How To Start A Credit Repair Business For 2023: Complete Guide

Updated: January 23, 2023

Written by Eddy Ballesteros

What if you could start a credit repair business that is completely profitable and a side hustle where you can help individuals fix their credit?

We all know starting a credit repair business can seem stressful but in this guide, I'll be showing you how to start a credit repair business from scratch and make $4,000-$10,000 a month.

The best news? It's actually not that complicated and this business model can be very rewarding once you understand how to view each and every credit score's issues..

Starting A Credit Repair Business

I decided to take credit repair certification classes online and I started this side hustle with a partner at the beginning of 2020. Within just over a year, we brought in over 100 paying clients.

It was the first business that allowed me to quit my job, not have to worry about a boss or being late, and best of all, I finally could help others.

If you purchase through our partner links, we get paid for the referral at no additional cost to you! For more information, visit my disclosure page.

It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows though, we had to always adjust and make changes to our pricing, website, stay updated with the credit repair organizations act and sales. 

If it wasn't for all the failures and wins, I wouldn't be where I'm at today. So I am thankful that I can share all of this with you and hope that you gain some insight on starting your very own profitable credit repair business from home.

What Is A Credit Repair Business?

What is a credit repair business?

Credit repair businesses provide a service that helps individuals repair their credit scores or maintain a good credit score. Credit repair companies can be run from home or as a side hustle. 

Credit repair services is a very broad term, and the actual process of fixing credit varies depending on the circumstances of each client's situation. Repairing your customers credit score typically involves one or more of the following steps:

  • Verifying correct information that appears in your credit report. Credit agencies can make mistakes when they input data to a credit report, and it is important for you to look into any incorrect data that appears on your credit reports.
  • Disputing incorrect information with the Credit Reporting Agency (CRA). Credit agencies are required by law to investigate disputes made by consumers. Credit repair businesses can provide you with the information necessary to file these disputes.
  • Credit Report Freeze: Credit report freezes mean that new creditors cannot view your credit report without your permission. Credit bureaus must place a freeze on your account within 24 hours of receiving this request, and they will lift it if you instruct them to do so

And so much more that we will be going over in this article.

How To Start A Credit Repair Business

How to start a credit repair business

Before entering the world of credit repair, including an at-home credit repair business, you'll want to make sure that you understand the credit repair laws that regulate the credit repair industry and have a marketing strategy in place.

Credit Repair Business
FREE TRAINING: Start A Profitable Credit Repair Business FREE TRAINING: Start A Profitable Credit Repair Business
  • 3-Step Credit Repair Business Process
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Credit Repair Laws To Know

Let's review of the important laws so you can have a successful business and take care of your clients.

Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA): A federal law that was passed to regulate credit repair companies and to make sure they aren't taking advantage of their clients and sensitive information. 

A few important topics that were passed CROA are:

  • A written contract needs to be completed before working with clients.
  • Credit repair companies cannot ask for an upfront payment.
  • Clients have a right to cancel within a certain time period.

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA): A federal law passed to ensure that the credit reporting agencies are reporting consumers' information correctly throughout all the databases online. You'll want to research and learn about each credit bureau company.

Now that you have a good understanding of the laws, you'll want to get your business protected and insured.

Credit Repair Surety Bonds

Credit Repair Business Startup Bonds

A credit repair surety bond protects your clients from any possible damage that can result from the actions of your credit repair company.

It's important to get to file for a surety bond as you know never what could happen when fixing your client's credit reports or viewing their credit score.

Registering for a bond is very simple and pricing differs depending on what state you are working from.

BondsExpress is a recommended source to file for your bond.

Register Your Credit Repair Business

Registering your credit repair business is very important because this is what allows you to open up a business bank account and become official. 

Credit Repair is considered a "high-risk industry" so don't miss this step and start thinking of friendly good credit repair business names.

Whether you are filing for DBA, Sole Proprietor, or an LLC, I would recommend you speak to a tax attorney or tax professional. 

You'll want to make sure if you need:

  • A Business License
  • Pay Certain State Fees
  • A Domain Name
  • A Credit Repair Business Plan

I filed my LLC through ZenBusiness and they did all the work for me... My LLC and business were registered within 3 weeks and received all my completed paperwork in the mail. It was that easy. 

Banks That Approve Credit Repair

Many people in the industry struggle getting approved for a business bank account since many bankers claim that credit repair is a "risky business". 

I was immediately approved for Wells Fargo, but I did further research to provide a list of potential credit repair friendly banks.

  • Wells Fargo
  • Schools First Credit Union
  • Navy Federal Credit Union
  • Bank Of America
  • BBVA
  • Regions Bank
  • SunTrust

Setup Your Credit Repair Pricing

Setting up your pricing plays a big role in the success of your company.

After speaking to many others who wanted to learn how to start this business opportunity, they never know how much to charge.

You can charge whatever price you feel is right, but the industry average is around $59-$99 a month.

You can always view your competitors and see what they are charging.

How Much Can You Make With Credit Repair?

You can make as much as you want by offering month-to month or payment plans with credit repair services.

Here is a credit repair calculator that you can use to see how easy it is to make $5,000-$10,000 in your business.

Credit Repair Calculator

Those are the main steps to start your credit repair business. Now, this doesn't mean that you can't start if you don't do have all these steps completed. It's better to get started now then overthink the process. 

You can still fix credit for FREE and get your friends and families to help you while you learn the process and get registered as a business.

Credit Repair Business Training

Even though the credit repair industry is regulated, you actually do not need a certification or degree to start a credit repair business. 

Now, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get educated and certified by a well-known credit repair business training courses. 

You will want to make sure you understand how to:

  • Send out dispute letters
  • Read credit reports
  • How to save money for your clients
  • Understand the 3 major credit bureaus
  • Set up banking and merchant account
  • and so much more!

Here are the courses I took that allowed me to start, grow, and scale my credit repair company.

Free Credit Repair Business Training:

Free Credit Repair Business Training

The founder of Credit Repair Cloud provides free 1-hour training on how to start a successful credit repair business from scratch.

I recommend this credit repair class for anyone who wants to become a credit specialist and learn the credit repair process.

Key Features:

  • How to find people who are willing to pay you for credit repair services and land your first client within 24 hours.
  • Learn the disputing methods to fix credit reports.
  • How to scale and create an automated process.

Pricing Plans:

Credit Repair Business
FREE TRAINING: Start A Profitable Credit Repair Business FREE TRAINING: Start A Profitable Credit Repair Business
  • 3-Step Credit Repair Business Process
We earn a commission if you make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

Credit Hero Challenge:

The credit hero challenge is a 14-day credit repair business training program to help you start your business. This was actually the first credit repair training academy that allowed me to start my credit repair company and it includes 3 certifications.

  • Advanced Dispute Certification
  • Credit Repair Business Training Certification
  • Credit Repair Software Certification

Key Features:

  • 14-days of credit repair business training
  • Other students will be in the training with you.
  • Credit repair course certifications.
  • Credit repair cheat sheets.
  • Millionaire case studies.
  • Credit repair business roadmaps.

Pricing Plan:

This training course is a $47 one time payment.

What's Included In The Credit Hero Challenge Challenge?

  1.  How to get your first client within 24 hours.
  2. How to read a credit report.
  3. Automate work flows for maximum efficiency.
  4. Consult like a credit pro & much more!

Get Credit Repair Software For Businesses

Credit repair software allows you to automate and send out dispute letters for your credit repair business.

This is so important for any company when they can find software that allows them to scale at a rapid pace. 

We use credit repair cloud for everything including our free consultations as this allows us to only have to work 30 minutes per month for each client. 

You can sign up for credit repair cloud and grab a 30-day free trial when you use our link. 

Credit Repair Cloud Bonuses:

When you use my link, I’ll also provide you with these bonuses.

  • My dispute methods to legally remove negative items.
  • Instagram marketing guide.
  • Credit Repair Software training.
  • How to get your first client within 24 hours.

What States Can You Start A Credit Repair Business In?

When starting out your credit repair business, you’ll want to make sure that you can legally sell credit repair in your state.

Many other credit repair companies do this wrong and end up getting sued for working in other states, so make sure you review this part carefully.

Depending on where you live, credit repair is considered a high-risk business. Use this Credit Repair State Laws website to see if you can repair credit in your state.

How To Advertise Your Credit Repair Business

Learning how to advertise your new credit consulting business is what’s going to help you get more clients and recurring revenue per month.

There are multiple ways to promote your business, but in this guide, i'll be showing you what we do with our credit repair advertising budget.

Make sure to build a community and serve your leads with FREE information before you sell anything.

Here's how to get credit repair clients.

Instagram Marketing:

Instagram is a very powerful social media app to gain trust with your potential clients. We use Instagram every day to message affiliates and get more referral based clients.

Start promoting your Instagram story by putting testimonials, previous results, and free training to get more eyeballs on your services. It's important to post daily and 1-3 times on your story. 

Instagram Reels and Instagram IGTV are great to build your community and get a flood of potential clients.

Credit Repair Ads:

We ran a lot of ads through Facebook and Instagram to gain more reputation on our pages and also get appointment signups. 

All of these were completely automated so we never had to worry about missing a lead appointment.


I could go on and on about getting affiliates, but this is by far the best way to grow your credit repair company and get new clients.

Affiliates will send you warm leads on a daily basis and you will never have to worry about ads or SEO

You can easily setup a an affiliate program or use built-in CRM's from credit dispute programs.

Just imagine a business where you don't need to spend money on ads or get stressed over posting daily content... Think about it. Free leads equals easy recurring money.

As I explained earlier, you can get leads through Instagram direct messaging and Facebook private message so make you build affiliate relationships.

How To Outsource Your Credit Repair Business

Outsourcing your credit repair business can be a great choice if you want to grow your business quickly.

You can hire remote sales reps, dispute processors to handle the workload, and you can still be involved in day-to-day operations.

This allows you to grow your business quickly by putting employees in place without having to go through the headache of hiring local staff.

Automate Your Credit Repair Business:

Automate your credit repair business with sales funnels and email marketing. 

This allows you to really complete the outsourcing phase and scale your credit repair company.

Avoid Credit Repair Scams

Whether you own a credit repair business or partnering with one, it's important that the business follows all laws and regulations. 

As stated above, You'll want to make sure you understand CROA & FRCA completely before starting a credit repair business.

Check out this recent infographic by

Credit Repair Scams

Infographic Provided by


So now you know how to start a credit repair business and make it profitable. After starting mine, I have never looked back after starting mine.

Be sure to check out the Free Training on how to start your very own credit repair business Today.

So over to you, will this be a side hustle that you could look into? Read this over a few times and make sure you learn how to start a credit repair business, or what are some of your doubts? 

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