9 Best Subtitle Generator Software For Auto-Subtitles In 2024

Updated on: December 5, 2023

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Looking for the best auto subtitle generator that can capture text for a video automatically?

Whether you're a content creator, video editor, or someone who needs to add subtitles to a video automatically, it can be hard to know the best subtitle generator.

The good news is that there are so many great automatic subtitles apps & caption tools on the market that I've compiled this list of ranked and reviewed best subtitle generators.

Eddy's Top Auto Subtitle Generators

If you're in a rush and need to know how to generate auto subtitles to your entire video files, then here is a quick list of our top auto caption software:

$19 /mo

Generate Amazing AI Captions that keep your audience engaged. Submagic not only offers unique fancy captions, but you can also add emojis for extra personalization.

If you're looking for a way to add subtitles to your videos, Zubtitle is the perfect tool for the job. With Zubtitle, you can automatically generate subtitles from scratch or edit existing video and audio files.

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to generate subtitles for your videos, Subtitlebee is a good option. Subtitlebee will auto-generate subtitles in various languages, and you can change the font style.


Generate Amazing AI Captions that keep your audience engaged. Submagic not only offers unique fancy captions, but you can also add emojis for extra personalization.


If you're looking for a way to add subtitles to your videos, Zubtitle is the perfect tool for the job. With Zubtitle, you can automatically generate subtitles from scratch or edit existing video and audio files.

$19 /mo

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to generate subtitles for your videos, Subtitlebee is a good option. Subtitlebee will auto-generate subtitles in various languages, and you can change the font style.

This post will help you determine your needs, whether you need it for social media, marketing ads, or your YouTube channel.

Adding and editing subtitles to your videos has increased watch time throughout every social media channel.

A detailed blog post by Rev shows how this works. (The secret sauce? Adding progress bars and captions to your videos.) once I implemented this into my marketing, I noticed a more considerable viewer engagement rate.

So, let's get started and see the best subtitle tools on my ranked and reviewed round-up post!

What is the Best Subtitle Generator Software?

To generate subtitles within minutes, you'll want the best auto-captioning software.

Here's precisely what you want to look for:

  • Automatically generate subtitles for you
  • Provide a subtitle editor if anything needs adjusting
  • Video editing for resizing & repurposing content
  • Offer speech recognition software
  • Upload videos in bulk and easily add captions to videos
  • Different file formats
  • All the editing tools for creating engaging subtitles
  • Translate captions
  • Offer a free account to test

As a business owner, you'll want to upload your video content and be able to distribute it to all of your social media accounts.

And you'll want to know the online platforms you choose for video editing. A subtitle maker online and apps like these can easily make your content engaging with subtitles.

Here are the best auto-subtitle generators that make adding text to your video content much more effortless.

1. Submagic

Best Auto-Subtitle Generator


If you're a content creator looking for an efficient way to add subtitles to your videos, Submagic is the perfect AI subtitle generator. 

This automatic subtitle generator uses advanced AI algorithms to transcribe audio into text, making the process seamless and quick.

It supports 48 languages, allowing you to effortlessly cater to a global audience. 

The tool is incredibly user-friendly; all you have to do is upload your video, let the AI work its magic, and your captions will be ready in as little as 30 seconds.

Key Benefits:

  • User-Friendly: Upload your video, choose the language, and get your captions generated in 30 seconds.
  • Multi-Language Support: Offers transcription in 48 languages, making it versatile for global content.
  • Customization: Modify font, colors, and animation to align with your brand identity.
  • Time-saving: Eliminates the need for manual subtitling, saving you hours each week.
  • Increased Engagement: AI-generated subtitles make your content more accessible, boosting viewer engagement.

With Submagic, you're not just getting a subtitle generator; you're getting a tool that enhances your content creation process, making it more efficient and effective.


submagic logo
  • Different subtitle styles
  • Advanced AI subtitle editor
  • Video or audio assets included
  • Repurpose to other platforms

2. Zubtitle

Best Subtitle Generator Software (Free - $49 per month)


Zubtitle is an automatic subtitle generator AI with an extensive library of hundreds of subtitles. 

It uses artificial intelligence to create a subtitle file and add captions instantly, so it's super easy to start adding subtitles to your video clips.

With their advanced features, you can reach a wider audience using Zubtitle's video sizing tool.

Plus, you can use it as a simple online video editor and easily translate subtitles for YouTube videos or short-form content.

The best part about Zubtitle is the user interface: it's simple and easy to use.

Plus, if you're looking for subtitles in languages besides English (or even different accents), this video subtitle maker will have what you want. 

Zubtitle step 3

Quickly enhance your videos using the features provided to grab your viewer's attention.

They also have an awesome newsletter that teaches you how to grow on social media platforms like Instagram or TikTok.

Key Benefits:

  • It has a variety of different subtitle fonts and allows you to switch within their editor
  • Resize your videos for social media and repurpose the content for all your viewers
  • Simple and easy-to-use UI
  • Variety of subtitle languages available (English is not the only option!)
  • Add a logo and progress bar to your videos to enhance watch time and brand recognition.
  • Auto Subtitle Generator. The AI is close to accurate, but you'll want to double-check the spelling
  • Download .txt & .srt transcription files

Pricing Plans:

Zubtitle's pricing starts at $19 per month for their standard plan and $49 monthly for the elite plan.

Zubtitle does offer a free trial with 1 video upload.

Zubtitle Pricing
  • Standard Plan: This allows you to add ten videos per month.
  • Elite Plan: The elite plan allows you to add 30 monthly videos.

You can get started with Zubtitle for free and upgrade to a paid plan for more uploads.


  • Generate subtitles with a single click
  • Easy-to-use subtitle editor
  • Automatic subtitle generation
  • Add a unique progress bar for each video

Veed.io is an auto subtitle maker that offers all the basics, including subtitle editing features and voiceover recording tools. They even have video tutorials to help you get started.

This AI subtitle generator not only creates insane subtitles for you but also competes with other online video editing software in the industry.

Upload your video file onto Veed's platform, and with just a few minutes, you can generate subtitles automatically and save the subtitle file instantly.

Key Benefits:

  • Subtitle editing features
  • Automatic subtitling
  • Voiceover recording tools
  • Video tutorials to help beginners get started
  • Create a brand kit for your fonts
  • Powerful video editor with advanced video editing features
  • Create social media videos or long-form content with their resizing tool

Pricing Plans:

Veed.io offers a free plan with projects under 10 minutes and a pro plan of $38 per month annually. 

Veed.io pricing

Veed.io is an excellent subtitle text generator to try out. I recommend creating your brand kit and styling your fonts so you can always have everything ready.

You can also burn the subtitles and edit the video manually or let the AI text generator do its thing inside the video studio. 


Veed is an online video editor making creating engaging videos easy.

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4. SubtitleBee

Simple To Use Auto-subtitle generator software


SubtitleBee is an all-in-one subtitle generator with a library of over 120 languages to choose from and edit.

SubtitleBee also allows you to add your logo or watermark onto the bottom right corner for branding purposes (which some people may like).

The best part about this is integrating with platforms like YouTube and Facebook. Plus, there's an auto subtitle generator. So you can easily add English subtitles to your Facebook videos via integration.

You also have the freedom to add subtitles manually or use their AI-powered tool.

Key Benefits:

  • Integration with YouTube and Facebook
  • Auto subtitle generator
  • Library of over 120 languages to choose from
  • Ability to add branding logos or watermarks
  • Advanced video crop editing
  • Transcribe your audio files automatically
  • Add custom fonts

Pricing Plans:

SubtitleBee's pricing plan starts at $19 per month and $49 per month for their premium plan.

They offer a free trial with the chance to upload 1 video for up to 10 minutes.

SubtitleBee Pricing

Overall, SubtitleBee is a great subtitle generator perfect for those who want to add their logo or watermark.

Its integration with YouTube and Facebook makes it one of the top subtitles generators on the market today.

Best For Beginners


SubtitleBee Subtitle Generator
  • Provides auto-subtitles instantly
  • Option to add subtitles manually
  • Integrate with facebook videos and Instagram
  • Easily change the subtitle language

Happyscribe is a simple, human-friendly AI subtitle creator that provides subtitles for content creators and films.

Being third on the list for a reason, Happyscribe allows you to see captions in real time to ensure your viewers have enough to read them.

If it changes too fast, you'll be able to edit the speed of the caption editor and make changes to your generated subtitles instantly.

Key Benefits:

  • Transforms your words into the best subtitle timing for video
  • Automatic subtitles that are synced to fit any length of the clip
  • The option to switch from automatic or human-made subtitles
  • Supports multiple languages and subtitle presets
  • No limits on uploads

Pricing Plan:

Happyscribe's pricing offers a pay-as-you-go service.

Happyscribe Pricing

Automatic: $0.20 per minute with up to 85% accuracy rate.

Human-made: $1.95 per minute with up to a 99% accuracy rate.

Overall, Happyscribe is an excellent subtitle generator with only one flaw.

This tool is still on my top 3 for the simple UI it provides! The pay-as-you-go pricing model can run up a big tab every month. 

6. CapCut


Capcut is a free video editing tool for mobile that has recently gained popularity, including auto subtitling.

This video subtitle app offers all the basics, including automatic subtitle generator features and voiceover recording tools. They even sync to popular social media platforms so you can publish your content faster.

Their AI voice generator works great and can pair well with their subtitles.

I've been using this to create video subtitles like Alex Hormozi. Everybody wants to make this type of subtitle for their videos.

Capcut eddyballe

This free subtitle generator is even better because you can easily repurpose your subtitled video to your social media channels.

So you really only need the accessible version to add subtitles to your video content.

Key Benefits: 

  • Subtitle editing features
  • Change subtitle styles and fonts
  • Generate automatic subtitles within a few minutes
  • Change translation of captions


Capcut is completely free to use! Capcut is a great option for a free subtitle generator with all the basic features.

7. MaestroSuite


MaestroSuite is a complete subtitle-creation platform that can create closed captions and subtitles.

It has more complex editing tools than your average online editors, but don't let that scare you off. They're easy to use for beginners as well.

To start with this automatic subtitle generator tool, upload your video and start typing. There are also a variety of built-in templates for you to choose from.

Key Benefits:

  • Subtitle auto-generator for video clips and TV programs
  • Free to use with a few limitations, such as severe restriction on the number of characters you can upload per minute
  • Create automatic voiceovers
  • Create shared account access.
  • Burn subtitles instantly

Pricing Plans:

MaestroSuite's pricing starts at $29 per month, and their highest tier is $99 per month.

MaestroSuite Pricing

MaestroSuite is a powerful tool that can create subtitles and closed captions for all types of videos.

If you're looking for more complex editing features or are just starting with subtitle/closed caption creation, Maestrosuite is an excellent choice.

8. Checksub


Checksub is a free AI-powered tool to help you create video subtitles.

It has the most basic features, but it's still worth checking out if you want to keep things simple and don't want crazy monthly fees.

Checksub lets you create subtitles automatically and transfer the srt file to your video tool of choice.

Key Benefits: 

  • A good option for beginners who are just getting started with subtitle creation
  • A variety of built-in templates
  • Extremely basic editing tools and features
  • Speech to text option

Pricing Plan:

Free to use, paid plans available as well. Start at $0 per month with the free plan.

Checksub pricing

Checksub is a good option for beginners who are just getting started with subtitle creation or don't need any crazy editing tools.

9. Rev


Rev is a video-oriented subtitle editing software. It's designed specifically for people who want to edit subtitles on their videos instead of video editors who may also work with audio and images.

This auto-subtitle generator provides basic features meant to make the subtitling process easier. 

How Does Rev Work? Add your audio and video files, and Rev will create subtitles automatically, which saves you time and money.

Key Benefits:

The best features of Rev come from its ability to detect subtitle lines and eliminate background noise automatically.

It also has a drag-and-drop feature that helps by allowing you to split, merge, copy, or delete subtitles with ease. 

  • Automatic live captions for Zoom
  • Foreign presets
  • Voice recorder

Pricing Plans:

Rev offers a pay-as-you-go service with multiple options.

Rev pricing

10. Sendshort


If you're tired of the subtitle struggle, Sendshort is your go-to. This is an AI subtitle generator that elevates your entire video content game.

Designed to work seamlessly on platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram,

Sendshort offers pixel-perfect cropping and a social media content calendar to keep you on track. It's like having a professional editor, but it's automated and available 24/7.

Key Benefits

  • AI-Driven Accuracy: With over 97% accuracy, the subtitles you get are practically flawless.
  • Multi-Language Support: Break language barriers with support for 48+ languages.
  • Customization: Tailor your subtitles' font, color, and animations to align with your brand.
  • Social Media Calendar: Plan and schedule your content effortlessly.
  • Pixel-Perfect Cropping: Optimal video dimensions for every social platform, ensuring more views in less time.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly interface that lets you edit and customize effortlessly.

Sendshort enhances viewer engagement and takes your short-form content to another level

Best Free Auto-Subtitle Generators

I've compiled a list of what I think are the best free subtitle generators around if you're still on a budget.

These tools can help your subtitles stand out and give them that professional touch without breaking the bank.

These will be a great add-on to all your social media platforms and make adding subtitles to your videos easy within minutes.

Here are the best free auto-subtitle generators that work natively on each social platform.

YouTube's Automatic Captions

Youtube Studio Subtitles

YouTube has an easy-to-use feature that automatically generates subtitles for your videos. It takes only a few minutes and is perfect if you're too busy or need a free alternative.

If you're uploading your video directly to YouTube, give the platform's native speech recognition technology a try so it can automatically generate transcripts for you.

Once this process has been completed, all there should be left to do is proofread them carefully. You don't want to upload an excellent video or have any grammar errors.

Instagram Automatic Captions

Instagram Caption Feature - Eddy Ballesteros

Instagram includes a native option to add captions using the "caption" sticker. This is perfect for anyone in a rush who uploads their videos directly onto the platform.

Try it out for your Reels, Stories, and collaborations.

Facebook’s Automatic Captions

Facebook auto caption

Facebook's automatic caption feature is excellent for people with hearing impairments or who prefer reading over watching videos.

However, the downside is that the auto-subtitle generator isn't always reliable and may require you to edit it more after uploading your video onto Facebook.

How To Auto-Generate Subtitles

Suppose you want to auto-generate subtitles for your videos. In that case, you must download one of the subtitle generator software on our list or use a free video caption generator.

Zubtitle and Veed.io produce a perfect caption generator conversion tool that automatically creates subtitles from any online video player in three steps.

All you have to do is upload a video link, select the language of your choice, and then click the "Generate" button.

Uploading a video URL takes less than a few minutes, and you can save them as templates to have a library of automatically generated subtitles.

You can save the subtitle file and add it to other video editing software.

You can also use the free caption generator tools on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok to save money.

Subtitle Generators vs. Manual Subtitling: What's Best for You?

You have two main routes when adding subtitles to your videos: manual subtitling or using AI subtitle generators.

So, which one should you go for? AI subtitle generators are a no-brainer if you want to save money and time.

Powered by generative AI, these tools can automatically transcribe and sync your video content in a fraction of the time it would take to do it manually. 

Plus, the accuracy is getting better by the day. Also, manual subtitling gives you that human touch, perfect for nuanced content where every word matters. 

But let's be honest, it can be time-consuming and expensive. So, if you're after efficiency without breaking the bank, AI subtitle generators are the way to go.

How to Choose the Right Subtitle Generator

Choosing the right subtitle generator involves more than just basic functionality. Here's what to consider:

  • Font Styles: Opt for a tool that offers various font styles to align with your brand's aesthetics.

  • Content Repurposing: Look for features that allow you to adapt subtitles for multiple social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

  • Language Support: Ensure the tool supports multiple languages if you're targeting a diverse audience.

  • Ease of Use: A user-friendly interface can save you time and frustration.

  • Export Options: Check if the tool allows you to export subtitles in different formats for flexibility.

Focusing on these critical aspects allows you to select an AI subtitle generator that meets your needs and offers added value.


Now you know which subtitle generator tools are the best on the market. Let me know which subtitle generator you found the best regarding features and pricing.

AI Software is becoming increasingly popular, such as AI copywriting tools that can create social media content for you.

So now that you know how to automatically generate subtitles for your videos, will you let these tools do all the dirty work for you, or will you still manually add text?

FAQs: Video Subtitle Generator

Can AI help with subtitles?

Yes, AI can help automate the process of creating video subtitles. By leveraging AI, subtitles can quickly be done without manually typing it out.

Is there a way to automate subtitles?

Absolutely, automating subtitles is a breeze when you utilize a video subtitle generator. These tools use advanced AI algorithms to transcribe your video's audio and generate accurate subtitles, saving you time and effort.

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