Gumroad Review 2023: Good For Digital Products & Memberships?

Updated on: September 7, 2021 by Eddy Ballesteros

Have you been looking for a simple way to sell your online products or even create members-only content?

Gumroad might be your solution and tool to start monetizing your platform online and you'll find out why in this Gumroad review.

My name is Eddy and I've been creating digital products for quite some time now. I've been reviewing and testing every software out there and making sure I provide you the best tools for your online business or side hustle.

We partner with awesome companies that offer products that help our readers achieve their goals! If you purchase through our partner links, we get paid for the referral at no additional cost to you! For more information, visit my disclosure page.

Gumroad Overview


Gumroad is a simple solution for selling digital products and memberships.

They offers a number of features that make it easy to sell your product or service online without the hassle of setting up an eCommerce website, shopping cart, and payment system.

In this article, you will learn about all of the Gumroad features as well as how to use them in detail.

Pricing: There is no monthly fee & they only take a cut of each sale.


  • No monthly fees
  • Access to all features
  • Easily add to your tech stack
  • Very easy to use UI
  • Offers different payment methods


  • High transaction fees
  • Doesn't provide advanced analytics
  • Not great for hosting flagship courses
  • A few reviews stating they have their money held with no customer support

Do I Recommend Gumroad?:

Gumroad is great for beginners and anyone who just needs platform to send basic digital files such as eBooks, LUT's, videos, and more. I don't recommend Gumroad if you're looking to sell online courses or need to create up-sells and order bumps.

What Is Gumroad?

Gumroad is a simple solution for hosting and selling digital products or memberships. Gumroad can be used to sell anything, including ebooks, music, videos, photos, or any type of file you want to deliver with ease.

The platform is where creators all over the world can sell their work. Gumroad enables people to buy from you and provides a connection between the artist or creator and fans that are not available anywhere else online today.

Gumroad Homepage

Gumroad helps you create beautiful, embedded payment buttons that can be placed on your blog or website so people can buy what they want without ever leaving your site.

Gumroad comes with built-in marketing tools, analytics, customizable payment buttons (with no third-party fees), and more! It's free to try, but they do take a percentage of your sale.

Recommended Platforms

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When Was Gumroad Founded?

A Pinterest designer by the name of Sahil Lavingia started Gumroad after becoming frustrated with the lack of simplicity in selling digital products.

Gumroad was founded in 2011 and has since grown very popular for individuals to sell their products, whether it be ebooks or images through an easy-to-use platform with no fees attached.

Gumroad Twitter

How Does Gumroad Work?

After signing up on the Gumroad website, you can start creating your own store which can be branded to suit your personal style.

From there, you are able to add products that will have a customizable buy button created for them which can then be posted on any other website or blog platform of your choosing.

When the link is clicked for customers it directs them straight back over to Gumroad where they can purchase the product directly through the site.

This is a great way to sell products online, without having to pay any fees for hosting anything on your own website or blog platform. Any money made from purchases can then be transferred straight into your bank account by linking your PayPal account. 

Who Is Gumroad Made For?

Gumroad is made for entrepreneurs and creators looking to monetize their platform. Gumroad's goal is to help you sell your simple digital products and services, regardless of how unique they are.

So this is perfect for someone who has ebooks or digital downloads and isn't looking to create advanced upsells or order bumps.

If you're thinking Gumroad is right for you, you might be persuaded that over 90,000 sellers and over $500 million in transactions.

Gumroad is a great solution for anyone who would like to offer an online membership or subscription service as well. There are many websites that use the Gumroad platform with success.

Gumroad Pricing

Gumroad is completely free to use. You can sell anything, to anyone in the world without a monthly fee, but they will take a small cut of each sale you make.

Gumroad Pricing

Gumroad Fees:

  • $0 - 9%
  • $1,000 - 7%
  • $10,000 - 5%
  • $100,000 - 3%
  • $1,000,000 - 2.9%
  • +30¢ on each transaction

Although Gumroad doesn't charge a monthly fee, I believe their cut might be priced too high.

This also really depends if you don't have the budget to host your digital products and courses on another platform like Samcart or Podia. Gumroad might be your only option.

Gumroad Features

Gumroad offers lots of features to help you sell your digital product and online membership programs.

Let's go over the key features and benefits of Gumroad.

Sell Digital Products & Memberships

Digital Products & Memberships

Gumroad makes it easy to sell anything online. Whether you want to sell a digital product or membership program Gumroad has everything you need for beginners sellers.

Gumroad’s Universal Wallet lets buyers pay with any major credit card or debit card using their PayPal account without being charged an extra fee.

  • Allow your customers to buy your items at a reduced price with complete freedom using easy offer codes.
  • If you're selling software, Gumroad can generate license keys while you focus on selling.
  • Allow a "pay what you want" method to give your customers a choice of how much to pay you.
  • Sell different versions of your products such as an eBook with audio.
  • Sell all over the world by providing different currencies.
  • Sell subscriptions for access to your content on a regular schedule, like weekly or monthly. Gumroad handles all the billing and payments so you don't have to worry about it!
  • Control access by setting up limited download links for memberships that expire after a certain period.
  • Sell single files, bundles of files, and more with the ability to customize your purchase page's look & feel.

Sell Physical Products

Gumroad Physical Product

Are you also selling physical products? Well, Gumroad supports physical products!

Sell a product with a customizable purchase page.

Provide buyers the ability to add multiple item options from your store into their cart and check out in one click using Gumroad's Universal Cart functionality.

Include digital download links for all of your customers’ order history so they can re-download anything anytime without having to contact you.

Physical Product Features:

  • To keep your customers informed, label packages as delivered and supply tracking numbers to them.
  • Give customers shipping rates and charge them according to their location.
  • Gumroad provides sales tax support
  • Address verification to make sure you don't ship to the wrong address.


Create a simple website with Gumroad's website template and embed a follow form.

Create a professional store with your own branding, colors, and logo.

Customize the look & feel of your purchase pages to match how you want to present yourself online.

Gumroad Website

Once your page is up and running, use Gumroad Analytics to see what posts are most popular for selling products (eBooks, products, courses, memberships) to your potential customers.

Easily integrate your account into social media services like Facebook (and other platforms) for easy shopping on the go!

With Gumroad you can create high-converting checkout pages for your website, blog, and social media. My favorite way to come up with good sales copy is using a tool like Jasper AI.

Which is an AI copywriting software that can help social media content for you.

My Top Pick
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Gumroad’s checkout pages offer shopping carts & universal wallets to more than 500 million people around the world

Gumroad Checkout Pages

This makes it possible for you to sell on any platform with just a few lines of code!

You can also add Gumroad buttons that allow anyone who sees them to buy from you with just a click.

Create unique discounts for different customers or groups of customers to increase sales and conversions!

Gumroad makes it easy to create custom coupons that work on all Gumroad products.

Allow your memberships, courses, books, etc…to automatically renew through the use of subscriptions which you can also charge more for if you want using the checkout page.

Gumroad MarketPlace

Gumroad Marketplace

Gumroad offers a marketplace where you can sell products created by other Gumroad users.

The marketplace is a great way to gain exposure for your work and help boost sales of the products that others have made available on Gumroad.

So if you want a team of affiliates, you can offer affiliate marketing on all your products and let the marketplace do all of your work for you.

Take advantage of Gumroad's built-in affiliate program that rewards users who refer new customers for you.

Gumroad Affiliates

Gumroad also accepts all major credit cards and PayPal to give your affiliates and customers the widest range of purchase options!

Gumroad is here to provide you with all kinds of support. If you ever need assistance, please get in touch over chat or email and they'll be happy to help resolve any issues. Although their reviews say otherwise..

Gumroad has no setup fees. You only pay a fee when someone buys so just remember that part!

Gumroad Integrations

Gumroad Zapier Integrations

Using Zapier, Gumroad can integrate with over 500 apps. An example would be if I want to create a zap that will send all Gumroad sales directly into my Mailchimp list and then an autoresponder email will be sent out immediately.

Gumroad also has an in-depth integration guide for every platform in case you need any additional help or assistance.

Is Gumroad Safe?

Yes, Gumroad is completely safe to use. Gumroad uses data encryption and two-step authentication.

Gumroad also has a blog post on why you should feel safe using their platform to sell your products or services. You can read that here: "Why You Should Feel Safe Using Gumroad".

Is Gumroad Worth It?

After trying out Gumroad, I don't completely think it's worth it, and here's why.

If you want to sell online courses and training, Gumroad is not the best solution for that. Gumroad is great for selling things like music, videos, tutorials, or any other basic digital download.

The biggest problem I ran into was the number of features you get with Gumroad. It's really not worth your time to have a free service like Gumroad unless you're looking to make a few sales a month which you still have to split a fee with them.

I also think compared to platforms like Clickfunnels and Podia, Gumroad's features are not quite as powerful or robust either. In fact, I recommend checking out Podia if you're looking for the best solution to create your sales funnel online and sell digital products.

What I Like About It 

I do like Gumroad for its easy interface. It's very simple to create a product and sell it with Gumroad. I also like that they have a marketplace where people can sell digital products. I have bought a few things from their marketplace which was very convenient.

Another good feature is you can import an email list from your email marketing software. That allows you to market your products easily.

Last but not least, Gumroad has an awesome built-in affiliate program so you can save time and have your audience sell for you.

The Gumroad team definitely has more to offer, but these are the features I appreciate most.

What I Don't Like About It

A few things that I don't like about Gumroad is the lack of advanced features and the high fees. Gumroad is a simple tool and it's very easy to use, but if you want more features like order bumps or product variations, then there are other tools out there that might be better suited for your needs.

Another thing is there are no tools available like A/B testing, so you need to test things manually yourself which takes time.

After reading a few other reviews and reading multiple bad customer experiences, I have come to the conclusion that their customer support is lacking.

Is Gumroad A Scam?

Gumroad is not a scam and is very safe to use as your go-to platform.

One thing that caught me off guard was some of the items people were selling on Gumroad.

I was curious about what people were selling and I found some weird things on the platform like old movie scripts, college courses, data science learning material and some things I can't say on here. (You get what I mean.)

Gumroad Alternatives

Are you looking for something with more advanced features to host your products and membership? Check out these Gumroad alternatives below.

Our Personal Favorite

Ready to start selling online? Use Podia to monetize your audience by selling online courses, digital products, & more!

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We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Read my full list of Gumroad alternatives here.

Gumroad Review Conclusion

What are your thoughts on Gumroad? Do you think it's a good platform to sell digital products? Did I miss anything in my Gumroad review or did you at anytime think I'm being biased?

I see a lot of people online starting their side hustles with this software, but the option is up to you.

Also, I'd like to know what your experience has been using Gumroad whether you liked it or not. 

Eddy is an AI, SEO, and personal finance blogger who uses and tests products to help others improve their lives through AI and financial literacy. With years of experience in online business, he deeply understands the latest AI and SEO trends. Eddy is also well-knowledged in personal finance and committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise with his readers.

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