Zubtitle Review 2023: Best Video Caption & Subtitle Generator?

Updated: June 8, 2023

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If you are looking for a subtitle generator that is simple, easy to use, has all of the features you need, then keep reading my Zubtitle review.

This review will cover everything from pricing to features and whether or not it's worth it for you and your social media videos.

So why am I writing about this online video captioning tool?

I recently started to add subtitles and progress bars to my videos. I wanted them to be simple and engaging so that viewers could understand what they were watching no matter how long the video was or even if it was boring.

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Most social media platforms turn off the sound when you're scrolling on a video. So people will most likely keep scrolling.

That's where a subtitle generator like Zubtitle comes into play

Pricing: They offer a freemium plan and up to $49/month for 30 videos.

Free Trial?: Yes, Zubtitle provides a free plan which works with one video.


  • Easy and simple to use.
  • Add captions & progress bars
  • Resize your videos instantly for social media
  • Use custom fonts
  • Save time on video editing


  • Somewhat new UI. Software isn't complicated but easy to understand.
  • Can be expensive if you don't use everyday.

Do I Recommend Zubtitle:

Yes, I recommend Zubtitle especially if you're a content creator, a marketer, or have any type of online business. Using Zubtitle can help you create super engaging social media videos using their high end features.

What is Zubtitle?


Zubtitle is an online subtitle generator and video caption editor that allows you to enhance your videos within minutes.

You can also customize the fonts, colors, position of your subtitles on the screen and automatically add captions.

It's very easy to use even if it's your first time using a subtitle generator or editing software in general! They offer tutorials that will help you learn how to use their tool on their Youtube Channel or training library. 

So this means you don't have to worry about any complicated video editing tools anymore. 

Zubtitle Pricing

How much does Zubtitle Cost?

Zubtitle offers straightforward pricing starting at $19 per month and $49 per month for their elite plan.

You can start off with a free trial that allows you to up to two videoz but will have the Zubtitle watermark. (Still worth it to test!)

Zubtitle Pricing

What's Included In Zubtitle's Paid Plans

When you purchase the paid plan you get a lifetime of updates. You also get all the features that are mentioned in this review, including adding progress bars and being able to customize your subtitles!

Here are the detailed features when you purchase a paid plan.

  • Automatic video captions
  • Simple video editing software
  • Caption styling & positioning
  • Advanced speech to text feature
  • 200+ preloaded fonts
  • 60+ supported languages
  • Premium support
  • Remove subtitle watermark

Key Features

My personal favorite feature that Zubtitle provides is adding a progress bar. I didn't know about this until recently, but our attention span is decreasing and many people will leave a video before the intro even finishes! So adding a progress bar will allow you to give your video a finish line.

What are the key features?

  • Add headlines
  • Add captions
  • Add progress bars
  • Resize your videos for social media
  • Add your logo

Video Resizing

This feature allows you to resizes your video to fit any social media platform, including Instagram. You can also choose between square, widescreen, vertical, and portrait!

This is a great feature if you want to make the most out of your video and get more views on all platforms.

Zubtitle Resize & Crop

Add Captions

Another great tool within Zubtitle is adding auto captions to videos. You can add captions in your video or create subtitles for those who speak different languages and select from 200 different fonts.

Zubtitle Captions

Add Progress Bars

Like I explained earlier, adding progress bars will allow you to give your video a finish line. This will grab your viewer's attention and allow them to finish the video.

This is a great tool for anyone who wants their viewers to stay engaged when they're watching videos!

Zubtitle Progress Bars

Adding Headlines

Add headlines to your videos to promote your services or product.

Zubtitle allows you to add headlines to subtitle videos. You can write a headline in the subtitle text box before adding it to your video. 

Overall, I think Zubtitle offers all of the features that you need in order to create subtitles for your videos with no fuss or complicated interfaces.

The ease of use and features offered by this auto subtitle generator are what makes them stand out. 

Zubtitle Tutorial

What's a review without an awesome tutorial to go with it?

In this Zubtitle tutorial, you'll see how I create video captions for my social media videos.

Zubtitle is a tool that helps you upload scalable videos that are ready for sharing. It only requires a few steps and can work seamlessly on any device.

Here's a quick tutorial on how to add subtitles to your videos.

Step 1: Create a free account on their site and have a video ready for upload.

Zubtitle step 1

Step 2: Upload the video and wait for it to download (2 minutes or less)

Zubtitle Step 2

Step 3: Edit the captions, resize the video and add a progress bar.

Zubtitle step 3

That's it! You can then share your video onto any platform and engage your readers!

Is Zubtitle Worth It?

Zubtitle is definitely worth it. It's perfect for making your subtitles more accessible.

It makes the process of adding captions so easy that it's worth using in every video you make. Plus, it allows you to upload scalable videos in the settings of your choice.

Adding captions to my videos has been great for me and I wouldn't want to go without it now! 

Is Zubtitle Legit?

Yes, Zubtitle is legit. It's simple to use and even simpler to set up. It can currently be used on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms for subtitles.

People with hearing loss or no sound have a hard time understanding what is happening in the video without subtitle captions, so Zubtitle makes it easy to create these captioned clips and automatically assigns them to the subtitle editor.

Zubtitle Alternatives

There are many different subtitle generators on the market, but Zubtitle is definitely one of the best and most inexpensive.

Here's a list of the best Zubtitle Alternatives:

  1. SubtitleBee
  2. Veed.io
  3. Descript
  4. Rev
  5. Happyscribe
  6. MaestroSuite

 If you want a more in-depth review of different auto subtitle generators, check out my roundup blog post.

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We know that there are a lot of tools out there to help you create your video subtitles, but Zubtitle is the best in my opinion.

It has tons of features and gives you all the necessary options for creating captions in every possible language. Plus it’s really easy to use!

You can also resize videos for each social media platform so they look just right on Instagram or Facebook.

The only question we have left now is why haven't you tried it yet?

Let us know what you think about our favorite tool by commenting below!

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