31 Amazing Things AI Can Do to Make Make Life Easier In 2024

Updated on: January 24, 2024

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Have you ever wished for an extra pair of hands or a second brain to tackle complex problems? Or do you wish you could fix customer issues without hiring virtual assistants? 

With AI technology, this can easily do the trick, and I would have never said that a few years ago.

This technology is learning to perform tasks that usually require human intelligence, offering a solution to complete tasks efficiently and save time.

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From crafting engaging content to detecting credit fraud, AI is making remarkable strides, transforming our day-to-day lives in ways we could only imagine a decade ago.

While it doesn't have human emotions, a statement from radixweb.com says, "AI improves the productivity of 61% of employees," and it couldn't be truer.

Now, let's dive deeper into these amazing "things AI can do" that are revolutionizing various industries.

What Are The Things AI Can Do?

AI can do so many unique things for regular peeps and content creators that I wrote a blog post about it. Here are just a few examples of what AI can generate:

  • Software that can write compelling blog posts
  • Machine learning models that can design eye-catching logos
  • AI-powered healthcare systems that can diagnose diseases more accurately
  • AI algorithms that can predict stock market trends

AI is not just about simplifying data entry tasks or automating customer interactions.

It is about revolutionizing how we do things, from healthcare to stock trading, and data science plays a crucial role in this transformation.

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Data scientists are at the forefront of this revolution, harnessing the power of AI to drive innovation and change.

Ready to navigate the impressive universe of AI capabilities? Let’s remember that this thrilling exploration is just the beginning!

1. Write

Ever faced writer’s block? Imagine an AI text generator swooping in to save the day, crafting a beautifully worded essay or the perfect blog post! AI is no longer confined to data-crunching tasks.

With advanced machine learning algorithms, AI can generate text that mirrors human style and tone, making it a valuable writing tool for content creation.

From blog posts to social media content, AI is redefining writing, allowing us to communicate more effectively and efficiently.

Also, if you prompt your AI writer from the beginning, it won't repeat itself, so you can continue getting better outputs.

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2. Art Design

Picture artificial intelligence as your personal Picasso, creating unique designs and art pieces that capture the eye.

AI is revolutionizing how we create art, from generating professional headshots to crafting stunning images for marketing campaigns.

It’s not just about creating art; AI can help optimize color schemes and design layouts, streamlining the creative process and turning everyone into a digital artist.

Who knew AI art generators could be so artistic, almost rivaling the creativity of a human being and the productivity of human workers?

AI art generators like Midjourney can produce high-quality images that can be used for any project or blog article.

3. Credit Repair

Artificial intelligence and credit repair are something that every financial expert should consider when helping their clients increase their credit scores.

Since the credit scoring system uses a specific algorithm for tracking reports, AI can easily recognize patterns and decision-making and help you fight against collection agencies.

Credit repair software powered by AI can generate dispute letters, handle correspondence, and even assist in enforcing traffic regulations.

AI is not just about automating tasks; it’s about making financial management more accessible and efficient, helping you easily maintain your financial health.

With AI, credit repair companies can transform their clients' challenging tasks into smooth processes.

4. Fraud Detection

As more people go online and more than likely click on random sites or buttons, fraud becomes very hard to track.

That's where AI comes to the rescue, enhancing fraud detection services and protecting users from scams with the help of facial recognition.

It’s like having a digital Sherlock Holmes, tirelessly analyzing data and spotting inconsistencies.

From identifying abnormal behavior to outlining viruses or malware, AI offers solid security solutions, ensuring safe digital navigation.

Fraud detection services use AI solutions that can start identifying patterns and help you combat hackers and fraudsters.

5. Make Money Online

One of the many things AI can do for us is to help us make money online without hiring an entire team of employees or freelancers. 

By creating a productized service with AI, you can offer a specific service where AI can help you complete tasks such as copywriting or video editing. 

Many people starting an AI business can see the benefits of generative AI and use it to their potential. 

Here's a quick rundown of what I am doing:

  • Pick a niche
  • Find a problem in your niche
  • Create a product or service to solve the problem
  • Integrate AI into your service workflow
  • Get clients and deliver your service

6. Taxes And Bookkeeping

Are you dreading tax season? AI is here to help simplify bookkeeping and accounting tasks. It’s like having your personal tax consultant assist with everything from generating financial reports to filing taxes.

AI transforms financial management from laborious to streamlined, efficient processes. So, relax while AI handles the calculations for you.

I recently used an AI tax service that can even track years' worth of expenses, saving you countless hours of bookkeeping. You can also automate tasks using an AI program like Keeper Tax.

7. Healthcare

The healthcare sector is experiencing a revolution thanks to artificial intelligence. From assisting in diagnostics to creating personalized treatment plans, AI is enhancing the delivery of healthcare services.

Just imagine a world where medical staff wouldn't need to chart information before and after every shift manually. You can create an AI system where it does the data processing for you and understands medical computer systems.

It’s like having a super-efficient medical assistant available around the clock. AI makes health management more streamlined, tailored, and reachable.

8. Marketing

Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the new game-changers in a world where more data means better marketing. 

From automating content creation to optimizing marketing campaigns, marketing automation can help you delegate certain tasks that you probably didn't want to do anyway.

Imagine an AI marketing tool that generates captivating social media content or a machine learning model that predicts consumer behavior. This could boost sales and help you get a higher ROI on your ad spend or SEO campaigns.

You can use marketing automation to help with sales, ads, and social media marketing.

9. Deepfakes

Deepfakes, once a controversial technology, are now being harnessed for entertainment and education.

With image recognition and deep learning, you can create realistic deepfakes, blurring the lines between reality and digital.

From generating entertaining content to simulating historical figures for educational content, deepfakes offer a myriad of exciting possibilities.

With responsible usage, the potential of deepfakes is only beginning to be tapped.

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10. Audio Dubbing

Thanks to AI, the days of language barriers in video content are gone. With AI audio dubbing, videos can now be easily distributed in multiple languages, reaching a wider audience.

It’s like having your personal translator, breaking down language barriers, and making content more accessible.

Imagine if you create a product that can be used globally and you want to target a completely different audience. You can easily use an AI voice generator like ElevenLabs to help you translate your voice.

AI is not just making language translation easier; it’s transforming how we consume content.

11. Video

Creating quality video content has never been this easy. AI video generators are making it easier for editors and businesses to create content out of nothing.

With artificial intelligence video tools like PikaLabs, you can create B-roll, short-form content, and more without fancy equipment or extensive editing skills.

It’s like having your personal film crew ready to create captivating content at the click of a button.

12. Video Editing

Imagine AI as your personal video editor, delivering professional-quality edits in a fraction of the time. AI simplifies video editing tasks, such as adding subtitles and motion graphics.

It’s about transforming raw footage into engaging videos that tell a story. For example, you can use an AI subtitle generator like Submagic or Zubtitle to help you automate captions and cut silences out.

With AI, video editing becomes a seamless process, freeing time for creativity.


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13. Enhance Images And Audio

In a world where visuals and audio dominate, AI is the game-changer. AI is revolutionizing how we create and consume content, from enhancing images to improving audio quality.

Imagine an AI tool that turns blurry images into high-definition photos or software that reduces background noise in audio files.

Creating high-quality visual and auditory content with AI and computer vision is no longer a complex task but a straightforward, efficient process.

14. Speak

Talking machines are no longer the stuff of science fiction, thanks to AI voice cloning and natural language processing.

From generating realistic voiceovers to providing chat-based customer service, voice cloning redefines communication.

Imagine an AI voice generator that can convert text into speech, creating immersive audio content. You can use this for your marketing materials or social media content. All without having to become a content creator yourself.

AI is not just improving communication; it’s giving machines a voice.

15. Create Avatars

With AI, creating avatars is as easy as pie. From generating professional avatars for presentations to creating personalized game characters, AI simplifies the creation process.

It’s like having your personal design assistant ready to create a variety of avatars at the touch of a button.

With AI, creating avatars becomes fun, limited only by your imagination. You can use these avatars for many use cases, such as workshops, training videos, and YouTube content.

16. Researcher

AI is transforming the way we conduct research. From curating content to assisting with large projects, AI automates and streamlines research processes.

It’s like having your research assistant ready to help at every research process step.

For example, when curating content for my newsletter business, I usually ask an AI search engine to feed me the newest information from today.

The AI search engine will give you many sources from news articles and social media forums.

With artificial intelligence and natural language processing, research becomes seamless and efficient, freeing time for critical data analysis and creativity.

17. Storytelling

Storytelling is an art, and with AI, it becomes a masterpiece. AI can generate compelling story ideas, adding a touch of magic to the storytelling process.

Imagine an AI story generator tool that generates a gripping plot or a captivating character, bringing your story to life.

AI is not just enhancing storytelling; it’s transforming how we create and share stories.

18. Side Hustler

Are you juggling a side hustle? AI is here to help. From automating tasks to improving efficiency, AI supports side hustles, making it easier to manage multiple projects.

It’s like having your assistant ready to help at every step of your AI side hustle journey.

AI smooths side hustle management, allowing more time for creative and innovative pursuits. Some AI side hustles you can try out are:

  • Blogging
  • Video editing
  • Generate corporate headshots
  • Create a brand strategy
  • Do keyword research and other SEO-related tasks

19. Smart Home

Welcome to the future where homes are not just smart but AI-powered. From automating tasks to learning user habits, AI transforms our lives.

Imagine a smart home that adjusts the temperature based on your preferences or a security system that learns to recognize your family members.

With AI, homes become more than just a living space; they become a personalized, intuitive experience.

20. Develop AI Software

Ever dreamt of developing your own AI software? With no-code app builders, it’s possible. Large languages similar to ChatGPT can assist in developing AI software, even for those without coding experience.

You can use a no-code app builder like Bubble.io to generate code or a platform to design AI systems using drag-and-drop interfaces.

With artificial intelligence, developing artificial intelligence AI software, including those utilizing neural networks, becomes a seamless process, opening up a world of possibilities for innovation.

21. Debate

Have you ever wished you could go back to a debate and say something you wish you could have said, but it was too late? Well, AI can help you with your future debates.

Imagine an AI tool that generates a compelling argument or software that analyzes debate trends.

With AI, debating becomes a more informed and strategic process, promoting healthy and insightful discussions.

22. Act As A Lawyer

AI is transforming the legal landscape, acting as a legal assistant. From assisting with research to managing cases, AI simplifies the legal process.

It’s like having a personal legal assistant ready to help at every step of your legal journey.

AI transforms legal task management into a smooth operation, allowing more time for in-depth analysis and client engagement. There are many AI legal tools you can try out that help with your clients and cases.


AI Lawyer Pro is a powerful tool to help you with your legal research.

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23. Social Media

In the world of social media, AI is the new trendsetter. From generating captivating content to optimizing marketing campaigns, AI is transforming the way businesses connect with their audience.

Imagine an AI tool that generates engaging social media posts or software that predicts consumer behavior.

With AI, social media has become a more interactive and engaging platform, meaningfully connecting businesses with their audience.

24. Help With SEO

In the world of SEO and content publishing, AI is helping these tasks become easier. From automating keyword research to generating high-quality content, AI transforms how businesses optimize their online presence.

Imagine an AI SEO tool that generates a list of optimal keywords or software that creates SEO-friendly content.

AI smooths SEO management, aiding businesses in achieving higher search rankings and reaching a broader audience.

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25. Stock Trading

In the world of stock trading, AI is the new game-changer. From analyzing financial data to making stock price predictions, AI makes trading stocks easier.

Of course, you want to be careful with anyone or thing giving investment advice, but it's better than most human output.

Imagine an AI trading tool that generates a list of optimal stocks to invest in or software that predicts market trends.

AI makes stock trading a more knowledgeable and strategic procedure, aiding traders in making intelligent investment choices.

26. Write Code

From automating code generation to detecting bugs, AI transforms software development. Imagine an AI tool that generates code based on user input or software that detects and fixes bugs.

AI turns coding into a more streamlined and error-free procedure, aiding developers in producing superior software with the help of AI tools.

27. Build Websites

Building websites and landing pages with AI became even easier. From automating website design to optimizing user experience, AI transforms how we build websites.

Imagine an AI website builder that designs an eye-catching website layout or software that optimizes website navigation.

AI transforms website building into a more streamlined and imaginative procedure, assisting developers in creating engaging and user-friendly sites.

28. Branding

In the world of branding, AI is the secret weapon. AI transforms how businesses build their brands, from generating compelling logos to engaging social media content.

Imagine an AI tool that designs a unique logo or software that generates engaging social media posts.

AI makes branding a more strategic and innovative procedure, aiding businesses in establishing a robust and recognizable brand.

29. Summarize Content

In the world of content creation, AI is the game-changer.

From summarizing large volumes of text to generating high-quality summaries, you can easily submit your articles to your WordPress site or project faster.

Imagine an AI tool that summarizes a lengthy article or software that generates a concise summary of a research paper.

AI makes information consumption more streamlined, assisting the human brain in digesting large amounts of information effortlessly.

30. Become A Notetaker

One of my favorite things AI can do is automate my note-taking while on consulting calls. AI transforms how we capture and store information, from automating note-taking to generating high-quality notes.

I currently use Fathom video to help me record and take notes with my clients, and they always appreciate the shared link I give them afterward.

Imagine an AI tool that takes notes during a meeting or software that generates a concise lecture summary.

AI turns note-taking into a more streamlined procedure, aiding us in capturing and recalling information effortlessly.

31. Write Copy

From generating compelling sales copy to automating content creation, AI is transforming how we communicate.

You had to take courses and learn copywriting to generate good results. But now, you can easily use an AI copywriting tool to help you with this process.

Imagine an AI copywriting tool that writes a captivating sales copy or software that generates engaging social media posts.

AI transforms copywriting into a more strategic and innovative procedure, aiding businesses in communicating more effectively and efficiently.

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From writing to stock trading, healthcare to social media, the transformative power of AI is undeniable.

It’s not just about automating tasks; it’s about revolutionizing how we do things, making life easier and more efficient.

Whether you’re a writer, a marketer, a doctor, or a trader, AI has something to offer you. The future is here, and AI powers it.

Why Is AI Being Used?

AI has been used daily since OpenAI shook the world with ChatGPT.

The masses of people started to catch on and join the platform, which created the AI wars between Microsoft and Google.

With that, we always see new companies form from others that may not align with the companies that started in. For example, Claude 2 was launched a few months after ChatGPT. 


What can AI actually do?

AI can analyze large amounts of data quickly and accurately, detect patterns humans may miss, and even perform tasks that mimic human behavior.

Its applications range from chess-playing computers to self-driving cars - making AI an invaluable tool for advancing technology and society.

What can AI do, and what can it not do?

AI can provide incredible services such as automation, prediction, and data analysis but still falls short in creativity, emotional intelligence, judgment, and contextual understanding.

What are some of the challenges in developing AI technologies?

The challenges in developing AI technologies include a lack of employee motivation to learn, limited capabilities, and fear of large-scale job loss due to automation.

Eddy is an AI, SEO, and personal finance blogger who uses and tests products to help others improve their lives through AI and financial literacy. With years of experience in online business, he deeply understands the latest AI and SEO trends. Eddy is also well-knowledged in personal finance and committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise with his readers.

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