, the founder of the dealmachine app, did an amazing job with the software. He wanted an easy way for others to build their own list of clients.

I loved that he is very transparent and active on social media with his company.

Also, this app allows newbies to gain some traction when starting out since you can create connections with sellers instead of buying a completely cold list online.

What I Don't Like About it

When reviewing the software and dashboard, I realized that they could add one more feature to make Deal Machine an "all-in-one tool."

If they could allow you to create a real estate website through the app and even place the site title in your direct mail campaigns, that could build more trust in your potential buyers.

So, if anyone is reading this from Deal Machine, I'd recommend this as an option for anyone using the app.

You can also read more dealmachine reviews online through different social media channels.

How To Use dealmachine in four simple steps

I follow these steps:

  1. Install the app
  2. Obtain property details
  3. Dispatch a pre-composed postcard
  4. Monitor lead reactions


Having shared insights about DealMachine and its potential advantages for your real estate pursuits, I am happy to see you attain financial independence and create your own list of off-market opportunities.

Remember to give DealMachine a try and start exploring for valuable deals. You might even bring on your first staff member to assist you.

I would like to know if you have used DealMachine and, if so, what your thoughts are about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How well does DealMachine's Driving for Dollars function work?

DealMachine's Driving for Dollars feature is highly efficient in helping investors discover quality investment properties in less time.

It streamlines sourcing and prospecting potential deals by providing driving routes, property analytics, skip tracing, and direct mail marketing.

How effective is DealMachine's CRM for managing leads?

DealMachine's CRM plays a crucial role in managing and organizing leads efficiently.

It allows users to track and nurture potential deals, set follow-up reminders, and categorize leads based on different criteria, making the lead management process smoother and more effective.

What part does AI play in the DealMachine app?

Although the search results do not mention AI, DealMachine likely incorporates Generative AI technology to improve various aspects of the platform. 

This could include data analysis, property recommendations, and user experience enhancement.

How does DealMachine work together with BiggerPockets?

The search results do not directly reference DealMachine's integration with BiggerPockets.

However, the two platforms may have partnerships or complementary features that benefit real estate investing community users.

What are some common user experiences with DealMachine?

Users have a positive experience with DealMachine, citing the app's user-friendly interface, efficient lead generation capabilities, and helpful features like skip tracing and direct mail marketing.

The driving for dollars feature is particularly popular among investors looking to streamline their property search process.

Is DealMachine worth the investment?

Many users believe that DealMachine is worth the investment because its features help real estate professionals find off-market properties, build lead lists, and manage leads effectively.

However, it's important to consider the subscription cost and the additional fees for direct mail and skip tracing services.

Trying the free trial and using the $15 marketing credit can help evaluate if DealMachine fits one's needs.

Eddy is an AI, SEO, and personal finance blogger who uses and tests products to help others improve their lives through AI and financial literacy. With years of experience in online business, he deeply understands the latest AI and SEO trends. Eddy is also well-knowledged in personal finance and committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise with his readers.

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