Tweet Hunter Review 2024: I TESTED This Tweet Generator For You

Updated on: April 20, 2023 by Eddy Ballesteros

Do you need help to grow your Twitter account and reach a wider audience? Or you're looking for a way to make money online using AI while improving your Twitter game.

I've discovered a game-changing tool to help you achieve your Twitter growth goals.

In this comprehensive review, I will dive deep into the ins and outs of Tweet Hunter. This AI-driven tweet generator has the potential to revolutionize your social media presence.

So buckle up because we're about to undertake a journey that could redefine how you engage with Twitter and how to get viral tweets consistently.

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Tweet Hunter Box

My Tweet Hunter Overview

  • Price: 49$
  • Purpose: Automate your twitter growth.
  • Category: AI Growth Tool

Eddy's Personal Tweet Hunter Summary:

I ran across Tweet Hunter and noticed many people praised it due to its automation features and how it removes the entire process of manually creating threads.

I knew I had to test this out, and now Tweet Hunter helps me manage my account.

So I will say just a few things that I love about this AI writer for Twitter.

  • You can get inspiration from trending tweets and threads
  • The dashboard is easy to understand
  • You can manage multiple Twitter accounts
  • The auto plug feature can make you a ton of money if used right

What Is Tweet Hunter?

Tweet Hunter is a cutting-edge AI tool designed to help you efficiently manage your Twitter account, boost your audience, and streamline your AI marketing efforts on the popular platform.

Tweet Hunter IO

This smart AI Twitter tool simplifies creating high-quality content tailored for your target audience while offering automation features that make growing your online presence more manageable than ever.

At its core, Tweet Hunter's AI writing technology enables you to generate engaging and viral tweets that resonate with your Twitter audience.

In addition to this, the platform provides essential features like scheduling, automating direct messages, and tracking your growth, all through a user-friendly interface.

With Tweet Hunter, you'll have all the tools to effectively manage your social media presence and improve your Twitter game.

In this review, I'll cover how to use Tweet Hunter and how it can benefit you.

Plus, it's worth mentioning that the owner of Tweet Hunter is very active on social media, ensuring that any questions or concerns you might have are promptly addressed.

What I Like About TweetHunter.IO

When it comes to this AI tweet generator, it can be helpful to anyone who is trying to get more Twitter followers and needs some automation in place.

I've been using tweet hunter and other AI writing software to craft the perfect Twitter content that gets views.

Here's an example of one of my own tweets that gained a ton of traction in the blogging industry.

Eddyballe viral tweet

So for some key takeaways, here is what I like about Tweet Hunter:

  • The AI-generated tweets from their AI writing tool are great for inspiration
  • I love the tweet preview link they show before hitting publish
  • They have a huge library of Twitter marketing tips
  • You can send automated direct messages to your Twitter followers
  • You can write tweets and schedule them weeks out
  • You can also grab ideas from relevant tweets and threads from your competition
  • I love seeing your performance and growth using their Twitter analytics tool.

And What I Don't Like About It

As I said, this is an honest Tweet Hunter review, and what is a review without a product's negative features?

I've used this AI tool for Twitter for some time and even worked with multiple clients through ghostwriting services. Here are some of the things I do not like:

  • The dashboard can feel overwhelming and clunky at times
  • The AI-generated tweets need a lot of adjustments
  • It can feel not very pleasant to have other business sign up for their account to manage multiple Twitter profiles
  • The pricing plans might be too expensive for solopreneurs

Every Feature Tweet Hunter Offers

With that being said, let's discuss the best Tweet Hunter Features:

AI Tweet Generator

If you are constantly struggling with generating viral tweet threads, then the AI tweet generator can help you with writer's block.

Not only does Tweet Hunter's ai writing feature work, but it can help you with 80% of the work.

You should not publish the output you get from it but improve upon the content to make it more personable.

Auto DM, Plug, And Retweet Features

Tweet Hunter makes sending automated messages and other promotional content easy for your followers.

You can also specify when to send them a DM depending on a keyword or phrase they use under your Twitter thread.

I also love their auto-retweet tool, which can republish your best tweets and threads repeatedly.

This way, you can get more people to see your content and increase engagement.

This works great if you recently started getting more followers on these social media platforms so you want more people to see your latest tweets.

To use these features, you'll see them in the right-hand corner when you are writing new tweets.

Also, as a cool idea, if you sell digital products, you can leverage the auto plug tool and get people to subscribe to your lead magnet.

Schedule Tweets

Scheduling tweets using this Twitter growth tool will make it look like you are constantly posting, even when you're not.

You can also use the same feature to plan tweets in advance so you don't miss any important dates or events.

With this feature, you can schedule as many as 100 content pieces at once, meaning that all of your content will be taken care of in one go! This is great for saving time since you can schedule the following:

  • Past tweets
  • Other users tweets
  • New tweets

You might be asking why to use Tweet Hunter if other social media scheduling tools can do the same. Tweet Hunter is completely dedicated to growing your Twitter profile and nothing else.

AI Assistant

Tweet Hunter integrated an AI chatbot to help you with your replies and DMs and get tweet inspiration.

So if you know how to write the perfect AI prompts, then using this chatbot will help you create better outputs for your Twitter audience.

Let me show you an example where Tweet Hunter gives me a few different thread ideas to choose from:

I first provide the prompt with my topics and niche:

Tweet Hunter AI Chat

You can see that the output is great for generating unique ideas for your next tweet, which should help you grow your Twitter account.

CRM Platform

One of the reasons why Tweet Hunter is one of the best Twitter growth tools on the market is their CRM.

Tweet Hunter's CRM features will help you engage with your audience based on a few options. 

You can find information from keywords, Twitter profiles, and mentions, making it easier to take care of any tasks inside Tweet Hunter's dashboard.

TweetHunter CRM

You can also use the Lead Finder tool (Upgraded plan) to extract user data and create a list of potential leads.

This tool lets you find people interested in your products or services and engage with them directly. This makes it easier to convert potential customers into actual customers.

Tweet Hunter also has stated they are compliant with Twitter's terms, so we should be okay with this feature.

Offer Ghostwriting Services

Tweet Hunter is the perfect app if you ever want to learn a high-income skill and offer ghostwriting services through Twitter.

Ghostwriting allows businesses to create unique and exciting content without doing all the work.

This can be an excellent way to build your portfolio and make more money from different projects.

Tweet writing for other content creators or businesses will be easier since you can use their AI writing tool and go based on their niche. It really can't get any easier than that.

So if you pair that with other free tools or AI copywriting software, you can have a very successful ghostwriting business up and running in no time.

Get Popular Tweet Suggestions and Inspiration

Tweet Hunter provides a massive library of relevant tweets that you can use to get inspiration for your niche.

You can add your specific keywords, and Tweet Hunter will find the latest tweets that have either gone viral or have a lot of engagement.

Once you get some Twitter thread ideas, you can also see how to monetize them online with the auto-plug feature.

Remember that you find some ideas; I'd recommend that you schedule tweets ASAP to remember them later.

Detailed Tweet Analytics

The Tweet Hunter analytics feature is one of the best things it provides, making it way easier to view your performance in real-time. You can filter the metrics by 7, 30, 90, or up to a year.

Tweet Hunter metrics

You can also view each tweet's performance and understand the key metrics, such as follower growth. This will make it easier for you to know which content piece works and replicate that same tweet.

How To Use Tweet Hunter And An Overview of Their Dashboard

Let's review the Tweet Hunter dashboard to see how easy it is to use for yourself. This is a quick overview of the platform and CRM, but I hope you will understand this AI tool well.

Once you create an account with Tweet Hunter, you'll be prompted to the dashboard, which you will want to ensure your Twitter account is connected.

Tweet Hunter Dashboard

Both Tweet Hunter and Twitter make it very easy to ensure that everything runs smoothly, so once that is set up, you can start messing around with the features.

On the left-hand side, you'll see all of Tweet Hunter's features, and I'd recommend just looking at each one to understand what they do.

The most important section will be the "My Queue" tab, where you can write your tweet threads and use the main features, such as the auto plug feature.

The queue goes based on a calendar, so you can easily manage and view what tweets are scheduled for the month.

Everything else is an added bonus, making this Twitter growth tool amazing for digital creators.

Tweet Hunter Pricing

Tweet Hunter offers a simple pricing structure for anyone to use. It starts with the free plan, which is useful for anyone who wants to test the ai platform.

Then you can upgrade to premium plans that offer more features. Each plan is tailored to different users' needs, so it's easy to find the one that fits goals.

Tweet Hunter Pricing

Here's an overview of Tweet Hunter's costs and features for each plan.



  • Over 2M viral tweets library
  • Custom tweet inspirations
  • Tweet and thread scheduling



  • Train a custom model with AI
  • Get ChatGPT directly in Tweet Hunter
  • Generate leads using their AI

Tweet Hunter Alternatives

While Tweet Hunter is an amazing tool for Twitter influencers, others are on the market. There are many other AI tweet generators to consider if you're looking for a different type of software.

Here's a list of the best Twitter growth software to try that compares against Tweet Hunter.

1. HypeFury

Tweet Hunter's Biggest Competitor

Between these two, Hypefury and Tweet Hunter are similar in growing your Twitter account. They both offer amazing features, and pricing plans are somewhat similar.

2. TweetyAI

While tweetyAI is a free tool, it provides awesome ideas for your next viral tweet. I love using this tool whenever Tweet Hunter's AI writer could be performing better for my liking.

3. Pally

Pally is a social media scheduling app that can help you write your tweets. So if you need something that can do more than just Twitter management, I recommend checking out this Tweet Hunter Competitor.

So those are the main competitors to Tweet Hunter, and they all perform very well for what they provide you with.

You can also include ChatGPT in this list but only use it if you understand prompt engineering. 

I still love Tweet Hunter for its ease of use and how it solely focuses on growing your Twitter audience.

Final Thoughts

So now that we have gone of all of the features, pricing, and even competitors of Tweet Hunter, what's left to say?

I believe this tool is great and backed by an amazing founder who cares about his customers. His commitment to continuous improvement and customer service makes this the best Twitter growth software today.

So I hope you enjoyed the Tweet Hunter Review and can make a decision based on someone who has used the tool.


Is Tweet Hunter Legit?

Yes, Tweet Hunter is a powerful AI tool for creators who want to automate their business on Twitter.

Twitter approves the tool, and you can even use it for multiple use cases.

Does Tweet Hunter Automatically Retweet Old Threads?

Yes, you can auto-retweet any viral thread you post in the past. This great feature can help increase your Twitter presence without much effort.

So if you end up using Tweet Hunter's analytics to see what tweets are performing well, you can auto-retweet those for the future without having to go back and search for them.

Is Tweet Hunter Safe To Use?

Tweet Hunter is safe to use and has undergone Twitter's approval process. The team over at Tweet Hunter takes extra steps to ensure all data is secure and private.

I've used this tool for my content-based business without any security issues or strange activity.

Eddy is an AI, SEO, and personal finance blogger who uses and tests products to help others improve their lives through AI and financial literacy. With years of experience in online business, he deeply understands the latest AI and SEO trends. Eddy is also well-knowledged in personal finance and committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise with his readers.

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