Yotta Savings Review 2022: Best Savings Account With Fun Rewards?

Updated: June 1, 2022

Written by Eddy Ballesteros Personal Finance & AI Expert: Learn More

Have you been looking for a savings account that gives you more than .20% APY and chances to win prizes using a lottery ticket model?

Using Yotta Savings can do that for you and beats the traditional banking model that we're all used to! In fact, I was able to create an account and set up everything within 10 minutes of downloading the app. 

Read my full Yotta Savings Review and see how this is the best high-interest saving account in 2021.

The best news? They add new features and listen to their customers on a daily basis to better their app!

Yotta Savings Overview

Yotta Savings


Savings Account


  • Earn .20$ APY & Cash Prizes
  • FDIC Insured up to $250,000
  • Easy & Secure Signup Process
  • Great Customer Support
  • Pool Prizes & Credit Builder Card


  • No traditional local bank
  • Most features are in beta phase.

Do I Recommend it?

Yes, I recommend Yotta Savings if you're tired of .01% APY from traditional banks and losing money due to inflation. Yotta allows you to earn and save more money than most high interest savings account. Get 100 Tickets when you use my referral code!

When I first heard about high-interest savings accounts, I didn't know if they were legit or how this would benefit me versus a traditional bank.

Graham Stephan

I then watched my favorite YouTuber...Graham Stephan! Like most of you who heard about Yotta Savings, We heard it first from Graham, and it got me excited since I really trust what he has to offer. 

I went ahead and signed up to Yotta Savings just to test it out and I was happy with the results. The setup process was very simple and easy to create an online account.

P.S I started with $25 to test and received lottery tickets. 😉

My Results in the first two weeks:

Yotta Savings Results

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What Is Yotta Savings?

Yotta Savings is an FDIC Insured high-interest savings account that earns you 0.20 APY and cash prizes through a lottery ticket model.

Yotta Savings was inspired by another company named "Premium Bonds" for their savings products that allowed over 23 million people to win big prizes while saving money.

Yotta Savings Comparison

Who Owns Yotta Savings?

The high-interest savings app was founded by two awesome entrepreneurs named Adam Moelis and Ben Doyle.

Other influencers and content creators such as Graham Stephan have invested in the company as they see the potential it carries.

Yotta Savings Reviews

Yotta Savings is has been reviewed by over 600+ customers with a 4.8 Star Rating!

Yotta Savings Reviews
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Is Yotta Savings Legit?

Yes, Yotta Savings is legit and safe to use for your daily savings account.

They also have a full support team on staff that can answer any of your concerns or questions via email.

How Does Yotta Savings Work?

Whenever you deposit $25 dollars into your account, you earn a ticket to enter for their weekly number draws.

For instance, if you deposit $100, you get 4 tickets every week without needing to do anything else.

Then on every Monday, you choose your lucky numbers for the weekly draws. Simple as that.

If you match all 7 numbers then you win the jackpot of 10 million dollars! Now that would be a nice payday.

How Does Yotta Savings Work?

Is Yotta Savings Worth it?

Yotta Savings is definitely worth it especially if you already leave your hard-earned money in your traditional savings account.

How Does Yotta Savings Earn You Money?

Yotta works in a savings reward system similar to an interest savings account.

Yotta allows you to earn to .20% and Cash Prizes on your money which is completely automated for you.

Yotta Savings Features

Yotta Savings introduces new features to their app which allow you to save, earn, and build credit.

The Yotta Debit Card

yotta debit card


  • No monthly or maintenance fee.
  • No credit check.
  • 10% tickets back.
  • Cash back rewards.

Yotta Buckets

Yotta Buckets allow you to separate your Yotta Savings into separate “buckets”, so you can easily track your financial goals.

Yotta Pool Play

Yotta Pool Play allows you to get a group of friends and earn cash rewards with the online ticket system.

You can either create a pool or join one to earn more prizes.

Yotta Savings Right For You? & Conclusion!

So is Yotta Savings right for you? I hope this article will show you how powerful and amazing this app can be once you start to use it.

Be sure to get 100 FREE Tickets using my referral link.

Grab it here.

So over to you, what other savings app have you used?

Time to Take Your Savings to the Next Level?

Try out Yotta Savings and enjoy using their lottery ticket system. You can feel sale knowing your money is protected in a FDIC-insured bank.

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