13 Best AI Copywriting Software And Tools (2023)

Updated: September 5, 2023

I've researched and tested many different AI copywriting tools in order to create this list. From testing and researching I've ranked content online using AI software.

Best AI Copywriting Tool

Jasper AI

Jasper AI Copywriting

Eddy's Rating: 9.8/10

Favorite Feature



10,000 Credits


Copy AI

Copy AI

Eddy's Rating: 9.5/10

Favorite Feature

Blog Wizard


Free Trial



Writesonic display

Eddy's Rating: 9.2/10

Favorite Feature



Free Trial

Written by Eddy Ballesteros Personal Finance & AI Expert: Learn More

Are you a writer or freelance marketer looking for an easier way to generate content online? Are you tired of the same old AI-generated copy from generic tools?

You don't have to be an expert digital marketer or an AI writing pro to use these AI copywriting tools.

They are designed with the needs of writers in mind and make it easy for anyone to create engaging, high-quality content without needing technical knowledge.

These tools can help take your business from good to exceptional by providing the tools that will allow you to produce more content than ever before. 

We earn affiliate commissions if you happen to purchase through our link. We love you for that. If that's weird, read our affiliate disclosure.

One major problem these AI copywriting tools will solve in your content creation and marketing copy is... WRITER'S BLOCK AND HELP YOU FINISH ENTIRE BLOG POSTS.

Discover which of these 13 best AI copywriting software works for your business today.

Best AI Copywriting Tools

Eddy's Pick

Jasper.AI Logo

Jasper AI

The Jasper Writing tool has helped thousands of bloggers, copywriters, YouTubers, and freelancers create amazing content. With this AI writing software, you can write articles quicker.

Best AI assistant



Copy AI is a blog writing tool that uses artificial intelligence to help you develop social media ideas and write high-quality content. It can also be used for ad copy and creating sales frameworks.

Best Alternative

writesonic dark


WriteSonic is an AI writing tool that can help you create high-quality articles with its long-form editor. You'll be able to produce well-written, informative articles that will engage your readers.

My name is Eddy, and as an AI writer,  I wanted to create this blog post since I used to get overwhelmed by writer's block and never finished my articles on time.

It was so frustrating for me to have an idea but not be able to provide all the other tools and content needed for you.

I read about all of these best AI copywriting tools and decided to use them, and I can't even begin to tell you how much they've helped me.

My traffic has grown since I've been able to produce more blog posts.

Ai Writing Software Traffic overview-min

(My organic traffic after one year of work using Jasper AI & Surfer in 2022)

Instead of spending days just writing one long-form or several long-form blog articles, posts, and articles, I can now produce content much faster and spend less than a few hours publishing them live using AI copywriting software tools.

It's helped me create a content marketing strategy for blog topic ideas, better sales copy for my digital products, and more.

Love Video? Watch my YouTube On The Best AI Copywriting Software Tools Below:

What Is AI Copywriting?

AI copywriting uses complex algorithms called natural language processing and text generation.

This allows machine learning to process human languages and produce almost perfect sentences every time. Programs like ChatGPT are changing the way we search for answers online, and why not be a part of the solution?

NLP software was reinvented through OpenAI, which lets us build unique copywriting content for websites and long-form articles. So, it's the superhero of ai writing tools.

AI Copywriting Software

One use case for Generative and NLP technology is AI copywriting.

It helps generate ideas by analyzing texts from eBooks, articles, blogs, social media posts, and anything on the internet, which can also filter unwanted harmful content.

Copywriters don't need to worry about AI tools taking over their job. It can only help copywriters brainstorm and expand their ideas into more polished content that better sells clients' products and services.

Something To Think About:

Instead of worrying, you can learn to use AI copywriting tools and become an AI Copywriter. AI copywriters are still honest people behind the keyboard who leverage the software.

It also supports digital marketers, brands, and content creators with outsourced writing needs.

You can train your content marketing team with these AI writing tools and build an excellent content marketing framework for every part of your website.

What Are The Best AI Copywriting Software Tools?

The best AI copywriting software will be able to generate readable, coherent sentences while also sounding like a natural person who wrote them.

Some ai copywriting tools are better at generating new ideas for topics, social media posts, and short-form content, while others focus on improving already written content.

This would include things like:

  • Long-form content generation
  • SEO-friendly blog articles
  • Create ads that convert and tell a story
  • That offer or integrate with SEO software
  • Create human-like content

These days there is no shortage of new AI companies offering their take on this GPT technology.

Range in pricing from free to thousands of dollars per year, so finding an AI writing software that suits you should be relatively easy regardless of your budget.

GPT-3 OpenAI

Here is a list of 13 popular AI Copywriting Tools that produce AI-generated content that human copywriters will love.

Best AI Copywriting Tool & Software

Jasper AI (Jarvis)

Jasper AI (Formally Jarvis AI & Conversion AI) is the leading artificial intelligence copywriting software provider.

This AI writing assistant allows you to generate sales copy, blog posts, youtube scripts, and more by simply adding your content preferences and then commanding it with a push of a button.

Jasper AI is a natural language processing software that uses sophisticated algorithms (GTP-3 and GPT-4) to build your content preferences and produces great SEO content personalized to you and your website. 

And the best part?

It's all original content, and you can run a plagiarism checker and grammar check using Grammarly or Copyscape.

Jasper.AI's platform can generate readable and easily digestible sentences while sounding human and passing AI content detection tools.

The team at Jasper has consulted with the top SEO experts to teach Jasper how to write any copy and blog content.

Key Benefits

Jasper AI is designed to be easy to use, meaning that you won't need to be a software engineer to get started with its features.

This copywriting software is one of the most sensible and logical on the market today.

Jasper AI has been programmed with artificial intelligence to learn from your writing style and preferences so that future content will be written in your voice. Crazy right?

Jasper AI Templates

Jasper AI can research topics for you while generating original sales copy for your website, making it the perfect partner for building backlinks or optimizing your website for search engines.

Jasper AI uses advanced NLP and machine learning techniques to produce highly readable and engaging content.

Writing articles using this generative AI tool eliminates the stress of creating original copy, saving you time and money.

Choose from over 50+ templates when you sign up, and getting started is super simple.

Templates included:

  • Blog post outlines
  • Paragraph Generator Tool
  • SEO meta descriptions
  • Write sales pages
  • AIDA & PAS framework templates
  • Rephrasing
  • Sentence expander
  • Ad copy
  • Review article templates
  • YouTube scripts
  • Social media templates and captions
What's Jasper AI's Best Features?

SEO Mode is Jasper's ultimate feature, allowing you to write faster with advanced commands and unlimited words while leveraging Surfer SEO.

You can create blog posts and well-written books with "power mode," which allows you to use different marketing templates on the same page editor.

Users can also use the "boss mode" to create entire video scripts with series and episodes.

If you're looking for great copywriting software that allows you to produce A-grade content, then Jasper AI is the solution for your business.

Do you need to create SEO-optimized content? Jasper AI has built-in integration with Surfer SEO, so you can easily rank your articles on search engines.

Jasper AI Boss Mode

Surfer SEO is a keyword research tool that provides you with content outlines and seed keywords for your writing.

This is the ultimate duo for your business since you can scale your content production by using Jasper to write high-quality articles and everyday users can use Surfer SEO to expand on the posts with relevant topics. 

Pricing Plan

Jasper AI offers a monthly and yearly plan for users depending on their needs.

The cheapest package is $49 per month and it allows you to create short form copy.

The most popular plan, Creator Mode (Formerly, Boss Mode), starts at $125 per month and allows you to use all the advanced features including SEO integration and 2,000-3,000 character look-back.

Each plan includes a 7-day money-back guarantee so you can feel confident about purchasing.

Jasper is on the top of my list as I use it regularly in my content creation process and this does not mean it replaces my entire content writing. Think of Jasper.ai as a copywriting assistant.

Side note: They rebranded from Conversion AI to Jarvis AI to Jasper AI! Crazy right?

Jasper.AI Logo

Eddy's Take:

I personally use Jasper as my main AI writing tool which has grown my blog to over 50,000 monthly visitors.


  • AIDAS & PAS templates included
  • Surfer SEO Software Integration
  • Able to create long-form articles content
  • 25+ supported languages
  • Copy your tone of voice


  • Can be an expensive if not used properly
  • Can be overwhelming
  • AI won't completely replace your content
  • No longer offers unlimited credits


Jasper is an AI copywriting tool that automates content writing for your website or social media posts.

It uses advanced natural language processing and machine learning techniques to produce readable, engaging, and SEO-rich copy for an entire post or article. 

You can choose from dozens of templates or create original content with Jasper's "Boss Mode" feature, which offers unlimited words and series/episode scripts.


Copy.AI is a powerful AI copywriting software that can be used in various ways. With this innovative new AI tool, you no longer have to worry about creating original ideas for posts or marketing materials.

It also has features allowing you to control your generated copy's tone and language style to make it sound like you wrote it. 

You can even start with a free trial and see how it helps you go from a blank document to a finished project.

Many people use this tool to start their own AI side hustle by offering content writing, copywriting, and much more.

If you're tired of using the same old copywriting tools and formulas that never seem to work, with CopyAI, you can finally get your hands on a tool that will help you create great content for all marketing roadblocks.

Please read one of my popular comparison reviews between Jasper AI Vs. Copy AI

Copy.AI works in 3 simple steps:

How CopyAI works

First, select the type of copy, which can be headlines for your ads or a full blog post. Next, describe the product or topic by typing or uploading an image.

Finally, press the "Start" button, and CopyAI will generate copy guaranteed to be unique content.

What can you generate with CopyAI?

  • Digital ad copy for Google ads, Facebook ads, and more
  • Social media content
  • Website copy
  • eCommerce copy
  • Blog content
  • Sales copy

Key Benefits

CopyAI offers amazing features with a low monthly pricing plan.

  • 70+ tools to create content from
  • Unlimited runs
  • Translate over 25+ languages
  • 24/7 email support
  • Content improver
  • Create converting product descriptions
  • Change the tone of the writing
  • Unlimited AI writing
CopyAI Features

Use AIDA or PAS frameworks to improve your copy and grab readers' attention. You can also request a new feature on their support page.

Pricing Plan

The pricing for CopyAI is $49 per month ($35 if paid yearly) when you subscribe to the solo plan. There are also seven days free when you sign up for a trial.

Compared to copy.ai competitors, I like that they provide one plan with unlimited features.

You can quickly create content and get started with unlimited runs and features in your account, so you don't have to worry about losing money.

CopyAI Pricing

You can cancel your subscription anytime and access all the copy you've generated during your trial. There are also no long-term contracts.

If you have a bigger team and want to share your free account more, you can upgrade to the yearly plan, allowing you more free account access.


Eddy's Take:

Copy.ai is one of the best AI copywriting software for email subject lines, marketing agencies, and content marketers who want to write copy that converts.


  • Very affordable pricing
  • Create headlines or full landing page copy
  • Sales frameworks included (AIDAS & PAS)
  • Supports multiple languages


  • AI won't completely replace your content
  • Could offer more features
  • AI won't completely replace your content
  • Not the best for long-form articles


Copy.AI is an advanced copywriting tool for helping you generate copy for blog outlines, sales copy, and more.

They use machine learning and natural language processing models to perform better for every use.

I recommend this AI writing tool if you need better outreach emails or want to write product descriptions yourself.

3. CopySmith AI

Copysmith ai home

CopySmith AI is an automated copywriting software that will write your copy and social media posts.

It works by analyzing the data given to it and then converting this data into a written document or email to boost your marketing content.

CopySmith AI can generate leads, create newsletters, and build long-form websites and sales letters!

CopySmith AI is perfect for any business that needs high-quality content in a short time without spending hours writing its material from scratch.

It saves companies time and money while providing customers with an engaging text they'll enjoy reading.

Copysmith Creators

Do you have a team of professional writers? If you pair them with this AI software, you'll get creative content that's both engaging and effective.

Key Benefits

CopySmith AI has different templates for writing your content, similar to Jasper AI.  They offer collaboration tools with Shopify and advanced features for SEO.

  • Blogs
  • Ads
  • Brainstorming
  • Branding
  • Other basic and advanced features
  • eCommerce templates
  • Product data management tools
  • Bulk content generation
  • Rewrite text

The ad templates will allow you to create Amazon product descriptions and ads in minutes. If your ads don't get people to click, Copysmith AI will learn from your previous ads and rewrite them to create better CTRs.

Copysmith ad templates

The blog templates will act as your article-writing assistant, making it easier to pump out quality content. 

If you need to create a simple outline to develop future blog ideas, then the blogging templates will help you establish high-search volume content.

Copysmith blog templates

The brainstorming templates give you AIDA frameworks, FAQ ideas, Content ideas, and list-building ideas to help you overcome writer's block.

The branding templates will provide a clear, concise definition of your brand using storytelling, bullet lists, and storytelling methods.

This is great if you're a blogger or social media influencer looking for other tools to better your target audience and define your personal brand online.

Copysmith Brainstorming

The best part about the software is that there's a template for your marketing content, no matter your industry.

Whether it's blogs, landing pages, or articles, you can use a template to reduce writing time and spend more time engaging with your target audience.

Copysmith AI is one of the few tools with ad copy templates for Amazon Product Ads, Google text ads, Facebook Ads, and other advertisement sources.

Their advanced features, such as machine learning and intelligent recommendations, give you a more personal automated assistant for content creation.

Pricing Plan

Copysmith AI Pricing

Copysmith AI offers three pricing plans. These packages include Starter, Professional, and Teams. The difference between these three plans is the amount of access to services they provide.

The Starter plan starts at $19 monthly and gives subscribers 50 credits. The Professional plan costs $59 monthly and includes unlimited credits and runs.

The Teams plan costs $118 monthly, including all the advanced features.

Enterprise Custom subscriptions are available upon request.

  • Starter $19 per month
  • Professional $59 per month
  • Teams $118 per month
  • Enterprise Custom
copysmith logo

Eddy's Take:

I believe Copysmith AI is great for eCommerce product owners, marketing agencies, and content marketers who want to write copy that converts. This is mainly used for those who need help with better CTR for their physical brands.


  • Able to rewrite & improve content
  • Provides different framework templates
  • Text is always original
  • Supports multiple languages


  • This ai-powered copywriting tool won't completely replace your content
  • Could offer more features similar to Jasper.AI


Copysmith allows you to create high-converting ad copy and blog posts. You can also rewrite and improve existing content with a few clicks of a button.

4. Outranking IO

Outranking IO Home

Outranking IO, a copywriting tool that automatically writes high-quality SEO content for your business. Outranking IO also helps you research and optimize the content to get higher organic traffic.

This is perfect for SEO managers and content writers who want an easier way to create quality articles with less work involved.

It features GPT-3 and 4 AI technology, allowing it to rewrite sentences using better words and phrases without human intervention.

Outranking IO also has a scoring system that will tell you how well your article aligns with keywords and offer feedback on what needs to be updated or corrected to improve the score.

The AI-generated content this tool provides can even rank better on Google by using artificial technology to write better content.

Outranking IO SEO content writing

It is perfect for software marketing, business opportunities marketing, affiliate marketers, and much more.

It also ensures that your articles are grammatically correct, so there will be no errors when posted online.

Key Benefits

  • Research, Write and Optimize your Content for Higher Organic Traffic
  • Create high-quality SEO content
  • Create content using GPT-3 AI
  • Perfect platform for SEO managers & Content writers
  • SEO scoring and rewriting
  • Content improver
  • Create ad copy

Outranking also provides free tools to grow that allow you to grow your SEO business, such as:

  • A library of different questions people have asked
  • A site explorer to view what your competition is ranking for
  • AI copywriting tool to quickly build outlines
  • A SERP analysis tool to rank higher in search

Pricing Plan

Outranking IO offers three different pricing plans at various price points to best suit your budget. The Starter plan is $49 per month, the Growth plan is $99 per month, and the Professional plan is $199.

  • Starter: $49 per month
  • Growth: $99 per month
  • Professional: $199 per month

The Starter plan includes all of the product's features but only has 10 SEO web document credits. You can upgrade to get more credits or even start on one of the other plans instead if you need more.

The Growth plan gives you access to 30 SEO web credits, while the Professional program provides 100.

Outranking Pricing Plans

Each plan includes unlimited AI content and related keyword mapping of your choice. You can save time by creating multiple high-quality articles monthly with just one click.

Long-form articles are automatically optimized to get the best results possible on search engines.

Give Outranking IO a try as your main AI copywriting tool. It can help you create high-quality articles with little work. And the best part is, you don't have to do it alone.

Outranking Logo

Eddy's Take:

Outranking IO is a power ai software to research, write and optimize web content easily. It's your ultimate SEO ranking tool.


  • Free tools to help rank
  • Featured snippets generator
  • SEO content editor
  • On-page Scoring Models


  • AI won't completely replace your content
  • Could offer more features to link-building


Outranking is perfect for content writers that need to know the word count, SEO scores, and brief of  their articles.

It can help you make sure your content is ready to go with minimal effort and quickly get it in the hands of an editor or publisher.

5. ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy Home

ClosersCopy is an AI copywriting software that helps you write more persuasive sales copy. It's trained in sales conversations and knows what gets people to buy.

ClosersCopy features a Longform editor that can identify weaknesses in your copy and recommend improvements, the Wizard, which walks you through writing your content step-by-step, and 24 different languages for maximum reach.

After using this tool, it reminds me of Jasper AI and is very easy to navigate. You only have to write your intro and outro text, then select a product or service for which you want a sales copy.

Using this AI copywriting robot, you'll get various sentences to assemble an effective sales letter quickly. 

Key Benefits

  • AI copywriting tool that's based on successful marketing campaigns
  • Longform editor that can write blog posts, sales pages, and more without any restriction
  • Plug & play marketing frameworks
  • Keyword density tool
  • Their wizard can hand-curate templates based on your copy
  • Team collaborations
  • Multilingual salesAI
  • Create your own swipe files
  • Content improver
  • Keyboard shortcuts

This AI copywriting tool can use the best of your copywriting skills and some of its own creativity to generate quality text for any project.

You can even hand-pick templates based on your copywriting style or requirements. The app also features keyword density tools and multilingual SalesAI, which will let you sell internationally with just one click!

ClosersCopy AI is an all-in-one solution that will help you save time and increase productivity when writing high-quality content.

Pricing Plans

  • Power: $49.99 per month
  • Superpower: $79.99 per month
  • Superpower Squad: $99.99 per month

Closerscopy has a variety of pricing plans for its AI copywriting tool.

Closerscopy pricing plan

To start, you can use the Power plan for $49.99 monthly, which is excellent if you want to test the app first.

The Superpower plan at $79.99 per month is for those who have more demands on their copywriting or have publishers who want to publish their content.

For those with a lot of content, the Superpower Squad plan might be a better choice at just $99.99 monthly.

Closerscopy logo

Eddy's Take:

ClosersCopy uses deep learning and generative AI to generate the perfect blog post or novel for any topic. It offers SEO audits and content briefs for the perfect copy. 


  • Seo tools to help you save time
  • Very user-friendly
  • Get new ideas for blog posts
  • Powerful natural language generation


  • It can feel clunky to use
  • The editor only goes up to H3


ClosersCopy is a great choice for anyone writing long-form ai content. This AI copywriting tool provides many SEO features that should keep you on one platform while creating better content.

6. WriteSonic


WriteSonic is one of the best AI copywriting software, providing many use cases for copywriters.

It uses AI to write blog posts, press releases, and sales copy for marketing teams, agencies, and eCommerce brands. WriteSonic includes the PAS & AIDA framework and has been trained on best-performing content from top brands.

It's simple to start, and WriteSonic explains everything you need to know.

The software is easy to use and has a clean, modern interface. You can create content in minutes without leaving your web browser or dealing with complicated coding or design tools.

Key Benefits

WriteSonic will help you with the entire writing process, providing advanced and basic features to expand your marketing copy.

  • Write website copy from landing pages to SEO headlines
  • Digital ads copy
  • AI article writer
  • Grammar fixer & readability checker
  • Sales frameworks
  • YouTube video copy & press releases
  • ChatGPT integration
  • Surfer SEO Integration
  • Article summarizer
  • Sentence structuring
What Can writesonic do

Pricing Plan

  • Starter: $19 per month
  • Professional: $99 per month
  • Business: $499 per month
Writesonic Pricing Plans

WriteSonic offers four packages with prices starting at $29 monthly.

WriteSonic starts with the Starter package, perfect for those just starting a business or wanting to test their copywriting skills without investing too much money upfront.

The Professional plan is the next step up and includes advanced features ideal for marketers or writers with experience writing copy.

Now, the Business plan is for want to scale their copywriting business. The Business plan is perfect for agencies, marketing teams, and eCommerce brands.

WriteSonic offers a free trial with ten credit usage and currently provides a limited-time offer of 55% off. (I'll update this once it's over)

writesonic dark

Eddy's Take:

Writesonic is a good tool to leverage GPT-4 and Surfer SEO for your copywriting business. If you want to help businesses appear in search results, I'd recommend using Writesonic.


  • Article writer
  • Very user-friendly
  • Surfer SEO integration
  • Long free trial period


  • It can feel clunky to use


Writesonic is a good choice for anyone who wants an AI copywriting tool that can generate copy.

7. Content Villian

Content Villain Home

Content Villain is an advanced text-based AI technology that produces world-class outputs. Short or long-form content and webhook functionality make Content Villain your partner in crime when writing better copy.

Content Villain provides tutorials and support so you can get up and running and start producing better copy today.

This AI software is perfect for creating blog posts, product descriptions, email campaigns, and more.

Content Villain is one of the only content creation AI software with support for webhooks.

With webhook functionality, you can use Content Villain to write blog posts and create landing pages or entire websites in minutes instead of days or weeks.

Content Villian features

Key Benefits

  •  Rephrase text in multiple ways.
  • Long-form rephrasing can reach up to 10,000 characters
  • The content utilizes a specially trained NLP model
  • Change the tone of text when writing
  • API & integrations
  • Email finder, which can bring you more leads to your business
Content Villain Features

Content Villain has many key features that can scale your ai copywriting business. Content Villain can handle your requirements whether you are a writer or work in an agency.

It has integrations with content management systems like WordPress, Shopify, and Magento, which allow direct copy uploading into the system, saving you time.

Their Zapier integration will save you time on copywriting tasks.

Pricing Plan

Pricing plans range from $5 for five days, $49 per month, and $79 per month.

Test Drive the free plan where you can test the AI copywriting tool for five days without restrictions.

Warrior Plan includes unlimited use and all advanced features. The Power User Plan has all of that plus API access.

Content Villain pricing
ContentV logo

Eddy's Take:

Content villain is a cool copywriting tool, but it does not seem like they are advancing their features. 


  • Article writer
  • API integration
  • DIY custom model creator
  • Long free trial period


  • It doesn't seem like they are advancing


It doesn't seem like content villain is working towards their roadmap, but they still offer their AI tool for copywriting. 

8. SmartWriter


SmartWriter is a tool that will automate your entire outreach process while still being able to create engaging content using artificial intelligence.

Look no further if you are looking for the best AI copywriting software for email outreach. 

SmartWriter can write personalized emails and be used to craft landing pages and blog posts, leading to more conversions. This is worth checking out if you want to take up your business's marketing efforts a notch or two.

This AI copywriting tool will help you scale blog outreach by reaching out to more people and building backlinks with partnerships.

Key Benefits

  • Personalized cold email outreach
  • Automated SEO backlink outreach
  • AI social media content generator
  • AI content generator
  • Personalized LinkedIn outreach

SmartWriter is an AI writer that will automate your entire outreach process while still being able to create engaging content using artificial intelligence.

SmartWriter Features

There is no need to worry about publishing posts or contacting influencers because this AI copywriter tool will do it all for you. It'll even make personalized content for blog posts to hook your lead.

SmartWriter is a perfect AI writing assistant because of its personalized cold outreach system. This goes through an entire blog post and creates an email based on the article to your lead.

Pricing Plan

  • Basic Plan: $59 per month
  • Popular Plan: $149 per month
  • Pro Plan: $359 per month

SmartWriter is a simple yet powerful AI copywriting software. It can increase your email open rates and generate leads for you automatically.

The Basic Plan will cost $59 monthly, the Popular Plan $149 monthly, and the Pro Plan $359 monthly. Pricing plans are based on how many emails you send out monthly and how much content SmartWriter generates for you each day.

This pricing plan may seem steep, but with SmartWriter's help, you could quickly scale your outreach from a few hundred leads per day to thousands.

If you're starting and want to test the software first, it may be worth looking into their 7-day free trial.


Eddy's Take:

SmartWriter is perfect for anyone who wants to write great copy for their email outreach campaigns.


  • Best for email outreach
  • Smart copywriting
  • Linkedin copy
  • Get better reply rates


  • It's mainly for email


Smartwriter is a great choice for anyone who want to produce copy for their emails.

9. Smart Copy By Unbounce

Smart Copy Home

Smart Copy (Formally Snazzy AI) is a tool that can help you scale your content marketing workflow. It will create landing pages, Google ads, and taglines for you with the best quality content.

Smart Copy allows you to switch between copywriting templates quickly, so if one template doesn't fit your needs, finding another that does will be easy!

You can also use Smart Copy to generate random data for crafting blog posts or articles on topics like SEO, blogging tips, and more. 

Key Benefits

With this copywriting tool, you can build out high-converting Facebook ads and even new product idea generators with unique high-quality copy. 

Snazzy AI features

Here's a list of things you can do with this ai tool:

  • Google Ads generator
  • Investor email templates
  • Sales email generator
  • Blog idea templates
  • Create product descriptions
  • rewrite content using their remix feature

Pricing Plan

Smart Copy By Unbounce offers affordable and straightforward pricing plans to give you a taste of their AI copywriting software.

You can pay per month or save money with a yearly plan that's affordable for everyone.

You can purchase their unlimited plan for $49 monthly or start on their free one to test their copywriting services.

Smart Copy logo unbounce

Eddy's Take:

Smart copy was known as Snazzy AI, but unbounce made the smart decision of purchasing this amazing AI tool.


  • Many sales templates
  • Top copywriting tips
  • Different use cases
  • Get better reply rates


  • It's mainly for sales copy


Smartwriter is an excellent choice for copywriters looking to up their game. Thanks to its advanced features like auto-completion and grammar editor, it can help you write faster, smoother, and more accurately. 

10. LongShot AI

Longshot AI Home

LongShot AI is copywriting software that creates content around your researched niche. It can create SEO-friendly content and stop writer's block from helping you write long-form posts.

They are stepping up their game, and this will help bloggers create more content in their niche.

LongShot does all of this for you automatically via its easy drag-and-drop interface. This ensures you don't waste time fixing mistakes or worrying about correct grammar.

Key Benefits

Whether you're stuck in research or have writer's block, LongShot will be able to guide you with its advanced features.

Pricing Plans

  • Starter: $0 per month (3 day access)
  • Pro: $29.90 per month
  • Enterprise: $109.90 per month
LongShot AI

As you can see, LongShot is affordable and fantastic for bloggers and people who want to create content without worrying about making mistakes.

There are many drawbacks to blogging, but Longshot AI keeps it simple.

You may benefit from their premium package or enterprise plan if you want to improve your SEO and publish articles.

I also love that they provide a meta description generator, one of the few SEO tasks I dislike.

longshot ai logo

Eddy's Take:

Longshot can write you a long-from blog post that shows up on Google and passes AI content detection tools. 


  • Blog Post Outlines
  • Multiple languages
  • Fact-checking tools
  • Write better content


  • It's mainly for blog copy


Use longshot for blog content and SEO. Longshot is perfect for creating keyword-relevant and engaging content that will help you reach the top of SERP rankings.

11. WordTune


WordTune is a Chrome extension that uses AI to rewrite sentences.

It's excellent for improving your own sentences and for anyone who wants to improve their writing skills. WordTune changes the structure of your sentence removes extra words, and helps you find more exciting ways to say what you want.

It also has a free plan, so it won't cost anything if you want to try it out.

Since it's a Chrome extension, you only have to install it, and a little button will appear on the top of your Chrome browser.

When you want to edit some text, click the button, highlight the text you want to change, and then press 'Rewrite with WordTune.'

You can also use WordTune to help improve an article from your writing site by opening the article in Chrome and clicking the WordTune button.

Key Benefits

  • Rewrite sentences fast
  • Add casual & formal tones depending on the topic
  • Expand or shorten sentences
  • Provides a chrome extension tool
  • The perfect tool for anyone who wants to improve their writing

Pricing plan

WordTune Pricing

Wordtune is free to use with ten rewrites a day, or you can opt into their premium plan for $9 monthly.

Their premium plan allows you to create unlimited rewrites and use all their advanced features with no restrictions.

wordtune logo

Eddy's Take:

If you want a Chrome extension that is similar to Grammarly, then you should try out Wordtune.


  • Free AI copywriter
  • Works with Microsoft Word
  • Expand or shorten text
  • Avoid plagiarism


  • It's limited compared to the other copywriting tools on this list


If you want a free Chrome extension for your copywriting, WordTune is the perfect choice. 

12. Anyword

Anyword AI

Anyword is a copywriting AI that offers a predictive performance score and generates different copies for different scenarios. It also writes full blog posts and incorporates keywords.

Anyword has an intelligence engine to generate content based on the user-inputted scenario, which can be anything from “What should I write about?” to “How do I start my article?”

The ai engine will then search through its database of pre-existing articles and try to find one that best fits the user's needs.

When it finds one, it will modify the article by inserting keywords or phrases and adjusting sentence length and paragraph lengths to meet all SEO requirements.

Once done, the user can edit the article to suit their purposes best.

Key Benefits

  • Automatically optimize copy to convey the right message
  • AI copywriting too will write in any brand voice including yours
  • Write SMS and create profitable messages
  • Keyword score table to help you improve content relevancy
  • Smart AI tool that can help you with ad copy

Pricing Plan

Anyword Pricing

Anyword's pricing currently starts at $49 per month which gives you a run of 15,000 words every month. If you have a larger budget, you can choose the Pro plan which is currently in Beta.

Take Anyword For A Test Run

13. Frase AI

Frase Homepage

Frase is an artificial intelligence-powered content generation and production workflow that allows you to go from concept to SEO success in record time.

Frase AI acts as your copywriting assistant for your SEO content creation

All you need is the researched keyword and the topic of your choice, and Frase will provide you with a unique, optimized content editor to start writing the perfect blog posts.

Key Benefits

  • An SEO score tracker that tells you how well your article can rank on Google.
  • An automatic publishing tool that allows you to launch, schedule, and share all of your SEO-optimized blog posts effortlessly.
  • The most comprehensive dashboard you've ever seen in an AI-powered writing assistant.
  • Uncover keywords using their content analytics tracker
  • Frase + Google Docs integration
  • Complete SEO project management tool
  • Automated auto-phrasing
  • Share documents easily

Pricing Plan

Frase Pricing
  • Basic: $44.99 per month
  • Team: $114.99 per month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Frase is an excellent tool for SEO content creation, but it can take time to figure out the best pricing plan.

The Basic Plan starts at $44.99 monthly and includes all the features you need to create perfect blog posts that rank well on Google.

The Team Plan starts at $114.99 per month and includes everything in the basic plan plus team collaboration tools like Google Docs integration!

Enterprise plans are custom-priced based on your needs, so contact Frase for more information.

Use Frase For Your SEO Business

Is AI Copy Legit?

Yes, AI copy is legit as long as you don't rely on it entirely.

AI copy, also known as machine learning or automated content generation (ACG), is writing that relies on AI to create the actual language used in the content quality you post.

This means that instead of human writers creating all of the text for your page, you use software to do it based on what you tell it.

If correctly done, it can be an excellent tool for your business and help create faster content without sacrificing quality.

This isn't to say you should remove human writers from the equation altogether.

It would be best if you still had people in this process, but they will play more of a consultative role instead of creating an actual post out of thin air as they do with standard copywriting.

Side note:

An example would be the website you're currently reading on. I've written this entire blog post with the help of Jasper AI Crazy, right?

If placed for the proper purpose, AI copywriting tools can be an excellent way to create content with the help of machine learning technologies, but you need to have the proper guidance in place.

I hope that helps answer your initial question. It is legit as long as you know what you're doing and how to use this type of technology best.

What Are The Best Free AI Copywriting Tools?

We just reviewed the best AI copywriting software, but imagine pairing that with free writing tools that help you finish your project.

That's what free writing assistant software can do. You'll want something that can check for plagiarism and grammar and give you ideas for your writing.

Here is the list of my Best Free AI copywriting tools:

Grammarly Box

The best free option running right now is Grammarly. It's desktop software with a browser extension or extensions.

 It can check for plagiarism, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. Plus, it has word choice suggestions and more.

It's like a one-stop shop for free writing assistant software tools, including collaboration tools with Google Docs and Your AI Copywriting tools.

Zia From Zoho Logo Box

Zia is a free AI-powered writing assistant. It can understand your written content and suggest changes based on the style you want to follow.

The software also uses 'semantic analysis' to learn how you write and give suggestions and edits for more effective writing styles.

hemingway editor logo

This app can grade your writing based on conversions and will give you new ways to make your writing less complicated. It uses colors to help you understand what needs to be changed.

What Can I Use AI Copywriting Software For?

The best AI copywriting software can help you generate blog posts, sales letters, website landing pages, and social media content in just a few clicks. It can also be used to create emails and website content.

Many people find that the best way to get started with this type of software is by downloading a free trial version of their favorite AI copywriting tool.

This allows you to experiment without spending money on something you may not like or need in the long run.

Create Content With AI

The best thing about this AI writing software is that it offers professional quality without requiring years of writing experience for success.

Ensure that the team behind the tool always keeps up with the latest technologies and software, whether from the community or live updates.

The more versatile an AI copywriting tool is, the better off you'll be when creating content for different purposes.

That's another reason I use Jasper.ai, as they constantly update and add new features to the software.

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Jasper.AI: Best AI For Copywriting

Jasper AI Copywriting

I use Jasper AI (Formerly Jarvis.AI) to write all my articles and social media content. This software lets you create a post in seconds with just the push of one button!

Receive 10,000 Free Bonus Credits

If you've ever wanted to know what it's like to have a full-time copywriting assistant on your side, take Jasper for a test run.

What To Look For In AI Copywriting Software?

To find the best AI writing software that suits your needs, you should consider precisely what you want from this software.

When choosing the best AI copywriting tools and software, there are many things to look out for, depending on whether you're looking to write long-form content, sales copy, or improve existing content.

Here's a list of basic and advanced features when making your decision:

  • Create SEO-optimized blog articles
  • Write sales copy
  • Generate content ideas
  • Pass plagiarism checks
  • Produce human-like text
  • Content-improving features
  • Unlimited content writing
  • Helps write anything, including marketing, blogging, and social media posts.

The best AI copywriting software can offer a solution for those looking to make their content without the hassle of writing themselves.

Will AI Replace Human Generated Content?

Will AI replace real human copywriters? No, not anytime soon. AI output often needs to catch up with real people or even quality content generation.

Is it possible? The likelihood is, in most cases, it will just be a supplement to professional copywriters.

The thing about us writers is that we can fully understand the exact tone, feeling, and emotion when we write.

AI can run through the internet and generate copy from tons of people, but the one thing about copywriters is we spend a lot of time learning the voice and persona to be consistent and believable.

AI is perfect for combining your writing skills to stop writer's block and be able to write excellent content.

If we master other AI copywriting tools, we can become the best AI copywriters and adapt.

How To Make Money With AI Copywriting

You can make money with AI copywriting software in many ways, such as these services:

  • Content writing for websites and blogs
  • Articles on your own blog
  • Take gigs on Upwork, Fiverr, & other outsourced writing services.
  • Copywriting for businesses
  • Write Press Releases
  • Write Affiliate Blog Posts

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a good way to make money with AI copywriting software. You can use AI to write affiliate content and rank your blog posts for awesome profit margins.

Being an affiliate marketer and using AI writing tools can be a perfect match for anyone.

Another example would be developing digital product ideas using the AI copywriting templates provided with your chosen software.

I have been able to generate crazy ideas that have helped me sell digital products and online courses.

Or sign up for writing services to get paid to write, such as companies such as Fiverr, Upwork, or iWriter. Check out this article on "The Best Side Hustles".

It's simple to start making money with AI since you can take many different online methods and apply them to your job skills.

Final Thoughts

After reading this entire blog post, I'm positive you'll find the right AI copywriting tool for your business.

I created this "Best AI Copywriting Software" article since I've been asked by so many people how I write my content so fast, yet still, rank on google.

Let me know your thoughts about this best ai copywriting tools and AI writing buying guide.

Jasper AI Copywriting


Take a test run with Jasper.AI (Formally Known As Jarvis.AI) and write SEO-optimized content faster than ever before.

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