33+ Best AI Business Ideas To Try In 2024: & AI Startup Ideas

Updated on: January 2, 2024

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Starting a business powered by artificial intelligence may seem complicated, but the technology has advanced to the point where nearly any content creator can tap into it.

The problem is sorting through the endless AI business ideas to find the right opportunity that matches your skills and interests.

With AI changing industries, those who harness it now in creative ways stand to reap significant rewards. Yet most prospective founders need to figure out where to start.

They need help brainstorming scalable AI-driven business models leveraging AI's capabilities. The result is missed opportunities that early movers will capitalize on.

AI for business ideas

This blog post aims to show the most promising AI business ideas for anyone to start, whether you are a beginner or a developer.

So, you want to provide AI products and services to other companies or incorporate machine learning algorithms into your operations.

In that case, this guide covers inspiring AI startup ideas across many niche markets.

You'll discover realistic ways to leverage AI technology to:

  • Automate business processes
  • Create intelligent chatbots and virtual assistants
  • Generate data insights
  • Create software and services

Follow along for the top AI business ideas right now. With the right strategic vision, any of these machine learning-powered ideas can become a thriving company.

These ideas and examples will also be able to help you make money online with AI.

What Are The Top AI Business Ideas?

With everything artificial intelligence can do, now is the time to build an AI-based, scalable business model. But what are the best AI business ideas for 2024?

This guide covers top scalable AI business models across every niche, from chatbots to graphic design agencies.

You can just read on for inspiring artificial intelligence business ideas to launch your AI startup.

1. Build An AI Chatbot

Building an AI chatbot is one of the most powerful AI business ideas.

Chatbots leverage natural language processing to understand customer questions, provide relevant answers, or perform tasks like placing orders.


With a no-code app builder like Bubble.io or Kissflow, anyone can create a bot without coding skills. You can quickly train a chatbot to handle common customer service queries, qualify leads, or provide product recommendations.

As your AI model learns, it will deliver more accurate responses. An AI chatbot is a top artificial intelligence business idea because it automates conversations at scale 24/7.

And it represents a huge cost savings over human customer service agents. For example, you can create custom GPTs with OpenAI and make money from ChatGPT.

For business owners looking to capitalize on the booming AI market, launching a chatbot service is a smart way to generate recurring revenue.

2. Start An AI Butler Business

Another promising AI business idea is to start an AI butler service that helps businesses operate more efficiently. People will always have human errors, and AI can help with that.

AI butler platforms like Fathom.ai, Otter.ai, and ChatGPT utilize advanced AI algorithms to act as virtual assistants.

They can manage calendars, schedule meetings, take notes, transcribe recordings, draft emails, and handle repetitive administrative tasks.

This can even act as AI legal assistance, finding and reviewing cases for you.

AI-Lawyer PRO

This frees up employees to focus on high-value work. You could build a business offering white-labeled AI butler solutions to teams looking to improve business efficiency.

With customizable AI assistants that can manage bills, book travel, handle customer service, and complete other mundane tasks, businesses can do more in less time.

An AI butler business helps other companies enhance productivity by leveraging AI to eliminate drudgery.

3. Logo Design Service

Launching a logo design service powered by AI represents a creative business model.

With generative AI tools like Canva AI and Midjourney, entrepreneurs can generate unique logo designs for clients in minutes.

You can be an expert in creating customized brand identities and marketing assets using AI-powered logo makers.

midjourney business idea

This saves small businesses the time and money of hiring a traditional graphic designer. And it allows you to scale your operations to serve more customers.

Many businesses need help to create a logo that represents their brand. That's where your AI-generated logos can fill a niche market need.

As more companies realize how quickly generative AI can produce high-quality logos adapted to their brand style, your service will be in demand.

For solopreneurs skilled in prompt engineering, using an AI-powered logo maker can be a great way to start an AI side hustle.

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4. Solve Math Problems

For those with a math background, building an AI-based math-solving service allows you to turn your expertise into an AI business.

Advanced natural language processing enables AI math solvers like Photomath, Socratic, and ChatGPT to tackle complex math word problems.

Students can snap a photo of a question, and the app provides step-by-step explanations guiding them to the right solution.

This technology holds tremendous potential for both learning and cheating. An ethical tutoring business could leverage AI math solvers as teaching tools.

By analyzing how the AI arrives at answers, you gain data insights to explain concepts to students better. And the AI handles time-consuming calculations, freeing you to focus on higher-level instruction.

For math teachers and tutors, incorporating these AI solutions represents a way to scale your impact.

By positioning yourself at the intersection of AI technologies and math, you can stake out a niche within this rapidly growing sector.

5. Write Blog Posts

Launching an AI blog writing service is among the most accessible AI business ideas today.

With the rise of AI writing tools like Jasper, Copy.ai, and content at scale, writing agencies can start profitable blogging businesses without being writers themselves.

An AI writing tool can research topics, outline posts, and generate SEO-optimized articles tailored to your audience's interests.

Start a blogging business

The artificial intelligence handles time-intensive drafting while you focus on content strategy, editing, and promoting your blog.

Well-written, informative blog posts help websites rank higher on Google and attract more organic traffic.

Many businesses want to publish blog content regularly but need more time or skillset. That’s where your AI blog writing service comes in.

You enable websites and personal brands to build thought leadership and connect with customers by providing an end-to-end blogging solution, from ideation to publishing.

For only a modest upfront investment in AI software, this on-demand blogging model allows you to scale up your content production and serve clients worldwide.

Content At Scale

Content At Scale is an influential blog writing tool that can generate +2000 word articles in minutes. With just a few clicks, you can turn ideas into engaging blog posts full of interesting facts, statistics, and research.

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6. SEO Services

Providing AI-based SEO services is an awesome business idea.

Many companies need help to optimize their content for search engines. But natural language processing enables AI SEO Tools like Surfer SEO and Frase to analyze semantic keyword clusters and user intent like humans.

You can leverage this technology to create detailed SEO audits, identifying high-potential focus keyphrases tailored to each client's offerings.

From there, you can generate content briefs with keywords and talking points optimized for natural human conversation, not awkward keyword stuffing.

With seo jobs

AI takes the guesswork out of on-page optimization and topic research, letting you scale up the time-intensive parts of SEO. 

You can identify patterns in the SERPs and see what works with Google. I'd like you to focus your energy on client strategy and education on best practices.

With search behavior and algorithms constantly shifting, machine learning continually refines recommendations. Then, you can use AI text generators to help you write the SEO content.

SEO will always rely on a human touch, but AI gives content writers a competitive edge in a crowded market.

Combining expertise with AI's analytical power allows you to build an adaptive SEO agency ready to rank clients higher.

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With Surfer, you can have your articles ranked on the first page of Google by using machine learning and other ranking factors.

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7. Freelancing

Freelancing is another of the top AI business ideas that can make you a lot of money. You can do market research and see what is needed from a freelancer.

You can use AI content creation tools to automate most of your freelancing work, which can be done with 90% of your clients.

Fiverr AI business idea

As you sign up for multiple freelance marketplaces, you can showcase your skills and use Generative AI tools to help create your profiles.

 Once you land clients, you'll use the right tool to help you with specific projects.

8. AI Detection Services

With the unfortunate rise of poorly done AI-generated content, a niche opportunity exists for detection services that flag machine-written text.

Using data analysis and predictive analytics, AI content detectors like GPTZero and Content At Scale can analyze writing samples and determine if a human or bot created them.

This enables organizations to uphold quality standards by screening for AI content before publication.

An AI detection business would provide immense value to publishers, platforms, and SEO agencies concerned about duplicative or low-quality machine-generated writing diluting their sites.

Your service could integrate with CMSs to scan website copy automatically and analyze competitor content.

By flagging AI text, your solution helps businesses make informed decisions about what to publish or index.

You can build a brand as a trusted data authority in this emerging space and learn how to detect AI content quickly.

AI Detection Tool
Originality.ai : AI Content Detector

Originality.ai can scan and detect AI-generated text instantly. You can also use it to check an entire website with a click of a button for AI content.

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9. AI Voiceovers

Offering AI-generated voiceovers represents an intriguing AI business idea. With advanced voice synthesis technology, AI voice generators like Murf, Respeecher, and Play.ht can clone a voice or generate unique ones.

This disruptive innovation allows you to provide affordable, on-demand voiceovers at scale for uses like videos, podcasts, and voice assistants.

AI voiceover business idea

An AI-based voice service saves clients time and money sourcing voice talent. It expands creative options, enabling text-to-speech in any voice imaginable.

While AI can mimic human speech patterns, it still takes an expert ear to ensure quality results and seamless editing.

You can position yourself as a producer handling clients' needs while leveraging leading AI to fuel voiceover innovation.

As global demand for content explodes, businesses need vocal branding that resonates across mediums.

A nimble voiceover agency using generative AI can help brands find their ideal sonic identity. Welcome to the future of the human voice.

Murf.ai: AI Voice Generator

Murf allows you to create natural-sounding voices that can be used for your videos and audio recordings. It uses advanced algorithms to capture the nuances of human speech, from subtle inflections to dynamic changes in pitch and volume.

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10. eCommerce Store

Launching an eCommerce store may seem traditional, but incorporating AI can give your business a competitive edge.

AI systems can analyze customer data to provide personalized recommendations and tailored promotions to each shopper.

Chatbots answer product questions in real-time and suggest purchases based on individual preferences.

AI-generated product descriptions, emails, and ad copy convert visitors better than generic text. And machine learning optimizes pricing, inventory, and logistics for more efficient operations.

You can also set up a digital product platform and build your eCommerce store.

While you handle branding and customer relationships, AI quietly works behind the scenes to boost conversions and revenue.

An AI-powered online store allows you to carve out a niche and better serve customers in a scalable way. Blending artificial intelligence with an appealing brand experience represents a winning AI business idea.

11. Generate Business Names

With AI’s ability to analyze massive amounts of relevant data, a creative AI business idea is to generate and sell business names.

Machine learning can study naming trends, keyword data, and consumer psychology research to produce catchy, meaningful name options tailored to each client’s brand.

This saves entrepreneurs the headaches of brainstorming and ensures name availability.

An AI naming service provides immense value by distilling your branding expertise and the data power of artificial intelligence into an easy-to-use business solution.

As more businesses embrace AI to enhance decision-making, your service helps other startups get off the ground with a foundational brand asset.

You can position yourself at the intersection of branding and technology to satisfy an evergreen need. A memorable, SEO-friendly business name is essential, so tap into AI to create the perfect fit.

12. Graphic Design Agency

Launching an AI-based graphic design agency represents a lucrative AI business idea.

With AI art generators like Midjourney and DALL-E, you can instantly create custom images, social media posts, ad campaigns, and more for clients.

This on-demand graphic design service gives marketing agencies and companies a scalable way to produce on-brand, unique, and cost-effective visuals.

You can handle client needs while the AI handles the artistic creation, freeing you to focus on strategy.

Many businesses want regularly updated graphic content but need more in-house design capabilities.

By staying on top of the latest AI ideas, your agency can deliver imaginative visuals imbued with a human touch that resolve this pain point.

Graphic design will always require a creative human perspective, so position yourself as the bridge between clients and artificial intelligence.

For visual-minded creators, a design agency leveraging AI creation tools has massive growth potential.

13. Start A Marketing Agency

Launching an AI marketing agency is a forward-thinking business idea that can automate workflows.

AI tools excel at gathering data insights to identify lucrative new markets and fine-tune marketing campaigns to maximize ROI.

For example, machine learning can analyze customer demographics, interests, and purchase history to find lookalike audiences to target.

AI ad platforms like Persado craft messaging with the optimal emotional appeal to convert each audience. And chatbots engage visitors in real time while gathering lead information.

You can handle strategy while leveraging AI's analytical capabilities to gain a competitive advantage.

Provide clients with beautiful, creative, data-driven solutions tailored to reach and resonate with their best potential customers.

Position yourself at the forefront of AI marketing to win clients who want tech-enabled solutions that deliver measurable results and a strong ROI.

An AI focus will distinguish your agency from the many traditional firms that need to capitalize on these innovations.

14. AI Personal Shopper Business

Offering AI-powered personal shopping services allows fashion retailers to provide customized experiences that deepen customer loyalty.

An AI app can ask shoppers questions about their tastes, size, budget, and more, then generate product recommendations tailored to each individual. This will give customers a much better experience and help you reach your target customers easily.

This saves customers time while making them feel valued by your brand.

This AI-based retail business handles the tedious parts of manually curating suggestions while you focus on branding, exceptional service, and relationship-building.

As consumers grow accustomed to personalization from giants like Amazon and Netflix, niche retailers need help from the global artificial intelligence market.

Your AI personal shopping assistant can integrate with e-commerce sites or email subscribers unique product lists that align with their preferences.

The future of retail lies in using AI to build genuine customer connections.

15. AI Essay Writing Services

Developing an AI essay writer represents a promising business idea. Such an app would utilize natural language generation to produce high-quality essays on any academic topic within minutes.

Students could get perfectly written essays tailored to the assignment requirements, cited correctly, and unique without plagiarism concerns.

This helps honest students save time and focus on learning rather than busy work.

Of course, such a tool risks misuse as well. But by carefully positioning your service as an essay research and editing assistant, you can ethically help students craft essays that pass plagiarism checks and meet academic standards.

An AI-based essay writing service meets an enormous market need.

They are relieving student stress during hectic semesters. And the technology leverages abilities like analyzing prompts that humans can't match.

With thoughtful branding and deterrents to misuse, an AI essay writer startup has major potential if executed properly.

16. Subtitle Generation

Creating an AI subtitle-generation service helps video creators reach bigger audiences.

Your AI tool can instantly produce subtitles for any video in multiple languages by transcribing the audio.

This allows content to resonate across regions and accessibility needs.

An AI subtitle generator saves video producers substantial time and money. You can market your service for uses like social media clips, ads, online courses, and more.

For individual creators and big brands alike, machine-generated subtitles represent a handy application of AI technology.

Help your clients tap into broader markets and meet access needs with AI that inserts subtitles seamlessly. An AI subtitle startup turns language translation into an automated process.

17. AI Lead Generation Business

One lucrative AI business model involves offering AI-powered lead generation services.

Robotic process automation can scour the internet and public data sources to identify contacts that fit your ideal customer profile.

Machine learning further refines leads by analyzing past conversions to focus on prospects likely to become customers.

This targeted, automated lead gen level is impossible for humans to match. Your service could provide regular new sales leads to clients integrated into their CRM.

AI can optimize marketing campaigns and web forms to boost conversion rates. Every successful business needs a steady flow of qualified leads.

An AI lead generation service provides immense value by tapping into data and algorithms to deliver these lucrative prospects at scale.

This represents a compelling AI business opportunity for creators knowledgeable in sales and marketing. Let the robots handle the grunt work while you become the human advisor on winning strategies to engage high-value leads.

18. Video Editing Services

Here is another solid AI business idea for those eager to venture into the dynamic digital space: establishing a video editing service leveraging AI technologies.

Utilizing platforms like synthesia.io and runway AI, you can offer AI video editing services that streamline content creation, making it faster and more efficient.

It's not just about cutting and trimming videos; it's about providing a tool to help creators produce high-quality content without a hefty price tag.

This business idea responds to a booming demand in the market, presenting a solution that is both affordable and high-quality.

It's a promising avenue in the AI business landscape, meeting the growing needs of content creators in a digitalized world.

It's about facilitating creativity and helping creators bring their visions to life with less hassle and more innovation.

Synthesia IO

Synthesia is an AI Video Generation Platform that allows you to create talking headshots with AI.

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19. Resume Writing Services

Here is another solid business idea with AI to consider: setting up a resume writing service using an AI resume builder.

This service could offer personalized resumes that stand out in the crowded job market.

You could even expand the business to sell resume templates with AI, providing job seekers with a tool that helps them craft a resume that truly reflects their skills and experiences.

It's a business with a steady market and offers a vital service to individuals looking to advance in their careers.

By leveraging AI technology, you can offer an efficient and highly beneficial service, helping people present themselves in the best possible light when applying for jobs.

It's a way for beginners to make money online with a personal touch, aiding individuals in their job search journey.

20. Offer Copywriting Services

Offering copywriting services powered by AI copywriting software is one of the best AI business ideas.

This side hustle can be a goldmine, especially when you consider that copywriting is one of the high-income skills in today's digital market.

You can offer services ranging from crafting compelling web content to engaging social media posts.

To make it even more appealing to potential clients, offer a range of copywriting templates that can help them get started with their content strategies.

It's a business that not only leverages cutting-edge technology but also taps into the ever-growing need for quality content in the online space.

It's about helping other businesses shine through copywriting, with the assistance of AI, to streamline the process and enhance the output.

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21. Monitor Data Analytics

Starting a service specializing in monitoring data analytics is another fantastic idea for new marketers who want to start a business.

In the digital age, understanding user behavior is critical to the success of any online venture. By using click-tracking tools, businesses can gain invaluable insights into how users interact with their websites and ad campaigns.

You can offer a service that helps companies track clicks effectively, providing them with the data they need to optimize their strategies and boost their ROI.

It's a business that is not just about providing a service but about offering a tool to help companies grow and succeed online.

It's about helping businesses to understand their users better and to make data-driven decisions that can lead to success.

It's a business with great potential, offering a service in high demand in today's digital market.

22. AI Medical Assistance

An intriguing AI business idea is developing medical chatbots that patients can consult for basic health questions and triage.

These AI-powered chatbots powered by natural language processing can respond to standard medical inquiries, gather symptoms, offer home remedies, and advise if a doctor visit is needed.

This provides convenience for patients and reduces unnecessary appointments. For healthcare companies, such chatbots enable scalable patient engagement at lower costs than staffing phone nurses.

An AI symptom checker chatbot offers tremendous value by scanning medical data for issues with no manual data entry needed.

With thoughtful design, it can responsibly augment medical expertise with algorithmic intelligence. You can also use it for data management if HIPPA approves the AI medical software.

23. Storytelling

An AI story generator represents an excellent AI business idea for creative entrepreneurs.

Tools like StoryAI and ShortlyAI can generate story premises, characters, and full narrative plots on demand with natural language AI.

You could offer writers bespoke story ideas tailored to their genre and interests. Or develop your own AI assistant that generates outlines for novels, short stories, film scripts, and more.

Your AI storytelling service provides a treasure trove of original narratives for publishers and content platforms seeking writing prompts at scale.

Position yourself at the nexus of technology and creativity. An AI story idea generator boosts the imagination of businesses and storytellers.

24. Create Websites

A great business idea with AI can be generating websites for others.

These AI website builders utilize artificial intelligence to simplify the website creation journey, allowing individuals to construct visually appealing and functional websites without delving into the complexities of coding.

Introducing white-label solutions has further revolutionized this sphere, offering entrepreneurs the golden opportunity to present website-building services under their distinct brand, thereby infusing a personalized essence into their offerings.

Leveraging AI-powered systems not only automates intricate processes such as SEO optimization and content creation but also paves the way for a streamlined, efficient approach to web development.

Using these intelligent systems in your website-building strategy could be your ticket to standing tall in a bustling online ecosystem, promising user satisfaction and a truly unique and seamless browsing experience.

25. Project management systems

In the bustling realm of project management, the role of AI algorithms is becoming increasingly pivotal.

AI project management tools are emerging as the unsung heroes, orchestrating workflows with a precision that is nothing short of a maestro conducting a symphony.

Moreover, they champion data management, creating a nexus where information converges, fostering seamless collaboration, and keeping data silos at bay.

As we navigate a landscape constantly reshaped by AI, embracing these project management tools isn't just about keeping up; it's about pioneering a future of efficiency, agility, and unprecedented productivity, steering the ship with a steady, informed hand.

26. UGC Content

UGC (User-Generated Content) is a powerful tool to foster engagement and build trust with your audience.

Leveraging an AI avatar generator can add a new dimension to your strategy, allowing for personalized and interactive experiences that resonate with viewers.

The AI influencer's rise is reshaping content marketing, offering a unique blend of authenticity and innovation to promote products or services.

These influencers can create a constant stream of social media videos, providing fresh and engaging content that keeps the audience hooked.

As we move forward, integrating these AI-driven tools into your UGC strategy can enhance creativity and foster a deeper connection with your target demographic.

27. AI Headshot Portraits

One of the AI business ideas you should consider is setting up an AI headshot generator service. It's a simple concept but has a massive appeal.

Everyone wants better profile pictures to look professional on LinkedIn, corporate websites, or social media platforms.

By offering an AI service to enhance headshots, you're helping people put their best face forward and setting up a business with a potentially huge customer base.

It's a win-win situation where you run a cool, tech-savvy business, and your clients look their absolute best in the professional sphere.

It's a fresh, innovative business idea with a lot of potential.

28. Automate Notetaking For Businesses

Keeping track of essential details from meetings and video calls can be challenging in the fast-paced business world.

This is where AI notetaking apps come into play, a business idea that is innovative and necessary in today's digital age.

Imagine offering a service where businesses can seamlessly have all the crucial points from their video calls noted automatically without fearing missing out on any important detail.

It's not just about convenience; it's about enhancing efficiency and productivity in your conference calls.

If you're considering diving into the AI business pool, developing AI notetaking apps could be a game-changer, offering a solution that is both smart and in high demand.

It's a business idea with a clear path to success, catering to a need that many in the corporate sector feel.

29. Relationship Advice Apps

Consider developing AI dating apps that double as relationship advice platforms.

These apps could be designed to answer new couples' questions, helping them easily navigate the early stages of a relationship.

Picture an app where users can find tips on maintaining a healthy relationship, understanding their partner better, and even getting date night ideas.

It's like having a relationship expert in your pocket, ready to help 24/7.

This AI business idea taps into the ever-growing online dating market, offering a fresh service beyond just helping people find a match; it helps them keep the spark alive.

30. Content Repurposing Services

Starting a content repurposing agency is competent in the current digital landscape.

Using an AI content repurposing tool, you can help video creators take the best parts of their long-form content into engaging short-form videos.

Imagine turning podcast episodes into detailed blog posts, allowing creators to reach more people by leveraging different platforms.

This kind of service ensures an omnipresence for content creators, giving their content a fresh lease of life and helping them to engage with a broader audience.

It's a business idea that not only promotes efficiency but also aids in building a more robust, more diverse content strategy for creators.

It's all about making the most of what you have and helping others do the same.

31. Social Media Marketing Agency

Starting a social media marketing agency should be on your radar if you're pondering AI business ideas.

With the right social media management tool, you can help businesses craft social media posts that look great and perform well.

The key here is to optimize posts for performance, using AI to analyze data and determine the best strategies for engagement.

It's about taking the guesswork out of social media marketing and offering a service that uses innovative technology to build a solid and successful online presence.

Whether it's finding the best time to post or choosing the right hashtags, an AI-powered social media marketing agency can offer businesses a much-needed edge in the competitive digital space.

It's a business idea focusing on results, leveraging AI to enhance social media strategies for businesses of all sizes.

32. Medical Equipment Business

Starting a medical equipment business is a solid choice in the AI healthcare landscape. Healthcare facilities always need advanced equipment to serve their patients better.

You can step in by offering AI-integrated tools that make diagnoses more accurate and treatments more effective.

It's not just about supplying equipment but solutions that can save lives. And with the backing of AI technology, you can offer products at the forefront of medical innovation.

It's about bringing the future of medical technology to healthcare facilities today and building a business that stands on the pillars of innovation and care.

33. Email Marketing Agency

You can start an email marketing agency by leveraging AI and helping businesses with funnels. 

You can use an AI email writer to help you with this entire process and plug and play your brand into the email marketing system.

Most AI email tools, such as Instantly.ai, can automate email follow-up.

34. Time Management Service

A unique business using AI is offering to help workers manage their time and create a better work-life balance. 

You can set them up with an AI calendar assistant such as Reclaim AI, which automatically syncs your calendars and tasks.

What Are Popular AI Startup Ideas?

Let's see some top AI startup ideas to help you make a seven-figure business. 

There have been many new opportunities since AI startups have been a thing, and why not capitalize on them?


The best AI startup idea is owning a fintech company leveraging AI for financial services.

AI can provide personalized investment management, detect fraud, automate customer support, and improve risk modeling.

Position yourself at the forefront of AI innovation for finance. With intelligent algorithms to drive growth and efficiencies, your fintech startup idea powered by machine learning can achieve significant financial success.

Help consumers and businesses alike reach their money goals with an AI technology built for the finance sector.


Many AI companies are offering marketing technology for businesses that need these products.

With AI's ability to gather insights and automate tasks, machine learning can optimize every stage of the marketing funnel.

An AI startup in this industry can help companies identify high-value customers, craft targeted messaging, run sophisticated ad campaigns, and more.

Position your startup as providing the AI marketing tools teams need to improve results and ROI. Build a robust value proposition around leveraging AI to enable precision marketing at scale.

Become the go-to provider of AI marketing solutions for this AI-driven industry.


Another AI startup idea is to offer credit solutions, whether it's for consumers or businesses.

You can create credit repair software that can automate the process for businesses.

Or you can offer credit-building apps to help consumers fix their credit reports independently.

For example, a rent reporting service called Boompay is entirely built on algorithms and technology to help consumers report their rent. 

Boom Pay Rent Reporting Service

Personalized Learning

Education presents a massive opportunity for startups to develop innovative solutions.

An AI tutor app could adapt lessons and assignments to each student's knowledge gaps and learning style using machine learning.

Such artificial intelligence enables customized education at scale and helps students further.

Position your ed-tech startup at the forefront of leveraging data and algorithms to make learning more targeted, engaging, and effective.

Help schools and students thrive with AI tools that enhance how we teach and acquire knowledge.

The global AI in education market size is projected to grow exponentially as demand rises for technologies that improve outcomes while lowering costs.

Bring the power of artificial intelligence to creating personalized, AI-optimized learning experiences.


AI businesses joining online retail represents a massive opportunity for startups to disrupt.

An AI virtual shopping assistant could provide personalized product recommendations and promotions tailored to customers' preferences and purchase history data.

This allows retailers to provide the customized experience consumers have come to expect from leaders like Amazon.

Help retailers thrive in a competitive landscape by leveraging AI to understand better what target customers face and provide suggestions that feel like a human personal shopper.

Position your startup at the forefront of the AI retail revolution.


Offer services that utilize no-code tools, making creating apps or websites more straightforward and accessible to a broader audience.

You can provide templates clients can use as a starting point, guiding them in customizing it to suit their needs perfectly.

It's a business that caters to seasoned developers, beginners, and small business owners looking to establish an online presence without the hefty price tag.

It's about democratizing the digital space, allowing more people to bring their ideas to life without extensive coding knowledge.

It's a fresh take on a traditional field, bringing innovation and accessibility to the forefront.


Taxes represent an area ripe for AI startup disruption.

An AI-powered tax preparation and filing service could use machine learning for optimal deductions, smart mileage tracking, automated invoice processing, bookkeeping, and more.

AI algorithms can spot errors in records, ensure full compliance, and uncover savings no human could find. Position your startup as the tech-enabled solution to simplify taxes using predictive analytics and robotic process automation.

Help individuals and businesses alike confidently file accurate returns and maximize deductions.

With tax codes complex and constantly changing, your AI tax app provides a value proposition by turning a headache into a seamless, optimized process.

Let AI algorithms work while you become the tax prep expert for the AI age.


The rapidly evolving landscape of logistics is growing, and it is a perfect AI startup idea. An AI-powered logistics company can optimize routes, manage fleets, track inventory, automate paperwork, and more.

With the AI industry projected to transform global supply chain management, your AI logistics startup can help businesses adapt using predictive analytics and automation.

Position yourself at the forefront of leveraging AI innovations to coordinate complex delivery operations seamlessly.

Help logistics providers operate efficiently as customer expectations and technologies change.

Supply chain management involves synthesizing massive amounts of data that AI excels at.

Build the leading AI logistics solution ready to capitalize on this booming AI industry.

Why Should You Start A Business With AI?

AI business ideas represent lucrative opportunities to build scalable ventures that leverage leading technology.

Entrepreneurs skilled at using AI tools and algorithms can automate core business processes to work faster and wiser.

AI allows solopreneurs to accomplish workloads that previously required large teams. And generative AI opens new creative possibilities for products and content.

With AI businesses

With global AI market growth rapidly accelerating, consumers and companies crave innovative services powered by machine learning.

Positioning yourself at the intersection of human ingenuity and AI capability creates new value.

For founders able to strategically apply AI, the possibilities to make money with AI and positively impact the world are immense.

Now is the time to turn promising AI business ideas into reality.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have an idea of all of the AI side hustles you can use to start a business, you can start now. So, choose one of the many AI business ideas on this list.


Is an AI company profitable?

Yes, AI companies have a high profitability potential.

Leveraging AI technologies can automate processes, optimize operations, and create innovative solutions, often leading to reduced costs and increased revenues.

The AI market is growing, offering a fertile ground for businesses to flourish and gain a competitive edge.

What businesses use AI the most?

Businesses in the finance, healthcare, and e-commerce sectors are the most prolific users of AI technologies.

They utilize AI for fraud detection, predictive analytics, personalizing customer experiences, and automating routine tasks.

Marketing agencies are increasingly adopting AI to optimize campaigns and analyze consumer behavior, enhancing ROI substantially.

Should A Business Use AI?

Absolutely. Integrating AI into business operations can foster efficiency, innovation, and scalability.

AI tools can help automate repetitive tasks, provide insightful data analytics, and enhance customer service through personalized experiences.

Adopting AI is a strategic move to stay competitive and future-ready in the rapidly evolving business landscape.

Eddy is an AI, SEO, and personal finance blogger who uses and tests products to help others improve their lives through AI and financial literacy. With years of experience in online business, he deeply understands the latest AI and SEO trends. Eddy is also well-knowledged in personal finance and committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise with his readers.

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