37 One-Person Business Ideas For Solopreneurs In 2024

Updated on: December 18, 2023 by Eddy Ballesteros

Starting a business often conjures images of large teams, extensive resources, and complex structures.

However, the rise of digital platforms and the gig economy has shifted this perspective, making running a one-person business feasible and increasingly attractive.

The challenge? Navigating many options and determining which business idea aligns with your skills, passion, and market demand.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed by choices or fear the potential risks of running a business solo.

This article explores compelling solopreneur business ideas that cater to different skills and interests, ensuring you can find an idea that resonates with your unique aspirations.

With examples from successful solopreneurs like Justin Welsh, Dan Koe, and Matt Gray, who have made the one-person business model sexy, you'll be inspired to start this just like I have.

I've started my own small business from a blog, YouTube channel, and writing, so I know you can also do it.

Here's a quick rundown of some favorite one-person business ideas:

  • Newsletters: Monetize your passion with platforms like Beehiiv.
  • Blogging: Use AI SEO tools to create engaging content.
  • YouTube: Blend educational content with ad revenue and product sales.
  • UGC (User-Generated Content): Shine as a social media influencer.
  • Service-Based Ventures: Dive into fields like consulting or personal training.
  • Selling Courses: Share your expertise and profit from online courses.

What Are The Best One-Person Business Ideas?

Choosing the right one-person business idea is about matching your passion with a smart business structure.

Thinking about your one person business idea

If you're looking to dive into the world of online business ideas or just excited about being your own boss, a range of options are waiting for you.

These ideas aren't just cool; they're practical, profitable, and perfect for anyone ready to take the entrepreneurial leap.

So, let's get straight to it and check out some of the best one-person business ideas that can launch you into the exciting journey of running your own show.

1. Online Dating Consultant

If you're good at giving dating advice and understand the nuances of relationships, becoming an Online Dating Consultant could be your ticket to a profitable one-person business.

In this role, you're a consultant and a trusted confidant helping people navigate the often confusing world of online dating.

By offering personalized advice and strategies, you can build a loyal customer base who rely on your expertise to find love and meaningful connections.

I recently found a solopreneur doing with this offer, and her name is Kamilla from DatingBoss.com. She offers a free newsletter where she gives dating advice and has an online course and ebook where she takes her leads through a sales funnel.

Kamilla The Dating Coach on X

This is the perfect example of what I would do to get more clients on my own. 

This business idea taps into a growing market, promising financial rewards and the satisfaction of making a real difference in people's lives. Plus, it's a great way to use your interpersonal skills and insights to create a thriving, heart-centered business.

2. Newsletter Business

Starting a Newsletter Business is a fantastic way to run your own business, whether you fly solo or collaborate with a business partner.

Platforms like Beehiiv make writing and sending engaging newsletters easy, opening up avenues to monetize your content through sponsorships using tools like Passion Froot or Beehiiv's native platform.

Monetize your newsletter with beehiiv

This solo business idea isn't just about sharing your thoughts; it's a strategic move to build an audience and create a steady income stream.

You can also boost your earnings by promoting other products within your newsletter.

Need inspiration? Look at Hayden Bowles, who offers valuable insights on starting a newsletter business, demonstrating how this model can turn your passion for writing and connecting with an audience into a profitable venture.

3. Freelance Writing

Starting a freelance writing business is a smart move in the realm of solo business ideas, especially if you're skilled in content writing and SEO.

This business model has become even more feasible with the advent of AI writing software, like Surfer AI or Writesonic. These tools can help you efficiently produce high-quality SEO content, allowing you to take on more clients and scale your business.

A freelance writing business offers flexibility and creative freedom, tapping into the growing demand for digital content.

It's an excellent opportunity for those who have a way with words and want to leverage their writing skills in a lucrative, self-driven business.

Top AI Writer
Writesonic AI

This AI software is excellent for generating titles, hooks, and even blog posts.

  • High minimum monthly word credits
  • Built their own SEO editor
  • WriteSonic is affordable
  • Easy-to-use
  • Some of its outputted content can be irrelevant
  • They no longer integrate with Surfer SEO
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4. Coffee Shop

Opening a coffee shop could be a perfect fit for those considering small businesses or one-person business ideas.

Think smaller scale, like a coffee cart or a mobile coffee shop. This concept is ideal for aspiring business owners who want to keep operations simple yet effective.

Owning a coffee shop with people waiting in line

Being a business owner of a mobile coffee shop offers flexibility, allows for a personal connection with your customers, and taps into the ever-popular coffee culture.

It's not just about selling coffee; it's about creating an experience and a community around your unique brand.

This approach to a coffee business minimizes overhead costs while maximizing the opportunity to connect with coffee lovers wherever you go.

5. Build AI Software

An interesting solopreneur business idea is creating AI software with no-code builders and leveraging social media platforms to attract customers.

Many startup owners are leveraging this opportunity and creating apps because of Generative AI and no-code app builders.


You no longer need a big team since you can use Bubble.io and Make.com to help you build your AI app. This is one of the best ways to make money using AI and your own ideas.

6. Graphic Designer

Graphic design is a highly sought-after skill, perfect for those looking to delve into creative solo business ideas.

Whether for online and local advertising design or content marketing, your skills as a graphic designer are invaluable. To streamline your workflow and enhance your designs, consider using AI image generators like Canva.

These tools simplify the design process and help you maintain a high standard of creativity and professionalism.

As a graphic designer, you can offer unique solutions to businesses and individuals, helping them convey their message visually in a world where visual content is king.

7. Social Media Manager

Becoming a social media manager is a great way to step into the world of new business as a solopreneur.

In this role, you'll manage social media accounts and enhance your client's social media presence, a crucial aspect of modern business strategy. With AI content generation tools, you can create engaging content that resonates with audiences and amplifies your clients' brand message.

This role isn't just about posting updates; it's about building a community, engaging with followers, and driving business growth through strategic social media use.

Your expertise navigating social media platforms can significantly impact a business's online success.

8. Dog Walking

Dog walking is one of those one-person business ideas that's enjoyable and incredibly rewarding.

This could be the perfect fit if you love animals and enjoy being outdoors. It's a business that allows you to combine your passion for pets with the opportunity to be your own boss.

Dog walking services are always in demand, especially in busy urban areas where pet owners struggle to find the time for their furry friends.

You can sign up and join a platform like Rover and start your independent business.


It's a simple, low-overhead business model that can be quite profitable while keeping you active and engaged with a community of pet lovers.

9. Pet Sitting

Starting a pet-sitting business is a great way to balance your personal and professional lives while earning income.

It's perfect for animal lovers who want to turn their passion into a profitable venture. Pet sitting offers the flexibility to work from home or your clients' homes, making it an ideal choice for those seeking low-stress, fulfilling work.

You get to spend time with various pets and provide a valuable service to pet owners who need someone trustworthy to look after their beloved companions. It's a business that's as heartwarming as it is lucrative.

10. Pet Grooming

Starting a pet grooming business is a fantastic small business idea for animal enthusiasts. With a modest initial investment, you can set up a mobile grooming service to bring your skills directly to the client's doorstep.

This model is particularly appealing because it offers convenience and a comfortable setting for pet owners. A mobile pet grooming business reduces the need for a physical storefront, lowering overhead costs significantly.

It's a business that fulfills a need and provides a personal touch, creating a unique experience for pets and their owners. It's an excellent way to combine your animal love with entrepreneurial independence.

11. Course Creator

Becoming an online course creator ranks among the top one-person businesses today.

Creating online courses allows you to teach others about a subject you're passionate about while operating independently. Thanks to online course platforms, you can design, create, and market your courses to a global audience without needing a team.

Online Course Dashboard

You can effectively reach potential students and grow your business with AI marketing tools. This business model offers the flexibility to work from anywhere and the satisfaction of sharing your knowledge and expertise.

Whether it's a hobby, a professional skill, or personal development, your courses can impact lives while providing you with a rewarding and profitable venture.

12. Funnel Builder

As a Funnel Builder, you can offer invaluable services to other businesses by designing and optimizing sales funnels.

This is one of the best solopreneur business ideas for those with a knack for marketing and strategic planning. By focusing on a specific niche, you can provide tailored solutions, including design, sales copy, and funnel strategy.

Tools like ClickFunnels or various AI landing page generators can significantly streamline your workflow. This business model is not just about creating effective sales funnels; it's about understanding client needs and delivering results that boost their sales and growth.

It's a highly rewarding venture, both financially and professionally, as you play a crucial role in the success of the businesses you work with.

13. AI Writing Services

AI writing services are rapidly gaining traction in content writing and SEO, making it an exciting field for solopreneurs.

You can position yourself at the forefront of this technological revolution by offering AI writing courses and services. This new business idea is perfect for those using AI tools to generate high-quality, SEO-optimized content.

It's not just about understanding the technology; it's also about leveraging it to create compelling content that resonates with audiences.

Whether you're helping clients improve their website content, blogs, or marketing materials, leveraging AI writing software makes this one of the most promising and innovative business ideas.

Surfer AI
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Compared to other AI writing tools offering a one-click solution, Surfer lets you customize every section to include E-E-A-T into your content. Is the output perfect every time? No, of course not. 

But with proper editing and optimization, you can produce blog articles that rank on the first page of search engines. 

  • Automatically includes semantically related keywords that fit naturally in your blog post
  • Less than 20 minutes to get an article that is 90% done
  • You can add custom knowledge to fulfill Google's E-E-A-T Factor
  • Saves you money as you don't need to hire a blog writing service or freelancer
  • At times, the custom knowledge won't work properly
  • The output won't be as good if there is no competition since Surfer pulls data from the top-ranking pages
  • It can be expensive for a solo blogger
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14. Web Design

Starting a web design business is a standout choice among one-person business ideas, especially if you have a flair for creativity and technical know-how.

In this role, you can help online or local business owners create or revamp their digital presence. With businesses increasingly relying on the internet to attract and engage customers, your skills as a web designer are more important than ever.

Whether building websites from scratch or improving existing ones, your ability to blend aesthetics with functionality can significantly affect how businesses are perceived online.

This business not only taps into your creative talents but also offers the satisfaction of seeing your work directly impact a client's success.

15. Personal Training

Launching a personal training business, particularly in online fitness training, is a rewarding way to share your passion for health and wellness.

This venture allows you to work with clients worldwide, providing personalized fitness plans and coaching from the comfort of your home or gym.

The rise of digital platforms has made connecting with clients, tracking their progress, and delivering effective training sessions remotely easier than ever.

Whether you specialize in weight loss, strength training, or general fitness, your expertise can help people achieve their health goals.

This business venture is not just about physical fitness; it's about inspiring and guiding others on their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

16. Credit Repair Business

Starting a credit repair business is a unique opportunity to help others improve and reach financial independence.

As one of the few credit repair companies operating as a solo venture, you can use credit repair software to automate much of the process, making it manageable and efficient.

This business involves assisting clients in disputing errors on their credit reports and providing advice on how to build credit.

While you can handle the processing part of the business yourself, outsourcing the sales aspect is an option if you prefer to focus on the technical side.

This approach makes owning a credit repair company scalable and allows you to make a meaningful impact on people's lives by helping them achieve better financial stability.

17. Blogging

Blogging is undoubtedly one of the top one-person business ideas, offering the freedom to express your thoughts on your own website and share valuable blogging tips with your audience.

Starting a blog doesn't require hiring a blog writing service; instead, you can leverage AI SEO tools and blog writing software to streamline the process.

Learning through blogging courses can enhance your skills, helping you create compelling, SEO-friendly content that attracts readers.

This approach not only makes blogging more accessible but also opens up various monetization avenues, such as affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and product sales.

With dedication and the right strategies, your blog can evolve into a profitable business, all managed by you.

18. Consulting

Consulting is a fantastic option for those looking to start an online business that leverages their expertise.

As a consultant, you can run your own solopreneur business, offering specialized knowledge to help scale companies.

Whether your expertise lies in marketing, finance, management, or any other field, your advice can be invaluable for businesses looking to grow and improve. 

This solopreneurship idea offers flexibility, as you can work with clients worldwide and choose projects that align with your skills and interests. 

Plus, as a consultant, you have the potential to significantly impact the success of the businesses you work with, making it a rewarding and lucrative career choice.

19. AI Dubbing Services

AI Dubbing Services presents an innovative way of translating videos and helping businesses reach bigger markets.

By utilizing AI dubbing software, you can offer services to companies looking to make their content accessible to a global audience.

For instance, you could take YouTube videos and translate them into Spanish or any other language, breaking language barriers and expanding the reach of the content.

This makes the content more inclusive and opens up new opportunities for content creators and businesses to engage with a wider, more diverse audience.

This service is not just a successful business idea; it's a way to bridge cultural gaps and bring content to life for people worldwide.

20. YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is one of the most dynamic one-person business ideas.

It's perfect for creating educational content, sharing expertise, or showcasing hobbies. Not only does this platform allow you to sell products and services, but it also offers the potential to make money from ads.

The beauty of a YouTube channel lies in its flexibility, and the vast audience reach.

Whether you're into cooking, tech reviews, fitness, or any other niche, your YouTube channel can become a thriving business, combining your passion with a steady income stream.

21. Video Editing

As a one-business company in video editing, leveraging AI video editing tools can be a game-changer.

These tools streamline the editing process, allowing you to deliver high-quality work efficiently. Social media platforms are your best bet to get clients.

Showcase your skills and portfolio on Instagram, LinkedIn, or YouTube platforms to attract diverse clients.

This business idea is ideal for those who don't mind working longer ideas and keeping up with trending video assets.

22. House And Commercial Cleaning

Starting house cleaning services is a great business idea for those who want to work alone and prefer a hands-on approach.

This industry offers the potential to build a loyal client base, and attending industry events can help expand your network and knowledge.

House and commercial cleaning services are always in demand, providing a stable income and the satisfaction of visibly transforming spaces.

Whether you specialize in residential or commercial properties, this business allows for flexibility in scheduling and client selection, making it an ideal venture for solo entrepreneurs.

23. Online Language Tutoring

Launching an online language tutoring business allows you to work remotely and reach students worldwide.

This business model is perfect for language enthusiasts who want to share their knowledge while maintaining flexibility in their schedule.

You can pair this with online courses, offering structured learning paths and personalized tutoring sessions.

This approach not only diversifies your income but also enhances the learning experience for your students.

It's a rewarding and scalable business idea, ideal for those passionate about education and language instruction.

24. UGC Creator

Becoming a UGC (User Generated Content) Creator is a dynamic way to create engaging content and establish yourself as a social media influencer.

This role involves crafting authentic and relatable content that resonates with audiences on various platforms.

Leveraging influencer marketing platforms for UGC can help you connect with brands, opening up opportunities for collaborations and sponsorships.

It’s a creative and rewarding field, ideal for those with a flair for storytelling and a good understanding of social media trends.

You can use trend-spotting tools to help you promote products before they go viral.

25. Massage Therapist

Starting a mobile massage therapy service ranks among the best small business ideas for those passionate about health and wellness.

This model lets you offer personalized services directly to clients' homes, enhancing convenience and comfort. Promoting your business through social media content can attract a wider client base and showcase your expertise.

A mobile massage therapy business combines the flexibility of being your own boss with the rewarding experience of improving clients' well-being.

26. Growth Operator

As a Growth Operator, your business plan involves partnering with content creators with large but under-monetized audiences.

Your role is to leverage these opportunities by creating courses or memberships for them. Using platforms like Skool, you can easily develop and launch these offerings.

This model is about unlocking the potential of existing audiences, transforming content into a profitable venture, and providing value through educational or exclusive content.

It's an innovative way to drive revenue growth for creators who may lack the know-how to monetize their platforms effectively.

27. Start an eCommerce Store

Launching an online store is a good business idea for entrepreneurs looking to enter the digital market.

Consider starting a subscription box business offering unique recurring revenue and customer loyalty opportunities.

You can also start a dropshipping business using AI tools to help you automate shipping tracking and customer updates. 

An eCommerce store allows you to reach a broad audience and sell various products, from bespoke items to curated collections.

The subscription box model adds an element of surprise and delight for customers, enhancing their shopping experience and encouraging long-term engagement with your brand.

28. Write a book

Writing a book has never been easier, thanks to AI story generators.

You can leverage these advanced tools to help structure your story, develop characters, and even overcome writer's block.

Once your manuscript is ready, selling it on platforms like Kindle opens up a global market. 

This approach simplifies the writing process and offers a direct and accessible way to publish and profit from your creativity. It's a fulfilling way to share your ideas, stories, or expertise with readers worldwide.

29. Social Media Marketing With LinkedIn

Social media marketing, especially on platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, is a powerful tool for creating listicles, growing an email list, and connecting with business professionals.

An AI text generator can streamline content creation, especially for crafting engaging tweets or LinkedIn posts. 

This approach helps maintain a consistent online presence, engage with your target audience, and establish your brand in the professional community.

With these platforms, you can effectively network, share valuable content, and build a loyal following.

30. Makeup Artist

Becoming a makeup artist is among the top small business ideas for solopreneurs passionate about beauty.

You can significantly grow your business using social media, showcasing your work and attracting high-end clients.

Platforms like Instagram and YouTube are perfect for demonstrating your skills and style, helping you build a solid online presence.

By targeting the right audience and consistently delivering quality content, you can turn your makeup artistry into a lucrative career, serving clients who value and seek your expertise.

31. Web Developer

Web development is a highly sought-after skill, making it a great opportunity for those looking to help develop or code websites.

As a web developer, you can work with platforms like Ghost.org and WordPress, offering your expertise to clients who need professional, functional websites.

Whether creating websites from scratch or optimizing existing ones, your technical skills can greatly impact a client's online presence.

This idea offers the flexibility to work on diverse projects, making it an ideal choice for tech-savvy solopreneurs.

32. Pinterest Manager

As a Pinterest Manager, you can offer services as a virtual assistant, focusing on creating organic pins that stand out.

This solopreneurship idea involves design and strategic planning to maximize engagement and reach on Pinterest.

You can create simple pins on Pinterest by reviewing what's working in your niche market. For example, since I am in the online business niche, I create pins that look like this:

Pinterest Pin that points to "AI Side Hustles"

Offering this specialized service caters to businesses and bloggers looking to enhance their online presence on this visually-driven platform. 

As a one-business service, it allows for creativity, marketing acumen, and a deep understanding of Pinterest's unique ecosystem, making it a lucrative and fulfilling career path.

33. Music or Voiceover Services

Starting your own one-person business in music or voiceover services offers opportunities, especially when you leverage AI voice generators.

These tools can enhance your ability to produce voiceovers catering to different needs and projects. Whether for commercials, audiobooks, or animation, AI technology can streamline your production process and expand your offerings.

This approach increases efficiency and allows you to tap into various markets, making your service versatile and in demand.

34. Resume Writing Service

Launching a resume-writing business can be rewarding, especially if you use an AI resume writer to enhance your services.

This technology can help you create impactful resumes more efficiently, allowing you to serve more clients.

The key to success in this field is to find clients who value a professionally crafted resume, such as job seekers aiming for competitive roles or career advancements.

With the right marketing and quality service, your resume-writing career can become a go-to resource for job seekers.

35. Podcasting

Podcasting as an online business offers a platform for creating engaging content, such as reaction videos or responding to trending topics.

This format allows you to share insights, entertain, and connect with a broad audience. Podcasts are versatile, allowing you to delve into various subjects, from current events to niche interests.

This medium can become a significant part of your digital presence, helping you build a community of listeners who value your perspective and content.

36. Software Developer

Working as a software developer offers the perfect blend of a full-time job with the freedom of remote work, allowing you to make money while traveling.

This career is ideal for those who love coding and solving complex problems, as it offers the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world.

Whether you're developing apps, websites, or custom software solutions, your skills are in high demand, providing job security and the opportunity for a nomadic lifestyle.

37. Landscaping

Starting a landscaping business can be lucrative with small startup fees and basic equipment.

This small business suits those who enjoy working outdoors and know how to transform spaces.

Landscaping services are always in demand, offering steady work and the satisfaction of visibly beautifying neighborhoods and properties.

Your landscaping business can grow with creativity and hard work, providing rewarding physical work and a connection to nature.

Can Anyone Start A One-Person Business Idea?

Yes, anyone can start a one-person business and make money as a complete beginner.

The key is to choose the right business structure and develop a solid business plan. It's essential to select a niche and understand your target market thoroughly.

A one-person business can thrive with these elements, allowing personal and professional growth.

Whether offering a service, selling products, or leveraging your expertise, the possibilities are endless for those willing to take the entrepreneurial leap.

How To Choose The Right One?

Choosing the right one-person business idea involves balancing what you love and the market needs.

It's crucial to identify a gap in the market and develop a solution that addresses that need. A helpful approach is to write everything down - your skills, passions, and market opportunities you observe.

This process can help clarify which business idea aligns best with your goals and the existing market demand, setting the foundation for a successful solo venture.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, starting your own business, especially a one-person company, is a journey filled with opportunities and challenges.

Whether looking into small businesses or a solo venture, aligning your passion with a market need is key.

Remember, the most successful businesses are those that not only fulfill a gap in the market but also resonate with the entrepreneur's skills and interests.

Eddy is an AI, SEO, and personal finance blogger who uses and tests products to help others improve their lives through AI and financial literacy. With years of experience in online business, he deeply understands the latest AI and SEO trends. Eddy is also well-knowledged in personal finance and committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise with his readers.

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