Testimonial.To Review 2024: The Best Way To Share Testimonials

Updated on: November 18, 2023

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Testimonial.To Review

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Are you tired of trying to gather testimonials for your products and services? Do you feel like you're constantly asking your customers for testimonials, and they're never quite sure what to say?

If you're looking for an easier way to collect testimonials from your customers, we will review a video testimonial software that's making it easier. The interactive video tool we are going to talk about is Testimonial.

This software makes it simple and easy to get customer testimonials, and it's a great way to improve your marketing efforts. In this Testimonial.to review, we'll closely examine what this software can do for your business!


This tool allows you to collect and embed testimonials in minutes. Create a wall of love using testimonial.to

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My name is Eddy and I enjoy reviewing software that can help your grow as a business owner, so let's continue.

My name is Eddy, and I've worked with multiple online courses and digital products. One thing I've worked to bring sales is social proof.

This is exactly what you want for your business and helps your potential lead with their purchase decision.

What Is Testimonial.to? 


Testimonial.to is a simple solution that allows you to collect testimonials and share embedded videos from your customers without needing website hosting or a video hosting platform like Wistia.

This video testimonial software provides a landing page where you can encourage customers to record their testimonials and leave reviews via text.

Once the video review has been recorded, it is automatically stored in your dashboard. 

You'll no longer need to screenshot from the following review sites:

  •  Google reviews
  • Linkedin recommendations
  • Boring company reviews
  • Yelp reviews
  • Facebook wall posts

You can also choose whether you want your customer to send in a text or a customer testimonial. The great thing about this tool is that it's very user-friendly.


  • Getting testimonials written or recorded is great for your business
  • Get your own workspace and manage submitted content
  • Share it with any blog post or website
  • Have other customers leave a review by incentivizing them


  • You might seem pushy by asking for reviews
  • Might be a heavy monthly cost for many people
  • You will need to learn how to manage and control your negative reviews
  • It will have a small learning curve

How Much Does Testimonial.to Cost?

Testimonial Pricing

Testimonial.to offers a 7-day free trial where you can start with 10 text testimonials and 2 video testimonials.

They also offer three different paid plans, which you can view below:

  • Free: $0
  • Premium: $60
  • Ultimate: $180
  • Agency: $300

As a customer, you can cancel your testimonial package anytime.

I recommend going with the free plan and ensuring this is a service you want to include in your content marketing (cough cough, OF COURSE).

How Does Testimonial Work?

So, this interactive video software lets you display testimonials on your blog, website, or social media platforms engagingly.

Plus, it allows you to testimonials that are easily shareable on social media, which is great for promoting your products or services.

Testimonial Customers

It makes sense to send them a link right after their purchase since their testimonial will be most valuable immediately.

The testimonials are stored in your account, so you can use them whenever and as often as you want.

You can also download the testimonials and use them in your marketing materials, such as sales pages, email campaigns, or social media posts.

This company understands how to increase sales and why good reviews are important.

How To Use Testimonial.To

Before you ask for a customer testimonial, you'll want to ensure you know how to use Testimonial.to.

Once you have created your account, the first step is to create a space.

Testimonial.to space

This is where your testimonials will live.

You'll want to name your space and then add a testimonial goal.

For example, if you're trying to collect testimonials for your new e-book, you would name your testimonial goal "E-Book Testimonials. 

You can also filter the languages for whatever reason:

  • Spanish
  • German
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • French
  •  Dutch

This is will help with subtitles and create a positive experience for your testimonials.

The next step is to customize your Thank you page.

You can add social media buttons or provide them with a reward if they leave a testimonial. 

Testimonial Features

Let's go over the specific features that Testimonial.to provides and how you can start adding testimonials to your business.

Add A Landing Page

Testimonial.to landing page

You can easily create a testimonial landing page if you want more online reviews. We all know that landing pages regarding sales are becoming more important than ever.

Add a video or an image to your testimonial page and a call-to-action button.

The testimonial landing pages are designed to increase conversion rates and are mobile-friendly.

Plus, you can track the number of views, submissions, and conversion rates from your new customers' submissions.

This is great to send to your existing customers or blog posts.

Dashboard Overview

Testimonial Dashboard

You can view all your video reviews and written testimonials for each product or service in your testimonial.to on the dashboard.

This is a great way to keep track of all your customer feedback in one place and filter the best testimonials for your website or marketing materials.

I don't think any of us wants to see a negative review.

Track Video Metrics

Testimonial.to video metrics

You can track how long each testimonial video is, when it was recorded, and the customer's location.

This is a great way to see what type of testimonials get the most views and how long people watch them.

This is great analytics to provide if you work with a marketing company or in-house team.

Add More Social Proof

Testimonial.To social proof

Increase sales and build trust with video testimonials from your happiest customers with more social proof.

If you have positive reviews from other sites, social media platforms (Linkedin, Facebook Reviews, ) or review sites (Yelp reviews, Google), you can easily add them to your testimonial space.

This makes it so much easier to have all of your videos in one place.

This is a great way to build trust with new website visitors and increase sales.

Wall Of Love

Testimonial.to wall of love

Embed a showcase of all your testimonials on any blog post, sales page, or your own website with the wall of love feature.

You can also customize the colors to match your brand, choose how many testimonials to display, and add or remove the name and location of the customer.

This can easily increase sales since your potential buyers won't feel as much risk when considering your product or service.

Plus, you can change the testimonials displayed on your wall of love so you're always showcasing the best ones.

Easily Embed Videos Anywhere

Testimonial.to embed

You can use the customer testimonial software on your own website. You don't need to rely on a third-party ad-free hosting service like Wistia or Vimeo.

I know how difficult it can be to pay for expensive tools for your business but from my own personal experience, I think testimonial.to is definitely worth the investment.

It's helped me increase sales and build trust with my potential customers.

Offer Rewards

You can easily encourage customers to leave positive feedback on your customer testimonials testimonials page by rewarding them with a gift card or a Shopify discount.

Most review sites will incentive the customer with a gift card, so feel free to do the same.

This is a great way to increase reviews and testimonials which can help increase sales drastically.

Does Testimonial.To Integrate With Other Platforms?

Testimonial Integrations

Yes, testimonial.to integrates with other platforms, such as Shopify, WordPress, Carrd, and WooCommerce.

You can also connect testimonial.to with your email marketing software by using Zapier. This creates a zap to your email marketing tool.

So, technically, you can integrate with almost any marketing tool you use for your business.

Can You Start Your Own Testimonial Agency?

Yes, if you want to help other businesses gather customer testimonials, you can start your own testimonial agency with testimonial.to's agency plan.

It's a great way to make extra income on the side or even full-time if you want to transition from your current job.

Nothing is better than helping businesses with their customer's experiences and testimonials.

Is Testimonial.To Legit?

Yes, Testimonial.to is legit and builds potential customers' trust, which in turn increases sales for your business.

I have used testimonial.to for my own business and I always recommend it to other colleagues who need to get video testimonials for their products or services.

It's in my personal recommendations of affiliate marketing tools.

Is Testimonial.To Worth it?

Yes, this software is completely worth it If you want to end the buyer's journey with a solid customer testimonial.

As a business owner, you'll want to get the customer talking about your product everywhere.

It's free real estate, right?  You can even check out their wall of love live on their site.

Testimonial.To Alternatives

So you're looking for alternatives to testimonial.to?

Some alternatives are:

These provide great testimonial examples you can set up for your company.

If you have a one-page funnel or landing page in place, you can easily secure a happy customer review.

What Are the Benefits of Using Testimonial.To? 

There are many benefits of using Testimonial.to to collect testimonials from your customers.

First, it eases tension from any sales pitch because your lead feels comfortable before hopping on the sales call.

It also allows you to show off case studies from your happy customers in an organized and presentable way.

You can use video or written reviews to describe your potential customer's experience.

Overall, building trust with potential customers is an easy way to get more sales. Real People will want to write reviews when they see their fellow members doing the same.

One last benefit is that you can embed the videos onto your website or any social platform. 

Overall Review

I hope this testimonial.to review has helped you see how easy it is to collect and share testimonials with their video testimonial software.

Either way, having testimonials is a must nowadays if you want to build trust with your audience.

If you're looking for testimonial software to increase sales, I would recommend using testimonial.to.

What do you think? Have you tried testimonial.to or any other testimonial software before?

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