Podia Pricing Plan 2023: Free vs. Mover vs. Shaker vs. Earthquaker

Updated: November 1, 2023

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Podia Pricing

Podia pricing plans are fantastic value for money.

Also, Podia is not only less expensive than competing digital platforms, but it also offers more functionality and storage capacity.

This online course platform has no additional or hidden transaction fees, so you pay exactly what you see.

Podia's online course consumers will appreciate their straightforward pricing and plan options. Before you jump into either of the Mover, Shaker, or Earthquaker plans, it's crucial to understand what comes with all.

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What Is Podia's Pricing?


Podia features a simple pricing structure with three plans, appropriately titled Mover ($39 per month), Shaker ($89 per month), and Earthquaker ($199 per month).

The Mover plan is designed for creatives just starting to sell online content, while the Shaker plan focuses on growing an established online business.

The Earthquaker, the highest tier, is for people who need to add teammates and require more support than the other plans' typical customer service capabilities.

Podia also offers a 14-day free trial to get started and test how the interface works before paying anything.

Side Note: When you try the free trial, you can access all Podia features without any membership responsibilities. You do not need to provide any credit card information; you can cancel anytime.

Regardless of your plan, there are no additional transaction costs. Podia's competitors often take a cut of the transaction charge. This can build up to a significant sum over time.

Unfortunately, adding more teammates to your account does cost you an extra $20 per month per person. Remembering if you intend to create a store with different contributors is crucial.

Let's take a closer look at the three Podia pricing plans:

Free ($0/month)

Podia Free

Podia offers a free plan for those who are just starting out in the creator economy.

You get all the main features for building a business, such as:

  • An online community
  • An online course
  • Email Marketing
  • Website Builder
  • Draft webinars

The only thing you need to understand is that there is a 8% transaction fee for every sale you make.

Mover ($39/month)

Podia Mover Pricing

Although the Mover is Podia's entry-level plan, it includes most of the platform's main features.

The Mover's primary features, including the store, email marketing tools, and course builder, are summarized here.

You save if you sign up for the Mover plan every year.

Online Courses

You can share and sort your course content using Podia, among other things.

The powerful course construction tools are one of its key advantages. As a course builder, you can include photographs, videos, PDFs, audio files, and other content types.

Furthermore, you can also create learning modules from related sections or follow-up courses with the Mover plan. Establishing delivery schedules allows you to automate the release of certain pieces over time.


Your main page is your showroom. You direct your audience and consumers to specific courses, digital downloads, and products from here. You can also include pages such as a contact page and an about us page.

Users can host the website using the free Podia subdomain or a custom domain.

Digital Downloads

Podia simplifies selling digital material such as E-books, videos, presets, and guides. It assists you in creating secure checkout forms and consumer download links.

Email Marketing

Podia's email marketing toolkit has a lot of benefits for your company.

We've got you covered, from acquiring, sorting, and storing email addresses to sending newsletters, automated emails, and drip campaigns. You can track and monitor email data as well.


Admission to scheduled live hosted webinars can be purchased or given out for free. New and old customers can watch replays of the webinar on your Podia website, producing a passive income.

Podia makes it easy to make money online from webinars.


Podia's live chat service lets you answer your clients more personally and quickly.

Unlimited Everything

There are no limits on the number of items, emails sent, customers, sales, or files hosted with Podia's "unlimited everything" plan.

Adding Co-contributors

Adding teammates to your website costs you an extra $20 per month per individual. Depending on their function, you can assign particular rights to each person.

Customer Support

Podia offers a support team available seven days a week to help.

On weekdays, they are available from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET, and on weekends, they are available from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. ET. Beyond those hours, you can send them an email or use the chat tool to leave a note, and they'll respond within 24 hours.

Free Migration

Podia will move your content and audience for free if you pay annually. No content is lost during the migration, and you can maintain interaction with your hard-won clients and audience.

The features in the Mover plan are available with all the other Podia pricing plans.

Shaker ($89/month)

Podia Shaker Pricing

The Shaker plan, which is more expensive, performs the same functions (zero transaction fees, digital downloads, etc.) as the Mover plan.

Nevertheless, it includes several important extra capabilities, particularly for the creator wishing to broaden his or her reach.


Creating and publishing blog content is one approach to broadening your reach.


If you create content regularly, consider giving a membership subscription to your viewers. Podia's Shaker plan offers your consumers free or paid monthly and annual subscriptions.

Affiliate Sales

Affiliate sales are another way the Shaker plan may help you grow your business. Give compensation to partners, coworkers, or connections who sell your content. Each affiliate is given a promotion code, which you may use to determine how much you'll pay them.

Offsite Buy Buttons

You can put buy buttons on any site with the Shaker plan.

Thanks to these integrated buttons, customers may sign up or make purchases for your membership site without leaving the page they're on. This dramatically increases your customer base.

Third-party Code

You may also use the Shaker plan to install code snippets for third-party sites like Pixel, Facebook, and Olark.

Although the Shaker plan has all of the features of the Mover plan, it is designed for more experienced content creators.

The Shaker plan can assist you in boosting your marketing efforts and broadening your web reach. This only works if you have high-value content that is ready to be elevated.

Earthquaker ($199/month)

Podia Earthquaker Price

Regarding course designers and instructors, the Podia Earthquaker is the most solid option out of Podia's pricing plans.

This package allows you to create infinite courses, digital items, membership websites, webinars, and the ability to collect one-time and recurring payments.

The Podia Earthquaker plan includes a white-labeled website that can be customized with its own branding, a dedicated account manager, and access to the monthly group creator calls.

This Podia online course plan has many tools to let the creator build, tweak, and maintain their work.

The key features of the Earthquaker plan include:

  • Five additional teammates
  • Zero transaction fees
  • Unlimited webinars, courses, coaching services, and digital products
  • Access to sell courses, coaching services, digital products, and webinars
  • 50k monthly email recipients
  • Unlimited course certificates to encourage students to continue and celebrate the completion
  • A dedicated account manager to support and assist the user
  • Removal of Podia branding

Regarding users with a large team, the Podia Earthquaker plan is ideal.

It allows the user to add up to five more teammates, sends out 50,000 emails each month, and offers unlimited courses, digital items, coaching services, and webinars.

The Podia Earthquaker package also includes the ability to create promotional coupons for marketing purposes, access to an affiliate marketing network, and an integrated email marketing platform.

Podia Pricing FAQs

Are There Any Podia Alternatives With Better Pricing?

Yes, there are alternatives to Podia. These are our top picks:

1. Teachable

Teachable is a learning management system that enables instructors to design and sell courses.

Recurring memberships can also be established and sold. Teachable is also great for coaches.

You can use specific coaching pages and handle one-on-one coaching by arranging video calls and discussing tasks with this platform.

2. Thinkifc

Thinkific is a comprehensive platform for developing, promoting, and selling online courses, including video courses.

Thinkific is a user-friendly and student-centered website that focuses mostly on education. Quizzes, downloadable files, tests, and assignments are all available.

Users can create bundles of courses to sell as a single product using the top-tier pricing options.

3. Sellfy

Sellfy is a comprehensive e-commerce platform that allows creators to easily sell physical and digital products, Print-on-Demand merchandise, and digital subscriptions online.

You can either create a store on Sellfy and sell straight from there. Alternatively, depending on your needs, you can integrate the service into an existing site.

4. Samcart

Anyone who sells products online will love SamCart. Courses, events, publications, and seminars are examples of digital and physical products it provides.

You can even use it to offer services on your site, such as consulting services.

However, it's created for a specific type of user, much like all other shopping cart software - so it won't work for everyone.

Is Podia Legit For The Pricing?

Yes, Podia is legit if you want to sell online courses and digital products. Podia is a course management system that allows you to sell digital downloads and manage memberships and subscriptions.

The best thing is that Podia handles all technical aspects, allowing you to concentrate on your product or service.

Podia has excellent customer service, so you can always get help if you need it.

Does Podia Take A Percentage?

No, Podia does not take a percentage of your earnings.

You only have to pay for your specific membership plan, which you can pay using PayPal, your credit card, or Stripe.

You can cancel your plan anytime without any hidden fees.

Conclusion On Podia Pricing

Podia is a fantastic platform for creating courses. The platform provides a variety of tools, information, and services to help the user. Podia also boasts excellent customer support, available seven days a week.

Furthermore, Podia offers three membership plans with incredible features and user-friendly tools. These Podia pricing plans are reasonably priced and effective.

The Mover plan ($39/month) includes unlimited courses, no transaction fees, digital downloads, amazing customer support, a unique website, and 5K monthly email recipients.

Everything in the Mover plan is included in the Shaker plan ($89/month), including the ability to build webinars, coaching services, memberships, affiliate marketing, product bundles, a stunning checkout for learners, and 15K email subscribers.

This makes affiliate marketing worth it when you can have Podia manage the system for you.

Next, everything in the Shaker Plan is included in the Earthquaker Plan ($199/month), plus adding five team members, 50k monthly email recipients, customer care available seven days a week, a dedicated account manager, and Podia branding removal.

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