Deal Machine Review 2022: Driving For Dollars On Steriods?

Product Reviews Updated: July 23, 2022 by Eddy Ballesteros

What if you could produce more off-market deals using software like Deal Machine?

Imagine creating your own list of off-market deals and being able to create a source of income without having to buy a list or get a recycled list of sellers that every other real estate agent or wholesaler has tried to negotiate with.

The best news? With Deal Machine you can start, grow, and scale your entire real estate business all by just using your phone and this app. Enjoy the Deal Machine Review, but if your in a rush, then check out my overview below!

Deal Machine Overview


  • Free CRM software even if you don’t use the app.
  • Pulls data record in an instant
  • Send out direct mail in one click.
  • Easy way to drive for dollars.
  • Cold Call Sellers in an instant.


  • You have to drive for dollars (Or hire someone).
  • Not a get rich quick scheme. You need to hustle to get leads and make money.

Do I Recommend it?

Yes, I recommend Deal Machine App if your ready to build your own list of off market deals and ready to drive for dollars. The app won't make you millions unless you actually put in the work and start get properties into your CRM system.

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What is Deal Machine?

Deal Machine is an all in one real estate marketing tool that allows you to scale your real estate investing and wholesaling business all through "driving for dollars".

You can basically say that Deal Machine app is driving for dollars on steroids as it has so many features that allow you to get in contact with the direct seller all through your phone.

Deal Machine App

How Does Deal Machine Work?

1. The Best thing to do is to drive around your local neighborhoods and discover a property that seems either distressed, old, or boarded up.

Type in the address and take a picture of the property using Deal Machine.

2. Now, Deal Machine will do its work and find the property owner and see how much equity they have in the property, their mailing address, and contact information..

3. Now the last step is to get in contact with the owner either by mail or phone and it's literally that easy to start building your own list. 

How To Benefit The Most While Using The Deal Machine App

While driving for dollars is great and you can build your own list doing so, doing nothing at all with that new list won’t help you get a deal under contract.

So you must use the features within deal Machine to get the most out of it and honestly, cold calling the property owner on the spot would be the best way to close deals. 

Now let’s say the property owner does not answer, then you can hit them with a direct mail campaign straight through the app.

Who is Deal Machine made for?

This software can benefit a variety of real estate entrepreneurs or businesses as the features within deal machine can help you grow your real estate company. With Deal Machine you will be driving for dollars which means going around different streets and looking for distressed properties. So if you like cruising around and making money, then Deal Machine is definitely the right software.

Deal Machine App Review

Deal Machine is best for:

Real estate Investors: 

If you flip properties or just like to buy and hold, then deal machine can be a great way to create a list of investment homes for you.

Real estate Wholesalers:

If you’re a real estate wholesaler then you should already know the benefits that deal machine can do for you. A lot of “gurus” tell you to buy a list and cold call until you can’t think of anything else anymore. With Deal Machine app you can create your very own list of distressed properties and get in contact with those sellers.

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How Much Does Deal Machine Cost?

With Deal Machine you can start completely for free with their complete CRM system so you can manage your potential leads. 

Now Deal Machine comes with a 7-day free trial and allows you to test out the full suite of tools it comes with.

Deal Machine Pricing

Deal Machine Pricing:

Driving For Dollars Software:

Main product of deal machine (driving for dollars) Start building your own lists of leads.

Basic: $59 per month

Professional: $119 per month

Elite: $249 per month

List Builder

Deal Machine's new product add-on. With List Engine, you can pull a list of thousands of leads in an instant whether you need it for cash buyers or sellers.

Basic: $59 per month

Professional: $89 per month

Elite: $166 per month

What can deal Machine do?

The Deal Machine App has many features that allow you to connect with potential sellers and buyers all through your phone and can pull the entire record of the property in an instant. 

With Deal Machine, you can:

  • See owner names and owner type within property boundary lines to quickly pin properties.
  • Send out direct mail campaigns with an image of the property.
  • Driving Route Tracking:  Prevents you from driving the same street twice, cover an entire area, earn a mileage-based tax deduction, and keep tabs on your team.
  • Deal Finder Recruiter: Hire a team to find deals for you
  • Full CRM system to stay organized with your leads.

As you can see this software can do so many different things and deserves the hype that it gets. Many big players in the game are started to realize this and promote it on their social media accounts such as Khang and Alex Saenz.

What I like about it

David Lecko, who is the founder of deal machine did an amazing job with the software as he wanted an easy way for others to build their own list of client. I loved the fact that he is very transparent with his company and very active on social media.

Also, this app allows newbies to gain some traction when first starting out since you can start to create connections with sellers instead of buying a completely cold list online.

What I Don't Like About it

So when going over the software and dashboard, I realized that they could provide one more feature that would really make Deal Machine the "all in one tool"..

If they could allow you to create a real estate website through the app and even place the site title in your direct mail campaigns, that could build more trust to your potential buyers. So if anyone is reading this from Deal Machine, I'd recommend this as an option for anyone using the app.


Now that you know about DealMachine and how it can benefit your real estate career, I'm excited for you to hop on the hype and start building your own list of off-market deals.

Don't forget to try Deal Machine out today and start driving for dollars. Or who knows, even hire your first employee to go for you!

So over to you, have you tried Deal Machine yet and how do you like it?

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