11+ Best AI Marketing Tools 2023: Learn To Automate With AI Software

I've researched and tested many different AI Marketing Tools in order to create this list. From testing and researching I've ranked content online using most of the products listed on this guide. Learn More.

Updated: May 16, 2023

Best For Blogging

Jasper AI

Jasper AI Copywriting

Eddy's Rating: 9.8/10

Favorite Feature



10,000 Credits

Best For SEO

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO Tool

Eddy's Rating: 9.5/10

Favorite Feature



Free Trial

Best For Sales Copy & Blogging


Shakespeare AI

Eddy's Rating: 9.2/10

Favorite Feature

Blog Wizard


Free Trial

Written by Eddy Ballesteros Personal Finance & AI Expert

Have you ever wondered how Google or Netflix gives you the proper recommendations? Or how Instagram quickly suggests posts that you may like? It's simply the use of Artificial Intelligence Technology in Marketing

Over the years, Artificial intelligence has continued to invade many sectors, especially marketing. Most companies now make use of artificial intelligence marketing tools so that they can stay relevant.

Using these AI marketing tools for your marketing strategies, they hit their business goals faster. 

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Whether you're an entrepreneur, blogger, or affiliate marketer, using the best AI marketing platform can drive massive business growth. 

So let's review the best AI marketing software in 2023.

Best Long-Form Tool

Content At Scale

ContentAtScale Logo Box

Content At Scale is the perfect long-form article writer.

Best Copywriting

Jasper AI

Jasper AI Copywriting

Jasper will help you craft the perfect blog post with its artificial intelligence.

Best AI Video Tool


Synthesia AI

Synthesia is an AI marketing tool that creates talking headshot videos.

What Are The Best AI Marketing Tools?

When it comes to finding the best AI marketing tools, you'll want to ensure that it doesn't take over your quality of personalized content. These deep learning tools should only give you leverage, not replace the human touch. 

These marketing tools make use of artificial intelligence that helps to create and make automated decisions.

Therefore, they are responsible for producing high-quality and accurate content that can be used in marketing campaigns. As a result, AI marketing tools are essential for your overall business growth.

  • Content At Scale: Best For Long-Form Content
  • Jasper AI: Best For Sales Copy & Blog Content
  • Synthesia: Best For Video Editing & Creation
  • Surfer SEO: Best AI Technology For Marketers & SEOs

Best AI tools for talking headshot videos


Synthesia is an AI tool that generates audiovisual content. This video avatar platform takes your content creation a step higher by easily creating professional videos from text prompts.

If you need to create engaging videos for advertisements, YouTube channels, websites, or customer onboarding, Synthesia should be your go-to product.

This marketing tool can create very convincing deepfake videos using an AI Avatar generator.

This AI video generator is one of the AI-powered tools that does not need audio equipment or a studio to create a high-quality video. It is also an efficient way to create videos on a budget.

Key Benefits:

  • It can create a high-quality video within minutes, saving video creators long work hours. This AI marketing tool can also create videos up to 30 minutes long.
  • It supports multiple languages and translations that allow users to convert videos into languages of their choice.
  • It makes it easy to share your videos on social media platforms
  • It is easy-to-use marketing software. This means that there is no previous technical knowledge required.
  • It has a playlist that lets you select any song for your video. It also allows you to use recorded clips with your video.


Synthesia pricing offers two plans to choose from. The first pricing, ‘Personal,' is $30 per month. This single plan covers ten free monthly videos and access to all features.

The second plan, ‘Corporate,' is a custom plan based on customers' requests. Since it depends on your organizational needs, you must contact the vendors directly for more information regarding this plan. 

synthesia IO

Eddy's Take

Synthesia is best suited for companies that want to transform documents, PDFs, and PowerPoint presentations into high-quality, engaging videos.

The videos vary from training videos and how-to videos to marketing videos.

It allows anyone to become a professional video creator and is beginner-friendly. You can create a free AI video to see how it works.

2. Jasper AI

Best AI Writing Software That Uses Natural Language Processing

Jasper AI (Jarvis)

Jasper AI is a marketing tool that has made copywriting easy. As an AI writing tool, it helps curate content and copies within seconds faster than an average human copywriter.

It can be used in writing copy for Google ads, landing pages, social media posts, web pages, and subject lines. It is also helpful in email marketing and digital marketing campaigns.

Jasper AI creates search-engine-optimized content, which helps your content rank high in search engines. 

I use this tool for all of my affiliate marketing content, which has never failed me when creating content online. You can scale your blog post writing faster, and it's a complete no-brainer.

Key Benefits


There are majorly two pricing plans in Jasper AI. The starter and the boss mode. The starter plan starts at $29 monthly, providing 20,000 words within the same month. 

The boss mode starts at $59 monthly and provides 50,000 words within the same month.

There is also a customizable plan where you can adjust word length and choose a different price. 

Jasper.AI Logo

Eddy's Take

This marketing tool can help create your creative content, whether you're a social media manager, copywriter, small business owner, or student.

This AI-powered tool works in diverse social media marketing outlets in content generation as a form of artificial intelligence marketing.

You can claim a special free trial offer for your marketing team.

3. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is an AI marketing tool made for SEOs and bloggers who want better search engine rankings.

Surfer scans and reads the top competitors on Google and will provide you with content optimization tasks and a suite of tools to rank higher on google.

They make it easy to create SEO-optimized content that your competition will be afraid of. So if you want to leverage AI SEO tools to create better and brighter content, then you should try this platform.

Key Benefits:

  • It makes your content marketing strategy easier
  • Uses machine learning and NLP data
  • Create blog post outlines
  • Perform an SEO audit instantly
  • Keyword clustering tools
  • Keyword chrome extension


The plans start at $59 per month for their basic plan and $119 for their most popular plan. Each plan offers different credit limits.

4. Grammarly

Best Free AI writing assistant 


Do you want your online writing or stories to be clear and compelling without grammatical errors?

With advanced machine learning, Grammarly is an intelligent proofreading tool that reviews spelling, punctuation, engagement, clarity, and delivery mistakes.

If you're someone who uses AI writing for your blog content, I'd recommend using Grammarly to rephrase content to pass AI content detection tools

Grammarly Mistakes

Through artificial intelligence, this AI software identifies and replaces errors with appropriate words or phrases.

Its browser extension can be used for Google Docs, and it can also be used as a smartphone keyboard. It is one of the best AI tools that proofreads and edits documents to make them free from mistakes.

Key Benefits:

  •  It is simple and easy to use.
  • It helps in correcting grammar errors in real time. This makes editing faster and produces a better result since you can fix the mistakes as soon as you make them.
  • Its high accuracy rate makes it a top-notch AI software for checking grammar.
  • It makes you a better writer because it provides straightforward explanations when checking the grammar, which makes you improve your writing skills.
  • This AI-powered tool allows you to add new words, use preferred languages, and turn it off anytime.


Grammarly offers different subscription plans for individuals and teams. It provides monthly, quarterly, and annual subscriptions to Grammarly premium for individuals.

For teams of three and more, it offers monthly and annual subscriptions to Grammarly business.

The monthly subscription costs $25 per member, while the annual Subscription depends on the number of people on the team.

These plans can be found in the Prices and plan section of Grammarly.

Grammarly logo

Eddy's Take

Writers, job seekers, bloggers, authors, students, and professionals use Grammarly as one of the AI-powered marketing tools to improve their writing and get feedback.

It is also used on many platforms and covers writing English across different fields to provide actionable insights. You can try the free plan that also offers a free tone detector.

5. Speechelo AI

Speechelo AI

Speechelo AI is an AI software that converts text into human voiceovers. In just three steps, you can create natural-sounding voiceovers.

As a marketing tool, it is a powered text-to-speech software that adds inflection to the voice, making it sound human. It also adds breathing sounds and pauses.

Key Benefits:

  •  Speechelo is cost-effective because a single purchase can give you lifetime access to the AI software.
  • You can choose any voice, from male and female accents to baby voices.
  • You can create natural-sounding voiceover content where you can emphasize certain words, add pauses, and even breathing sounds.
  • It offers multiple languages to choose from. This includes common worldwide languages like Arabic, Korean, Spanish, Russian, etc.


Speechelo offers a one-time payment of $97 with a risk-free 60 days money-back guarantee.

However, a founder special offer of a 53% discount only allows a one-time payment of $47.

Wrap Up

If you don't feel comfortable using your recordings or you don't speak English well enough to use your recording, Speechelo is your best bet. You don't need any recording tools or microphones, either.

Speechelo should be at the top of your list regarding voiceover content generation.

It can be used to create training videos, sales videos, and educational videos with the best voiceover ever.

6. Descript


Descript is an AI tool that makes editing as easy as a document. It collaborates with audio and video editing.

With Descript, content marketing is easier as you can upload your media, transcribe your file into text, and edit your clips by tweaking the text.

You can also record directly and publish immediately for sharing. It is an all-in-one editor that also gives room for live collaborations.

Key Benefits:

  • Descript lets you edit your recordings in real-time, making your editing process more accessible.
  • It also has a cloud media library that auto-saves all your assets to the cloud. This makes sure they are always available to you and your collaborators.
  • It provides high-quality content where you can remove filler words, use high-quality studio sounds, and adjust word gaps.
  • Descript allows you to simultaneously record unlimited tracks where you can add effects like music. As a result, it makes content creation fun and easy.


Descript pricing is grouped into three types of accounts; The Creator, which costs $12/editor/ month; the Pro costs $24/editor/ month; and the Enterprise, which has custom pricing you need to contact them for. 

In addition, Descript also offers a free account that has the following features: 

Three hours of transcription, an overdub trial, full audio and video editing, unlimited screen recordings, and a studio sound effect. 

Wrap Up

People who generally want to create high-quality content for businesses or private functions use Descript.

Social media managers also utilize this AI tool in marketing campaigns, content marketing campaigns, social media influencer marketing, and other channels.

You can get started with their free plan to enjoy these features.

7. Deepword

In Appsumo Marketplace as well

Deepword AI

With Deepword, you can easily create realistic videos within minutes.

As an AI-powered tool, it is one of the most efficient marketing tools that transform texts into videos and audio into videos. For example, this AI software can easily make celebrity video messages.

This AI tool allows you to create videos in multiple languages, download them, and use them for social media marketing team and efforts. It is the best option for making deep fake videos.

Key Benefits:

  •  It helps to save money and time spent on creating videos for individuals.
  • With Deepword, you can easily personalize videos for your contacts.
  • Its seamless distribution makes adopting this AI software in different fields like education and marketing easy.
  • It creates realistic, deep, fake videos that improve marketing outreach.
  • It has over 140 languages that can be used to create a variety of accents and voices for each language.
  • It is useful in efficient communication by providing the best engaging medium for clients through videos.


Deepword has three major subscription plans. A free plan allows you to make videos two minutes long in all languages with average processing time alongside other features.

The premium pricing plan is $14.99 monthly, allowing 14:00 minutes of videos, fast processing time, and other premium features.

You can also create a custom pricing plan using a pay-as-you-go account. In addition, you can get the Deepword Appsumo Lifetime Deal for only $59.

Wrap Up

With Deepword, creating personalized videos has been made easy for sales and marketing teams.

It is helpful in AI marketing as one of the top AI marketing tools to reach your target audience.

Try the free plan to create personalized videos and boost your marketing campaigns and strategies.

7. Manychat


ManyChat is one of the best-automated messaging apps using Ai technology to generate business bots.

The bots can be used for sales, advertising, and maintenance to increase income for businesses

Through machine learning and artificial intelligence, this Ai tool creates bots easily to aid user communication.

Chatting platforms like Facebook messenger use chatbots to automate the customer journey through customer data and service. It is an essential part of a content strategy and marketing toolkit.

Key Benefits:

  •  There is no need for any technical knowledge to build a chatbot. This makes it very simple to use.
  • It helps collect customer data by tracking metrics and reports that improve customer service.
  • It helps build trust among buyers by creating a relationship during their buying experience. This is crucial to their customer journey.
  • It is cost-effective because the basic plan is free, and the pro plan is priced at $15 monthly.
  • It saves time because you can simultaneously plan and send your messages to multiple people.


ManyChat has two pricing plans. The free plan can engage up to 1000 contacts and has access to basic features for free.

The Pro provides advanced features for unlimited contacts.

Other features include unlimited growth tools, keywords, tags, and custom fields. It is priced at $15 per month.

If you're starting chat, you can start with the free plan and upgrade as you grow.

Wrap Up

As an essential communication tool, ManyChat is mainly suited for business proprietors and social media marketers.

Since they are used in chatting platforms like Facebook messenger, they play a massive role in your customer journey and can be used to increase the ROI of a business.

8. Lumen5 Video Creator


Have you been searching for a dependable video maker? This means Lumen5 Video AI Creator is for you.

Lumen5 video AI creator is a marketing tool that uses AI-powered technology to create videos that can be used when creating a content strategy

This video creation platform helps to create your creative content in the form of engaging videos. This includes social media posts and stories.

This AI video tool is used to assist businesses in managing processes involved in creating and editing video content. 

Key Benefits:

  • With little or no experience, this AI-powered tool makes it easy to create videos, even if you're a beginner.
  • Since video editing consumes a lot of time, lumen5 makes it easy to create high-quality videos within minutes.
  • It can be used in diverse fields and content like small guides, entertainment, news, advertisements, and reviews.
  • It provides accessibility to millions of photos, templates, music tracks, beautiful fonts, and free audio to enhance your experience on the platform.


Lumen5 video Ai creator offers four pricing plans. This consists of the free plan and the paid plans.

The free subscription is called Community and is for casual video enthusiasts. The paid plans can be billed either monthly or annually.

The starter plan is priced at $79 per month and $59 per month billed yearly. The professional plan is priced at $199 and $149 monthly, billed yearly. There is also a custom pricing plan called Enterprise for large-scale video teams.

Wrap Up

For anyone that wants to create incredible videos within minutes, Lumen5 is the best fit for you.

This includes bloggers, salespersons, social media users, marketing teams, and digital marketers. Sign up today to enjoy the best video experience. 

Grow your business with automated video.


This AI presentation maker allows you to create presentations and pitch decks in minutes without any design experience.

Beautiful.ai uses clever design to help brands scale their presentation design and deliver high-quality, on-brand presentations faster.

So if you struggle with manual workarounds or PowerPoint templates, this might be your AI marketing tool.

Key Benefits:

  • Unlimited for your content strategy
  • Viewer analytics
  • Custom branding
  • Export in PDF format
  • Present live and share your screen
  • Millions of stock photos and videos
  • Speech-to-text features


Beautiful.ai offers three different paid plans, starting at $12 monthly when billed annually. A pro plan allows you to create unlimited slides and access more features like animation and PDF export.

The team plan allows you to pay monthly or annually, starting at $50.

Wrap Up

So try out this marketing ai tool for your next meeting. You can't go wrong with the proper presentation.

10. Beacons AI


Beacons.ai is a link-in-bio AI tool for influencers and content marketers. This tool is probably one of the best Linktree alternatives that are built for digital creators

You'll be able to create landing pages and use custom domains that your target audience will love, and guess what? You can embed your content right on your one-page website. You can also include your TikTok videos, favorite Instagram posts, and YouTube videos.

Key Benefits:

  • On-page analytics and real-time insights
  • Create and sell digital products
  • Choose over +1000 fonts
  • Track your link clicks
  • Create a fundraiser inside the AI marketing platform


Beacons AI offers a free forever plan and a paid plan for marketers. The pro plan costs $10 monthly and allows you to integrate other marketing software.

Wrap Up

Beacons AI is an excellent software for those looking for a Linktree alternative. Add this to your content marketing tools.

11. Keyword Insights AI

Keyword insights AI

Keyword Insights AI is a powerful content-writing tool for generating keyword ideas, grouping them into topical clusters, and creating detailed content briefs under a single dashboard.

Keyword Insights AI suits small business owners, content creators, and digital marketers. This helps affiliate marketers and bloggers improve their SEO and content marketing efforts by saving time and effort on research and planning.

Key Benefits:

  • Keyword clustering
  • Know the search intent of a keyword
  • Create a content strategy for months
  • Find internal linking opportunities
  • Identify keyword cannibalization


This AI marketing tool starts at $49 per month and goes up to $599 for their agency plan.

12. Copy.ai


Copy.ai is another great tool that is powered by artificial intelligence. I mainly use this tool for email marketing campaigns, and sales copy since their templates are perfect for those situations.

So if you feel you're missing something from your email marketing tools, I recommend adding this to the list.

Key Benefits:

  • Marketing Templates
  • Create blog posts
  • Create content tailored to your target audience
  • Improve existing content
  • Create a landing page copy
  • Find your brand language


Copy.ai provides a free and paid plan. The free is forever, but if you want to upgrade, you only need to pay $49 monthly.

What Are AI Marketing Tools?

AI marketing tools,  known as tools, are software that uses artificial intelligence technology to collect, analyze, and interpret data to influence marketers' efforts.

The top AI marketing tools ensure efficient customer communication by creating a marketing strategy for businesses.

They also produce automated decisions at extremely high speed.

How To Make Money With AI Marketing Tools?

Marketing software can help you boost your blog traffic and conversion rate.

The best marketing software will allow you to track your results and continuously improve your marketing strategies. This will help you make money in the long run.

Marketing tools can also help you automate some of your tasks so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

And, perhaps most importantly, the right marketing tools can help you save time and money.


What is AI marketing automation?

AI marketing automation uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to automate and optimize marketing tasks.

This can include email marketing, digital marketing, and ad targeting. AI marketing automation can help businesses save time and resources by automating repetitive tasks. It can also help improve the effectiveness of marketing campaigns by providing more targeted and personalized messaging.

Some examples of AI marketing automation tools include chatbots, predictive analytics software, and recommendation engines.

How is AI used in marketing?

Using an AI platform in digital marketing can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Social Media Strategy: Marketers can generate and optimize content for Twitter, Instagram, and other social platforms.
  2. Personalization: AI can analyze potential customers to create personalized experiences and recommendations for each customer.
  3. Campaign optimization: AI can analyze data from digital advertising to identify trends and optimize targeting and messaging for better results.
  4. Customer service: AI chatbots can handle routine customer inquiries and support, freeing time for human customer service agents to handle more complex tasks.
  5. Update Content: Use AI-powered marketing tools to update existing content on multiple platforms.

Incorporating AI marketing tools into a content marketing strategy can help you save time and resources while delivering more personalized and effective campaigns.

Which company uses AI in marketing?

Several companies use AI in marketing, including Jasper.ai, Copy.ai, and Lensa.ai. These companies offer a variety of AI-powered tools and services to help with art creation to writing blog posts.

Is AI Marketing Worth It?

Yes, leveraging artificial intelligence with your marketing strategy is the smartest thing you can do for your business.

AI marketing helps you save resources, automate tedious tasks, and personalize customer experiences in a way never possible.

With the right tools and strategies, AI can help you reach your business goals faster.


Today, it is no news that the hype around AI or an AI marketing tool has continued to increase.

Therefore, knowing how to promote your business using the best AI tools for various marketing channels is essential.

This is because artificial intelligence marketing tools have been shown to have a massive impact on business growth, whether small or large.

By drawing on these tools' internal and external insights, you will be able to build a long-lasting and sustainable business over time.

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About the author, Eddy Ballesteros

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