Podcastle AI Review [2024] The Ultimate Tool For a Successful Podcast

by Eddy Ballesteros - Updated: December 3, 2023

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Aside from creating meaningful and entertaining content, the odds are your podcast isn't going to take off if it's poorly edited, has terrible audio, or isn't getting appropriately marketed.

This is where the Podcastle AI chimes in. It's a Marketing SaaS tool that helps you record, edit and market your podcast for free.

So if you want to learn about the services Podcastle provides and whether or not it's worth trying, keep reading this article.

So if you're not impressed with podcasting tools right now, let's hop into this Podcastle AI Review.

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What Is Podcastle?

Podcastle AI

Podcastle is a creative podcasting platform that provides easy-to-use tools to create professional-sounding audio.

It enables you to record high-quality audio, enhance and edit it, interview guests in video, and transcribe your episode—all on the same platform.

They also provide you with videos and reading material explaining all the steps you need to take towards creating a successful podcast. For example, how to promote your podcast.

So if you've ever wanted to take your business further and finally upload a story that you are proud of, subscribe to the free forever plan.


  • Library of royalty-free audio effects and music
  • Auto-leveling
  • Text-to-speech (TTS)
  • Automatic transcription
  • Magic Dust audio enhancer
  • Audio, text files, and document conversion tools
  • Thorough audio editor
  • Lossless downloads
  • Adaptive AI technology
  • Separate audio tracks during interviews
  • Convenient extension for Google Chrome


  • It can lag on some browsers
  • Mediocre video recording
  • No Firefox extension
  • New tool, but very impressed

Who Is Podcastle Made For?

Podcastle was made to improve and enhance the audio and quality of podcasts for beginner and full-time podcasters.

However, at its core, Podcastle.AI is an audio editor and enhancing software, so it can still be helpful to educators and audiobook creators.

How Does Podcastle Work?

The advantage of choosing Podcastle AI is that all podcast-related operations can be done on the same platform. So once you create an account, here are the four steps to release a podcast episode.

Podcastle How It Works
  • Recording. It's as simple as setting up your mic and pressing the 'Record.'
  • Editing. Once you stop recording, your audio track will be displayed on the screen, and you can right-click it to cut, fade, adjust volume, add music and sound effects, and so on.
  • Enhancing. After you're done with the editing, right-click the track and click 'Add Magic Dust.' This will do things like remove background noise and adjust volume inconsistencies.
  • Download. Once satisfied with the finished product, you can right-click the track and download it on your computer or save it on Podcastle.ai.

Podcastle AI Pricing

Podcastle AI Pricing

If you produce podcast episodes frequently and the accessible version of Podcastle doesn't cut it for you, here are the two subscription plans Podcastle.AI offers.

Storyteller Plan:

This plan is for people who produce episodes frequently. It costs $14.99 per month if billed monthly and $11.99 per month if billed yearly. It includes:

  •  Podcastle's full music selection
  • Unlimited access to Magic Dust and auto-leveling
  • 8 hours of 4k video recording
  • 10 hours of automatic transcription
  • 400,000 characters of TTS

Podcastle AI Features

Here are the features you can enjoy on Podcastle.


A common mistake among new podcasters is releasing episodes with inconsistent audio levels.

This means their audio is too loud that the listeners have to lower their device's volume drastically to compensate, or it's too low that listeners still can't hear your words with the volume cranked up.

At other times, the audio is so inconsistent that different parts of the same episode have different volume levels.

Auto-leveling podcastle

And since the good audio quality is among the most crucial parts of a professional podcast, Podcastle offers an audio-leveling feature that automatically adjusts the audio volume to the desired level using AI

So even if you have varying audio levels in an episode, it gives the listener a consistent and coherent listening experience.

Royalty-Free Audio Effects

Another feature Podcastle provides is an extensive library of royalty-free sound effects and music.

This allows you to create intros and outros and use audio effects like clapping, laughing, or booing without worrying about being asked to remove a certain track from your episode (or even Copyright claimed) after it's released.


Podcastle AI is very efficient regarding TTS or, as Podcastle calls it, Revoice. Their AI voice generator offers many unique features that is perfect for any podcaster.

TTS comes in handy when you've finished your recording and, during the editing process, you realize you misspoke in a particular sentence or maybe forgot to mention an essential point to the topic.

Text-to-speech Podcastle AI

However, we know what you're probably thinking at this point: TTS has always produced robotic voices that don't sound natural.

This is an understandable concern since having a robot chime in with a few words now and then during podcasts disrupts the natural flow of the conversation.

However, Podcastle boasts 14 different voice tones on their TTS with both male and female tones, all with different speaking styles.

You can also find deep voices, high-pitched ones, and everything in between. So if you needed to add a few sentences, the outcome would still sound natural.

Automatic Transcription

Who wants to send their podcasts to a transcription service and wait days for the finished product? Instead, you can use Podcastle AI's automatic transcription to get it done instantly.

The AI is also very versatile, as it can convert audio recordings and MP3 files to text. It can even convert your dialog to text as you're recording.

Audio Enhancing

Podcastle's Magic Dust is where their AI shines. It enhances any audio file by isolating your voice and removing unwanted background noise like people chattering, car horns, echo, and wind noise.

It also works on improving sound quality from the receiver's end. The AI listens to you and identifies sharp letters like 'K' and 'P' and softens them as done in professional post-production. This, in turn, gives your audience a better listening experience.

High-Quality Remote Interviews

You won't always be able to fly guests to your set for an interview. However, this shouldn't be a concern when using Podcastle since their remote interview recording mode is free, fast, and easy to use.

Podcastle AI recording

You can invite up to 10 guests to join your call on Podcastle.

And during the recording process, each person's audio is saved on a separate file. 

This means that after the call is done, you can edit each person's voice independently without compromising the voices of other speakers on the episode.

Google Chrome Extension

The Podcastle AI Chrome extension serves many of the same functions the application does. However, one distinct feature of the browser extension is converting any reading material into an audio podcast.

For instance, no worries if you haven't gotten around to reading that article yet! Instead, turn it into a quick 10-minute episode and listen to it while performing another task.


Do You Need to Enter a Credit Card When Signing Up to Podcastle AI?

Unlike some programs, signing up for Podcastle AI doesn't require your credit card information. Instead, it's as simple as entering your email and password.

And if you want to purchase the premium version of Podcastle later, you can add your payment info with just a few clicks.

How Accurate Are Articles When Converted to Podcasts?

Podcastle AI rarely has issues converting articles to a listenable format. When this AI podcasting tool encounters an image, it reads its description, which shows up when the image fails to load. However, it might not always be coherent with the rest of the article.

What Are the Limitations of the Free Podcastle Version?

Cons of pricing for podcastle ai

While the free version provides enough tools and services to satisfy a beginner podcaster, it still has limits.

For instance, you can only use Podcastle AI's auto-leveling and Magic Dust three times. You're also limited to 10,000 characters of TTS and a smaller music library.

Podcastle AI Alternatives

Here are a few you could use if you're looking for alternatives to Podcastle AI that provide audio recording and editing tools.

Final Thoughts

Podcastle provides satisfactory services to beginner, advanced, and full-time podcasters. They make it easier to generate income with AI tools.

Their wide selection of editing and audio-enhancing tools are enough to turn any audio file into one that sounds uniform, coherent, and professional.

They also provide royalty-free music and sound effects.

They give you access to their AI that cleans up your audio by adjusting the volume levels, removing background noise, and softening sharp letter pronunciations.

And while their video recording software isn't top-notch, it still performs decently during remote interviews.

Eddy is an AI, SEO, and personal finance blogger who uses and tests products to help others improve their lives through AI and financial literacy. With years of experience in online business, he deeply understands the latest AI and SEO trends. Eddy is also well-knowledged in personal finance and committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise with his readers.

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