11 Most Important Types Of Copywriting To Learn In 2024

Updated on: April 27, 2023 by Eddy Ballesteros


  • Blog And Website Copywriting
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Direct Response Copywriting
  • Social Media Copywriting
  • Ad Copywriting
  • B2B Copywriting
  • Brand Copywriting
  • Email Copywriting
  • Public Relations Copywriting
  • Video Copywriting
  • Technical Copywriting
  • Marketing Copywriting
  • Creative Copywriting
  • Leadership Copywriting

Keeping up with the important types of copywriting is so important for anyone looking to make more money with Google. My article will cover the 11+ key types you need to master in 2024.

Mastering these types is essential for those interested in enhancing their website copy or building a copywriting skill.

Mastering these types is essential for those interested in enhancing their website copy or building a copywriting skill.

In this post, I'll share insights on different types of copywriting and how you can use them to your advantage.

I'll also give you some tips on using AI copywriting tools to get better at each type of copy.

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Understanding Different Copywriting Styles

Content marketing is a really effective way for companies to showcase their products and services.

Yet, simply putting content out there isn't enough to grab our viewer's attention.

Your content needs to be engaging, convincing, and specifically crafted for the people you're trying to reach if you want to be noticed. 

This is where copywriting comes in. Copywriting It's a writing style that educates, influences, and turns readers into customers. 

It’s a high-income skill that requires distinct abilities, such as knowing your audience, adapting your writing for various platforms, and being able to persuade effectively.

In this post, we will look at the main types of copywriting that every marketer needs to be familiar with.

Whether you're an expert with years of experience or just beginning, it's important to understand that these different styles of advertising writing can strengthen your promotional content and lead to improved outcomes for your company.

1. Blog And Website Copywriting

Let's examine blog and website copywriting. It's an important skill, especially if you just started your blog.

With search engines weighing high-quality, relevant content these days, crafting pages and posts that truly inform and engage your target audience is key.

Whether you're working on a blog post or an entire website, your writing needs to be optimized for search engines to rank higher on Google and get in front of the right eyes.

That's where AI writing software can be a huge help - it allows you to pump out quality blog content much faster.

But don't just hit publish on the AI output. You'll want to carefully fact-check, edit, and apply your copywriting skills to really elevate that AI-generated content.

The goal is to provide genuine value to readers, not just regurgitating information, but that'll keep you in Google's good graces with their quality raters.

The great thing about blog and website copywriting is that it's an evergreen skill.

Being able to offer blog writing services in virtually any niche means endless opportunities and this expertise will last you a lifetime.

As AI tools continue advancing, you can leverage them while maintaining a human touch and creative control.

That's why developing top-notch copywriting abilities, especially for digital mediums like blogs and websites, is such a valuable pursuit.

It opens up so many doors, both for your own content and offering writing services to businesses across industries. Master these skills and you'll have a highly marketable talent for years to come.

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2. SEO copywriting

SEO copywriting is important nowadays if you want your business to get noticed online.

With more and more people relying on search engines to find what they need, having optimized content for those search engine results pages can make a big difference.

I've been giving tips on blogging for a while now, and let me tell you, businesses are willing to pay good money for writers who know how to work that SEO magic.

It's all about getting those visitors to buy from organic search results.

So, what exactly is an SEO copywriter? It's someone who writes content specifically designed to rank higher on search engines and drive more traffic to a website.

It's not just about stuffing keywords in there, though. You gotta really understand the ins and outs of search engine optimization, like keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building.

Speaking of keyword research, you'll want to get friendly with some AI SEO tools too. They can really help you figure out which keywords to target and how to optimize your content so those search engines take notice.

At the end of the day, mastering SEO copywriting is all about writing content that ranks well, engages your audience, and gets them to take action.

It's a win-win for your business when you can combine great writing with SEO know-how.

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3. Direct response copywriting

Direct response copywriting is a type of writing that tries to get an answer from people who might buy something.

It's about convincing someone to do something like buy a product or fill in a form. The writing style is friendly, like talking to someone, and it always asks the reader to do something important right away.

This type of copywriting is typically written in a conversational tone and includes a strong call to action.

A great example from Adam Enfroy's blogging course shows you direct response marketing.

Masterclass opt-in copywriting example

Direct response copywriting is often used in sales copy, such as landing pages, letters, and email marketing campaigns.

The key to effective direct-response copywriting is understanding your target market and crafting a message that resonates with them.

You need to know their pain points, desires, and motivations to create a message that speaks directly to them.

Also, you need to develop a sense of urgency and convey the benefits of your product or service clearly and compellingly.

By learning direct response copywriting, you can create sales copy that engages your audience and drives conversions and revenue for your business.

So, in 2024, if you want to improve your copywriting skills, focus on mastering the art of direct response copywriting.

4. Social Media Copywriting

Social media copywriting is important to any successful social media marketing strategy these days.

Crafting posts that really grab people's attention requires understanding your potential customers and the specific platforms they use.

For example, here is a great viral tweet on a trending topic that gets social media copywriters free leads. 

Viral tweet for social media copywriting example

When you create content tailored to your audience and optimized for social media, it can really drive engagement and build brand awareness.

People are more likely to interact with and share posts that feel relevant and authentic to them.

Effective social media copywriting combines attention-grabbing headlines, eye-catching visuals, and informative and entertaining messages.

It's about finding that sweet spot between providing value and keeping things fun.

By honing your social media copywriting skills, you'll be able to craft posts that don't just get buried in people's feeds.

We're talking content that sparks engagement and helps achieve your overall marketing goals. A skilled social media copywriter is a real asset these days.

The key is using a natural, conversational tone while maintaining a clear brand voice. Your social posts can stand out with the right mix of clever writing and audience understanding.

5. Ad copywriting

Ad copywriting is a specialized discipline capable of driving major business impact when executed skillfully.

To create ad copy that instantly hooks people's attention and compels them to take an action, whether clicking an ad or visiting a website is what you want.

But you can't just throw some words together and expect magic to happen. Effective ad copy requires a deep understanding of sales psychology and what makes your target audience tick.

Knowing how to communicate the core benefits and sense of urgency in a way that resonates is important.

That's where having a few proven copywriting frameworks in your back pocket can be a game-changer. Depending on the product, niche, and who you're selling to, different approaches and terminology will hit home.

For example, using the right industry lingo in a B2B copy shows prospects that you truly understand their challenges. Similarly, applying the problem-agitation-solution format can work wonders for consumer offers.

The good news is that AI copywriting tools can help streamline cranking out optimized ad copy at scale.

But they're not a set-it-and-forget-it solution - you still need to apply your human copywriting chops.

Massage the AI output through the lens of your chosen framework, desired tonality, and deep audience understanding.

That's what separates good ad copy from great ad copy that truly connects and converts.

It's that special sauce of persuasive writing mastery combined with an innate knack for understanding what makes people buy.

Master those skills as an ad copywriter, and you'll have a superpower for driving real business results through content marketing.

6. B2B Copywriting

One type of copywriting to master is B2B or business-to-business copywriting - creating content for companies selling to other businesses.

This opens up opportunities across B2B business ideas like eCommerce, SaaS, and more.

The core goal of B2B copywriting is nurturing relationships with other businesses to drive sales. Inbound marketing through optimized web content and social media platforms is crucial for reaching this audience effectively in today's digital landscape.

While the B2B space may seem intimidating for beginners, the key is to focus on clear, concise writing using an active voice packed with strong verbs and nouns.

It's about deeply understanding the customer's unique challenges and positioning your offering as the solution.

You can create persuasive marketing assets that genuinely resonate and convert other businesses into customers by continuously honing your B2B copywriting skills across different types of copywriting projects for this market.

The opportunity to make way more money with B2B copywriting services is massive. With the right knowledge and mindset, your copy can be a major difference-maker for clients in this lucrative space.

7. Brand copywriting

Creating content that captures a company's unique personality and values is the core of brand copywriting. It's about shaping how an audience perceives and connects with a brand.

This copywriting specialty plays a huge role in marketing efforts. Nailing the brand voice and messaging is key to building customer loyalty and turning casual buyers into passionate fans.

But it's not just about fancy words because effective brand copy requires a deep understanding of marketing psychology and what makes that specific brand tick. You have to get to know the client and study their business, services, and target customers.

It takes collaboration to nail brand copywriting projects. Working closely with the client allows you to absorb nuanced brand details and craft copy authentically representing their identity.

When you nail brand copywriting, it's incredibly rewarding. Your words become the catalyst for strengthening brand recognition, boosting engagement, and driving more sales. It makes you an invaluable part of the marketing team.

While learning each brand's unique voice and traits can be challenging, the payoff is huge. Mastering brand copywriting elevates you as a writer and empowers you to shape powerful brand narratives that stick.

8. Email Copywriting

Email copywriting is a critical component of outbound marketing, aiming to drive conversions and engagement by persuading recipients to take specific actions.

It's an essential skill across industries like eCommerce, lead generation, and B2B, helping build those all-important email funnels.

There are a few distinct elements to nailing effective email copy.

First, you need an attention-grabbing subject line to hook subscribers from the start.

Then, the body content must be visually interesting and speak directly to the reader's core needs or problems.

Providing genuine value through exclusive offers or educational materials is also key for building rapport and keeping subscribers engaged with your emails over time.

While it's tricky to master, you can level up your email copywriting skills through practice, studying what works in your niche, and leveraging tools like AI email assistants to streamline the process.

With the right tactics, you'll be able to craft email sequences that don't just get opened but actually drive meaningful conversions for your business or clients.

It's all about connecting with the audience in a way that feels authentic and valuable to them.

Highly effective email copywriting allows you to build strong relationships and nurture warm leads through the power of the inbox.

Get good at this, and you'll have a major asset for boosting sales across any number of products or services.

9. Public relations copywriting

When building a successful marketing campaign, exploring different approaches to connect with and convert your target audience is essential.

While traditional marketing assets, such as sales messages, are important, public relations copywriting is another method worth exploring.

 This approach to copywriting involves creating meaningful and valuable content that resonates with your audience while establishing your company's reputation and values.

Unlike traditional marketing, PR copywriting prioritizes storytelling, personalizing your brand, and leveraging third-party perspectives to build maximum impact and credibility.

To keep up with current trends in the industry, PR firms need expert copywriters to deliver consistent messaging across all customer touchpoints, from press releases to social media.

Incorporating PR copywriting into your marketing campaign can help you stand out from the competition and drive more meaningful, long-term engagement with your audience.

So why not try it out? With the right approach and a knowledgeable team, you can create captivating content that connects with your audience and drives results.

10. Video Copywriting

Creating engaging video content has become increasingly important to stand out in the creator economy.

Whether it's video sales letters, explainer videos, or social media ads, video marketing has become a crucial component of any modern marketing strategy.

Video copywriting is the type of digital copywriting needed to produce persuasive and concise scripts that captivate the viewer and drive conversions.

The copywriter must be skilled in understanding the target audience, communicating with an active voice, and hooking the viewer within the first few seconds.

An effective video script always tells a story, making the content more exciting and relatable to the viewer.

To craft compelling video scripts, it’s essential to start by planning the narrative structure, writing a powerful hook, and concluding with a call to action.

With the right video copywriting strategies and techniques, brands can create dynamic and memorable videos that leave a lasting impact on their audience.

11. Technical copywriting

Technical copywriting is an art that involves creating engaging, informative, and persuasive content for products or services that require specialized knowledge.

This type of specialized writing is commonly used for sales pages, case studies, whitepapers, and more. Technical writing is distinct from other forms of copywriting, primarily focused on storytelling and customer engagement.

Here, the primary objective is to communicate complex information clearly and concisely to the reader, often using industry jargon that can be difficult for non-technical people to comprehend.

Technical copywriters must deeply understand the product or service they are writing about, including its features, benefits, and drawbacks.

Effective technical copywriting also involves strong and persuasive language while maintaining technical accuracy.

Long-form content, such as eBooks or articles, can also be effective in technical copywriting.

By crafting detailed and informative content that engages the audience and delivers value, businesses can establish their authority and build trust with prospects.

12. Marketing Copywriting

Marketing copywriting is creating persuasive and interesting content for promotional purposes.

It plays a huge role in content marketing as it helps businesses effectively communicate their message to their target audience.

Digital Marketing copywriting encompasses various forms of content, including social media posts, email newsletters, sales pages, product descriptions, and more.

The goal is to attract, engage, and convert potential customers by crafting messages that resonate with their needs, wants, and desires.

Effective marketing copywriting requires profoundly understanding the target audience, pain points, values, and interests.

The copywriter must use language that speaks directly to their audience and grabs their attention while conveying the product's or service's benefits.

Social media channels are now integral to marketing copywriting, as platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram provide a unique opportunity to engage with the target audience in real time.

Creating online sales pages is important to marketing copywriting, one of any business's most important marketing assets.

A sales or website pages must be unique, informative, and visually appealing to keep the reader engaged while conveying a strong value proposition.

By leveraging the right marketing copywriting techniques, businesses can build brand awareness, drive engagement, and ultimately increase sales.

13. Creative copywriting

Creative copywriting is an art that requires a unique set of skills to create imaginative and thought-provoking content for various mediums.

The primary objective of creative copywriting is to captivate and engage the reader, regardless of the content's purpose.

Creative copywriting adds a unique personality to any content writing, whether a social media post, ad copy, or product description.

Creative copywriters must have a keen understanding of their target audience, use language that speaks directly to their interests, and be able to generate new and innovative ideas for each project.

Many businesses turn to freelance copywriters to bring a fresh perspective to their content writing while providing expertise and insights to improve their brand messaging.

Whether you're looking to rebrand, revitalize existing content, or create a new campaign, hiring a skilled creative copywriter can help you take your content to the next level.

16. Leadership copywriting

If you want to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, then thought leadership copywriting could be your route to success.

By identifying your expertise, researching real-world challenges, taking a stand, and adding your unique voice, you can craft content that positions you as an expert in your field.

However, to make this work with thought leadership copywriting, you need to believe in your product or service.

By highlighting your unique offering, you can engage your audience and differentiate yourself from competitors.

With the right approach, thought leadership copywriting can help elevate your brand and establish yourself as an authority in your field.

You can use an AI text generator to help create copy fit for leadership or write the content yourself with careful research and guidance. 

Is Copywriting Considered A High Demand Skill?

Yes, copywriting is in high demand, especially as more businesses and creators need help publishing content.

The ability to craft compelling, persuasive writing can open up many money-making opportunities online.

Many businesses rely heavily on copywriters to produce website content, blog posts, ads, emails, and social media copy that engages their audience and drives sales.

It's an integral part of content marketing and direct response campaigns.

The great thing about copywriting is that it can be the perfect side hustle or foundation for a full-time one-person business idea.

With so much need for quality written content across industries, skilled copywriters can sell their services to many clients.

You don't need a ton of overhead or employees since you can use your writing skills and some basic tools like grammar checkers or AI writing assistants.

Start building a portfolio by taking on freelance gigs, and you can quickly grow a copywriting side business around your existing job.

The demand is massive, from small eCommerce sites and solo bloggers to large companies and marketing agencies. They all need sales copywriting, which means big earning potential for savvy new writers.

So, if you love writing and want a lucrative skill in your tool belt, copywriting is worth going for. With discipline and hustle, it can turn into your full-time gig writing persuasive content that makes real money online.

What Does A Copywriter Do?

So, you're scrolling through a website, and a product or an article catches your eye.

Have you ever thought about why that happens? It's usually because a copywriter has done their job well.

These marketers write the kind of text that grabs your attention and nudges you to do something, like buying a product or signing up for more information.

For example, an SEO copywriter can be tasked with writing for a website that sells products that are good for the environment.

The copywriter will make sure the content is optimized not only for search engines but also for humans to make a buying decision.

That means using specific keywords that people are likely to search for. This helps the website appear higher in search results, making it more likely for potential customers to find it.

They use tools like Google Keyword Planner or other keyword research tools to find these terms. Choosing the right words to attract readers and satisfy search engine algorithms is a mix of art and science.

Basically, copywriters play a big role in content marketing and SEO strategy.

Whether it's for a sales page, blog post, or any content publishing, they make sure the message hits home with readers and search engines.

Can copywriting be a side hustle?

Yes, copywriting is an excellent side hustle, perfect for those looking to make money while traveling or aiming to build a content writing business.

It's a flexible way to earn money, allowing you to take on ghostwriting clients or create your own blog posts and sales pages.

This can lead to different copywriting industries or skills, such as writing emails, how-to guides, and business-to-consumer ad copy.

Learning Resources:

  • YouTube Videos: An excellent starting point for beginners. Many experienced copywriters and content creators share their knowledge on YouTube, offering insights into effective SEO strategies, content marketing, and how to engage your audience.
  • Learning from Other Creators: Engage with a community of writers. Follow creators specializing in AI copywriting to see how they blend technology with creativity.
  • Publishing Your Content: Use your own site as a practice field. It’s an effective way to experiment with what you've learned, showcase your abilities to potential clients, and continuously improve your skills.

By incorporating AI into your side hustle, you can streamline the writing process, make your content more relevant, and stand out in the competitive field of copywriting.

Final Thoughts

Now you know all the types of copywriting and how they all play a part in an online business to thrive.

Whether you're a freelance copywriter looking to add services to your offerings or a business owner wanting to create engaging content, countless opportunities are available in copywriting and content writing.

With experience and creativity, you can build your career as an online copywriter while also making money from the comfort of your own home.


Why should you learn every type of copywriting category?

There is no one "best" type of copywriting, as it depends on your goals, interests, and strengths. However, the most in-demand copywriting specialties include email marketing, content/SEO writing, and advertising copy.

What are the five levels of copywriting?

While there's no official ranking system, copywriting could be considered having 5 broad levels:

  1. Basic online content
  2. Persuasive brand/marketing copy
  3. Direct response copywriting for lead gen/sales
  4. Long-form sales letters/VSLs
  5. High-stakes campaigns like fundraising/product launches.

How do I choose which type of copywriting to focus on?

While specializing allows you to go deep in one area, being a generalist copywriter with experience across categories like content, email, and ads makes you more versatile and marketable.

It expands your opportunities and helps you become a stronger, more well-rounded writer.

What type of copywriting pays the most?

Direct response copywriting for sales pages and fundraising copy tend to be among the highest-paid types because of their direct impact on revenue generation.

How can I get experience in different copywriting niches?

Start by taking on freelance gigs across various industries to build a diverse portfolio. You can also offer discounted services to gain experience in new copywriting areas.

Which type of copywriting is best?

The best type will be website and SEO copywriting, which will always be around and needed to rank on Google.

Whenever you make a Google search, you will notice that the top-performing pages will also have compelling blog content that keeps readers engaged and makes them want to come back for more.

SEO and web copy can help you reach the pinnacle of your career, no matter what niche or industry you write for.

Knowing how to write effective web pages and SEO copy can make all the difference in helping you grow your business and become a successful copywriter.

Eddy is an AI, SEO, and personal finance blogger who uses and tests products to help others improve their lives through AI and financial literacy. With years of experience in online business, he deeply understands the latest AI and SEO trends. Eddy is also well-knowledged in personal finance and committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise with his readers.

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