How To Make Money With ChatGPT In 2024: 11+ GPT Ideas

Updated on: April 15, 2024

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Make Money With ChatGPT

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If you're barely learning about AI and noticed a massive wave of influencers teaching you how to make money with ChatGPT but need help knowing where to begin, you just came to the right place.

After watching videos on YouTube and searching through Google, I have compiled a list of the best ways to make money with AI and ChatGPT.

This isn't your typical boring way to make money online, so you can sit back and learn a new business idea.

For the people who don't want to read everything, here's my beautiful TL;DR Summary:

  • Ghostwrite for other companies
  • Build AI Chatbots
  • Write eBooks and sell them online
  • Increase your publishing schedule with the help of ChatGPT
  • Write scripts for YouTube videos
  • Use ChatGPT for SEO

Those are some of the best ways to earn money using ChatGPT, but let's dive into the content you'd like to know about.

Can you use ChatGPT to make money?

Yes, you can make good money with ChatGPT, and there are many different use cases for which you can use this tool.

Not only is ChatGPT becoming increasingly popular, but it can save time for businesses and creators who want to speed up their content creation process.

An influencer even used ChatGPT to help him start a business from scratch and shook the online world.

Jackson Greathouse Fall twitter

This is where you offer different services with ChatGPT and generate passive income just for yourself while learning new high-income skills.

With the ChatGPT tips you will learn from my article, you can easily build a side hustle with AI. So let's jump and not waste any time.

The Different Ways To Make Money Using ChatGPT

Many AI business ideas can be started with the help of OpenAI's ChatGPT tool, and this is just the beginning of this AI trend.

I've made money from Google with the help of OpenAI, so if you have yet to gain knowledge of ChatGPT and how you can monetize this AI tool, I'll teach you all the lucrative ways to generate income online.

Start Ghostwriting For Brands or Businesses

Brands and businesses are constantly searching for high-quality content that can be delivered on time. With ChatGPT and some copywriting skills, you can earn money ghostwriting for others.

Not only is ChatGPT a great tool for copywriters, but if you know any sales frameworks, you can prompt ChatGPT correctly and surprise your clients with great web copy.

There are different types of services you can offer through ghostwriting, but some of the most popular will include the following:

  • Email Marketing
  • Blog Post Creation
  • YouTube Video Scripts
  • Long-form Content Such As Ebooks And VSLs
  • Landing Page Copy

So if you can create proper sentences with the help of ChatGPT, you can start to profit on the internet pretty quickly.

You can find ghostwriting clients through freelance writing platforms such as Upwork or Contra.

Contra ghostwriting hire

Find Unclaimed Money Online

Not everyone will benefit from this idea, but many Americans have unclaimed money sitting with the government, and ChatGPT can help you reclaim those funds.

By using the ChatGPT browsing extension, you can have it search through a state website for unclaimed funds under your name and help you get the money that has been owed to you.

Find unclaimed money using chatGPT

There is also a very lucrative business idea where you can help others claim their money and earn a commission from their check.

So by using ChatGPT, you can generate money with artificial intelligence.

Offer Content Writing Services

One of my favorite ways to earn money using ChatGPT is by offering content writing services. Creating content that ranks high on Google can get you paid and give you a steady stream of income.

Once you land clients and write articles for their websites, you can also upsell them to other SEO services, which I will explain in the next section.

Offer content writing services with ChatGPT

ChatGPT will help you with creativity, blog post outlines, and even filling in the gaps in your content marketing efforts.

Nowadays, you can charge up to $400 per article you write, so once you learn how to use AI for blogging, you can systemize this process and hire your own AIO writers.

That means if you own a blog writing service, you could skyrocket your growth with ChatGPT.

ChatGPT makes it easier to write blog posts faster, which will help you in the long run.

Complete Different SEO Tasks

Using ChatGPT for SEO, you can make money from home while automating this process with AI prompts.

ChatGPT understands what you need with SEO and can help you with annoying tasks that nobody wants to do.

For example, you can use ChatGPT to create SEO-optimized titles, meta descriptions, and content briefs for an article.

Writing a content brief with ChatGPT

Content briefs alone can be sold for a lot of money, especially with proper SEO formatting for any content. If you pair ChatGPT with an AI SEO Tool, you can sell these services for a lot of money every month.

Before I jump into the next section, here are a few clever SEO hacks you can do with ChatGPT:

  • Create topical maps
  • Keyword research
  • Help With Spelling and Grammar Checks
  • Generate Schema Markup
  • Generating Good SEO Titles
  • Create Content Briefs Automatically
  • Help you understand the search intent of an article

Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO Tool
  • Rank blog posts
  • Sell SEO audits
  • Offers an AI writer

That alone should give you some awesome ideas for selling SEO packages to websites or business pages.

Write Video Scripts

With our attention spans only worsening, it's important to write engaging video scripts that keep viewers hooked.

With ChatGPT, you can earn money by writing compelling video scripts for YouTubers and digital marketing experts.

Youtube script with chatgpt

Remember that video content is one of the biggest things in today's creator economy, so there is a lot of money to be made using ChatGPT and other AI text generator tools.

Offer Copywriting Services

Copywriting with ChatGPT is one of the most significant pillars for many writers wanting to scale online.

Since copywriting is one of the most sought-after skills, you can use Chat GPT to make a lot of money with this idea.

You can use ChatGPT or other AI copywriting software, but you can make money here if you understand the difference between good and bad writing.

Create Custom GPTs

Have you thought about the endless possibilities of creating and selling custom GPTs?

With artificial intelligence tools wrapped with GPT, a whole new world exists for generating passive income.

Picture this: you tailor a GPT model to a specific industry, like search engine optimization or fashion, making it super helpful for businesses in that niche. 

Then, you put it out there on an AI marketplace or your website. It's not just about selling a product; it's about offering a solution that's in high demand.

ChatGPT Custom GPTs use case

For example, you could sell a GPT that creates product descriptions or offers valuable insights into men's clothing.

Think of the satisfaction when your custom GPT helps a small business streamline its processes or brings new ideas to a content creator. 

The best part? Once your GPT is out there, it can keep bringing in income while you're off doing other things.

That's the beauty of passive income. Make it once and sell it multiple times. 

Editing and Paraphrasing Services

Have you ever read an article online or an essay and noticed terrible spelling mistakes? You can offer to help people edit and paraphrase their written content using ChatGPT.

paraphrase with ChatGPT

Having ChatGPT act as Grammarly or another tool can help fix bad content on a website or ebook.

Sell AI Prompts

Since the launch of ChatGPT, there have been more than a million users, but they have yet to learn how to prompt the AI Chabot correctly.

You can create and sell prompts that make life easier for ChatGPT users and even go niche specific.

If I wanted to make cash with ChatGPT, I would sell blogging prompts since that is my profession. Many people seek ways to grow their blogs, and AI prompts would be perfect.

You can even create your own AI prompt generator that creates prompts for AI writing tools which can earn you recurring revenue.

Write And Sell Books Online

Have you ever wanted to self-publish your own book but needed to learn how to write e-books? By using ChatGPT or any AI story generator, you can finally write books faster and earn revenue online.

Kid stories using chatgpt

AI-written e-books are very much possible with ChatGPT, but you always want to proofread and check your work before publishing anything online.

Especially with books, I would recommend using an AI content detector since it might be regulated in the future.

Start An Email Marketing Agency

Email marketing is the foundation of online business, and ChatGPT is at the center.

If you can write promotional emails and any email content online, you can sell this as a service to companies or course creators.

By helping people get more email signups, you are growing their business for their platform without relying on other social media tactics.

Some ideas can include email affiliate marketing and other gigs you can offer online.

Teach Others About ChatGPT And AI Software

As meta as this sounds, you can make money by teaching others how to use ChatGPT and grow their business.

You can start your own membership or online community by offering online courses that teach others how to leverage this great tool.

There is a huge community on Skool where an influencer teaches others how to use ChatGPT effectively.  Here's an example below:

Chatgpt users skool

This is just one of the many AI side hustle ideas that can work with ChatGPT as it continues to boom.

Start A Blogging Business

Starting a blog with ChatGPT can be a fast way to make money with SEO writing.

Although one of my tips for new bloggers is to write your first 50+ articles without AI usually, you can leverage ChatGPT for many blogging tasks.

ChatGPT and blogging can go a long way, and once you understand what good content is, you will need help to stop you as a blogging machine.

So gather everything you can from any Google data with keyword research, then build a blog content plan with ChaGPT to start writing blog posts faster.

Start A Social Media Agency

Starting a social media marketing agency with ChatGPT is one of the best side hustle ideas for beginners.

ChatGPT will help with content creation and ideation for almost any niche you can think of.

So as you onboard clients, you will want to write down their marketing plans, brand voices, and anything that can help you create better outputs with ChatGPT.

You can also have ChatGPT scrape their website and learn their writing tone or style.

Integrate OpenAI For Businesses

Many companies want to use Chatgpt for their business's internal parts but need help integrating it into their website.

You can offer this service by helping other companies integrate OpenAI into their workflow and make a ton of income online.

Do AI Voiceover Gigs

Offering AI voice generation with the help of ChatGPT can be a lucrative business idea for anyone who sucks at writing.

By using ChatGPT and another AI voice generator, you can craft very cool videos. One tool that pairs perfectly with ChatGPT would be Murf AI.

Murf AI

Murf AI Logo Box
  • Create AI-voices easily
  • 120+ text to speech voices
  • Sound human

Read Review

Murf AI is a voice generator that sounds like a human and makes your ChatGPT output sound legit.

Write Lyrics For Artists

Using chatGPT for song lyrics, you can make money by selling songs to other artists. This is a huge help for many artists who aren't writers but have a great voice.

With the help of ChatGPT or an AI lyrics generator, you can write catchy and cool music at a hefty price point.

Build AI Chrome Extensions

Building an AI Chrome extension is possible with the help of ChatGPT. You can make money with Chrome extensions and offer a niche service.

I recently watched a youtube video by Liam James Kay showcasing how he built his own AI Chrome extension with the help of ChatGPT.

Build Websites

Make money by building websites and creating them with the help of ChatGPT. You can code entire sites by asking chatGPT to help you with your idea.

It sounds wild, but you can tell what colors, width, and blocks you want for a complete website build.

Chatgpt and other AI website builders can simplify this process when onboarding new clients.

Video Ideation

ChatGPT can help you develop video ideas for your brand or clients, which makes it an easy sell.

Instead of having to do a Google search or scan through your competitors, you can have ChatGPT ideate video ideas for you with the browser plugin.

Your YouTube channel can explode with ideas for suitable video topics, so you can get them from an AI chatbot that has read most of the internet.

All you need to do is feed ChatGPT with relevant information about your YouTube channel or give it a site to research, and it will do most of the work for you.

Start An Affiliate Marketing Business

By using ChatGPT, you can make money with affiliate marketing. You can start by asking ChatGPT to help you find the perfect affiliate program for your niche.

Then promote your affiliate link on different platforms that make sense. These are just one of the many affiliate marketing tips I share with the power of GPT.

The best part is that you can ask ChatGPT to help you with this entire process and help you earn money from affiliate programs.

Create Digital Products

You can create digital products using ChatGPT, sell them to others, or have them white-label your creation.

Even if you don't know where to start, you can ask ChatGPT to help you develop digital product ideas and go from there.

ChatGPT digital product idea

This is one of the many ways to make money with ChatGPT and you can start from scratch.

Can You Build And Sell AI Apps With ChatGPT?

Yes, you can build and sell apps using ChatGPT, but you want to always check for security issues and privacy concerns.

You can also build your AI chatbot using ChatGPT alternatives such as Bard or other LLMs.

Many users have been building their own AI apps with the help of ChatGPT, so you can also do this as others have.

Tweet Hunter

Tweet Hunter Box
  • Create viral twitter threads
  • Find social media content inspirations
  • It uses chatgpt to write content for you

You can start selling these on social media channels like Twitter and build in public.

Many new AI enthusiasts have gained much traction using this method, and Twitter has been a big help in selling AI software.

Can You Make Money Fast With ChatGPT?

You can make money fast by using ChatGPT with skills you have, such as copywriting or blog post creation.

But let's ask ChatGPT to generate ideas for us and find the fastest and easiest ways to make more money. Here's what it told me below:

ChatGPT fast money

As you can see, even artificial intelligence recommends to either build AI tools or becoming a consultant for ChatGPT.

ChatGPT is there to assist in this process, so if you can double your work efforts, you should make money faster with ChatGPT.


How to use ChatGPT for passive income?

You can use ChatGPT to make passive income by helping you trade stocks or create youtube videos such as ASMR content.

I've seen many money-making Youtube channels and social media profiles that use ChatGPT to create video content that earns them affiliate revenue or revenue from ads.

What Else Can You Use ChatGPT For?

You can use ChaGPT for many different reasons depending on what niche you are in.

You can use ChatGPT to create lead magnets, blog posts, titles, scripts, and much more.

Can ChatGPT Make You Rich?

ChatGPT can make you rich if you know how to leverage it. ChaGPT isn't a get-rich-quick scheme, but you can make money much faster if you know how to write prompts.

Eddy is an AI, SEO, and personal finance blogger who uses and tests products to help others improve their lives through AI and financial literacy. With years of experience in online business, he deeply understands the latest AI and SEO trends. Eddy is also well-knowledged in personal finance and committed to sharing his knowledge and expertise with his readers.

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