VideoAsk Review 2024: Best Interactive Video Platform?

Updated on: November 18, 2023

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Videoask Review

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More and more businesses rely on modern technological or marketing tools to accomplish their marketing objectives.

These tasks may include streamlining everyday operations, providing better opportunities to employees, increasing and maintaining profits, and enhancing customer engagement.

The last of these is among the most important of all, as in many cases, the success of a business depends upon its relationship with its customers (Cough Cough, through video).

Best Video Platform

VideoAsk Typeform

VideoAsk By TypeForm

Videoask is one of the several video-on-demand platforms that have become incredibly popular as an effective means of collecting customer data. Such interactive videos are gradually becoming indispensable for all businesses, replacing older data collection tools like surveys.

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And that's where tools like Videoask are becoming indispensable. These tools offer several benefits for a business, such as allowing greater interaction, generating more leads, helping recruit highly skilled individuals, and more.

Let's dive deeper into this Videoask Review in 2024.

But when it comes to tools like Videoask, it is important to learn all about them before incorporating them into your business strategy.

This detailed review will help you do just that by covering all the important aspects, such as its features and pricing, so that you can make an informed decision.

What Is VideoAsk?


Videoask is a powerful online platform from Typeform that allows businesses to interact with their target audience, providing an excellent way of analyzing them.

Through this tool, you can show customers pre-recorded videos based on their survey answer types. 


  • Increase response rate with potential leads
  • Create Video funnels that start sending customers through a purchase decision
  • Integrates with your existing tools such as WordPress
  • Match Videoask to your own brand


  • Can definitely feel overwhelming when first starting out
  • Starting price is a bit much, but does offer a free trial
  • Some leads won't complete the questions which can still go into your database
  • A few bad experiences on review sites but that's normal

How To Use VideoAsk By Typeform

To use this marketing tool, you will first need to sign up by providing a few basic details, and this process will also help you understand how the tool works.

Once the account is set up, Videoask will provide an easy-to-follow tutorial to help users learn to record videos and share them.

How Videoask Works

Besides making communication faster and easier, this tool ensures that all parties understand each other effectively.

All the messages are collected in an inbox that allows you to respond easily, effectively making it a perfect replacement for text messages.

Videoask helps some of the biggest brands, such as Fiverr, Jobandtalent, and Wolt, mainly for recruiting talent.

Such companies can conduct interviews that are very close to personal interviews by asking the candidates questions and sending a video. These candidates also send back their answers in video form.

This powerful platform can be used for other purposes as well, such as:

1. Lead Generation

Videoask can generate higher-quality leads by making your lead generation funnels more personal.

With this tool, you can increase your traffic and even improve the quality of traffic on the website by creating a custom video message for the target audience. 

2. Recruitment

As explained above, you can use pre-recorded videos to interview and screen candidates and make the hiring process more efficient.

The video already contains the questions that need to be asked, and you only need to send them to the candidates.

3. Sales

Adding videos to the sales page can create a more personalized sales experience using Videoask.

Such videos may be used to answer various questions that potential customers might have regarding a product, helping clear their doubts.

4. Testimonials

With Videoask, it becomes easy to gather video testimonials that can prove the reliability of your offerings.

These testimonials can also showcase that your brand has happy customers and generate interest in the brand.

Compared to other video testimonial software, Videoask by Typeform is one of the best.

5. Audience Engagement

Videos have proven to be more effective than other methods of communication and can be used to improve audience engagement through tools like Videoask.

You can use it to share your own journey experience or create promotional content for the products and services offered by the business.

6. Education And Training

Face-to-face interaction is the best option for education and training purposes, and this ridiculously simple tool can be used very effectively to meet such needs.

You can engage with students after class and conveniently clear their doubts. Similarly, Videoask can easily be used by businesses to train employees. 

VideoAsk Pricing

Videoask Pricing

Videoask has three different pricing plans that cater to different types of customers. These include:

1. Start Plan

This is the free version that comes with all the essential features that you need.

 These include 20 minutes of video or audio processing every month, Videoask branding, conditional logic, and other core features.

This plan also allows you to collect payments via Stripe and supports up to three steps per Videoask. 

2. Grow Plan

This plan costs $30 per month, is billed annually, and comes with all the features in the Start plan and some others.

You get 100 minutes of video or audio processing per month, unlimited Videoask steps, data export, team collaboration of up to five members, file upload, and more.

Other features include respondent tracking, video length control, live calls, etc. 

3. Brand Plan

The Videoask brand plan costs $50 per month, billed annually, and is the most elite option with the complete set of features your business might need.

Besides 200 minutes of video or audio processing per month, it includes domain white labeling, priority support, a voice-powered chatbot, customizations, and many more features.

4. Enterprise Plan

This plan is especially designed for large businesses and can be customized to meet different requirements. 

Additionally, Videoask also offers a free version so you can try it out before getting a paid plan. 

Videoask Features

We’ve mentioned some of the features that are included in various plans, so let’s look at some of them in detail. 

1. 360 Degree Feedback

360-degree feedback allows anonymous feedback from various parties, including employers, clients, customers, and others.

Videoask makes this process incredibly easy through video messages that can be created without much time or effort.

This type of feedback helps enhance the performance of employees by improving relationships, promoting self-accountability, and providing clarity.

With Videoask, employees can learn about and understand their strengths and weaknesses for personal and organizational development.

2. Activity Tracking

This impressive feature lets you log details about various activities without losing focus.

It makes it easy to keep a detailed record of all the activities and their progress, making them easier to manage according to your priorities.

Another major advantage of activity tracking for businesses is that it provides a centralized record of communication between employees and customers.

Additionally, tools like Videoask can help provide information on the best course of action to follow in a particular situation through previously collected data on the subject.

3. Appointment Scheduling

Videoask makes it easy to schedule appointments without jumping through hoops by automating the process.

You can even reschedule and cancel appointments by directly communicating with the parties, saving time.

To simplify the scheduling process, Videoask supports several integrations with powerful apps, one of which is Calendly.

This allows you to synchronize multiple calendars and display your availability in a single one.

4. CRM

CRM, or customer relationship management, allows businesses to effectively manage their interactions and relationships with clients and customers.

This communication tool allows connecting with customers directly through one-to-one conversations, which is vital for success.

For CRM purposes, the Videoask platform can be easily integrated with various applications, such as Recruit CRM.

This automates hiring professionals to build meaningful customer relationships while managing recruitment.

5. Content Creation

Content creation has become easier than ever before, thanks to tools like Videoask. You can easily create videos on various topics and share them with others, exchanging information and promoting better communication.

With its readymade templates and hundreds of customization options, Videoask provides all the tools you need to create high-quality content.

The video content can be adjusted easily to meet different requirements, which is impossible with written reviews.

6. Data Analysis

Videoask is an amazing tool that can also be used for data analysis purposes.

By analyzing the recorded questions and answers, businesses can learn about their customers' requirements, which can help develop marketing strategies.

While some data analysis tools are built into the platform, others require integration or data export.

Tools like the metrics tab of the inbox provides information about your respondents' reactions to your video, while the results tab shows a breakdown of the stats on each step.

7. Surveys And Feedback

By far, the most popular use of Videoask is for collecting data regarding the target audience of any business.

Using videos that ask questions on specific topics, users can create a survey in video form and collect information from the target audience effectively. 

You can use Typeform surveys to gather data on important business topics.

This can be especially beneficial for a small business that does not have the resources required for data collection through traditional surveys.

8. Net Promoter Score File

The net promoter score can help measure customer experience and predict business growth.

You can use Videoask to collect feedback from respondents on a scale of one to ten, while the overall score is assigned from -100 to 100.

Based on the score, these respondents can be grouped into different categories.

For this purpose, you can create a multistep Videoask video for follow-up after they are provided with a score and use open-ended answer types or video testimonials for detailed feedback.

9. Lead Qualification

Lead qualification is how businesses determine the best sales targets and is an important part of the sales strategy.

Videoask allows you to qualify leads by providing information about whether customers are interested in the product or service.

The platform offers premade templates for lead qualification purposes that allow you to create your own funnel.

This can then collect important information, such as contact details, by integrating other tools with the platform.

10. Real-Time Notifications

Videoask provides real-time notifications in multiple forms to help you know when your respondents have replied to any particular question.

This means that notifications appear as soon as such actions occur, enabling quick and timely decisions.

Videoask Notification

Using the mobile application, you get notified instantly by both push and email notifications.

This will allow you to view responses and reply to respondents without logging in using the web platform every time.

VideoAsk Hidden Features

Videoask also has a few hidden features that will sky rocket your marketing.

You can check out their advanced hidden features here.

Also, here is a quick summary of them:

  • Add parameters
  • How to force widescreen
  • Hide captions
  • Hide the play button
  • Add different overlays
  • Set your video to preview mode

How Does Videoask Work?

In this section of my Videoask Review, we've explained in detail the working of Videoask in a step-by-step format to make it easy to understand.

Step 1:

After creating an account, sign in with your ID, and you will be taken to the dashboard.

The dashboard is the main page where you can manage your videos, including creating new ones and editing existing ones.

To get started, click the New Videoask button, which will open up the video creation panel.

Step 2:

The main dashboard has several pre-made templates that can be used for video creation. You can start recording a new video by pressing the webcam button on the page.

Alternatively, you can use pre-saved videos by tapping on the library button.

Step 3:

Videoask also offers several customization options that allow users to add speaker notes for those who find it hard to start speaking on the spot.

To begin recording, press the large red button visible on the page. Videos can also be recorded using smartphones, though only the mobile web and iOS platforms currently allow that.

Alternatively, you can upload a GIF or select a video from websites like Giphy or Pexels. Videoask even allows uploading screen share recordings.

Step 4:

After recording the basic video, add some context and text using a description. This will increase its chances of becoming visible to prospective customers searching for related topics.

The description will also make it easy for the respondents to understand the purpose of the video and enable them to provide more suitable answers.

Step 5:

You can choose how your target audience will answer the question you ask using the platform.

This may be in audio, video, text, multiple choice answers, or even with a calendar by integrating the video with any supported calendar application.

Step 6:

Once the video is ready, you can customize it according to your preferences using the advanced settings. Select a name and whether you want to collect people's details, colors, and language.

Videoask also allows adding a company logo and adjusting the colors to match its branding.

Step 7:

The final step involves sharing the Videoask with your target audience, which can be done via a link, a floating widget, or an eye frame on the website. You can even embed the video in an email.

Also, remember that you can edit the video even after posting it, though you may need an external video editing tool for editing the middle part.

The beginning and end of the videos can be edited directly through the platform.

VideoAsk Alternatives

Looking to create video reviews or interactive videos on a different platform? While Videoask is an incredible product, it's not a perfect fit for everyone.

Here are a few alternatives to Videoask:

Is VideoAsk Worth It?

Yes, this software is completely worth it. Videoask offers powerful integrations and a great way to connect with your potential customers.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, you can always view their support community tab here.

Frequently Asked Questions About VideoAsk By Typeform

VideoAsk FAQ

What Devices Are Supported By Videoask?

The Videoask web app can be used on Windows computers, Mac devices, and Android devices. For iPhones, there is a dedicated app that allows you to create videos and view responses.

Finally, the Android app for mobile devices enables viewing responses to questions and replies to respondents.

What Browsers Does Videoask Support?

Respondents can use all browsers to answer questions except Internet Explorer. Also, there are some limitations on Safari and Chrome on the iOS platform for various reasons.

For instance, the Safari browser blocks access to the camera and microphone in certain cases, while Chrome does not support audio recording before version 14.4.

Additionally, Safari and custom Android browsers switch to the built-in camera app for uploading videos.

Do Respondents Require A Videoask Account To Reply To Questions?

Fortunately, Videoask lets respondents who do not have an account reply to questions asked via the platform.

You only need an account to create videos for asking questions.

How Long Does A Video Need To Be?

The maximum length of each Videoask step is two minutes long. But there is no limit to uploading your own video, except that the video size must be smaller than 300 MB.

Additionally, respondents who answer the questions get two minutes of recording time per step, which can be increased to five minutes using a paid plan.

How Are Your Minutes Calculated?

Videoask calculates the minutes whenever you, your respondents, or any team member records or uploads a video or audio recording.

The video playback time is unlimited and is not calculated in the minutes. Also, the minutes are calculated in seconds and rounded off.

Final Words

Whether you want to improve your relationship with customers or employee performance, Videotask is among the best tools. I give them two big thumbs up because of their specific resources.

Being a highly versatile video platform, it can be used for almost any type of business. 

While there are several alternatives, Videoask stands out by offering multiple pricing plans that are more budget-friendly than those of most competitors.

And it can be integrated with over 2000 apps to enhance its productivity, which is another rare feature.

The simple-to-use interface, easily available tutorials, and availability on multiple platforms are some other factors that make this a compelling choice for all types of businesses.

Eddy is an AI, SEO, and personal finance blogger who uses and tests products to help others improve their lives through AI and financial literacy. With years of experience in online business, he deeply understands the latest AI and SEO trends. Eddy is also well-knowledged in personal finance and committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise with his readers.

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