5 Best Video Testimonial Software For Collecting Testimonials Faster

Updated on: November 18, 2023

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Best Video Testimonial Software

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Did you know that video content is the best type of content that attracts people's time and attention? As a result, video marketing and feedback are some of the most effective ways of using online reviews as customer testimonials.

According to a survey by HubSpot, videos have continued to rise to the top for most consumers' preferences.

Video testimonials are more likely to be paid attention to and engaged than other content.

As a result, the importance of using the best video testimonial software cannot be overemphasized. 

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Customer testimonial videos have been proven to have a significant impact on consumers purchasing decisions.

Since videos have primarily increased in demand, using the best video testimonial software will enable your business to stand out from competitors.

Most businesses collect video reviews to gain more traction and revenue. One of the ways businesses have employed the use of video testimonials is by displaying them on their websites.

Video testimonials should be your first choice to reach a broader target audience, generate leads, and boost your online presence. 

What Is The Best Video Testimonial Software?

Let's see the best video editing tools to collect reviews and testimonials. Here's a quick overview:

These video testimonial software, also known as video testimonial tools, create video testimonials of customers in an automated way on your website and will let you create embedded videos online. 

There are several video testimonial software programs in the world today. However, using the best ones will enable you to create high-quality and transforming videos that lead to conversion.

Now let's go over each video interaction platform.

Best Video Testimonial Software Tool


Testimonial.To is a video testimonial tool that makes the video recording process more manageable.

With this software, there is no need for website hosting or a developer to make high-quality videos. Collecting text and videos from your customers and adding them to your website without hassle is easy.

Key Benefits

  • You don't need any coding knowledge to use this software. It is easy to display video testimonials, and the software enables videos to be embedded in your website in under a minute.
  • With Testimonial, you can create a dedicated landing page within minutes. Thus, sharing the link through social media, SMS, or email is easy. 
  • It has a single dashboard that allows you to manage all your testimonials in one place, whether they are from other video hosting platforms or other review sites.
  • Testimonial software allows you to track metrics from all your videos that assist your marketing team with analytics for your business. It enables them to understand the video performance and promote it to other marketing channels.


Testimonial Pricing

Testimonial offers five pricing plans and can be billed either monthly or yearly. The starter plan is free and can be used for hobbies. The premium plan for small businesses is billed at $60/ month and $50/ month yearly.

The ultimate plan for growing businesses is billed at $180/ month and $150/ month billed yearly. The Agency plan starts from $300/ month and is used to collect testimonials for clients.

The enterprise plan is for large businesses and operates on a custom contract by contacting them directly.

My Personal Take

The Testimonial.To software best suits startups, Fortune 500 companies, real estate agencies, and marketing agencies.

A free plan is available to enjoy some of the best features like two video testimonials and ten text testimonials.

Boast Video Testimonial Software

Boast is a video testimonial software allowing you to easily create authentic video testimonials.

It reduces the challenge of collecting video testimonials by providing a simple way to capture any video recording for your business.

This testimonial tool also possesses several functionalities like customer survey generation, video testimonials collection, and online reviews. 

Key Benefits

  • It is quick to use. Within minutes, you can create a video testimonial by picking a template, automating video testimonial requests, and publishing it on your website.
  • It provides one of the best user experiences, making customers more likely to take action. Their prompt action may be due to the presence of mobile-friendly and interactive forms.
  • You can automate feedback requests by sending emails to customers to submit praise.
  • It improves credibility and sales for businesses. You can create embedded widgets, host videos without ads, and download video testimonials to use in advertising.


Boast Pricing

The Plans and Pricing of Boast are divided into four– The Basic, Team, Premium, and Enterprise. They can be billed either monthly or annually.

The Basic plan is billed at $59/month and $50/month annually. The Team plan is billed at $119/month and $100/month annually. The Premium plan is billed at $249/month and $208/month annually.

The Enterprise plan is for custom needs and would require you to contact them directly.

My Personal Take

Boast is a video testimonial software that produces video testimonials for small, medium, and large businesses and agencies.

Collecting star ratings and adding video messages to boost your business credibility makes it an essential testimonial tool.

Businesses can collect video testimonials by capturing videos and publishing them on social media platforms.

3. VideoAsk


If you want to build stronger business relationships through video testimonials, a good video testimonial software is VideoAsk.

It allows you to interact face-to-face with your audience using interesting features like team collaboration, conversion tracking, and video creation. As a popular video testimonial tool, it allows you to get personal with your audience.

You can make your video, and use a video picture, a video message, video feedback, and video templates to boost conversion.

Key Benefits

  • It allows you to get personal with your audience through VideoAsk widgets. It replaces chatbots and enables videos to be embedded on your website.
  • The software can be used to generate leads through the presence of a responsive inbox. This allows the use of testimonial request forms via emails.
  • With VideoAsk, you can track your video conversions. It enables you to monitor how well your audience engages in your videos.
  • You can also integrate VideoAsk to over 2000 applications which makes it easy to add to your workflow. This is done through Zapier integration.
  • It allows for easy video or audio processing into text, also known as speech-to-text transcriptions.


Videoask Pricing

The Pricing of VideoAsk can be billed monthly or yearly. There are three major plans–Start, Grow, and Brand.

The Start is a free plan and provides 20 minutes of video or audio processing per month. The Grow plan is billed at $30/ month and $24/ month yearly. This provides 100 minutes of video or audio processing per month.

The Brand plan is billed at $50/ month and $40/ month yearly. With this plan, you can use 200 minutes of video or audio processing per month.

My Personal Take

This video testimonial software can be used by Non-Governmental Organizations, students, educators, and enterprises. It supports the recruitment, audience engagement, and feedback.

To gain access to the best features of this testimonial software, you can get started with the free plan to collect video testimonials easily.

4. VideoPeel


Have you ever wished to capture videos as customer testimonials and share them instantly? VideoPeel is the right testimonial software for you.

It is one of the best video testimonial software that helps with video social proof by collecting testimonial videos, capturing video reviews, and sharing them at the perfect moment to influence your buyers' journey.

Key Benefits

  • VideoPeel allows you to engage in remote video capturing. It makes it easy to capture authentic video reviews from anywhere in the world and from any device.
  • It allows for Amazon syndication. As a result, automating testimonial videos for Amazon product listings is easy.
  • With VideoPeel, you can create, manage a video at scale and publish videos to the right video carousel player. You can also automate a new video submission transcription through the video carousel player.
  • You can publish videos on your website or other social media networks like Facebook or YouTube. This improves engagement and conversion of your videos.
  • VideoPeel lets you know what your users like by analyzing your videos' performance. This creates an authentic journey for your buyers.


Videopeel Pricing

VideoPeel has simple pricing for Pro, Premium, and Enterprise. Like most testimonial software, they are also billed monthly or annually.

The Pro plan is billed at $69/month and $49/month annually and provides access to unlimited video testimonials.

The Premium is billed at $399/month and $249/month annually. The Enterprise plan is a custom plan that requires enhanced features by contacting them directly.

My Personal Take

VideoPeel is a video testimonial software that can be used by individuals and businesses ready to collect videos and can be helpful in a video testimonial campaign.

You can try VideoPeel for free for 30 days to create testimonial videos. 

5. Vouch


Vouch is a video testimonial software that can capture video as feedback from your customers on your website, sales chat, and pitch deck.

The software makes video collection easy by sending a single link, adding questions, and capturing customer feedback in a few clicks. 

Key Benefits

  • It is easy to use. Vouch gets rid of long lead times and complex processes because it allows your customers to reply from anywhere in the world.
  • You can collect up to a thousand videos from your customers with a single link. You can also add questions to collect video responses instantly.
  • You can edit video clips within minutes. You can either trim them or stitch them to create a playlist.
  • Vouch makes it easy to integrate videos into your workflow. It frees users from tab shuffling and multiple log-ins.


Vouch Pricing

Vouch offers two major plans billed monthly or annually. The Basic Plan is a free plan that offers unlimited videos and collection and sharing.

The Pro plan is billed at $99/month and $79/month annually. In addition to the features in the basic plan, it offers custom branding, subdomains, and unlimited user seats.

My Personal Take

Vouch is a video testimonial software best suited for users and different organizations. These include small and midsize businesses, freelance businesses, enterprise, Government, and Nonprofit organizations.

You can get started on the free plan to collect unlimited video content from your users and customers.

Why You Need High-Quality Video Testimonials

Genuine testimonials guide your customers in each stage of the buying process until they decide. Therefore, authentic video testimonials are among the most effective ways to generate customer feedback and build your brand.

A video testimonial recording can help your business build its brand image, which will improve its market credibility by spreading brand awareness.


If you want people to understand how your products or service works, using a testimonial video is one of the best ways to boost engagement.

It will also establish trust between you and your customers since video reviews are more convincing.

It helps in reaching a larger market or target audience. Using a video testimonial as social proof of a previous client can be a powerful marketing tool to gain new customers. 

Different video testimonial software has been created to produce reliable video testimonials that set your business apart from competitors.

Ultimately, video testimonials will generate more revenue for your business because if a potential customer watches a testimonial video of a previous client, it will increase their trust to purchase and boost sales.

What Is Video Testimonial Software?

Video testimonial software is a tool that captures videos as customer testimonials on a website. There are different video testimonial software that helps to automate capturing of videos.

This testimonial software possesses different features. Some software allows a customer to use a single link to record videos. Others may collect customer feedback through a survey, rating badge, and a form template.

The best video testimonial software should contain a dashboard, template library, integration, and analytics capability.


What Should A Testimonial Video Include?

A testimonial video should include problems, solutions, and benefits.

Therefore, the video should establish a narrative that explains the customer pain points and how your products or service helped them overcome these problems. A.k.a, success stories.

This overview is vital because a testimonial video aims to connect with real people who are searching for solutions to their problems.

How Long Should Video Testimonials Be?

An ideal video testimonial should be between 60 and 90 seconds.

Generally, humans have a short attention span (thanks to TikTok), which can drive away potential customers. 

As a result, timing is an essential factor in creating a video testimonial. 


Using video testimonials for your businesses is one of the most effective ways to build customers' trust and engagement. They are also crucial in improving a brand's trust and credibility because they are based on social proof.

Every business aims to convert a prospect into a customer. 

Therefore, using the best video testimonial software to produce videos is one of the best ways for conversion as it influences their decision-making process. 

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