WriterZen Review 2024: Is It the Best AI Content Creation Tool?

Updated: December 4, 2023

Written and edited by Eddy Ballesteros CEO & AI Expert.

Writerzen Review

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Are you tired of creating content and blog posts that never rank? Do you want to drive real traffic and money to your website with a powerful content optimization tool

Writerzen might be the answer to all your content creation struggles.

This all-in-one SEO tool offers a powerful solution that includes comprehensive content briefs for SEO optimization and targeted keyword clusters.

You can say goodbye to counterproductive content and embrace the power of this tool for your next search engine campaign.

Writerzen Overview

CTA Box Logos
  • Create Topic Clusters
  • Upgrades Your Content Workflow
  • Generate Keywords That Rank
  • Unique Keyword Research Tools

Eddy's Personal Writerzen Summary:

Writerzen is an amazing keyword clustering tool and briefing software for content writers. This tool makes the content creation process easier and will help you rank higher in search engine results.

The only downside is that they offer many tools for your blogging business, which can feel overwhelming, but they include video tutorials.

So, if you need an AI tool for SEO to help you find keyword trends and grade your content, such as knowing the average word count, this tool is the one for you.

What Is WriterZen?


WriterZen provides an AI content creation tool to help you research keyword data, brainstorm topics quickly, establish your authority in the field and write unique content quickly.

WriterZen’s popular features include topic discovery, keyword explorer, AI writing tool, and plagiarism checker.

Other platform features include bulk-checking Allintitle data and using the Golden Filter to find keyword golden ratio.

These features help you create content quickly, run SEO audits, and rank higher on search engines.

WriterZen offers one of the more intuitive and affordable options for content creators than other AI content tools.

This tool will give you many SEO benefits and make life easier for better search results for your website.


  • Introduces an all-in-one tool for SEO-enhanced content
  • Provides user-friendly interface
  • Access tools easily
  • Generates plenty of topics and keywords
  • Saves time writing with an AI assistant
  • Offers more affordable rates than other AI and SEO writing software

  • Writes only in English for the AI assistant
  • Lacks slightly in features and intricacy than other popular AI writing tools
  • It provides average results than other plagiarism detector software

Who Is WriterZen Good For?

Given its different features, WriterZen suits most content creators and content needs.

You will benefit from the keyword explorer feature if you’re a blogger or content writer who wants to write unique and high-performing content for your niche.

It’ll help you perform thorough keyword research efficiently and see relevant keyword data to include in your content.

WriterZen who for

Meanwhile, marketers and content creators will find the keyword cluster feature helpful for content planning. Keyword clustering groups keywords into themes relevant to your website.

However, WriterZen is also helpful for beginner marketers and business owners who need an all-in-one tool to find keywords, write copies for ads, create content that ranks on search engines, and get started on creating SEO-optimized content.

Its affordable rates suit small businesses, marketing agencies, and freelancers.

WriterZen Features

Explore WriterZen’s features, consider our reviews, and see which tools fit your content needs best.

Topic Discovery

The WriterZen Topic Discovery feature helps you generate content ideas by providing related topics in just a few minutes.

In our experience, you only need to enter your main keyword in the search box, and then it presents appropriate article ideas using related keywords.

It’s also a quick way to find relevant keywords for your content plan or articles.

WriterZen Topic Discovery

Regarding the content ideas, we like that the Topic Discovery feature provides a wide range of topics and subtopics from a single keyword search.

Also, it includes user-generated queries from the Google Suggest Database, giving you more options.

Besides this, it includes the search volume in the results, allowing you to see how often users search for the related keywords.

Overall, the Topic Discovery feature allows you to fill in the gaps in your content planning by seeing all the possible topics and angles in a given keyword.

Keyword Explorer

SEO experts confirm that keyword research is vital to establishing and improving your website ranking, and WriterZen’s Keyword Explorer tool helps you get started with a few clicks.

Enter your target keyword in the search box, select your target country, choose your language, and click the search button.

WriterZen Keyword Explorer

The results show your main keyword’s data, related keyword ideas, and other insights to help you find the best keywords for your website.

We like that you can see different keyword data like total search volume, trend, cost per click (CPC), keyword difficulty, and Allintitle data, among others. You can use these insights to see which keywords to include in your content.

However, note that most of these data appear in many SEO tools. Prominent SEO tools like Semrush and Moz offer more keyword features and data.

Nonetheless, the WriterZen Keyword Explorer provides enough tools and data to help you start your keyword research.

Content Creator

The WriterZen Content Creator tool uses algorithms to develop a content outline based on your target keyword’s top pages and competitor articles.

To use this tool, you must provide your main keyword, turn on Google NLP (Natural Language Processing), indicate the date and priority, and input information about the article.

The content creator will then produce an outline for your article, which you can follow to write content from scratch.

WriterZen AI Powered SEO Content Creator

It also includes a smart editor which provides live suggestions and SEO content analysis. Plus, it shows other keywords you can use to optimize your content.

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, we found this feature convenient and intuitive. However, it sometimes recommends irrelevant keywords for your on-page SEO.

Regardless, this WriterZen Content Creator tool provides a quick way to draft outlines and complete articles in no time.

AI Writing Assistant

The WriterZen AI Writing Assistant is under the Content Creator feature, but it’s an excellent tool to explore since it helps quicken the writing process.

Powered by GPT-3 AI, this feature generates original titles, descriptions, and outlines to help you create engaging content. It also includes tools to help you discover content structures, create new content ideas, and rewrite paragraphs to make writing easier.

You'll also want to use an AI content detector when using WriterZen's outputs to ensure the content is original and not plagiarized.

Overall, WriterZen offers a decent AI writing assistant since it makes creating content faster. Moreover, maximizing the tool can help improve your content’s SEO rankings.

However, we noticed that WriterZen’s AI still lacks accuracy compared to popular AI writing tools like Jasper AI. For example, it can’t correct some grammar mistakes. Moreover, as of writing, it can only produce content in English.

Nonetheless, this AI writing assistant helps writers, marketers, and business owners write copies and complete articles.

Plagiarism Checker

WriterZen’s built-in Plagiarism Checker scans duplicate sentences from the billions of pages in the Google database. However, it doesn’t check scholarly books, articles, or PDFs online.

The tool also measures your content’s uniqueness against the database based on the number of plagiarized sentences your article contains.

WriterZen Quick and Accurate Plagiarism Checker

Based on our experience, WriterZen isn’t as accurate as a few in-depth plagiarism detectors. Nonetheless, unlike most commercial or online plagiarism detectors, it provides a more thorough check.

However, we appreciate that the checker works for up to 46 languages at 195 locations globally. Note that it only includes Alphabet-based languages.

Also, remember that the checker only imports up to a specific number of words, depending on your plan. We suggest upgrading your plan to scan more words at a time or breaking up your content to ensure your content is free of plagiarism.

Ultimately, the WriterZen Plagiarism Checker is a helpful tool for content writers and marketers who want to verify the quality of their content.

WriterZen Pricing

WriterZen offers flexible and transparent packages for different needs. We break down their various plans, add-ons, and one-time fees below.

WriterZen Pricing


  • Basic: This plan covers all essential features with a minimal number of searches, word counts, etc. It suits a solo professional handling one project.
  • Standard: It covers the basics but with a higher limit. This plan suits small teams with multiple projects.
  • Advanced: The plan includes all basic features with higher limits, plus two free member seats. It’s recommended for agencies and big marketing firms.

Note that annual plans get 30% off, allowing you to save more per month. Also, custom Enterprise plans are available for larger teams by contacting WriterZen.


If you want more out of your account, WriterZen offers the following add-on features:

  1. AI Assistant: It provides over 70 AI templates and unlimited word generation. Note that it’s an additional monthly rate.
  2. Member Seats: These enable collaboration with unlimited members. It charges per seat per month.

One-Time Credits

You can purchase these one-time credits if you run out of monthly credits in your plan.

  • Keyword Credit: Purchase from 20,000 to 150,000 keyword credits for Auto Clustering and Golden Keywords Filter.
  • Google NLP Credit: Add 60 to 600 NLP credits for the Google NLP Analysis feature.

If you’re unsure of subscribing to their plans, WriterZen offers a risk-free seven-day trial. There’s no need to provide your credit card number; you only have to create an account to start the trial.

WriterZen offers more affordable rates and packages than some AI content writing platforms.

WriterZen Alternatives

Here are a few AI content tool alternatives and how it compares to WriterZen.

Surfer SEO Tool


  • Free Chrome Extension
  • Keyword Research
  • Topical Mapping

SurferSEO is a content intelligence tool focusing on on-page SEO. However, it’s also a great keyword research and content optimization tool.

It uses machine learning and NLP solutions to provide real-time and Google-compliant guidelines to help you write optimized articles better and faster. Its Content Score is also helpful in assessing if your content is at par with the competition.

Regarding collaboration, SurferSEO enables document sharing with members outside one’s team. Currently, WriterZen doesn’t offer this feature, as team members must have a plan or free account to access documents.

However, when generating outlines, SurferSEO can’t generate complete outlines, unlike WriterZen. It can only suggest titles, headers, and topics for your outline. Plus, SurferSEO doesn’t have an AI writing assistant like WriterZen.

Also, between the two, WriterZen offers more affordable plans.

SurferSEO is great for keyword research and content optimization, but WriterZen offers AI writing software to speed up the content process.


Clearscope offers an SEO content optimization tool built using top-notch models like IBM Watson, Google Cloud Natural Language, and OpenAI’s GPT-3.

The tool’s most popular feature is Optimize, which grades your content according to its comprehensiveness and relevance. Specifically, it scans for Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) keywords in your content and checks how many terms coincide with the top results.

The content editor’s sidebar also includes a list of LSI keywords you can add to your content for better optimization.

One of the new features from Clearscope shows you if a keyword appears in a header. Since Google prioritizes keywords on header tags (e.g., H2), this feature helps you add specific keywords to article headers and improve your content’s SEO.

However, based on experience, Clearscope offers a basic keyword tool, unlike WriterZen and most keyword research platforms.

Also, compared to WriterZen, Clearscope is mostly an SEO tool. While you can use the keywords to draft an outline for your content, it can’t generate one instantly like WriterZen. Moreover, Clearscope doesn’t include an AI writing assistant.

Clearscope is ideal for writing SEO-optimized content, while WriterZen is best for AI content writing.


Scalenut uses AI and NLP to create content in long and short forms. This tool helps in content research and improves your copy’s efficacy, readability, and overall performance.

Like WriterZen, Scalenut provides an AI copywriter, offering over 40 templates like product descriptions, video scripts, and more. We like that you can instruct the tool to produce what you need while controlling the content’s flow.

The tool also includes an SEO hub that generates an in-depth SEO report. It comprises an overview of top-ranking sites, their content grade, word count, and readability. You also get a list of keywords to use for your content.

Scalenut’s Cruise Mode is a powerful AI writing tool that does all the work for you. You need to input the required information, targeted keywords, and content flow, and it’ll generate content in minutes.

Scalenut and WriterZen have similarities in function and pricing. However, they differ in some features, as WriterZen includes more templates and has a built-in plagiarism detector. Meanwhile, Scalenut can only integrate with Copyscape.


Is WriterZen Legit?

Yes. The software WriterZen offers works and provides helpful features to get you started on keyword research and content writing. Buying their subscriptions also doesn’t have any issues.

How Does Their Plagiarism Checker Work?

WriterZen’s plagiarism checker breaks down paragraphs into sentences and checks them against Google Database’s billions of web pages. Learn more about how their checker works here.

Final Thoughts

WriterZen is a great SEO tool and AI content writing software to generate short and long-form website content that ranks high on search engines.

Although it lacks features compared to some popular SEO and AI writing software, it offers the necessary software to help professionals, small businesses, and agencies create quick and unique content.

Hopefully, this WriterZen review helped you learn more about the tool and decide whether to use it for you or your team.

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