Legendary Marketer Review 2022: 15 Day Challenge Worth The Hype?

Product Reviews Updated: May 12, 2022 by Eddy Ballesteros

Ever wondered about joining Legendary Marketer?

Well, It started for me back in 2018 when I was first introduced to David Sharpe and his training program through an ad on facebook. I kept coming across blog posts and youtube videos on their Legendary Marketer Review. 

So I watched the webinar and of course got hooked just like everyone else, but I didn't buy the first time around. I had to do my research and make sure this was not some kind of scam or something I was going to go deeper in debt for.

Now If you are a new marketer or looking to start a side hustle, you’ll need to work hard on your online skills and gain experience. There are many training programs available online that can help you out with this.

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But, In today’s article, we’ll discuss Legendary Marketer's course that help you start your own high-ticket affiliate marketing business.

Lets get started on this review!

Legendary Marketer Overview


Legendary Marketer is an online training platform for marketers that helps to polish their skills and do their marketing business more efficiently. For a better understanding of this product, let me share a line of their About Us page that clearly tells the core mission of this online training platform.

Key  Features:

  •  Affiliate Marketing
  • Low Barrier To Entry
  • Like-minded Community
  • Coaching Calls Included





Ease of Use


Legendary Marketer primarily consists of video training, evaluations, weekly webinars, and other live events to provide high-end education about starting an online business.

So, whether you want to become a digital marketer, social media influencer, or affiliate marketer, you can learn a few things after taking this course to create a lucrative side hustle online.

Who Is Legendary Marketer For?

This is an all-in-one training program that can benefit beginners and intermediates to learn to start an affiliate marketing business.

The main core training teaches you how to grow an email list, create a sales funnel, receive traffic, and make money with affiliate commissions.

Personal one-on-one advisors are always there to guide you through this lucrative affiliate program. 

What I like About Legendary Marketer

While there are a lot of similar programs available on the internet, I have had experience with this product as it was the first affiliate marketing course I bought and it was definitely worth it! So here is the list of some things that I like the most about it.

The training packs a powerful punch: 

The coaches of this training program keep themselves in a very influential manner and you feel insanely motivated whenever you hop on the phone with them. As a matter of fact, you actually learn how to earn success and be on the top. 

You can feel the difference in the first 3 days, then there comes a Fifteen Day Challenge, which will prove to be a turning point and you will learn why high income skills are a better than than a 9-5.

You can purchase the Legendary Affiliate Marketing Book, for just $1.99 and get the 15 day business builder challenge.

It keeps on updating:

One of the best things about it is that it keeps on evolving for the better and is evergreen content. 

Let me explain, 

In 2020, they added a TikTok training course and Copywriter’s Playbooks, to evolve with a new generation of online marketers. 

Moreover, there was an addition of weekly evaluations and live sessions in 2020. You can also have access to updated content and strategies on the Marketer’s club.

Excellent support:

If your barely starting, you will have a lot of questions. Online customer support is the best option to consider in this program. You will be convinced about the excellence of the support team.

When I was a beginner, I needed one-on-one guidance about what I should do next, and how I can take the maximum benefit of the business builder challenge. 

There is nothing controversial about it (Not an MLM):

Everything is clear and obvious and there are no vague marketing strategies. It is not based on a Multi-level Marketing strategy and their program focuses on affiliate marketing.

So, you can consult with those who are already using this affiliate program or the training system. Everyone is pretty open about it and will tell you their experiences.

It is not a scam:

There are a lot of low cost products as well as the paid options, but one thing I can back up is that it is not a scam. I actually have people ask me everyday because of doubt, but like any other business you have to put 110% in. 

They add value to their training session, and you feel that you are learning something valuable and precious. While most of the paid products are very inexpensive, some other optional products are overpriced, but the truth remains there and that is:

All in all, Legendary Marketer is not a scam or an MLM, but they do have some up-sells which you can read below.

What I Don’t Like About It...

This wouldn't be a legit review if i wasn't being honest right? Don't worry, ill explain some of the cons of this program as well.

They can hit you with some up-sells:

Initially, it is absolutely free to promote! If you want to get higher affiliate commissions or access to paid learning material, you will have to pay. For example, Digital Marketing Blueprint costs $2500, while to get the highest commissions, it will be $29.95 per month. But don’t worry, it will allow you to earn commissions of up to 40% for each product.

It's not for everyone:

Well, before going into the deeper details, understand that your location might not allow you to join this platform. It is blocked in some countries, and if you are in a blocked country, you will feel frustrated to know that it is not for you.

 Your probably going to ask, why is it blocked in my country? The reason is some payment gateways that work best with Legendary Marketer may not work well in your country. Due to the payment restrictions, it is unreachable in some areas. You can still check out the best sides to start.

Legendary Marketer Products

Legendary Marketer Products

There is a wide list of products that constitute this training. You can get more information once you will sign up and start taking this training.

Here is the list.

The book consists of affiliate marketing and why it is one of the best business models to start in! It’s packed with 90 pages of pure golden nuggets

Copywriter’s Playbook

If you have ever struggled with copywriting or learning how to write good email campaigns, then this training is perfect for you. This course covers how to become a better copywriter and overall better marketer.

This TikTok training course will literally change how you view social media platforms. 15 Second Free Leads Course is made up of 5 lessons and will teach you how to generate free leads using TikTok. Get the training for $1! 

**Best way to start** Over a period of 15 days, you’ll learn how to start and grow an online business with one-on-one coaching and create a business plan. 

Legendary Marketer’s Club

The marketer's club is a monthly subscription service with value packed videos filled with education, affiliate marketing, and different ways to grow your brand.

Traffic University

Traffic University contains nine different individual courses included in the bundle. You will learn different methods of bringing in organic & paid traffic to your offers.

Legendary Marketing Pricing



15 Day Online Business Builder Challenge

$7 one-time

Legendary Marketer Book

$1.99 one-time

Legendary Marketer’s Club

$30 per month

Omni Branding Formula

$47 one-time

Business Blueprints Starter

$2500 one-time

Marketer Mastermind

$8,000 one-time

Entrepreneur Mastermind

$12,000 one-time

DFY Brand Builder

$10,000 one-time

DFY Brand Builder & Mastermind Bundle

$15,000 one-time

Legendary Leadership Group

$30,000 one-time

Is Legendary Marketer Worth it?

You may think why I am overwhelmingly focusing on this point. Well, there is a valid reason for it. Many people who are tight on budget, consider it a scam due to the overpricing of some products.

But when you will see the quality of the training material, you will be convinced that it will help you to drive traffic to your website or the landing page from Google, Facebook, Twitter, using the most-effective traffic-generation methods. All the payments are one time, and you will keep on getting the benefits forever. 

I personally know a lot of successful students and marketers, who tried the 15 Day Business Builder Challenge for $7 and completely loved it!

I am a huge fan of Legendary marketer, as I know that you will not lose anything in the end. So, bear in mind that it takes hard work and dedication to succeed.

Wrapping Up The Legendary Marketer Review

Starting your own online business and being your own boss can be the best decision of your life. No matter what your online business is, you can use this relatively new training platform that not only helps the new marketer but the existing ones as well.

Now that you have read all about Legendary Marketer in a simplified and comprehensive manner, do you think it is exactly something you need for your online business?

If yes, what are you waiting for, then?

Sign up now, become an affiliate, and start earning high-ticket affiliate earnings!

How to get the most out of the program? 

When you purchase “The Insider's Guide To Affiliate Marketing” ebook it comes included with:

  • 15 Day business builder challenge
  • Facebook ad & email swipes 
  • Access to legendary marketers private facebook group
  • On top of that. You will receive my bonuses

Sign up and get started today all for $1.99.

Thats my complete Legendary Marketer Review + Bonuses! 


Have you tried it out yet? Let me know in the comment below!

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